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Source: Plain Dealer - Cleveland, Ohio
Dated: 1890 July 30
List of the Killed, Injured and Missing.
BALTIMORE, July 29 - The following is a corrected list of the killed, injured and missing by the collision in the bay last night of the Norfolk steamer Virginia and teh excursion steamer Louis:
Killed:  Mrs. Catherine Keysen, Charles Graazer, 5 eyars, Daniel Koon, 11 years.
Injured:  Adolph Miller, fatally; Mrs. Magdalena Ruth; fatally; William C. Grazzer.
Missing:  Annie Ruth, 11 years; Grace M. Allison, 12 years; Willie Haas, 9 years; David H. Hitchcock, 29 years; Lizzie Graazer, 27 eyars; Maggie Eller, 13 years; Mrs. Sophie Faber, 47 years; Mrs. Margaret Oestereick, 50 years; Henry Koop, 9 years; William Reigel, 12 years.
A Coast Trader Burned.
FERNADINA, Fla. - July 29 - The steamer Franconia, from New York for this port, before reported as here on north breakers caught fire at daylight today.  All hands were saved.

Source:  Grand Rapids Press - Michigan
Dated: 1909 Aug. 29
DIED TO SAVE OTHERS - Wiresless Operator Eccles Staid at Post on Sinking Ohio. -
His C. Q. D. Calls Brought Aid to 200 Passengers, but he Lost his Own Live.
Seattle, Wash., Aug. 28 - One man, a wireless telegraph operator, gave his life that more than two hundred might be saved, when George E. Eccles of Seattle, went down with the Alaska Steamship company's steamer Ohio, yesterday while sounding the "C. Q. D."  His call for healp as his vessel was sinking brought the steamers Kingfisher, Humboldt and Rupert City to the rock off Steep Point in Hishkish narrows, British Columbia,  and all but himself and four others were saved.  only one passenger lost his life.
     The drowned:  Purser Frederick J. Stephen, Seattle; Wireless operator George E. Eccles, Seattle; The quarter-master; a soldier and a steerage passenger, names unknown. 
      Pilot Shaw was on the bridge when the ship struck.  The boats were lowered at once and women and children taken off.  The soldier and the steerage passenger were drowned by the upsetting of a boat during the rescue of the passengers.


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