1860 Mortality Schedule

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Name Age Sex     Marital Stat. Where Born When Died Occupaton Cause of Death Duration
Town of Buffalo -                     
Bartlett, Charles 3 m       Ills. Apr.   Scarlet fever 18 days
Miller, Wm. 1/12. m       Ills. Feb.   Scarlet fever 1 day
Benedict, Mary E. 3/12. f       Ills. May   Congeston Lungs 1 day
Light, Robert W. 11/12. m       Ills. Mar.   Inflamation Lungs 13 days
Williams, Chas. H. 4/12. m       Ills Nov.   Consumption 3 mos.
Fouch, Mary Ann 1/12. f       Ills. Nov.   Epiletic fitts 1 day
Gale, George V. 26 m       Mass. Mar.   Heart Disease 2 weeks
Mix, Charles 8/12. m       Ill. Dec.   Unknown 1 day
Westbrook, Richard 5 m       Ill. Feb.   Typhoid fever 2 weeks
Westbrook, Rosabell 9/12. f       Ill. Feb.   Lung Fever 1 month
Oyster, John 2 m       Ill. Jan.   Brain fever 2 weeks
Fisher, Mary 7/12. f       Ill. Jun.   Dysentery 14 days
Page, Polly 16 f       Ill. Nov.   Consumption 8 mos.
Wells, Ernest 10/12. m       Ill. Sep.   Epileptic fits 6 days
Smith, James 6/12. m       Ill. Mar.   Influenzy 5 days
Smith, Frank M. 1 m       Ill. Aug.   Cholera Infantum 7 days
Buck, Henry 6 m       Ill. Sep.   Dysentery 10 days
Buck, Susan 8/12. f       Ill. Nov.   Dysentery 6 wks
Ashenfilter, David 2 m       Iowa Apr.   Scarlet Fever 2 wks
Spelman, Wm. 1 m       Ill. Mar.   Consumption 7 mos.
Sanborn, Martha 22 f       Canada W. Apr.   Consumption 7 mos.
Frazier, Ann M. 1/12. f       Ill. Apr.   Inflamation Lungs 5 days
Joiner, Hannah 62 f       N. Y. Nov.   Dysentery 30 days
Cooper, Galinda A. 23 f       Md. Sep.   Consumption 5 mos.
Clark, Ruth 4/12. f       Ill. Sep.   Dysentery 20 days
Cole, Elizabeth 53 f       England Feb.   Appolexy 1 day
Palmer, Eliza 49 f       Md. Jan.   fever 3 days
Newcomer, Henry 4/12. m       Ill. Jan.   Unknown 1 day
Roland, Albertus 5 m       Ill. Mar.   Scarlet fever 2 days
Luella 3 f       Ill. Mar.   Scarlet fever 21 days
Hoys, Loretta 3 f       Ill. June   Scarlet fever 10 days
Ella 6/12. f       Ill. Jun.   Scarlet fever 5 days
Roland, Emma 5 f       Ill. Feb.   Scarlet fever 30 days
Fanny 3 f       Ill. Feb.   Scarlet fever 4 days
Grush, Harriett 10 f       Ill. Apr.   Consumption 4 years
Town of Buffalo, Enumerated by E. W. Dutcher                    
Miller, Elizabeth 35 f       Penn. Nov.   Consumption 2 years
Funk, Mary 1/12. f       Ill. Nov.    Unknown 1 day
Bovy (Bovey), Wm. H. 1 m       Ill. Mar.   Dropsy 5 days
Wragg, Edward 2 m       Ill. Apr.   Accidently killed Sudden
Weaver, Ann 50 f       Penn. Nov.   Cancer 3 mos.
Downey, Timothy 78 m       Md. Mar.   Lung Disease 3 mos.
Dasher, Laura 3/12. f       Ill. Oct.   Hooping Cough 30 days
Arends, Aaron 43 m       Germany Jul. Farmer Fever 30 days
Whitman, Caroline 25 f       Germany Jan.   Fever 10 days
Kimball, Allice E. 9/12. f       Ill. Feb.   Fever 10 days
Kimball, Mary J. 1 f       Ill. Jan.   Fever 7 days
Kane, Ann 1 f       Ill. Jan.   Hooping Cough 10 days
Piper, Lyman 5/12. m       Ill. Oct.   Hooping Cough 4 days
Lynch, Wm. Henry 5 m       Md. May   Scarlet fever 4 days
Margarett 2 f       Ill. May   Scarlet fever 12 days
Petrie, Jacob 22 m       Md. May   Accidently Killed Sudden
Rowland, Arthur 3 m       Ill. Jan.   Croup 5 days
Dagame, John 1/12. m       Ill. Feb.   Croup 4 days
Tiffany, Elizabeth 2/12. f       Ill. Oct.   Consumption 1 mo.
Forbes, James 37 m       Md. Jan. Farmer Inflamation Stomach 6 mos.
McClaire? (McClenie) (McClain?), Wm. John 4 m       Ill. Jan.   Accidently Killed 1 day
Burton, Mary E. 1 f       Ill. Aug.   Dysentery 9 days
Cuningham, Emeline 3 f       Ill. Jul.   Hooping Cough 2 days
Lilly, Cornelia H. 37 f       Vt. Jun.   Unknown 1 day
McCarty, Alexander 4/12. m       Ills. Oct.   Dysentery 14 days
Dudley, Charles A. 1 m       Ills. Aug.   Dysentery 8 days
Whitcomb, Carrie 1 f       Ills. Sep.   Dysentery 60 days
Dippo (Dipps), Ernest J. W. 5 m       Ills. Mar.   Brain fever  
Perkins, Arthur H. 7/12. m       Ills. Sep.   Summer Complaint  
Higley, Virginia A. 1 f       Ills. Jan.   Scarlet fever  
Ayres, Frank 4 m       Ills. Jun.   Scarlet fever 10 days
Everett 2 m       Ills. Jan.   Scarlet fever 15 days
Fulton, Frederick W. 6 m       Ills. May   Drowned Sudden
Elizabeth A. 1 f       Ills. Sep.   Summer Complaint 8 days
Reber, Lydia 2 f       Ills. Sep.   Flux 4 days
Town of Buffalo, Enumerated by E. W. Dutcher           Ills.        
Scott, John C. F. 1 m       Ill. Aug.   Cholera Infantum 2 days
O'Kane, George W. 3 m       Ill. Apr.   Scarlet Fever 4 days
Allice B. 1 f       Ill. Apr.   Scarlet Fever 15 days
Cooley, Emma J. 4 f       Ill. Jul.   Hooping Cough 6 days
Parmer, George 1 m       Ill. Jun.   Hooping Cough 21 days
Mason, Mary E. 1/12. f       Ill. Mar.   Unknown 7 days
Pearson, Walter M. 6/12. m       Ill. Aug.   Cholera Infantum 10 days
Hill, _ate 2/12. f       Ill. Dec.   Erysipelus 21 days
Burns, Mary 40 f       Penn. Aug.   Consumption 2 years
Infant 6/12. m       Ill. Oct.   Unknown 21 days




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