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Newspaper Excerpts.
Source: Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, Ga) Page 9
Dated: Aug. 28, 1887
     James James
, a United States Citizen, Living at Santa Rosa, Mexico.
     James James, a negro and citizen of the United States, who resides at Santa Rosa, Mexico, is probably the oldest man on earth.  He was born near Dorchester, S. C., in 1752, and while an infant was removed to Medway River, Ga., in the same year that Franklin brought down electricity from the thunder clouds.  In 1773 there was quite an immigration into South Carolina, and his master, James James (from whom he takes his name), moved near Charleston, S. C., in company with a number of his neighbors.  ON June 4, 1776, when 24 years of age, a large British fleet, under Sir Peter Parker, arrived off Charleston.  The citizens had erected a palmetto wood fort on Sullivan's Island, with twenty-six guns, manned by 500 troops under Col. Moultrie, and on June 28 the British made an attack by land and water, and were compelled to withdraw after a ten hours' conflict.  It was during this fight that Sergt. Jasper distinguished himself by replacing the flag, which had been shot away upon the bastion, on a new staff.  His master, James James, manned one of the guns in this fight, and Jim, the subject of this sketch, and four other slaves were employed around the fort as general laborers.  Jim followed his master throughout the war, and was with Gen. Moultrie at Port Royal, S. C., Feb. 3, 1779, when Moultrie defeated the combined British forces of Prevost and Campbell.  His master was surrendered by Gen. Lincoln at Charleston, S. C., on Feb. 12, 1780, to the British forces, and this ends Jim's military career.
     He remembers of the rejoicing in  1792 throughout the country in consequence of Washington's election to the presidency, he then being 40 years of age.  In this year his first master died, aged about 60 years.  Jim then became the property of "Mar__Henry" (Henry James), owning large estates and about thirty slaves near Charleston.  On account of having raised "Marse Henry," Jim was a special favorite with his master and was allowed to do as he chose.  His second master, Henry, died in 1815, about 55 years of age, and Jim, now 63 years of age, became the property of James James, Henry's second son.  In 1833 the railroad from Charleston to Savannah was completed, then the longest railroad in the world, and Jim, with his master, took a trip over the road, and was shown special favors on account of his age, now 81.  James James was 10 yes of age at his father's death, and when he became of age inherited large estates, slaves, etc., among whom were "old Uncle Jim" and his family.  James James lived in South Carolina until 1855, when he moved to Texas with all his slaves.  James desired that his slaves should be free at his death, and in 1856 moved into Mexico, so that they could be free before his death.  James returned to the United States and died in Texas, and in 18___, after there were no longer slaves in the United States, Jim's children and grandchildren returned to the United States.  Five years ago, at the age of 1_0?, Jim could do light chores, but subsisted mostly by contributions from the citizens; but for the past two years, not being able to walk, he remains for the most part in his little j__al, his wants being supplied by generous neighbors.  The rheumatism in his legs prevents him from walking, but yet he has sufficient strength in his arms to drag himself a short distance - fifty yards or more - and readily took a position on the outside of his cabin to enable The Glob-Democrat correspondent to make his photograph - Laredo (Tex.) Letter to The St. Louis Globe-Democrat.


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