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Source: Times Picayune - Louisiana
Dated: Sep. 13, 1867
The Daily Mortuary Report
[From our Evening Edition of Yesterday]
     There were 89 interments reported from the various cemeteries for the twenty-four hours ending at 6 o'clock last evening.  Of these, there were deaths from yellow fever, 61; pernicious fever, 4; bilious, 2; congestive, 2; brain, 1; rem__, 1; consumption, 2, old age, 2; pneumonia, 1; disease of the heart, 1; diarrhea, 2.
     The following are the ages and nativity of those who died from yellow fever:
     Joseph Garvey, 5, New Orleans
     Ann Cahill, 31, Ireland
     W. B. Boyle 30, Ireland
     Martin Furlong, 6, New Orleans
     James Braphy, 31, not stated
     Thomas McManus 21, Ireland
     James Reister, 17, Germany
     Hugh, McNaughton 49, Scotland
     John Hare, 32, Germany
     Sarah Fisher, 2_, Marine Hospital
     August Carl Speiring, 23, Germany
     Henry Hamper, 32, Germany
     Lilly Pries 4, New Orleans.
     Louisa Miller, 13, France
     Hugh Murray, 35, Scotland
     August Vincent, 27, France
     John Wyngart, 30, Germany
     Julius Rite, 22, Prussia
     Chas. King, 30, Pennsylvania
     Carl. N. Vanotfer?, 21 Germany
     Moritz Aberle, 39, Germany
     James Dun_, 40, Ireland
     Martin Early, 32, Ireland
     John Brady 26, Ireland
     Franz, Seigle, 29, Germany
     August Keal, 24, Prussia
     Henry Fink, 24, Germany
     George W. Dickey, 28, Kentucky
     Francis Minet, 62, France
     Henry Renkene, 28, Germany
     Wm. Suchburch, 27, Prussia
     George Karn, 55, Germany
     Henry Folische, 28, Germany
     Elihu Kenright, 35, Ireland
     William Henry Byrnes, 13 months, New Orleans
     Mrs. Virginia Harmon 17, New Orleans
     James Regan, 33, Ireland
     Michael Breen, 25, Ireland
     Wm. Morrison, 29, Ireland
     Thomas Burke, 17, Ireland
     Harris Goodman 36, Ireland
     Rosinette Claveree, 22, France
     Pierre Bussiere, 29, France
     Emanuel Ernst FAhe, 27, France
     Constance Dupont, 37, France
     Geo. Kemble, 26, Germany
     Henry Nelson, 35, philadelphia.
     August Senare?, 28, France
     J. Faret?, 22, Baton Rouge
     Wm. A. Wm. Caswell, Amite, Pa
     Annie Fitzpatrick 28, Va.
     Frederick Hedging, 19, Russia
     N. C. White, 16, Georgia
     Unknown white man, in the car of Jackson Railroad.
     Emile Weirth, 31, France
     John Rambean, 25, Germany
     Berthe Daremmische, 7, not stated
     Frank Mosk, 24, Louisiana
     James M. Quinlan, 34, Maryland.
     Ward McComber, 26, Boston
     Catherine Schiller, 33, France.
     Twenty-two of the above died in the Charity Hospital.

COOL AND DELIBERATE SUICIDE - A young man named Theodore Dunning Lincoln, committed suicide about half past three this morning, by blowing out his brains with a revolver.  He was a native of New Haven, Conn., and only 26 years of age, an only son, with no relatives except a mother and sister, who reside in the North.  The fatal act was committed on Basin street, between Bienville and Custom House, at the house formerly kept by Mary E. King, who with so many of her trail impartations went down with the Evening Star.  The place is now kept by Miss Nelly Otis. who, however, is off at some of the watering places, and has left Miss Emma Stanley in charge.  It became our province to meet Miss Stanley in our inquiries in regard to this sad affair.  Her report is as follows:
     "I have known him for over a year, he has been in the habit of coming to see me during that time, and I had formed an attachment for him which induced me to watch him when I thought he was going astray.  I had been very lenient, and I don't know but he presumed upon it.  Three or four days ago I noticed that he was drinking rather heavily, and with the intention of doing him good, I informed him that he could not visit me until he quit drinking.  He promised me that he would do so, and seemed to look to me for advice.  When he first came last night, I saw he had been drinking, and told him he could not stay.  There were no angry expressions used.  I merely wished to punish him for his disipation.  At about half-past 3 A.M., I was awakened by the housekeeper, who informed me that there was a gentleman who had just arrived in a cab who had a dispatch from Nelly Otis for her.  I knew in a moment who it was, and determined to not let him in.  He asked me if I would not open the door.  I told him "No."  He said "You will regret it," and at the same time I heard the report of a pistol, and saw him fall from the entry out upon the pavement.  The door was opened immediately, but he was dead, having evidently placed the pistol directly against his ear.
     Mr. Lincoln, as we before stated, is a native of Connecticut, and has been in the employ of the Government in the Mint.  Miss Stanley thinks from his talk and actions that there was some deficit in his accounts which troubled his mind and induced him to drink and lose his mind.

Source: Times Picayune - Louisiana
Dated: Oct. 1, 1867
The Daily Mortuary Report
The 96 INTERMENTS reported from the various cemeteries for the twenty-four hours ending last evening at 6 o'clock.  Of these, 61 were deaths from yellow fever.
     Saturday there were 91 interments and 61 deaths from yellow fever.
     The following are the names, ages and nativity of those who died from yellow fever:
     _____ PATANEUR, not stated, 89 Chartres street, not stated
     Wm. BLUEBECKER, 10, steamboat Pioneer, Cincinnati (OHIO)
     W. B. DOUGLASS, 38, 123 Prytania, New York
     Edwin CALLIA, 50, 188 Royal, Steubenville, OHIO
     R. J. WEATHERLY, 26, not dated, Mississippi
     S. WILLIAMS, 35, 118 Cyprus, La
     Mary COLE, 22, Chestnut, not stated
     Mary RUBBE, 33, Josephine and Tehoupitonlas, Germany 
     Julia JEAN, 1 Jefferson City, New Orleans
     Lenora GOODWIN, 20, corner Cadiz and Magazine, North Carolina
     W. T. BENNETT, 15, Jefferson City, Virginia
     L. DeMonagny?, 2 mos. 316 Claiborne
     Mason OXIDE, 3, New Orleans, not stated.
     Louise DONVILLIER, 3, New Orleans, not stated
     Theodore BROWN, 20, France, Charity Hospital.
     Unknown man, 55, Charity Hospital
     Joseph BUSH, 21, New York, Charity Hospital
     Peter SMITH, 32, France, Charity Hospital
     Auguste DERGEAN, 49, Prussia, Charity Hospital
     Michael O'NEAL, 23, Ireland, Charity Hospital
     Unknown Man, not stated, Charity Hospital
     George MASKILL, 26, Ireland, corner Ferdinand and Goodchildren streets
     Stephen MORRIS, 8, New Orleans, corner Love and Clouet Streets
     Maria MORRIS, 32, New Orleans, corner of Love and Clouet Streets
     Jean BORDENAVE, 26, France, corner Frenchmen and Craps street
     Jacob Meeh, not stated, Germany, Luzongurg Hospital
     John NIDERLINDER, 21, France, 422 St. Ann Street
     Jacques, ORISSET, 11, France, 193 Orleans street
     G. GURRY, 24, Canada, corner Morales and Music streets
     Mrs. Soloman ROSENBURG, 23, Prussia, 120 Howard Street
     James O'BRIEN, 27, 162 Drvades, Ireland
     John HENRY, 21, 77 Girod, Ireland
     Ann TERRELL, 23, cor. Thalia and St. Thomas, Ireland
     Otis STENNET, 21, corner Customhouse and Franklin, Germany
     W. L. FLINN, 52, 12 Derbigny, Va.
     F. F. ZINGLING, 30, 139 Magazine, Md.
     Geo. C. RICHARDSON, 27, cor. Johnson and Gravier, Mass
     Daniel CAZZO, 35, 87 Toulouse, Switzerland
     Moritz FAUCER, 28, 71 Prieur, Germany
     Jacob KOHN, 73, Bienville, near Broad, Germany
     Harrison ROBINSON, 16(46?), 87 Franklin, Mississippi
     James M. SNIDER, 7 272 Caroudelet, New Orleans
     Ernest FLEISCIG, 26, not stated, Germany
     Ida F. M. BUCKHOLZ
, 6 1/2, 59 Burgundy, Lousianna 
     Ninnie W. COBB, 23, corner Magazine and First, Louisiana
     Capt. MULCOMB, 38, Louisiana Hotel, not stated.
     Albert NOVISSE, 15, St. James, near Pacatder, Pointe Conpee, La.
     Ellen WEBB, 20, Freot, between Erato and Thalta, Ireland
     Wm. CLARK, 29, 219 Chippawa, Rhode Island
     J. CAPPERICSTS, 8 months, 522 Camp, New Orleans
     Charles RICKERT, 44, 354 Jackson, Germany.
     Gottfired REGIA, 26, 35 Villere, Italy
     Lillie JOHNSON, 11, corner St. Anthony and Chestnut, Arkansas
     Mary SIMMS, 33, Philip and Clara, Ireland
     J. NICK, 30, Marais Street, Germany
     Randolph LYONS, 22, St. Charles, corner of St. Mary, South Carolina
     Henry KOHLERES, 32, corner of Ursalines and Tonti, Prussia
     Alexus REYLAND, 37, French Asylum, France
     Aug. UTTER, 22, 32 Hospital street, France
     Jean MASSUL, 32, French Asylum, France
     D. N. YKEIL, 38, not stated, New York
     Wm. GRAWING, 516 Magazine, Germany
     Jane, C. NELSON, 30, 4_8 Dryades, New York
     Rachel DAVIS, 25, not stated, Dublin
     John HICKMAN, 50, 208 Gravier, Pennsylvania
     Ellen M. BARKER, 10, 101 St. Jane, New Orleans
     Harvey DAVIDSON, 126 Rampart, not stated
     M. DAVIDSON, 126 Rampart, not stated
     J. STROLICH, 41, Marais street, Germany
     John H. DAWSON, 26, 494 (191?) Magazine, Ark.
     Geo. W. NEUTZ, 141 Robin, New Orleans
     John E. BAILEY, 22, 48 Baronne, Alabama
     Thomas L. MILLS, 29, 149 Caroudulet, Layello? parish, La
     Arthur T. McCLURE, 30, 43 Dauphine, New York
     Sarah A. RANDOLPH, 13, 386 Magazine street, Florida
     Lucinda M. OLIVER, 69, 380 Canal, Louisiana
     Edgar T. OLIVER, 8, 380 Canal, Louisiana
     Alfred FINLEY, 6, 523 Gravier, New Orleans
     Sarah MASON, 62, 240 Conti, Kentucky
     Julia WATBLY - 440 Liberty, Ireland
     Alex MARGNE, 21, not stated, not stated
     George SCHRENBECK, 49, corner Brytania and Polymnia, Hanover
     Joseph Wagner, __ 122 Constance, OHIO
     Mary Phelps _
not stated, not stated
     Fritz Ludwigsen, 36, corner of Jackson and Magazine, ____
     M. FINDLY, 22 corner Annunciation and St. Andrews, Missouri
     Henry MILLER, 14, 173 Devades, Missouri
     Carl A. SHEN, 3, not stated, New Orleans
     Ziclas HUNT, 57, 31 Jackson, Germany
     John JOHNSON, 22, Celesta, not stated
     Wm. EVANS, 25, England, Charity Hospital
     Catherine MULDOON, 45, Ireland, Charity Hospital
     Fred STROHMEYER, 58, Germany, Charity Hospital
     Bernard SCHARIVE, 27, Germany, Charity Hospital
     John PETERSON, 19, Sweden, Charity Hospital
     Catherine ROGUSDUL, 50, Sweden, Charity Hospital
     Jean F. SHINKEL, 29, Belgium, Charity Hospital
     Solomon GREENSPETCHE, 18, New York, Delord, near Camp
     Julius REICHENBERG, 20, Germany, 565, Magazine
     Jacob JOHNSON, 32, Ireland, 30 Hospital
     Vezenco GATTENSO, 29, Italy, cor. Toulouse and Claiborne
     MARKS, 30, Austria, corner Basiu and St. Peter
     F. L. CLARE, 22, England
     Mollie KEYES, 20, Maryland, 261 Customhouse street
     Miss P. LABOUR, 20, Canada
     Georgio VACOVITCH, 29, Austria, corner Conde and Maine
     _____OUDUIG, 11, corner Annunciation and Eighth
     St. Augs MUSSAULT, 31, France, 53 Chartres.
     Jean SOUPSAL, 36, France, 50 History
     Lidonie PIERRETE,
55, Virginia, 35 Gasquet
     August MAPOL, 10, New Orleans, French Asylum
     Joseph Dom, 17, France, French Asylum
     Antonio DICHELBOHNER, 17 Germany, 15 Villere
     Martin BUCKEUMEYER, 29, France, St. Anthony St.
     Bridget McELROY, 31, Ireland, 6_, Chippewa
     Dr. Wm. CLEARY, 35, Ireland, 291 Columon
     Mary DEAN, 31(34?), Ireland, 191 Magazine
     Patrick DAILEY, 30, Ireland, 153 Howard
     Martin KELTY (KELLY?), 35, Ireland, 363, Dryades
     Marcella GORRY, 45, Ireland, 214 Felicity
     Francois CORREGE, 18 France, not stated

SUDDEN DEATH - Mrs. SNYDER, a young woman about twenty-five years of age who resided at 561 Love street, died very suddenly yesterday under very peculiar circumstances.  She visited Carrollton with her children, two little daughters, intending to call upon a friend.  It was about 1 o'clock when she reached the place, and was then seized with a sudden illness.  Her children were placed in the hands of a lady friend of hers, and the poor woman, in the charge of police officers, brought back to the city.
     From the terminus of the route she was taken to the office of Dr. HOWE No. 11 Batonne street, where every attention was provided.  The unfortunate woman said there was no one at home to attend her, but still expressed an unwillingness to go to a hospital.  About 6 o'clock in the evening she died, and her body was taken to the First District station, and there stretched out in the public hall during the night, and not one solitary friend stood near it to shed a sympathetic tear.
     The woman was clad in a simple calico dress.  She was a brunette, her hair black as a ravens wing, and her features of an Italian cast.  Notwithstanding the strange circumstances under which she was called away from this world, a smile of complacency and resignation seemed to rest upon her countenance.
     The Coroner held an inquest on the body this morning, and decided that death was produced by a congestive chill.
A sailor whose name we were unable to ascertain, last evening about 6 o'clock, accidentally fell overboard from the bark Monsoon, now lying at head of Richard street, and was drowned.  His body has not yet been recovered.

Source: Times Picayune - Louisiana
Dated: Oct. 11, 1867
The Daily Mortuary Report
The number of interments for the twenty four hours ending at 6 o'clock this morning, as reported by Dr. Dirmeyer, Secretary of the Board of Health, was 83, of which 49 were deaths from  yellow fever, 12 of other fevers, 2 of cholera, 1 of congestion of the brain, 2 stillborn, and the rest from various diseases.
     Below we append a list of the yellow fever cases, giving name, ae, place of death and nativity, when reported by the attendant physician:

     Francis HOUFTONGAL, 25, Charity Hospital, Mexico
     John TAT,
54, Charity Hospital, St. Louis
     Daniel ENTSCH, 31, Circus Street Infirmary, Berlin
     Amelia O. FOWLER, 6, Liberty street, Ireland
     Honora LONEGAN, 40 corner Claiborn and Erato, Ireland
     John MURPHY, 5, 273 Washington, New Orleans
     Daniel Fitzpatrick, 21, 135 Religious, Ireland
     E. L. Burke, 24, 34 Gasquet, Ireland
     Frank WILTS, 6 3/4, 409 St. Andrew, New Orleans
     Maria HOLMES, 23, 188 Johnson, Mississippi
     W. E. SMITH, 40 OHIO
     H. A. FULLER
, 44, 188 Johnson, Mississippi
     C. H. BURCHFIELD, 400 Bieuville, Ohio
     Jacques BLOT, 39, French Asylum, France.
     Charles L. DeBUYST, 50, 58 Trome, Belgium
     Lorenzo FRANCHIA, 26, 225 Dauphine, Italy
     Louisa DeMortie, 34, Marine Hospital, Boston
     N. BOUDRES, 30, French Asylum, France
     Basil LOUDYS, 32, Charity Hospital, England
     Peter SMITH, 38, Charity Hospital, Belgium
     Adolph RIMTOOTT, 28, Charity Hospital, Russia
     Rhody DIOGANS, 22, Charity Hospital Ireland
     Paul MARCOVICH, 27, Charity Hospital, OHIO
     Mrs. Linard BYRD
, 35, not stated, Louisiana
     Wm. G. HARRISON, Jr., 21, 270 Felicity, New Orleans
     Georgia PHILIPS, 15, 31 Villere, not stated.
     Oscar FINK, 12, 295 Common, Texas
     F. McURTRIE, 36, not stated, Pennsylvania
     Charles McGUIRE, 7, not stated, New Orleans
     L. LAFARGUE, 33, Louisiana Avenue and Chippewa, France
     Herman KRUSER, 33, 162 Clouet, Germany
     Ben KELLY, 22, corner Congress and Crepe, Philadelphia
     Peter LUSK, 42, Dauphine and Louisa, Germany
     Egerton SMITH, 28, not stated
     W. FITZSIMMONS, 39,, 761 Roman, Ireland
     Chas. CROMNEY, 26, Parish Prison, Liverpool.
     Wm. RILEY, 40, Howard and Clio, Ireland
     Egert Van SLOOTEN, 2, 45 Derbigny, New Orleans
     Mary A. GRESS, 55, 220 Bienville, Germany
     Jan. A. GLENN, 23, 30 Villere, COLUMBUS, OHIO
, 45, Krato and Magazine, Prussia
     Geo. SMITH, 4, 165 Erato, Mississippi
     Michael GARNEY, 25, Rousseau, Ireland
     Mary Johnson, 6, 303 Baroune, New Orleans
     Blaize DASTAGUE, 22, Toledauo and Bacchus, France
     Henry HAKERMAN, 25, Washington and Dryades, Germany
     Ludwig WALLER, 30, 132 Prytania, Germany
     Henry SPANETIA, 30
     Godfrey WAVER, 24, 59 Prytania, Germany
Source: Times Picayune - Louisiana
Dated: Nov. 3, 1867
The Daily Mortuary Report
[From our Evening Edition of Yesterday]
Dr. Dirmeyer
, Secretary of the Board of Health, reports the total number of interments during the twenty-four hours ending at 6 o'clock this morning at 23, of which only 3 were from yellow fever, 2 from other fevers and 1 from cholera.
The following is a list of the yellow fever cases, giving name, ae, place of death and nativity so far as reported by the attending physician:
     James Coffey, 28, Hotel Dien, Ireland
     Jean Larenso, 201 Dauphine street
     Adolph Schmidt, 29, 62 Dauphine street


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