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Source:  Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart, IN) Page 8
Dated: Aug. 9 & 16, 1894
     The following list of deaths of pioneers of Elkhart and Cass counties was prepared and read by C. H. Chase, at the picnic of the Pioneers' Association of Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, at Simonton Lake, Thursday, August 9, 1894:
    MARIA N. HUBBELL, widow of A. L. HUBBELL, died at her home in Goshen, August 24, 1893, at the age of 78.  She came to this State with her first husband, Mr. Whittlesey, in 1837.
     EDGAR H. STILLMAN came to this county at an early age with his parents, who lived on a farm a short distance west of Elkhart.  He was a citizen of Key West, Florida, at the time of his death, which occurred at the home of his niece.  Mrs. M. K. Weaver, in Elkhart, Sept. 8, 1893.
     MRS. FRANCES DAVENPORT, widow of the late B. L. Davenport, died Sept. 9, 1893.  She was born in 1832, and had the distinction of being the first white child born on the present site of Elkhart city.  She was the daughter of Dr. Havilah Beardsley, founder of Elkhart, and was a woman of rare virtues.
     DANIEL HEATON, who came to this county in 1835, died at his home in Bristol, Sept. 13, 1893, aged 78 years.
     SAMUEL HOAGLAND, Cleveland township, came to this county in 1835, from Ohio.  Died Sept. 21, 1893.
     MRS. MARIA R. ALLEN, widow of DR. J. W. ALLEN, came to this county in 1858, died Oct. 12, 1893, at her home in Elkhart, greatly beloved.
     MRS. BODLE, widow of ABRAHAM BODLE, for many years a resident of Osolo township, died at the home of her son, in Mishawaka, Oct. 31, 1893.
     MRS. ISAAC B. SYPHERT, born in Urbana, Ohio, Dec. 17, 1820, came to this county at an early day with her parents.  Died at her home in Elkhart, Oct. 30, 1893.
     JOEL HERRING, an old resident of Cleveland township, died at the home of his son-in-law, Ad. Whitmyer, Nov. 13, 1893.
     WILLIAM BEANE,  late editor of the Goshen Democrat, was born in Preble county, Ohio, in 1829, came to this county with his parents, in 1836, married in 1854, and died suddenly at his home in Goshen, Nov. 14, 1893.  His genial disposition endeared him to everybody who knew him.
     AMELIA, wife of Frederick Herring, born in Germany, many years a resident of Goshen, died in that city, Nov. 20, 1893, aged 78 years.
     MRS. MARGARET L. BRODRICK, widow of the late N. F. BRODRICK, born in Urbana, Ohio, Aug. 11, 1809, married Aug. 31, 1831, at Sidney; came to Elkhart in 1835; died at the home of her son, C. B. Brodrick, in Elkhart, Dec. 1, 1893.  She was a lady of sterling virtues and sunny disposition.
     MRS. BARBARA HULLINGER, widow of Samuel Hullinger, a resident of Elkhart county for over 45 years, died at the home of her son, in Jefferson township, Dec. 11, 1893.
     FREDERICK LANDIS, an old resident of the county, died at his home five miles southwest of Goshen, Dec. 6, 1893.
     MRS. LUCY CARLTON, widow of the late J. D. Carlton, who with her husband came to this county in the thirties, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. L. VanAlstine, in Petoskey, Mich., Dec. 17, 1893, ripe in years and greatly beloved.
     MRS. ANNIE M. HARTUNG, who with her late husband resided many years in Cleveland township, died at the home of her son, Frank Hartung, in Elkhart, Feb. 2, 1894, aged 81 years and 5 months.
     CHARLES S. DUNBAR, who was a resident of Goshen some 50 years ago, died at St. Paul, Minnesota, Jan. 23, 1894, in the 7th year of his age.  He was a native of Fredonia, N. Y.
     SAMUEL SWINEHART, born in Union township, Pa., in 1817, and for many years a resident of Osolo township, died Feb. 9, 1894.  Was married to Sarah Weyrick, who survives him, in 1843.
     MRS. CAROLINE, wife of Theron DALEY, for over forty years a resident of Washington township, died at her home in Bristol, Mar. 22, 1894, at the age of 72 years.
     SOLOMON HIXON, of Middlebury township, who came to this county in 1833, died at his home in Middlebury, the latter part of March, 1894, at the advanced age of 89 years.  He was one of the sturdy pioneers who have done so much for Elkhart county.
     MRS. ALBERT COVERT came to Elkhart in 1838 from New York State with her first husband Charles Harris, who died shortly afterward.  She was married to her late husband, Albert Covert, in 1854.  He died the following year.  After living in widowhood forty-one years she died at the home of her son, Charles Harris, in Elkhart, Mar. 31, 1894, in her eighty-first year.
     MRS. MARY OUDERKIRK, widow of John Ouderkirk, for over half a century a resident of Osolo township, died at her home, three miles north of Elkhart, May 7, 1894, in her 80th year.
     WILLIAM A. THOMAS, born in Virginia, March, 1816, a resident of Elkhart county for 63 yeas, and its first deputy clerk, died at his home in Goshen, June 4, 1894.
     BALSER HESS, was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1817, came to this county with his father's family in 1828, and has continued to live here since.  Died at Goshen, June 12, 1894.
     MRS. ANNA MYERS, for many years a resident of Olive township, died at the home of her grandson, in Elkhart, July 2, 1894, at the age of 83.
     TRACY H. EVANS, born at Pawlet, Vt., May 21, 1803, married Lucinda Hughes in 1826, came to Elkhart county ten years afterward, settling in Cleveland township.  Died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Asa B. Clark, in Elkhart, July 5, 1894. 
, many years a resident of Cleveland township, died at his home in East Elkhart, July 17, 1894.
     MRS. E. M. WINEGAR, of York township, one of Elkhart county's oldest residents died at her home, July 29, 1894.
     OSCAR F. DEWEY, for many years a prosperous farmer of Clinton township, later a resident of Goshen and a member of the legislature, died at his home in Goshen, July 29, 1894.
     MRS. MARY SHREINER, widow of George Shreiner and for many years a resident of Cleveland township, died at her old homestead, Aug. 6, 1894, aged nearly 83 years.
Source: Elkhart Weekly Review - Indiana
Dated: May 5, 1897
     Rebecca WEYRICK
nee DREHER, earthly consort of J. J. WEYRICK, was born in Schuylkill county, Pa., June 29 1830, and died suddenly, of parallysis, at their home, 109 Hickory street, May 2, 1897, aged 66 years, 10 months and 3 days.
     The deceased spent her youth in Wayne county, Ohio.  She was married to her sorrowing and aged companion in Summit county, Ohio, in the year 1852. 
     After ten years' residence in Williams county, Ohio they located in Elkhart county where they have since resided.  For nineteen years they resided in this city.
     Five children were born to them, of whom three survive, namely, Beorge F. and Mrs. Nora HATFIELD, of this city, and Mrs. Orpha MAURER, of New Paris.  Besides seven grandchildren, two aged sisters, of Summit county, Ohio and a brother, Dr. J. C. Dreher, of Plainwell, Mich., remain to mourn her sudden demise.
     Sister WEYRICK was converted to God in 1852, and had since then been a beloved and faithful member of the Evangelical association.  She had a peaceable and quiet disposition.  It is safe to say she died without an enemy.  Her devotion to her family and to her God was admirable.  Her family and all her friends will call her blessed.  Her memory is blessed.  Indeed a mother in Israel has fallen.

In Memoriam.
     Mrs. Rosana Kenyon PETTIT
was born in County Downs, Ireland, July, 1842, died April 27, 1897, at their home, 501 St. Joe Street, this city.
     She came to America with her parents when about three years old.  She had the misfortune to lose her parents three years later.  She was then taken to raise by Hiram and Eunice Ryan, of Rochester, N. Y.  She removed to St. Joseph county in 1850.  At the age of 15 she became the wife of E. F. PETTIT, of Mishawaka.  Her husband and eight children survive her, all living in this city.  She was a kind and affectionate wife and a good mother to her children. She was a member of the Episcopal church at Mishawaka for twenty-five years.

Source: Elkhart Truth
Dated: July 30, 1904
Body Will Be Brought Here For Burial - Funeral Sunday Sunday Afternoon at 2 O'clock
     Jacob CRULL
dead at 8 o'clock last night at the Soldier's Home at Marion.  He went there two weeks ago after spending most of the summer in Elkhart at the home of his son, Elliott CRULL.  Old age was the cause.  Mr. CRULL was in his 83rd year, having been born May 31, 1821.  He was a native of Ohio, and had been a resident of Elkhart county for 60 years.
     The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the residence of Misses Emma and Alice CRULL, 1001 Lafayette Street.  The body will be buried south of Osceola.
     Besides the widow, Louisa, the deceased is survived by four sons, Elliott and Frank of Elkhart, Jacob of Chicago, and Cyrus of Helena, Mont., and two daughters, Misses Emma and Alice of Elkhart.
     Jacob CRULL was a farmer prior to the civil war, owning farms in Elkhart and St. Joe counties.  He served three years with the 100th Indiana infantry.  He was incapacited by being shot in the foot at Missionary Ridge.  He was a cripple after that and walked with a cane.  Shiloh Field Post, of which he was a member, will have charge of the funeral, Rev. Ogilvie will conduct the religious service.
Former Elkhart Citizen Passes Away At New Paris.
     J. J. WEYRICK
, for many years a resident of Elkhart, died at 12:30 o'clock last night at his home in New Paris where he lived since moving from this city six years ago.  Mrs. Willis HATFIELD of 801 South Main street, a daughter of Mr. WYRICK, went this morning to New Paris to arrange for the funeral, which will be held in Elkhart the fore part of next week.
     Mr. WEYRICK, who was 76 years of age had suffered for the last 18 years with a complication of diseases, but was only compelled to take to his bed five weeks ago.  Since that time his death was only a matter of time.  Mr. WEYRICK was a retired farmer, and belonged the the Watch Tower Evangelical church, having been for many years its sexton.  His first wife died seven years ago.  Besides his daughter, Mrs. HATFIELD, Mr. WEYRICK is survived by his second wife , a daughter Mrs. Orpha MAURER of South Bend and a son, George WEYRICK of Syracuse.
Caught Big Lot of Frogs.
and Tom MONSCHERN? caught over 50 bull frogs in a swamp just over the Michigan state line ten miles north of here Wednesday night.  Nearly all of "the greeners: weighted between a half pound and a pound.
     The frogs were sent to Harry BURKHARDT, at Cincinnati, O., this morning.
Visitors will Sing High Mass.
     Rev. Charles COLLINS
, O. S. B., of Assumption College, Sandswich, Ontario, will sing High mass and preach at St. Vincent's church tomorrow at 10 a.m.
     Carlton CLARKE,
a baggageman, had his foot mashed at Chicago last evening.
     Lake Shore Engineer Frank Johnson had his right arm and shoulder scalded while oiling his engine last evening.


Source:  Elkhart Truth - Elkhart, Ind.
Dated: May 17, 1920
Mrs. Barbara LONGACHER succumbs to Paralysis at Home of Daughter Here.
     Mrs. Barbara LONGACHER, aged 74 years, died at the home of a daughter, Mrs. W. W. LERUE of 1035 South Third street, at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon.  Her death was the result of a stroke of paralysis which she suffered about two weeks ago.  She was unable to speak after she was stricken but at times seemed to realize what was being said to her.
     Funeral services will be held at the First Evangelical church at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow, Rev. J. F. FUNK of the Mennonite church, and Rev. F. C. BERGER of the First Evangelical church officiating.  The body may be seen this evening at the home and in the foyer of the church from 11:30 to 2:30 tomorrow.
was born on a farm near Berne, Adams county, this state on May 10, 1846, one of 12 children of Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. MOSER, early settlers in Adams county.  Their trip from Wayne County, Ohio was made in a covered wagon drawn by an ox team and they settled on the banks of the Wabash river on land taken from the government.  For a time they lived in their covered wagon, later moving into a log cabin which they built in the then unbroken forest.
     Mrs. LONGACHER grew to womanhood on this farm; and on Aug. 2, 1866, was married to Jacob L. LONGACHER of near Ft. Wayne and then returned to Adams county settling on a part of the home farm.
Five sons and four daughters were born to them, all of whom grew to maturity.  All married and all of whom grew to maturity.  All married and all are living today except a daughter, Fannie who at her death was Mrs. L. L. LERUE.  Those living are Mrs. Frank RICHARDS of near Bristol; Mrs. W. W. LERUE and Mrs. N. J. FREDERICK of this city; Peter T., Jacob J. and Lee LONGACHER of this city; Christian C. LONGACHER of Lansing, Mich., Joseph W. LONGACHER of Morrice, Mich.; also, fourteen grandchildren, on grandchild; two brothers, Peter M. and Joseph D. MOSER, and four sisters, Mrs. Katherine MUSSER, Mrs. Celest DOLD, Mrs. Peter YODER, and Mrs. Charles MARTIN, all of Berne.
came here 20 years ago and since the death of her husband on Dec. 2, 1913, had made her home with Mrs. LERUE.  Feeling that her work was done Mrs. LONGACHER, awaited her end with Christian fortitude.  She was a member of the Prairie street Mennonite church, and often attended the First Evangelical church, of which nearly all of her children are members.
The residence of Mr. and Mrs. H.L. CAR, OF 1537 South Main street was quarantined yesterday for scarlet fever, the daughter, Alice, being the patient.  Mr. CARR is staying at the D. M. HOOVER residence, 1204 South Main street.
     Mrs. Mae W. SCHMID
of Chicago has accepted the position offered her by the Goshen Presbyterian church as assistant to the pastor, Rev. W. H. Gleiser.  Mrs. Schmid, who is a graduate of the Presbyterian Training School of Chicago, will arrive in Goshen in time to begin her work the first of September.
Source:  Elkhart Truth - Elkhart, Indiana - Page 2
Dated Mar. 22, 1922
Former Service Man Ends Life With Bullet
Word was received today by relatives here of the suicide yesterday of Edward Oswalt, about 32 years of age,, who resided on a farm a mile west of Hastings, 22 miles south of Elkhart.  Despondency is ascribed as the motive for the deed.  No particulars were stated except that death was caused by shooting.
     Oswalt was in service for two years during the World War, serving a part of the time in France, where he took part in some of the big battles.  Upon his return four years ago, he was married, the young couple taking up their residence in Leesburg, where Mr. Oswalt owned a meat market.  About two years ago he sold the business and moved to the farm.
      Surviving Oswalt are his wife; three daughters, the oldest of whom is about three years of age; his mother, Mrs. Sarah Oswalt, and three sisters, all of Constantine; four brothers, Jesse Oswalt of Elkhart and John, Claude and Percy Oswalt, all of Constantine; five cousins, Mrs. Verne Shriver, Mrs. A. E. Doering, Mrs. Alex Hoover, Serman Swan and Owen Oswalt, all of Elkhart, and three uncles, Frank, Edward and Charles Fields, all of Elkhart.  His father, Michael Oswalt, died a year ago in Leesburg.
     The funeral will be held tomorrow with service and burial at Stony Point church.

In the matter of the minor heirs of Daniel S. Berkey, Benjamin F. Berry, guardian, a report was filed showing of the death of Clarice Richmond, an heir, and that her estate is less than $500.  The guardian was ordered to administer the estate.
     Noah S. Miller, guardian of the minor heirs of Catherine Mast, filed his current report showing a balance of 1,761.1.
     In the estate of Sadie Miller, the administrator, Sylvanus Cripe, filed a final report showing the estate to be free from inheritance tax.  He was discharged.
     Martin Fisher administrator of the estate of Elizabeth Neff filed an inventory showing $1,064.42.
     John A. Lower was appointed administrator of the estate of George A. Rhodes under $10,000 bond.



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