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(Source: Delaware Marriages and Deaths from Newspapers 1729-1853)

ABBOTT, ____, at the dwelling of his son, Cyrus Abbott in Wilm, Oct. 12 1846, aged 70 yrs. (DG 20 Oct 1846)
ABBOTT, Cyrus, to PIERCE, Sarah G., Miss, both of Wilm. Dec. 20, 1821, by the Rev. Richard D. Hall (DG 28 Dec. 1821)
ABBOTT, Cyrus, to DENNEY, Amy, Miss., both of Wilm., May 5, 1834, by the Rev. C. S. Hedges (DG 6 May 1834)
ABBOTT, Cyrus, see ABBOTT, ____
ABBOTT, James, to ARGOE, M. E., in Milford, 30 Jun. 1853 (DG 22 Jul. 1853)
ABBOTT, Nehemiah to LOFLY, Margaret, Miss, Jan. 20, 1850 (DG 12 Feb. 1850)
ABBOTT, Patience, see LINCH, David
ADAIR, Marietta, Miss - See BURKE, Thomas
ADAMS, Daniel J., Esq., dec'd, notice given by William LESS, of New Castle, and Robert HAMILTON, of Wilm, Executors. (DG 4 Feb. 1797)
ADAMS, James - see ADAMS, Martha Mrs.
ADAMS, James F. to RICE, Sarah Ann F., Miss., 4 Mar. 1841, by Re. E. W. Gilbert, all of Wilm (DG 9 Mar. 1841)
ADAMS, Janet K. - See MOORE, Thomas L.
ADAMS, John, of Red Lion Hd. Edward L. Stevenson, admr (DG 30 Oct. 1849) see ADAMS, Samuel H.
ADAMS, John of Christiana, to DAVIS, Mary A., Miss, of Wilm, 10 Mar. 1824, by the Rev. S. W. Wollford (DG 16 Mar. 1824)
ADAMS, Margaret, see HYNDMAN, John
ADAMS, Martha, Mrs. wie of James ADAMS, printer of Wilm, no age at death. (DG 12 Nov. 1789)
ADAMS, Mary, see ALLEN, John W.
ADAMS, Roger, Sr., near Bridgeville, 5 Jul. 1853, aged at least 105 yrs. (DG 22 Jul. 1853)
ADAMS, Samuel, to WITSELL, Ann, Miss, of Wilm., 27 Dec. 1821, by the Rev. L. Larenson (DG 1 Jan. 1822)
ADAMS, Samuel H. of the senior class of Delaware College, son of John ADAMS, Esq., of Northampton Co. VA, after an illness of 4 days, 5 May 1845, aged 18 yrs.  Body apparently sent to VA (DG 13 May 1845)
ADAMS, T. Jenifer - see MOORE, Thomas L.
ADAMS, William, to FOUNTAIN, Sally Ann, Mrs. both of NC Co. 4 Feb. 1851, by Rev. T. Newman (DG 14 Feb. 1851)
ADAMS, William B., of Phila, to FIELDS, Catharine, Miss, of Wilm, 25 Akpr. 1850, by Rev. Benjamin F. Templeton. (DG 3 May 1850)
ADDIS, Elizabeth, Mrs., widow of John ADDIS, at her late res. in Northampton Twp., Bucks Co., PA, 11 Feb. 1825, in her 95th yr. (CL 11 Mar. 1825)
ADDIS, John - see ADDIS, Elizabeth, Mrs.
ADDISON, Ann, see ADDISON, William
ADDISON, John, see ADDISON, Mary
ADDISON, Mary, Mrs., wife of John ADDISON of Delaware City, near Port Penn, at the res. of the Hon. Samuel JEFFERSON, her son-in-law, 29 Aug. 1851, in her 76th yr. (DG 23 Sept. 1851)
ADDISON, William, dec'd. late of Christiana Hd., notice given by Francis SAWDON, atty-in-fact for Ann ADDISON, adm'x. (DG 15 Nov. 1833)
ADKINS, Catharine, see MARVEL, Theodore W.
ADYK, Catherine A. - see DENNY, James, Esq.
AEFORD, Caroline - see HALL, Augustus R.
AEUSPRATTS, James - see SHIPLEY, Thomas, Esq.
AGNEW, Lydia, see TAYLOR, Mary S.
AGNEW, Mary, see TAYLOR, J. Bayarde
AGNEW, Mary S., see TAYLOR, Mary S.
AHRENS, Adoph, of Baltimore, to WETHERALD, Ann, dau. of the late Jos. WETHERALD, of Wilm, 26 MAy 1852, by Rev. Samuel H. Worster (DG 1 Jun. 1852)
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