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Source:  Boston Recorder (Boston, MA)  Vol. X  Issue: 9 Page 35
Dated:  Saturday, Feb. 26, 1825
     In Boston, Mrs. Jane Stokes, widow of the late Mr. Joseph S. aged 65; Mr. William Jones, of the firm of Fowler & Jones, late of Concord, 23: Mrs. Mary Babbit, widow of the late Erasmus B. Esq. of Sturbridge, 58; Mr. Richard Kitson, 34; Mr. Peter McPherson, 36; Mrs. Mary Morrison, 96; Mrs. Ann, consort of Mr. Josiah Ayres, 56; Mr. Jeremiah Moore; Mr. Wm. Homes, 83; Mr. George Hiler, 38; Miss Catherine Runnels, 15; Miss Rachel, daughter of Capt. Wm. Baty, 20; Mrs. Lucy Wilcutt, relict of Mr. George W. 36; Mr. Hawkes Cushing, 80.

 Deaths in this city last week.

     Of Hooping-Cough, 1 - Old Age, 6 - Stillborn, 3 - Dropsey, 3 - Consumption, 3 - Dropsey in the Head, 2 - Sudden, 1 - Infantile, 1-Childbed, 1-Cholera Morbus, 1-Long Fever, 2  City Poor, 3 - At the Hospital, 1.  Total 28.

     Deaths in New York city, week before last, 94. - Consumption, 21. - Small-pox, 2. - Old age, 9.  In Philadelphia, 68 - Consumption, 18 - Small-pox, 2.

     In Charlestown, Mr. John Philbrick, 28, - In Salem, Mrs. Elizabeth Bowen, widow of Capt. Ashley B. of Marblehead 71; Miss Hannah Pease, 95; Dea. Elijah Sanderson, 73, Mrs. Rhue - the oldest inhabitant of that town. - In Danyers, Mr. George Poor, 24. - In Dedham, Mr. Isaac Smith, 67; Mr. James Turner, 70.
 - In Weston, Capt. Nathan Smith, 86,  Captain in the Revolutionary War, and a late Pensioner. - In Lexington, Mr. Josiah Willington, 80, who held a commission in the Revolutionary War; Mrs. Sarah Stone, relict of the late Mr. Jonas S. 73. - In Burlington, Mr. Jacob Kendall, late of Boston, 62; widow Hannah Walker wife of Josiah Walker, 78. - In Hingham, Mr. Job Loring, 85. - In Danvers, Mr. Jonathan Robbins, 58. - In Newburyport, Mr. Thomas Bailey, 83, a Revolutionary Patriot. - In Amesbury, Mr. Stephen Hoyt, 61. - In Dracut, Mr. Joseph Harvey, found dead on the highway - Verdict of inquest, accidental death. - In Norton, Mr. Lyman Ruckminster, 28, son of the late Rev. Joseph B. of Portsmouth. - In Holliston, Rev. Josephus Wheaton, pastor of the church in that place. - In Westhampton, Mr. Joshua Barton, 51.  - in Amherst, Mr. Asher Smith, 66, a Revolutionary Pensioner. - In Greenfield, Mr. Stephen Gates, 65. - In Scituate, Mr. Stephen Clapp, 37. - In Concord, Mrs. Phebe Ripley, wife of Rev. Ezra R. 83; Mr. Edward Wright, 36; Mrs. Mary Hoar, widow of Mr. Joseph H. 67; Mrs. Rebecca Darby, wife of Mr. Joseph D. 74. - In Sherburne, Mr. John Whitney, 83. - In Prescott, Mr. Elias Staples, formerly of Brookfield, 87. - In Marblehead, Miss Lydia Bowler, after a long sickness which she bore with patience and Christian resignation, 28, daughter of James B.
     In Shrewsbury, Vt. Dea. James Ross, 81, - he was formerly from Windham, Mass. - In Lexington, Ken.  Rev. Ambrose Dudley, 72. - In Holmes Hole, very suddenly, Dr. Silas West, 40.
    At Hamilton, Feb. 23, 2idow Mary Noyes, formerly of Newburyport, 79.
     In Cavendish, Vt. Mr. Alanda Wright, and Mrs. Susannah his wife, - she died on Sunday evening, 30th ult. and he on Tuesday morning, following - both of a lingering consumption - he aged 29, she 27 years.  They had lived in the marriage state about four years.  They were both interred in one coffin.
     In Portsmouth, Mrs. Mary S. wife of Mr. Joseph W. Bell, of Newcastle, 28 - and on the next day, Mary Elizabeth, only child of Mr. J. W. B. aged 9 months.  They were both interred at Newcastle in one coffin.
     In Chester, N. H. Mr. Wells Chase, 87, formerly of Newbury, Mass.  In 1754, he belonged to the expedition under Gov. Shir__ __ch went up Kennebec river against the Indians, and was in the battle of Ticonderoga, in 1758.
     At Brooklyn, L. I. on Thursday evening the 10 inst. the Rev. William Ross, aged 33, an itinerant minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
     Seven ordained ministers died in Connecticut the past year - the average number for several years past has been three.
     In Hubbardton, N. Y. Jan. 26, Mr. Silas Churchill, aged 65; having been a resident in the town 50 years.  He was in the battle of Hubbardton; was taken prisoner; and carried to Ticonderoga, and remained there until he was re-taken.  He arose on the morning of his death; as usual attended to the concerns of his stock, and hired men; eat his breakfast and appeared to be in as good health as usual, until about one hour and a half before he was a corpse in his chair!  "Man knoweth not his time."
     In Newburyport, on Tuesday evening last week, suddenly, Mr. Thomas Bayley, aged 83, a revolutionary pensioner.  He served under the celebrated Paul Jones, on board the Alliance frigate, - was in the memorable battle between the Bone Homme Richard & Alliance frigate, the Serapis Countess of Scarborough, &c.  After two years imprisonment in the Mill Prison, he returned to enjoy a long life and the liberality of his government.
     In Paoli, Ind. on the 3d of November, the Rev. Wm. Beauchamp, presiding Elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church for the district of Indiana, aged about 60.
     At Williamstown, a child of Mr. Noah Cook, jr. aged 2 years.   The mother was carrying a shovel full of coals from one room to another, when the child in its play suddenly ran against her, partly turned the shovel, and received the burning coals in its bosom.  It lived about a week in great distress.
     The deaths of Westhampton in 1824 were 8; one not an inhabitant of the town.  Preportion, one death to 112; or of the town inhabitants, one to 128.

Source:  Boston Evening Transcript (Boston, MA) Vol. XIV  Issue: 3975 Page: 2
Dated:  July 10, 1843

List of invalids who have resided in the "Mammoth Cave," for the benefit of their health.
- Dr. Mitchell
, of Glasgow, Kentucky, died 25th Dec., 1842
- J. W. Harper, Columbia S. C.; arrived 15th Sept. 1842; left 19th January, 1843; died 23d Feb. 1843, at the Cave House
- O. H. P. Anderson, Frankfort, Ky; arrived 20th Oct., 1842; left 11th January, 1843.
- Mr. Helme, Stanford, Lincoln county, Ky.; arrived 27th Oct. 1842 left 21st Jan., 1843.
- Mr. Roberts arrived 29th Oct. 1842; left 12th Jan., 1843; died, (date not known).
- Capt. Love, Cincinnati, Ohio; arrived 7th Nov.; left 5th January, 1843; died 6th Jan. 1843, at the Cave House.
- Mr. Robinson, Elkton, Ky; arrived 10th Nov., 1842; left 25th Dec. 1842; died, (date not known).
- Mr. Barnes arrived 21st Nov. 1842; left 19th Dec. 1842
- James P. Boyd, Boston, Mass; arrived 22d Nov. 1842; left 27th Feb. 1842
- Lleber Miller, Gallatin, Tenn.; arrived 8th Dec. 1842; left 16th Jan. 1843.
- Mr. Stewart, Alabama; arrived 14th Dec., 1842; left 2d Jan. 1843.
- Rev. Mr. Marshall, Owego county, N. Y.; arrived 14th Dec. 1842; left 30th Jan. 1843; died 1st Feb. 1843, at the Cave House.
- Mr. Mitchell, Mobile, Alabama; arrived 28th Dec. 1842; died 9th Jan. 1843, in the Cave.

Source:  New York Herald (New York, NY) Issue: 174  Page 10
Dated: Tuesday, June 23, 1891
A cable despatch from London announces the death of John Henry Reginald Scott, fifth Earl of Clonmell, Viscount Clonmell and Baron Barisfort, cunty Tipperary, in Ireland.  The Earl succeeded his father in the Earldom at the death of the latter in 1866.  He was a representative peer for Ireland and late lieutenant First Life Guards.  He was born March 2, 1839.  The family dates from plain John Scott, Esq., of Urlings, county Kilkenny, who was created Baron Harlsfort in 1784, raised to the Viscounty of Clonmel in 1789 and made Earl of Clonmel in 1793.
Source: Boston Journal (Boston, MA) Vol: LXII Issue: 20370 Page: 8
Dated: Monday, July 8, 1895


     District Chief J. Foster Hewins of the Boston Fire Department died at his residence at Dorchester Sunday morning.
     District Chief Hewins was born in Dorchester, Apr. 5, 1838, and received his early education in the schools of that district.  After leaving schools he was employed in the grocery business and conducted business for himself for a few years.  In 1865 he was appointed Inspector in the Water Department, a position which he held for several years.
     He first performed fire duty when but 17 years of age as a member of the volunteer company attached to Torrent Engine 3.
     He enlisted in 1862 as a sergeant in Company I, Forty-second Massachusetts Volunteers, and after serving nine months was taken prisoner at Galveston, Jan. 1, 1863.
     On his return to his native place he organized a fire company of which he was made captain, and which did service until the annexation of Dorchester to Boston in 1870, when he was appointed Captain of Torrent Engine Company 18 on Harvard Street, Dorchester.  Upon the reorganization of the Fire Department, April 7, 1874, he was promoted to the rank of District Chief, which position he held at the time of his death.
     Deceased was a member of Norfolk Lodge 48, I. O. O. F., and Saloam Encampment of the same order.

     Wilson B. White, aged about 70, a well-known Connecticut man, died of heart disease this morning in South Sandisfield, Mass.  He was found dead in a chair.
     Hiram George Fancher died suddenly Sunday afternoon at his home, 238 Pleasant Street, Watertown.  He was apparently as well as ever in the afternoon, when suddenly he felt a severe pain at the base of his brain and complained to his wife.  She hastily dispatched a messenger for medical aid, and tried to soothe the pain, but in less than 20 minutes Mr. Fancher was dead.  Dr. Mead said the breaking of a blood vessel was the cause of death.  Mr. Fancher was born in Essex, N. Y., and was 46 years of age.  He was formerly a stock broker, with an office in Johnson, Vt.  He had lived for the past five years in Watertown, being yard master at the Aetna Mills, and also keeper of the mill boarding house.  He leaves a widow, two sons and a daughter, the eldest son being Assistant Superintendent of the Vermont Industrial School.  The remains will be taken to Johnson, Vt., for interment.





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