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Abbott, ____ s/o Samuel W. and Martha 1864 Sep. 21  
Abbott, Elizabeth d/o William and Elizabeth 1770 Dec. 30  
Abbott, George James s/o James and Jessie 1861 Aug. 24  
Abbott, Henry Austin s/o Janes E. and Hannah H. 1845 Jun. 25  
Abbott, James E. s/o James E. and Hannah R. 1843 Sep. 30  
Abbott, James Edward s/o James E. and Jessie 1866 Sep. 12  
Abbott, Margaret Ellen d/o James and Elizabeth 1865 Dec. 13  
Abbott, Mary d/o John 1684 Sep. 21  
Abbott, Mercy d/o John and Mercy 1687 Apr. 28  
Abbott, Ruth d/o Samuel W. and Marth W. 1866 Dec. 31  
Abbott, Samuel Warren s/o Samuel and Ruth 1837 Jun. 12  
Abbott, William s/o William and Elizabeth 1762 Oct. 29  
Abbott, Willie J. w/o James E. and Jessie 1863 May 19  
Adams, Abigail d/o Samson and Mary 1758 Jan. 7  
Adams, Arthur Wilson s/o Joseph and Elizabeth 1866 Jul. 26  
Adams, Charles Bradley s/o Amos and Caroline 1850 Apr. 4  
Adams, Edwin W. s/o Timothy and Emma 1869 Apr. 11  
Adams, Ephraim s/o Samson and Mary 1763 Jul. 31  
Adams, George Clarence s/o James and Helen M. 1849 Aug. 17  
Adams, George Henry s/o Timothy W. and Mary 1861 Jul. 17  
Adams, Isabella Woodford d/o Timothy W. and Emma 1860 Jan. 8  
Adams, Mary d/o Samson and Mary 1761 Sep. 3  
Adams, Mary d/o Timothy and Mary E. 1858 May 25  
Adams, Mary Frank d/o James and Helen M. 1847 Jul. 28  
Adams, Thomas s/o Samson and Mary 1759 Nov. 16  
Adkins, Etta Eliza d/o Charles S. and Harriet P. 1866 Sep. 24  
Adlington, James William s/o William S. and Mary A. 1844 Aug. 14  
Adlington, Joseph  s/o William S. and Mary A. 1851 Nov. 10  
Adlington, Mary Elizabeth d/o William and Mary Ann 1854 Oct. 18  
Agen, Dennis s/o John and Joanna 1864 Sep. 2  
Agen, John s/o Michael and Catharine 1864 May 2  
Agen, Mary Ann d/o Michael and Catharine 1866 Feb. 3  
Agen, Sarah Ann d/o Edward and Sarah 1855 Feb. 18  
Ahern, David s/o David and Hannah 1871 Sep. 18  
Ahern, Sarah d/o John and Catharine 1867 Sep. 17  
Ahern, William Henr s/o David and Hannah 1870 Apr. 9  
Alexander, Abigail d/o Thomas and Abigail 1764 Oct. 15  
Alexander, Abraham s/o Abraham and Jerusha 1766 Feb. 1  
Alexander, Abraham s/o Philip and Joanna 1735 Apr. 8  
Alexander, Almeda Elizabeth d/o Daniel G. and Almeda 1868 Feb. 26  
Alexander, Arba s/o John and Abigail 1767 Jun. 27  
Alexander, Cyrus s/o John and Abigail 1772 Sep. 13  
Alexander, Daniel s/o Philip and Sarah 1741 Dec. 31  
Alexander, Daniel Gibbs s/o Philip and Mary 1836 Dec. 14  
Alexander, Darius s/o Abraham and Jerusha 1771 Apr. 29  
Alexander, David d/o David and Elizabeth 1841 Oct. 6  
Alexander, David s/o Philip and Joanna 1716 Sep. 7  
Alexander, Giles s/o Giles and Sarah 1776 May 27  
Alexander, Giles s/o Philip and Joanna 1718 Sep. 8  
Alexander, Giles s/o Philip and Joanna 1723 Nov. 23  
Alexander, James s/o Philip and Sarah 1750 Apr. 11  
Alexander, James Philip s/o Philip and Mary 1844 Aug. 3 b. Charlestown
Alexander, Jerusha d/o Abraham and Jerusha 1768 Apr. 25  
Alexander, Jerusha d/o Richard and Jerusha 1756 Jun. 6  
Alexander, Joanna d/o Philip and Joanna 1727 Jan. 31  
Alexander, John s/o John and Abitail 1762 Oct. 25  
Alexander, John s/o Philip and Joanna 1732 Jun. 20  
Alexander, John Reed s/o Giles and Sarah 1774 Mar. 31  
Alexander, Lucy d/o Richard and Jerusha 1754 Aug. 13  
Alexander, Mary d/o Abraham and Jerusha 1774 Feb. 13  
Alexander, Mary A. d/o Daniel G. and Almeda 1869 May 2  
Alexander, Mary Elizabeth d/o Philip and Mary 1848 Feb. 10  
Alexander, May d/o David and Elizabeth 1740 Oct. 26  
Alexander, Olive d/o Zachariah and Rebecca 1766 Feb. 6  
Alexander, Philip s/o Abraham and Jerusha 1760 Nov. 8  
Alexander, Philip s/o Philip and Joanna 1711 Dec. 12  
Alexander, Philip s/o Philip and Sarah 1737 Feb. 12  
Alexander, Rebecca d/o Giles and Sarah 1778 Feb. 27  
Alexander, Richard s/o Philip and Joanna 1725 Feb. 23  
Alexander, Richard s/o Philip and Joanna 1729 Nov. 25  
Alexander, Ruth d/o Zachariah and Rebecca 1762 Jan. 23  
Alexander, Samuel s/o Philip and Sarah 1740 May 3  
Alexander, Sarah d/o Giles and Sarah 1780 Mar. 17  
Alexander, Sarah d/o Philip and Sarah 1744 Jan. 13  
Alexander, Sartell s/o Philip and Sarah 1746 Jun. 2  
Alexander, Seth s/o John and Abigail 1769 Feb. 3  
Alexander, Simon s/o David and Elizabeth 1747 Nov. 5  
Alexander, Susanna d/o Philip and Sarah 1752 Mar. 9  
Alexander, Thomas s/o Philip and Joanna 1721 Apr. 6  
Alexander, Timothy s/o David and Elizaeth 1751 Dec. 29  
Alexander, Vina d/o John and Abigail 1760 Jul. 6  
Alexander, William s/o Abraham and Jerusha 1763 Jan. 17  
Alexander, Zachary s/o Philip and Sarah 1738 Nov. 4  
Allen [Susan Jane, d/o George C. and Lois 1840 Jan. 28]  
Allen, [George A. s/o George W. and Mary L. 1847 Aug. 7]  
Allen, [Mary Elizabeth d/o George W. and Mary L. 1845 Jan. 7]  
Allen, Catharine d/o William and Catharine 1862 Dec. __  
Allen, Emma Mabel d/o George W. and Mary L. 1854 Dec. 22  
Allen, Etta Josephine d/o George W. and Mary L. 1857 Jul. 5  
Allen, Francis Howlett d/o George C. and Lois 1837 Jan. 29  
Allen, George Washington s/o Cheney and Lois 1814 Jan. 28  
Allen, Jane Tyler d/o George W. and Mary L. 1852 Jun. 7  
Allen, John s/o Peter and Margaret 1862 Dec. 22  
Allen, Julia Maria d/o George C. and Lois 1834 Feb. 27  
Allen, Lamson Julius s/o L. Houghton and Sarah R. 1855 Jun. 2  
Allen, Leonard Houghton s/o George C. and Lois 1828 Nov. 3  
Allen, Lois Ann d/o George C. and Lois 1824 Jun. 27  
Allen, Louisa Llucina s/o George C. and Lois 1831 Apr. 4  
Allen, Marcellus Houghton s/o George W. and Mary L. 1849 Jan. 6  
Allen, Margery Thompson d/o George C. and Lois 1819 May 1  
Allen, Mary Ann d/o William and Catharine 1866 Dec. 11  
Allen, Mary Plympton d/o George C. and Lois 1817 Jan. 20  
Allen, Montressor T. s/o George W. and Mary L. 1843 ay 20  
Allen, Ralph Bryant s/o Charles M. and Margaret J. 1870 Aug. 23  
Allen, Sarah Merrill d/o George C. and Lois 1824 Jun. 27  
Allen, Timothy s/o William and Catharine 1860 Oct. 20  
Allen, William s/o William and Catharine 1864 May 12  
Alley, Charles s/o Isaac S. and Mary 1851 May 13  
Alley, Priscilla Jane d/o Isaac S. and Catharine 1845 Jan. 28  
Alley, William s/o Isaac S. and Catharine  1843 Oct. 26  
Ames - Also see Eames      
Ames, [Charles W. s/o Charles O. and Mary B. 1851 Apr. 28]  
Ames, [Clarence E. s/o Charles O. and Mary B. 1853 Sep. 21]  
Ames, [Mary Jane d/o Charles O. and Mary B. 1855 Aug. __]  
Ames, Clara Matilda d/o Erskine and Sarah M. 1864 Feb. 26  
Ames, Erskine s/o Robert and Sarah 1828 Jul. 15  
Ames, Erskine Luville s/o Erskine and Sarah M. 1870 Jul. 18  
Ames, Esther d/o Jacob, Jr. and Henrietta 1816 Oct. 14  
Ames, Henry Lyman s/o Robert and Sarah 1834 Aug. 29  
Ames, Jacob s/o Jacob, Jr. and Henrietta 1823 Jul. 2  
Ames, Mary Ann d/o Jarvis A. and Ruby M. 1858 May 9  
Ames, Robert Erskine s/o Robert and Sarah 1824 Jul. 15  
Ames, William s/o Jacob and Mary Ann 1824 Jun. 2  
Ames, William s/o Jacob and Henrietta Higgins 1825 Jun. 2  
Anderson, Francis s/o John and Abigail R. 1822 Aug. 26  
Anderson, Henry J. s/o John and Abigail R. 1825 Feb. 28  
Anderson, Mary Jane d/o John and Abigail R. 1824 Mar. 20  
Andrews, ____ s/o Hiram and Almira 1847 Apr. 18  
Andrews, ____ d/o George W. and ____ 1848 Jan. 31  
Andrews, Abraham s/o Abraham and Esther 1774 Aug. 10  
Andrews, Albert  s/o Timothy and Lydia J. 1835 May 10  
Andrews, Amelia Jane d/o Timothy and Lydia J. 1836 Dec. 31  
Andrews, Asa L. s/o Hiram and Almira 1843 Dec. 17  
Andrews, Betsey d/o Abraham and Esther 1777 Sep. 12  
Andrews, Delmont Malcom s/o Hiram and Almira 1831 May 10  
Andrews, Ellen Almira d/o Rufus and Almira 1854 Jan. 22  
Andrews, George Alvah s/o George and Ann W. 1838 Apr. 3  
Andrews, Henry E. Gardner s/o Hiram and Almira 1833 Sep. 16  
Andrews, Henry Levi s/o Timothy and Lydia J. 1850 Jun. 11  
Andrews, Jennie Hill d/o Timothy and Lydia 1857 Feb. 2  
Andrews, John Albert s/o John and Ann W. 1849 Jan. 29  
Andrews, William Hiram s/o Hiram and Almira 1836 Jul. 31  
Anger, George S. s/o John and Azelia 1869 Jul. 11  
Anger, Mary A. d/o John and Azelia 1870 Aug. 9  
Angier, Ernest Albert s/o John B. and Margaret  1871 Dec. 4  
Ansty, ____ d/o George and Ann 1866 Apr. 2  
Ansty, Mary Elizabeth  d/o George and Ann 1868 Jun. 1  
Arckinson, John s/o John and Mary Murray 1855 Mar. 1  
Armstrong, Alice Jane d/o Joseph and Mary 1852 Oct. 20  
Armstrong, Dora M. d/o Joseph and Mary E. 1863 Nov. 24  
Armstrong, Joseph s/o Joseph and Mary E. 1857 Dec. 28  
Artz, Mary Ella d/o John and Elizabeth 1853 Apr. 12  
Ash, Cora Adelaid Achasa d/o John and Martha E. 1852 Sep. 29  
Ashbee, Alonzo Hart s/o Isaac and Mary 1858 Nov. 4  
Ashbee, Walter Isaac s/o Isaac and Mary 1855 Nov. 25  
Atherton, William Arthur s/o ___ and Emma 1872 Feb. 7  
Atridge, John s/o James and Bridget 1858 Mar. 24  
Attridge, Charles Willialm s/o James and Bridget 1856 Apr. 15  
Attridge, James Arthur s/o James A. and Bridget 1854 Nov. 4  
Atwood, John s/o John and Elizabeth 1752 Dec. 3  
Atwood, Josiah s/o John and Lydia 1740 Apr. 4  
Atwood, Mary d/o John and Lydia 1738 Apr. 8  
Atwood, Philip s/o John and Elizabeth 1756 Jan. 4  
Avery, George s/o Michaen and Mary 1861 Apr. 22  
Avery, William  s/o John and Jane 1860 Jan. 17  




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