Biographical Record of Logan Co., Illinois, publ. Chicago - The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. - 1901

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Abbott, Lyman 144 Part I
Adams, Charles Kendall 143 Part I
Adams, E. L. 283 Part II
Adams, John 25 Part I
Adams, John Quincy 61 Part I
Adolph, P. J. 467 Part II
Agassiz, Louis J. R. 137 Part I
Ahrens, Albert 575 Part I
Ahrens, Albert 575 Part II
Ahrens, P. G. 277 Part II
Alexander, J. S. 517 Part II
Alger, Russell A. 173 Part I
Allison, William B. 131 Part I
Allston, Washington 190 Part I
Andrews, Elisha B. 184 Part I
Anthony, Susan B. 62 Part I
Armour, Philip D. 62 Part I
Armstrong, William 301 Part II
Arnold, Benedict 84 Part I
Arthur, Chester Allen 168 Part I
Astor, John Jacob 139 Part I
Atchison, A. R. 571 Part II
Atchison, Asa R. 571 Part I
Atchison, G. W. 571 Part II
Atchison, George W. 571 Part I
Atgeld, John Peter 140 Part I
Atlass, Frank 482 Part II
Atteberry, William 382 Part II
Audobon, John Jacob 166 Part I
Ayres, James 510 Part II
Bailey, James Montgomery 177 Part I
Baker, James 583 Part I
Baker, James 583 Part II
Baker, Samuel 583 Part I
Baker, Samuel 583 Part II
Bancroft, George 74 Part I
Bangert, Henry 228 Part II
Bapst, William 572 Part I
Bapst, William 572 Part II
Barnard, Frederick A. P. 179 Part I
Barnett, J. R. 244 Part II
Barnum, Phineas T. 41 Part I
Barrett, Lawrence 156 Part I
Barton, Clara 209 Part I
Bates, E. W. 358 Part II
Bayard, Thomas Francis 200 Part I
Beard, William H. 196 Part I
Beauregard, Pierre G. T. 203 Part I
Beaver, James 622 Part I
Beaver, James 622 Part II
Beaver, T. N. 604 Part II
Beaver, Thomas N. 604 Part I
Beaver, W. S. 600 Part II
Beaver, William S. 600 Part I
Beckers, Henry 552 Part II
Beecher, Henry Ward 26 Part I
Behrends, B. R. 397 Part II
Bekemeyer, C. B. 373 Part II
Bell, Alexander Graham 96 Part I
Bennett, James Gordon 206 Part I
Benton, Thomas Hart 53 Part I
Bergh, Henry 160 Part I
Bergman, Arend 458 Part II
Berryhill, A. J. 268 Part II
Berryhill, Andrew J. 268 Part I
Bierstadt, Albert 197 Part I
Billings, Josh 166 Part I
Binns, H. A. 513 Part II
Black, C. K. 373 Part II
Blackburn, T. L. 303 Part II
Blaine, James Gillespie 22 Part I
Bland, Richard Parks 196 Part I
Blinn, E. D. 403 Part II
Bock, Adam 250 Part II
Bohan, Patrick 232 Part II
Boone, Daniel 36 Part I
Booth, Edwin 51 Part I
Booth, Junius Bruts 177 Part I
Bost, Jacob 540 Part II
Bowles, C. R. 382 Part II
Bowles, David 264 Part II
Bowles, W. H. 432 Part II
Bozarth, J. W. 362 Part II
Brainard, B. H. 294 Part II
Bramman, A. J. 543 Part II
Braucher, D. L. 319 Part II
Brawley, J. R. 469 Part II
Brennan, Thomas 645 Part II
Brest, John 562 Part II
Brice, Calvin S. 181 Part I
Bridge, Charles P. 608 Part II
Briggs, W. T. 233 Part II
Brock, W. . 409 Part II
Brooks, Philips 130 Part I
Brown, Charles Farrar 91 Part I
Brown, H. B. 343 Part II
Brown, John 81 Part I
Brush, Charles Francis 153 Part I
Bryan, William Jennings 158 Part I
Bryant, William Cullen 44 Part I
Buchanan, Franklin 195 Part I
Buchanan, James 128 Part I
Buckner, Simon Boliver 188 Part I
Burchett, Landrum 350 Part II
Burdette, Robert J. 103 Part I
Burns, James 323 Part II
Burr, Aaron 111 Part I
Butler, Benjamin Franklin 21 Part I
Buzzard, L. O. 279 Part II
Calhoun, John Caldwell 23 Part I
Camerer, T. N. 350 Part II
Cameron, James Donald 141 Part I
Cameron, Simon 141 Part I
Cammack, Addison 197 Part I
Campbell, Alexander 180 Part I
Capps, Oliver T. 628 Part II
Carlisle, John G. 133 Part I
Carnahan, William 470 Part II
Carnegie, Andrew 73 Part I
Carpenter, Matthew Hale 173 Part I
Carson, Christopher (Kit) 86 Part I
Cass, Lewis 110 Part I
Chaffin, Horace Brigham 107 Part I
Chase, Salmon Portland 65 Part I
Chestnut, D. N. 394 Part II
Chestnut, T. J. 534 Part II
Childs, George W. 83 Part I
Choate, Rus 207 Part I
Clark, Robert D. 590 Part II
Clay, Henry 21 Part I
Clemens, Samuel Langhorne 86 Part I
Cleveland, Grover 174 Part I
Clews, Henry 153 Part I
Clinton, DeWitt 110 Part I
Coffman, Levi 407 Part II
Colfax, Schuyler 139 Part I
Collins, J. W. 342 Part II
Combs, Jonathan 434 Part II
Conkling, Alfred 32 Part I
Conkling, Roscoe 32 Part I
Cook, W. H. B. 371 Part II
Cooley, Tomas McIntyre 140 Part I
Cooper, James Fenimore 58 Part I
Cooper, Peter 37 Part I
Copely, John Singleton 191 Part I
Corbin, Austin 205 Part I
Corcoran, W. W. 196 Part I
Cornell, Ezra 161 Part I
Corthon, A. S. 538 Part II
Cosby, H. L. 351 Part II
Cosby, Noah 592 Part II
Cossitt, John J. 585 Part II
Cottle, F. W 474 Part II
Council, George R. 634 Part II
Council, Hardy 531 Part II
Cramp, William 189 Part I
Crane, M. A. 394 Part II
Critchfield, J. A. 444 Part II
Crocket, David 76 Part I
Cullom, Shelby Moore 116 Part I
Curry, J. D. 440 Part II
Curtis, George William 144 Part I
Cushman, Charlotte 107 Part I
Custer, George A. 95 Part I
Dana, Charles A. 88 Part I
Danbury News Man 177 Part I
Davenport, Fanny 106 Part I
Davis, Jefferson 24 Part I
Dawson, S. C. 403 Part II
Debs, Eugene V. 132 Part I
Decatur, Stephen 101 Part I
Deering, Willilam 198 Part I
Depew, Chauncey Mitchell 209 Part I
Dickinson, Anna 103 Part I
Dickinson, Don M. 139 Part I
Dingley, Nelson, Jr. 215 Part I
Dittus, E. J. 253 Part II
Dittus, Frederick 320 Part II
Donnelly, Ignatius 161 Part I
Douglas, Stephen Arnold 53 Part I
Douglass, Frederick 43 Part I
Dow, Neal 108 Part I
Downey, J. B. 388 Part II
Downing, L. D. 272 Part II
Downing, S. W. 302 Part II
Downing, W. L. 231 Part II
Drake, S. H. 480 Part II
Draper, John William  184 Part I
Drexel, Anthony Joseph 124 Part I
Dunham, W. S. 511 Part II
Dunn, Newton S. 653 Part II
Dupont, Henry 198 Part I
Edison, Thomas Alva 55 Part I
Edmunds, George F. 201 Part I
Ellis, Margaret, Mrs. 509 Part II
Ellsworth, Oliver 168 Part I
Emerson, Ralph Waldo 57 Part I
Ericsson, John 127 Part I
Evarts, William Maxwell 89 Part I
Ewing, Isaac Newton 635 Part II
Farragut, David Glascoe 80 Part I
Fenton, Thomas 560 Part II
Field, Cyrus West 173 Part I
Field, David Dudley 126 Part I
Field, Marshall 59 Part I
Field, Stpehen, Johnson 216 Part I
Fillmore, Millard 113 Part I
Finfrock, Irving G. 644 Part II
Foley, J. B. 357 Part II
Foote, Andrew Hull 176 Part I
Foraker, Joseph B. 143 Part I
Forrest, Edwin 92 Part I
Franklin, Benjamin 18 Part I
Fremont, Johhn Charles 29 Part I
Fuller, Melville Weston 168 Part I
Fulsher, William 573 Part II
Fulton, Robert 62 Part I
Fuson, P. S. 372 Part II
Gaddis, B. E. 391 Part II
Gage, Lyman J. 71 Part I
Gallatin, Albert 112 Part I
Gardner, Benjamin F. 607 Part II
Garfield, James A. 163 Part I
Garrett, John Work 200 Part I
Garrison, William Lloyd 50 Part I
Gasaway, John McDonald 593 Part II
Gasaway, N. P. 508 Part II
Gasaway, Thomas A. 610 Part II
Gates, Horatio 70 Part I
Gatling, Richard Jordan 116 Part I
Gemberling, James A. 641 Part II
Gemmerling, Robert G. 633 Part II
George, Henry 203 Part I
Gibbons, Cardinal James 209 Part I
Gibson, Edward 554 Part II
Gilchrist, D. J. 399 Part II
Gilchrist, David 314 Part II
Gilchrist, Robert 292 Part II
Gillette, John Dean 587 Part II
Gilmore, Patrick Sarsfield 77 Part I
Girard, Stephen 137 Part I
Glenn, J. A. 523 Part II
Gobelman, Henry 570 Part II
Gordon, John B. 215 Part I
Gough, John B. 131 Part I
Gould, Jay 52 Part I
Graff, Z. W. 503 Part II
Graham, J. C. 500 Part II
Grant, Ulysses S. 155 Part I
Gray, Asas 88 Part I
Gray, Elisha 149 Part I
Greeley, Adolphus W. 142 Part I
Greeley, Horace 20 Part I
Green, J. T. 473 Part II
Greene, Nathaniel 69 Part I
Gresham, Walter Quintin 183 Part I
Grinter, J. R. 318 Part II
Groves, L. L. 250 Part II
Gruensfelder, Philip 442 Part II
Hainline, Allen 443 Part II
Hale, Edward Everett 79 Part I
Hall, Charles Francis 167 Part I
Hamilton, Alexander 31 Part I
Hamlin, Hannibal 214 Part I
Hammerton, John H. 598 Part II
Hampton, Wade 192 Part I
Hamsen, A. J. 644 Part II
Hancock, Winfield Scott 146 Part I
Hanna, Marcus Alonzo 169 Part I
Harley, Francis M. 600 Part II
Harms, Nanke 620 Part II
Harmsen, Ado. J. 644 Part II
Harris, Isham G. 214 Part I
Harris, John 613 Part II
Harris, T. M. 344 Part II
Harrison, Benjamin 182 Part I
Harrison, Jacob B. * 604 Part II
Harrison, William Henry 87 Part I
Harts, D. H. 478 Part II
Harvard, John 129 Part I
Havemeyer, John Craig 182 Part I
Hawthorne, Nathaniel 135 Part I
Hayes, Rutherford Birchard 157 Part I
Heckard, Frederick 342 Part II
Hendricks, Thomas Andrew 212 Part I
Henn, W. F. 384 Part II
Henry, Joseph 105 Part I
Henry, Patrick 83 Part I
Hill, David Bennett 90 Part I
Hill, Uriah 602 Part II
Hobart, Garrett A. 213 Part I
Hoblit, Frank 223 Part II
Hoblit, J. W. 431 Part II
Hoblit, Laban 374 Part II
Hoerr, Frank 447 Part II
Holland, Isaac 457 Part II
Holmes, Oliver Wendell 206 Part I
Holmes, T. F. 544 Part II
Hooker, Joseph 52 Part I
Horn, Joseph A. 638 Part II
Horn, Paulus 559 Part II
Houston, Sam 120 Part I
Houston, W. J. 464 Part II
Howe, Elias 130 Part I
Howe, Thomas D. 599 Part II
Howells, William Dean 104 Part I
Howser, James W. 651 Part II
Hubbard, G. H. 389 Part II
Hughes, John, Archbishop 157 Part I
Hull, Isaac 169 Part I
Hungerford, William  330 Part II
Huntington, Collis Potter 94 Part I
Hyde, J. F. 238 Part II
Iles, Edward 290 Part II
Ingalls, John James 114 Part I
Ingersoll, Robert G. 85 Part I
Irving, Washington 33 Part I
Jackson, Andrwe 71 Part I
Jackson, Stonwall 67 Part I
Jackson, Thomas Jonathan 67 Part I
Jay, John 39 Part I
Jeckel, J. F. 370 Part II
Jefferson, Joseph 47 Part I
Jefferson, Thomas 34 Part I
Jewett, J. E. 339 Part II
Johnson, Andrew 145 Part I
Johnson, Eastman 202 Part I
Johnston, James 260 Part II
Johnston, Joseph Eccleston 85 Part I
Johnston, William 586 Part II
Jones, James . 171 Part I
Jones, John Paul 97 Part I
Jones, Samuel Porter 115 Part I
Jones, W. B. 227 Part II
Judy, J. I. 364 Part II
Judy, Jacob 369 Part II
Kaesebier, W. C. R. 344 Part II
Kane, Elisha Kent 125 Part I
Kearney, Philip 210 Part I
Kennedy, Thomas Daniel 632 Part II
Kenton, Simon 188 Part I
Keys, Andrew * 594 Part II
Kiick, John 501 Part II
Kincaid, W. R. 383 Part II
Kirby, W. H. 542 Part II
Klokkenga, Harm 393 Part II
Knaak, H. 461 Part II
Knox, John Jay 134 Part I
Koch, W. A. 502 Part II
Koehnle, F. C. W. 254 Part II
Kretzinger, G. A. 491 Part II
Kuemmel, A. P. 247 Part II
Lachenmyer, J. J. 421 Part II
Lamar, Lucius, Q. C. 201 Part I
Landon, Melville D. 109 Part I
Lanterman, Scott 580 Part II
Larison, Abel 640 Part II
Larison, J. H. 452 Part II
Lawrence, C. S. 504 Part II
Leach, W. R. 569 Part II
Lee, C. W. 541 Part II
Lee, Maskel 248 Part II
Lee, Peter 547 Part II
Lee, Robert Edward 38 Part I
Lewis, Charles B. 193 Part I
Linbarger, E. S. 427 Part II
Lincoln, Abraham 135 Part I
Livermore, Mary Ashton 131 Part I
Locke, David Ross 172 Part I
Logan, John A. 26 Part I
Logue, J. R. 524 Part II
Long, J. H. 631 Part II
Longan, J. N. 313 Part II
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 37 Part I
Longstreet, James 56 Part I
Loveland, J. W. 241 Part II
Lowell, James Russell 104 Part I
Lucas, J. P. 602 Part II
Lucas, O. J. 448 Part II
Ludlam, A. J. 472 Part II
Mackay, John William 148 Part I
Madison, James 42 Part I
Mammen, Klaas 291 Part II
Markworth, William 439 Part II
Marshall, John 156 Part I
Mason, C. C. 287 Part II
Mason, J. O. 401 Part II
Mather, Cotton 164 Part I
Mather, Increase 163 Part I
Matlock, W. P. 441 Part II
Maus, Peter 487 Part II
Maxim, Hiram S. 194 Part I
Mayer, Jacob 460 Part II
McCarrel, Hurley 328 Part II
McClellan, George Brinton 47 Part I
McClelland, W. E. 634 Part II
McCormick, Cyrus Hall 172 Part I
McCormick, J. D. 381 Part II
McCormick, W. W. 229 Part II
McDonough, Thomas, Com. 167 Part I
McKinley, William 217 Part I
McLean, S. H. 488 Part II
McLellan, James 299 Part II
Meade, George Gordon 75 Part I
Medill, Joseph 159 Part I
Meister, J. L. 438 Part II
Melrose, James 237 Part II
Merry, H. O. 398 Part II
Miles, Nelson A. 176 Part I
Miller, Cincinnatus Heine 218 Part I
Miller, J. E. 230 Part II
Miller, Joaquin 218 Part I
Mills, Robert Quarles 211 Part I
Monnett, Richard 649 Part II
Monroe, James 54 Part I
Montgomery, H. C. 636 Part II
Moody, Dwight L. 207 Part I
Moos, E. M. 462 Part II
Moos, J. M. 461 Part II
Moran, Thomas 98 Part I
Morgan, John Pierpont 208 Part I
Morgan, John T. 216 Part I
Morris, Robert 165 Part I
Morse, Samuel F. B. 124 Part I
Morton, Levi P. 142 Part I
Morton, Oliver Perry 215 Part I
Motley, John Lathrop 130 Part I
Motz, Jacob 451 Part II
Mountjoy, E. L. 412 Part II
Mountjoy, J. I. 420 Part II
Mountjoy, W. N. 354 Part II
Murphy, Patrick 492 Part II
Murray, W. M. 408 Part II
Myers, Squire 639 Part II
Nall, R. P. 248 Part II
Neel, William H. 273 Part II
Nicholson, E. B. 498 Part II
Nine, C. E. 647 Part II
Nix, Jacob 491 Part II
Nottelmann, H. H. 414 Part II
Nycum, William 576 Part II
Nye, Bill 59 Part I
Nye, Edgar Wilson 59 Part I
Obcamp, Peter 637 Part II
O'Brien, Patrick 349 Part II
O'Conor, Chaqrles 187 Part I
Oglevee, C. S. 530 Part II
Oldaker, J. W. 390 Part II
Olney, Richard 133 Part I
Ophardt, Peter 308 Part II
Orton, F. C. 281 Part II
Orton, L. O. 287 Part II
Oyler, H. S. 317 Part II
Oyler, P. H. 614 Part II
Paine, Thomas 147 Part I
Paine, W. C. 380 Part II
Palmer, John M. 195 Part I
Parker, Jeremiah 329 Part II
Parkhurst, Charles Henry 160 Part I
Partington, Mrs. 202 Part I
Pattison, T. R. 579 Part II
Paul, H. A. J. 282 Part II
Payne, W. G. 490 Part II
Peaabody, George 170 Part I
Pease, A. J. 424 Part II
Pech, Robert 471 Part II
Peck, Gerge W. 187 Part I
Peffer, William A. 164 Part I
Pegram, W. A. 389 Part II
Perkins, Edwin C. 575 Part II
Perkins, Eli 109 Part I
Perry, Oliver Hazard 97 Part I
Phillips, Wendell 30 Part I
Pierce, Franklin 122 Part I
Pingree, Hazen S. 212 Part I
Plant, Henry B. 192 Part I
Poe, Edgar Allen 69 Part I
Polk, James Knox 102 Part I
Porter, David Dixon 68 Part I
Porter, Noah 93 Part I
Potts, Rachel A., Mrs. 378 Part II
Prentice, George Denison 119 Part I
Prescott, William Hickling 96 Part I
Price, S. O. 368 Part II
Pullman, George Mortimer 121 Part I
Purviance, H. P. 454 Part II
Quad, M. 193 Part I
Quay, Matthew S. 171 Part I
Quisenberry, Albert 528 Part II
Quisenberry, Allen 423 Part II
Quisenberry, Arthur 642 Part II
Quisenberry, G. H. 437 Part II
Rademaker, N. T. 417 Part II
Randolph, Edmund 136 Part I
Rankin, Sinnet  459 Part II
Rayburn, G. T. 529 Part II
Read, J. T. 363 Part II
Read, Thomas Buchanan 132 Part I
Reed, Thomas Brackett 208 Part I
Reeder, C. C. 647 Part II
Reid, Whitlaw 149 Part I
Reinders, Peter 252 Part II
Reise, Frederick 278 Part II
Reiterman, A. F. 527 Part II
Rigg, R. W. 379 Part II
Rimerman, Adolph 269 Part II
Rimerman, William 580 Part II
Ritter, E. E. 449 Part II
Ritter, W. T. 400 Part II
Roach, John 190 Part I
Roberts, J. H. 422 Part II
Rockefeller, John Davison 195 Part I
Rodenbeek, A. E. 312 Part II
Romer, Anton 311 Part II
Root, George Frederick 218 Part I
Rothermel, Peter F. 113 Part I
Rothwell, J. M. 263 Part II
Rupp, William 347 Part II
Russell, W. P. 251 Part II
Rutledge, John 57 Part I
Ryan, Patrick 430 Part II
Sage, Russell 211 Part I
Sams, John 650 Part II
Sandel, Peter 322 Part II
Sargent, A. M. 307 Part II
Sargent, Samuel 309 Part II
Schaffenacker, Louis 588 Part II
Schnathorst, F. W. 338 Part II
Schockey, Daniel 514 Part II
Schofield, John McAllister 199 Part I
Schonauer, Adam 392 Part II
Schurz, Carl 201 Part I
Schwerdtfeger, L. C. 234 Part II
Scott, Thomas Alexander 204 Part I
Scott, Winfield 79 Part I
Scroggin, A. C. 484 Part II
Scroggin, L. K. 351 Part II
Seidel, W. E. 310 Part II
Seward, William Henry 44 Part I
Sexton, J. W. 353 Part II
Sharon, William 165 Part I
Shaw, Henry W. 166 Part I
Shaw, William 619 Part II
Sheridan, Phillip, Henry 40 Part I
Sherman, Charles R. 87 Part I
Sherman, John  86 Part I
Sherman, William Tecumseh 30 Part I
Sherwood, Isaac 258 Part II
Shillaber, Benjamin Penhallow 202 Part I
Shirley, Henry 468 Part II
Siebert, G. W. 453 Part II
Simcoe, Philander 582 Part II
Simpson, D. C. 321 Part II
Simpson, J. A. 270 Part II
Simpson, W. W. 629 Part II
Sisson, E. E. 429 Part II
Smith, Edmund Kirby 114 Part I
Smith, G. H. 483 Part II
Smith, J. W. 291 Part II
Smith, Thomas 429 Part II
Snook, J. A. 489 Part II
Snook, T. L. 564 Part II
Snyder, T. O. 280 Part II
Sousa, John Philip 60 Part I
Sparks, J. D. 652 Part II
Sparks, Samuel 589 Part II
Spinker, John 360 Part II
Spreckels, Claus 159 Part I
Stanford, Leland 101 Part I
Stanton, Edwin McMasters 179 Part I
Stanton, Elizaeth Cady 126 Part I
Starr, Jacob 548 Part II
Steen, P. H. 225 Part II
Stephens, Alexander Hamilton 32 Part I
Stephenson, Adlai Ewing 141 Part I
Stewart, Alexander T. 58 Part I
Stewart, William Morris 213 Part I
Stowe, Harriet Elizabeth Beecher 66 Part I
Stringer, L. B. 324 Part II
Strong, G. H. 654 Part II
Strong, John 450 Part II
Stroud, W. B., Jr. 288 Part II
Stroud, W. B., Sr. 293 Part II
Stryker, H. T. 258 Part II
Stuart, James F. B. 122 Part I
Stults, B. F. 304 Part II
Stumpf, Hartman 413 Part II
Sullian, J. M. 261 Part II
Sullivan, T. L. 597 Part II
Sumner, Charles 34 Part I
Sumner, J. W. 333 Part II
Tabke, J. A. 361 Part II
Talmage, J. F. 499 Part II
Talmage, Thomas DeWitt 60 Part I
Taney, Roger Brooks 129 Part I
Taylor, C. B. 550 Part II
Taylor, G. G. 300 Part II
Taylor, J. C. 558 Part II
Taylor, Zachary 108 Part I
Telfer, P. J. 611 Part II
Teller, Henry M. 127 Part I
Tesla, Nikola 193 Part I
Thomas, George H. 73 Part I
Thomas, J. C. 552 Part II
Thomas, Theodore  172 Part I
Thompson, A.S. 418 Part II
Thompson, Clara D., Mrs. 419 Part II
Thompson, J. C., Jr. 521 Part II
Thurman, Allen G. 90 Part I
Thurston, John M. 166 Part I
Tidd, Joseph 303 Part II
Tilden, Samuel J. 48 Part I
Tillman, Benjamin Ryan 119 Part I
Tomlinson, A. H. 298 Part II
Tomlinson, F. L. 627 Part II
Tomlinson, J. M. 624 Part II
Toombs, Robert 205 Part I
Tuohy, James 613 Part II
Turner, C. H. 484 Part II
Tuttle, F. M. 331 Part II
Tuttle, G. H. 643 Part II
Tuttle, T. D. 262 Part II
Twain, Mark 86 Part I
Tyler, C. W. 494 Part II
Tyler, John 93 Part I
ughitt, Marvin 159 Part I
Uhle, William 532 Part II
Vail, Alfred 154 Part I
Van Buren, Martin 78 Part I
Van Gerpen, C. 404 Part II
Vanderbilt, Cornelius 35 Part I
Vanhise, David 332 Part II
Verry, George 274 Part II
Vest, George Graham 214 Part I
Vilas, William Freeman 140 Part I
Vonderlieth, A. O. 618 Part II
Vonderlieth, G. W. 483 Part II
Voorhees, Daniel Wolsey 95 Part I
Waite, Morrison Remich 125 Part I
Wakeman, W. P. 463 Part II
Wallace, Lewis 199 Part I
Wallack, John Lester 121 Part I
Wallack, Lester 121 Part I
Walters, H. B. 433 Part II
Wanamaker, John 89 Part I
Ward, "Artemus" 91 Part I
Washburne, Elihu Benjamin 189 Part I
Washington, George 17 Part I
Watson, Thomas E. 178 Part I
Watterson, Henry 76 Part I
Weaver, James B. 123 Part I
Webster, Daniel 19 Part I
Webster, J. T. 650 Part II
Webster, Noah 49 Part I
Weed, Thurlow 91 Part I
West, Benjamin 115 Part I
Whipple, Henry Benjamin 161 Part I
White, Stephen V. 162 Part I
Whitefield, George 150 Part I
Whitman, Walt 197 Part I
Whitney, Eli 120 Part I
Whitney, William Collins 92 Part I
Whittier, John Greenleaf 67 Part I
Wiemer, Henry 585 Part II
Wigginton, J. C., Jr. 561 Part II
Wigginton, John 538 Part II
Wigginton, W. W. 551 Part II
Willard, Frances E. 133 Part I
Willbanks, J. T. 518 Part II
Willmert, F. J. 224 Part II
Willmert, J. H. 242 Part II
Wilson, William L. 180 Part I
Winchell, Alexander 175 Part I
Windom, William 138 Part I
Woland, S. J. 411 Part II
Wood, Z. K. 623 Part II
Worth, Murry 537 Part II
Wyatt, W. D. 334 Part II
Youngberg, F. R. 297 Part II
Zeter, John 341 Part II
Zollars, Lindsey 377 Part II






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