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Source: Times Picayune - Louisiana
Dated: Sep. 13, 1867
SENT DOWN - Jos. Farrell was arraigned before the Recorder of the First District this morning, charged by Edward McGinans with stealing a gold watch and chain, valued at $145, from his stateroom on board of the steamer Sarah while at the landing at Mobile.  The accused was committed to the First District Court for trial, bonds $250.
ATTEMPTED TO COMMIT SUICIDE - A man named W. F. Smith, while drunk, yesterday evening about __o'clock, attempted to commit suicide by jumping into the river, at the head of Conti street.  Officers Martin and Lawler rescued him and took him to the Second District Station.
POLICE ITEMS - John A. Nelson, Frank Johnson and WM. Evans were arrested as vagrants, on the ship landing.
     Jessie Pegraves was arrested on Old Levee street, charged with carrying a revolver.
     Lena Veriety, colored, was arrested on Burgundy street, charged by George Smith with robbery.
     Mrs. Serupt?, who resides in the Third District, ahs to answer for making an assault on Mrs. Gobin.
     Chas. Blackmore
was arrested on Marigny street for assaulting and attempting to kill his wife and children.
     Henry Pete was arrested on Claiborne street, charged by Henry Osse with assaulting him with a knife.
     Albert B. Halaby, James H. Hagen and Frank Brooks were arrested at 11 P.M., on Customhouse street, charged by P. Hanmore with assault and battery with intent to kill.
Source: Times Picayune - Louisiana
Dated: Oct. 11, 1867
YOUNG BURGLARS - Isaac WILLIAMS, Daniel SMITH, Robt. JOHNSON, Thos. WRIGHT and Benj. SMITH, five young colored sharers, were arraigned this morning before Assistant Recorder JONBERT, with having burglariously entered at an early hour this morning the store of Messrs. H. STROMBERG & Co., on Tehoupitoulas street, from a back entrance on Foucher, and feloniously possessed themselves of a lot of can fruit, condensed milk and other "goodies."
reports that a woman named Emma SAUDERS, an inmate of a house of ill fame, corner of Basin and St. Louis streets, attempted to commit suicide last night about 10 o'clock, by taking a large dose of laudanum.  Medical aid was procured and the woman foiled in her rash purpose.
RECORDER AHERN.  The condition of Recorder Ahern, yesterday, was such that has numerous friends were pained to learn that there was no prospects of his recovery.  We are pleased to state that a very favorable change ahs taken place, and he is now in on immediate danger.
SICK AND DESTITUTE - A colored man named Samuel WARD was found sic and destitute on the levee, and sent to the Marine Hospital.
BURGLARY - Mrs. CONNELL's residence No. 265 Magazine street, corner of Poeyfarre street, was burglariously entered last night and robbed of a lot of silver ware, spoons and knives, and also a quantity of wearing apparel and valuable papers belonging to Mr. W. R. DAVOL.
RECORDER'S AHERN'S COURT - Assistant Recorder J___ Presiding - Jas. DUNCAN,
a colored individual, charged by Andrew D____, with obtaining goods under false pretences, is to board free of expense in the Parish Prison for fifteen days.
     S_lvery MOORE and Jennie REDDEN, were fined $10 each for being persons of easy virtue.
     Frank JOHNSON, Jas. HEALY and John HOEK?, who made there beds under the canopy of heaven at the New Basin, were sent to the Workhouse, there to toil for sixty days.
     Elijah BONDS, charged by Jno. Welsh with larceny, was sent to the Workhouse for fifteen days.
     John HURLEY and Pat HAENEY were each fined $10 for fighting on Grand street,  HURLEY was under peace bonds at the time, and they were declared forfeited.
     Chas. CARTER, a negro, falsely represented himself to be a policeman, on Magazine street, and he was fined $10 therefore.
     Henry ROBINSON was fined $10 for stealing something from John A. RUSSELL.

reports that he found a dead body of an Austrian soldier named AUSTOUD? in a house corner of St. Peter and Basin streets.  This is all the report says, and we have not time to hunt up the particulars concerning the dead Austrian..
     Eight youngsters were locked up for stealing oranges, on Poland street, yesterday evening.
     Henry Brarel  THOMASON was arrested in the Fourth District last night at 12 o'clock, for fighting.
     Henry PELUSS? was gobbled up last night at 12 o'clock by Officer MIRABIN in Fourth District, charged with being a vagrant and dangerous character.
     John DACY was found under the wharf, at the head of Canal street "star gazing" and locked up

Source: Times Picayune - Louisiana
Dated: Nov. 3, 1867
COULDN'T STAY AWAY - John Holly, the noted character who has figured so conspicuously in our courts for the past few years, and who was always adroit enough to get out of the clutches of the law, was arrested yesterday in the Second District, and sent up to Recorder Neville for disposal.  Holly a few days ago was released from a charge of vagrancy upon the condition of leaving the State in forty-eight hours.  He did leave and went to Mobile.  But it appears he could not remain away and returned to the city after an absence of but two days.  He will doubtless be committed to the Workhouse.  He is a dangerous character.
RECORDER NEVILLE'S COURT - Conrad Hecker, who battered the head piece of John Gleeck No 414 Dryades street, has to pay $10 for indulging in such amusement.  Gleeck didn't get a cent of the amount to heal his wounded face and honor.
     R. McConnell and L. C. McCoy were each required to fork over $5 for fighting on Common street.
     Mary Henry and colored Enlalia Francois and Jane Baptiste who reside at 191 Burgundy street, were arraigned, charged by Miss Mary Davis, who resides at 181 Julia street, with stealing a large amount of household articles and a magnificent waterfall.  The case was fixed for the 9th, bail $200 each.
     Thomas J. Cox and colored David Phillips had to answer for maliciously running their wagons into a city car on Tehonpitonlas street, near Thalia.  Each were fined $10 and Cox in addition required to furnish peace bonds.
     Geo. Tate, a negro driver, for committing a similar offence on teh same street, had to pay a like sum.
     Dominick Fluix who assaulted Kate Fluix at 250 Poydras street, ahd to give bonds not to repeat the infliction for six months.
     Jeff Baker, a negro, paid $5 for whipping Adele Green, colored, on Franklin street.
     James Tracey who was arrested on St. Charles street, charged by Wm. Christopher with obtaining money by false pretences, was given a free permit to board in the Workhouse for thirty days.  Lucky devil.
     Martin Sykes, who was arrested on a mixed charge of larceny and vagrancy, was gently deposited in the Workhouse, there to remain for six months.
     Joe Coleman a negro, was sent before the First District Court, charged by Mrs. Mary Haar with stealing $85 worth of clothing from her residence, 189 Camp street.  Bonds $259.
     E. C. Palton was arraigned, charged by Louis Me____ with receiving $300 which was stolen from him on the night of the 28th day of October by one Sarah Sylix, a colored damsel, in a house at the corner of Pardido and Dryades street.  The case was continued till the 4th inst.  Bail $500.
POLICE ITEMS - J. A. Gurnards was arrested on a warrant, charged by Wm. Noble with trespass.
     Mary Louise was arrested at 6 P.M. yesterday on Canal street, charged by Officer Cummings with insult and abuse and resisting him in the discharge of his duty.
     J. A. Christian was arrested yesterday on the Levee for carrying a revolver.
     James Clairy was arrested at 12 o'clock last night, on Marais street, charged by Officer Dasam with assault with intent to kill.
     Mary Carrigan and Juana Poncha were locked up for pilfering cotton on the Levee.
     Policeman C. Pernel was locked up, charged by Adoie De Souvent with assault and battery.
     John Labiate was arrested yesterday in Magazine Market, because he refused to remove his stand when ordered to do so by the Farmer of the market, Mr. Regan.
     James Condon
was gathered up by Officer K__y, charged with stealing a dog worth $20, from V. Finegan.
     Peter Bensel
to accused by Arthur Levy with making a violent assault  upon him.
     David Reagan and Patrick Fitzgerald were arrested in the Fourth, for assaulting John H. Landwher.
Source:  The Chronicle (Columbiana, Ala.) Vol. IX., Number 32
Dated:  Thursday, Feb. 7, 1895
The Cold Weatehr Results in Bereaving Many a Home.
     NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 9 - Mrs. Jacobs and her six year old child Stella, were fatally burned yesterday at their home on St. Thomas street.  The child's dress was ignited by a grate fire and the mother, in endeavoring to quench the flames, was also badly burned.  The charred remains of Charles Seymour, an aged stableman, were founed in the ruins of a fire that occurred yesterday.  He was not missed until the body was found.
Source: Times Picayune - Louisiana
Dated: Jan. 9, 1913
JACK KATZENMEYER Found Dead by Companions at Base of Bank Where He Slipped.
VICKSBURG, MISS. Jan. 8 - Relatives and friends were shocked this afternoon upon the return her of a hunting party to hear that Jack KATZENMEYER, one of the young men of the party, had accidentally shot the top of his head off dying instantly.  The hunting party consisted of John ZIMMERMAN, George MILLER, H. H. HOSSLEY and the unfortunate young man.  They left the city early in the week in a gasoline boat and went to Diamond Island, near which point the accident happened.  There were no witnesses to Mr. KATZENMEYER's death, but the young men believe from what they could see when the body was found that Mr. KATZENMEYER had slipped down a bank and the gun was in some manner discharged, sending the load through the top of his head.  KATZENMEYER was interested in the KATZENMEYER Brothers' Bakery.


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