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Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L.,
Vicar of Runham.
Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., Ltd.,
124, Chancery Lane.

[Phillimore's Parish Register Series, Vol. CLXXIX (Norfolk, Vol. VII)



     This volume of the Norfolk Series, like the last, contains the Marriage Registers of eleven parishes, though in the Flegg Hundreds instead of the Fakenham district.  The abstracts have all been made by the Rev. G. H. Holley.  Thanks are due to the Incumbents for kind permission to transcribe.  Their names are mentioned under the respective parishes.
     The large proportion of parishes in Norfolk which have lost one or more volumes of their Registers within recent times, as revealed in both this volume and the last (see the headnotes to the various parishes), emphasises the importance of getting these records into print before many more have disappeared.
     It has not been thought needful to print the entries verbatim.  They are reduced to a common form, and the following contractions have been freely used :

w.=widdower or widow.
co.= in the county of
lic.= marriage licence
p.= of the parish of
dioc.= in the diocese of.

     It must be borne in mind that the existing early Registers are themselves but transcripts, made, under the order of Elizabeth in 1597, from the original paper Registers.
     It should be remembered that previous to 1752 the year was calculated as beginning on the 25th of March, instead of the 1st of January, so that a Marriage taking place on, say


20th February, 1625, would be on that date in 1626 according to our reckoning ; but as the civil and ecclesiastical year were both used, this is sometimes expressed by 20th February, 16-5/6.
     In all cases where the marriage is stated to have taken place by licence, that fact is recorded, as the searcher thereby knows that further information as to age, parentage, and vocation of the parties is probably recoverable from the Allegations in the Archdeaconry or other office from which the licence issued.
     The Editors will gladly welcome help in the work of transcribing the Registers.  It is only by volunteer assistance that it becomes feasible to issue this series of Parish Registers, and subscribers will greatly aid if they will take every opportunity of making known the existence of this series.  It should then be possible, as in other counties, to issue two volumes yearly.

W. P. W. P.
G. H. H.

124, Chancery Lane, London,


Parish Years Page
Caister-on-Sea - Started 3/26/2018 1563-1837 1
Ormesby St. Margaret - Started 3/27/2018 1601-1837 41
Ormesby St. Michael 1591-1837 63
Filby 1561-1837 71
Burgh St. Margaret 1813-1837 93
Billockby - Finished 3/27/2018 1561-1748 97
Hemsby 1556-1837 101
Winterton with East Somerton 1747-1837 119
West Somerton 1737-1837 129
Oby 1563-1718 135
Thurne with Oby and Ashby - Finished 3/27/2018 1559-1837 139