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Adams County

Fourth Biennial Report
of the
Board of Trustees and Officers,
of the
Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home,
July 30, 1892

Publ. Springfield, Ill.:
 B. W. Rokker, State Printer and Binder



Date - 1892 Registry
Name Co. Regiment County Remarks.
[Page 130]            
Mar. 31 2209 John Staubs C 2d Pennsylvania Artillery Clark Chronic Alcoholism and syphillis
Apr. 1 2210 Geo. R. McDonald F 11th Illinois Infantry Pulaski Rhumatism and old age
Apr. 5 2211 Patrick Isdell F 69th Illinois Infantry Cook Rheumatism
Apr. 12 2212 Henry Doenges -- 6th U. S. Infantry Jersey Chronic diarrhea
Apr. 12 2213 Emile Robin K
4th Missouri Infantry
11th Missouri Infantry
St. Clair Old age
Apr. 16 2214 Jesse S. Nichols St. M U. S. Navy Adams Old age and hernia
Apr. 21 2215 Henry H. Uphold H
1st Ohio Infantry
148th Illinois Infantry
Peoria General debility
Apr. 21 2216 John McCue S.N. U. S. Navy Cook Partial paralysis
Apr. 21 2217 John McDonald St. D. U. S. Navy Montgomery Rheumatism and piles
Apr. 22 2218 George W. Bossel H 6th California Infantry Cook Rupture
Apr.23 2219 George Forsman I 1st U. S. Artillery Jasper Age and disease of lungs
Apr.25 2220 James W. Johnson D 46th Illinois Infantry Hancock Partial paralysis
Apr. 26 2221 Silas M. Wheeler -- 2d Iowa Battery Adams Partial paralysis
Apr. 26 2222 James Bohen F 45th Illinois Infantry Madison Rheumatism and disease of lungs
Apr. 28 2223 Wm. A. Dryden E 30th Illinois Infantry Cook Rheumatism
Apr. 28 2224 Robert Sullivan G
4th Illinois Infantry
148th Illinois Infantry
Peoria Rheumatism
May 4 2225 Albert Blaesy B 1st Illinois Light Artillery Cook Injury to ankle
May 4 2226 Wm. H. Pitchford F 12th Illinois Cavalry Greene Inflammatory rheumatism
May 5 2227 James D. Thompson Ill. Mounted Volunteers, Mexican war Schuyler Heart disease
May 5 2228 Christopher Boorman G 33d Illinois Infantry Cook Rheumatism
May 7 2229 Frederick Seymour --- 2d U. S. Infantry Cook Age and debility
May 9 2230 John Thompson B 14th Pennsylvania Infantry Peoria Injury to ankle
May 16 2231 Harrison Graham E 31 Illinois Cavalry Saline Gun-shot wound left arm
May 18 2232 Humbert Clayton B 76th Illinois Infantry Macon Diarrhea
May 18 2233 Daniel Hollenback H 77th Illinois Infantry Adams Defective sight and age
May 20 2234 Frank Bonner E
132d Illinois Infantry
148th Illinois Infantry
Fulton General debility
May 21 2235 George W. Roberts C 21st Illinois Infantry Champaign Rheumatism
May 21 2236 Stanley March K 152d Illinois Infantry Macon Rheumatism
May 24 2237 Thomas Ryan A 69th New York Infantry Peoria Rheumatism and weak eyes
May 24 2238 Leopold Flack A 19th U. S. Infantry Fulton Rheumatism
May 26 2239 Chas. H. Fredenberg E 144th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Lung Disease
May 31 2240 Daniel H. Jones C 11th Illinois Cavalry Hancock Rheumatism and piles
June 1 2241 Soloman Rapp I 42d Illinois Infantry Kankakee Loss right leg
June 1 2242 James Dew I 139th Illinois Infantry Fulton Hernia
June 1 2243 Michael Eischen H 9thNew York Cavalry Jersey Gun-shot wound knee
June 2 2244 Asa Hawkins I 60th Illinois Infantry Perry Injury to foot
June 2 2245 Russel Hammon G 11th Illinois Infantry Sangamon Heart disease
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June 2 2246 John Hollister H 6th Ohio Infantry Cook Veriocele and rheumatism
June 2 2247 John W. Hamilton D 17th Illinois Cavalry Cass Heart disease
June 3 2248 Edwin A. Dunham M 1st Iowa Cavalry Boone Age and partial paralysis
June 4 2249 Samuel Webber E 80th Illinois Infantry Massac Injury to left testicle
June 6 2250 John J. McKenney C 27th Illinois Infantry Brown Impaired vision
June 9 2251 Hesekiah Ingram D 6th Illinois Cavalry Macon Heart disease and hernia
June 17 2252 Wm. D. West G 114th Illinois Infantry Cook Kidney disease
June 17 2253 Chas. Cumberland I 6th Illinois Cavalry Perry Disease of lungs
June 17 2254 Wm. H. Boise F 30thIowa Infantry Knox Rheumatism and hernia
June 17 2255 Chas. Scott -- Capt. Thomas' Comany, 1832 Greene General debility
June 20 2256 Isaac Fox F 146th Illinois Infantry Bureau Disease of rectum and varicose veins
June 23 2257 James Andrews I 19th Illinois Infantry Union Heart disease and impaired vision
June 23 2258 Chas. D. Haywood H 143d Illinois Infantry Christian Paralysis
June 24 2259 Aaron Fox F 146th Illinois Infantry Bureau Rheumatism
June 24 2260 Pembrook J. Patterson A
38th Illinois Infantry
114th Illinois Infantry
Sangamon Rheumatism and measles
June 26 2261 Julius H. Weigel K
60th Massachusetts Infantry
31st Massachusetts Infantry
Madison Hernia
June 27 2262 Moses B. Rosemund A
97th Ohio Infantry
172d Ohio Infantry
185th Ohio Infantry
Sangamon Result of age
June 28 2263 John H. Harris C 103d Illinois Infantry Cook Partial paralysis

NOTE - Keepers whose names are printed in italics have been engaged since the date of last report.
* No almshouse.




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