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edited under the auspices of the Maryland Society
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by Helen W. Ridgely
Author of "The Old Brick Churches of Maryland"
Publishers:  The Grafton Press, New York

Old traditions preserved by the Monocacy Cemetery Society of Montgomery county.
 - The Rock Creek mission, the "Nancy Carroll" chapel and an interesting graveyard.  -
Some of the old family graveyards of Montgomery county in which
we find the names of Crabb, Griffith, Johns, Bowie, Davis, Dorsey,
Magruder, Cooke, Hempstone, Trundle
and others.
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IN the upper part of Montgomery county, at Beallsville, beneath the shadow of Sugar-Loaf Mountain, is a secluded and historic spot, known as the Monocacy cemetery.   A chapel of ease of All Saints parish, Frederick county, called the Monocacy chapel, stood here as early as 1747, and
the parish church of St. Peter's followed in 1770, when this section fell within the borders of a new parish.  Changes took place' here as elsewhere.  New centers sprang up and another St. Peter's was erected at Poolesville in 1849, after which the old church fell into ruins.  The vestry transferred the churchyard to an association that had bought adjoining land.  The latter received its charter in 1872, as "The Monocacy Cemetery Society of Montgomery County."
     During the Revolutionary war, prayers for peace were offered in the old Monocacy chapel, and the churchyard became a camping ground for the American forces during the war of 1812.
     The earliest gravestone bears the date 1748, but the name is lost.  Another fragmentary inscription is to one who departed this life " the 52 year," in 1752. The others follow :
     Revd. T. Dade, Obt. 6th F. 1822, AEt. 80 yrs.
     Erected to Memory of John Douglass of Castle Steuard, Wigtonshire Scotland, who died here Nov. 2, 1832, Aged 36 years.
     In Memory of Mary, Born January 22nd 1815, adn of Anastatia, Born March 29th 1831, Daughters of John and Mary Cross, who together departed this life August 8th 1855.
When ardent glowed the Summer skies
Mid burning heat and sultry weather
Death came to them in friendly guise
And smote them in his love together.
In Union thus they lived and died
And here lie buried side by side.

[Page 172]
     Robert Wilson, Born Sept. 13, 1762; Died March 4, 1835.
     Solomon Davis, Died July 10, 1822, Aged 48 years.
     Mary White, Consort of Capt. James White of Montgomery County.
     Francis B. Austin, Died July 4, 1829, Aged 18 years.
     A. M. G. Dd. Mo. 2, 1786.
     Miss Mary Hilleary, Died June 20, 1816, Aged 32 years.
     Mrs. Sarah Ann Gumaer, Died Oct. 14th 1842, Aged 25.
     John Scrimeger died Nov. 7, 1830, Aged 23 years.
     Mrs. Mary Manly, Died June 18, 1823, Aged 52 yrs.
     John Manly, Died Nov. 25, 1816, Aged 64 years.
     Dorcas Hammontree, Died Feb. 21, 1836, Aged 37 years, 11 mon. and 12 days.
     Benjamin Pooll, Died Dec. 16, 1843, Aged 71 yrs.
     Robert Doyne Dawson, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Dawson, Born July 10th, 1758, died August 13th, 1824, Aged 66 yrs. 1 mo. 3 ds.
     Douglass Davis is buried between two large maple trees which measure each about 3 or 4 feet in diameter.  Age of the trees supposed to be between 100 and 125 years.

     Among those of later date are:
     Col. Robt. T. Dade, son of Rev. Townsend Dade, born Oct. 14th, 1786; died Feb. 1873, Aged 86 yrs. 5 mon.  He served in the War of 1812.
     William T. Johnson, born Feb. 17, 1818; died July 18, 1861, Aged 43 years, 3 m. and 1 day.
     Sarah Ann, his wife, died Aug. 31st 1856, Aged 62 years, 8 mon. and 11 days.
     Jane Plater, Widow of Snowden Pleasants, formerly Mrs. Elisha Williams, born March 17, 1799; died May 9, 1881.
     Henry W. Talbot born Nov. 12, 1789; died Feb. 7, 1859.
     Sarah his wife, died Jan. 25, 1883, Aged 88 years, 7 mo. and 11 ds.
     William Spelton Cady, died April 28, 1861, Aged 42 years, 4 days.
     Lewis B. Wynne, A minister of the Primitive Baptist Church, born in Kentucky June 30, 1815; died at College Hill, D. C., Feb. 3, 1883.
     "Accounting that God was able to raise him up from the dead."
     Gassaway Sellman, born Feb. 4, 1811, died April 6th, 1857, Aged 46 yr. 2 mon. and 2 da.
     William Sellman born Feb. 1st, 1786, died Dec. 31st, 1857, Aged 71 yr. 11 mon.
     Ruth, wife of William Sellman born Dec. 9th, 1786, died Mar. 19, 1862, Aged 75 years, and 3 months.

[Page 173]
     Sacred to the Memory of our mother Prudence wife of Maj. Greenberry Griffith, Died Dec. 7th, 1881, Aged 75 years and 3 months.

     Rockville cemetery has the following:
     In Memory of Miss Mary Bowie who departed this life the 2nd of June 1800, in  the 26th year of her Age.
     In Memory of Richard Bowie who departed this life the 27th day of Marcy, 1801, in the 18th year of his Age.
     Allen Bowie 1803, and Ruth Bowie, 1812.
     Mrs. Sarah Johns, wife of Mr. Thomas Johns died July 2nd 1782, Aged 32 years.
     Mary Ann Grimes, Departed this life on the 18th of August 1815, Aged 9 Years, 7 Months and 27 Days.
     Gassaway Perry, Born July 24th 1787, died July 26th 1834.
     Addison Belt Born Nov. 11th 1789, died March 11th 1857.
     John Harden, Born 1683, died 1732.
     In Memory of McHenry Hilleary who departed the life July 19th, 1792, in the 54th year of his Age.
     Upton Beall, died Jan. 25th 1827, in his 57th year.
     Jane Neal, Wife of Upton Beall, died Aug. 2nd 1849, Aged 56 years.  "God giveth His beloved Sleep."
     Harriet Ann, daughter of Upton and Jane Neal Beall, died Jan. 17, 1824, Aged 4 years.
     Upton, only son of Upton and Jane Neal Beall, died July 1st 1820, Aged 1 day.  "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
     Elizabeth A. O. Young, died 1842, Aged 31 years.
     In Memory of our Mother Rebecca M. Young, who died in 1822, Aged 45.
     Sacred to the Memory of our Father, Henry H. Young, Born September 17, 1776; Died March 9, 1854.
     Anna Miller Died Mar. 16, 1850, Aged 7 Years, 5 Mos. and 23 days.
     John O. Miller, Died July 7, 1848, Aged 1 year, 8 mos. and 23 days.
     William Braddock, Died Sept. 11th 1830, Aged 41 Years, and 19 Days.

     There are numerous very old and sunken graves in the cemetery without anything to identify them.
     Allen Bowie lived, at the time of his death, in the fifth election district of Montgomery county; it is now the thirteenth election district.  A great number of Bowies appear in the Montgomery county necrology.  A sketch of the family

[ Page 174]
is to be found in the Baltimore Sunday Sun, January 28 and February 4, 1906.
     Four miles from Rockville is what was once known as the "Willow Tree" graveyard.  The tree that formerly stood there and gave it its name, has long since disappeared.  This graveyard is on the west side of Rock creek, amidst briars and thorns that make it a difficult task to copy the inscriptions.  The following have been obtained for us, through the kindness of a gentleman living in the neighborhood:

     John L. Summers, Born May the 12th, 1764, Died June 15th, 1802.
     In Memory of Anne Maria Wilson, Born January the 11th, 1767, Died December the 18th, 1813.
     Thomas Linstid, Born September the 27, 1761, Died April the 28, 1816.
     Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Mary Lyton Crabb, consort of Charles Henry Crabb, who departed this life August the 7th 1812, in the 17th year of her age.  "Life how short; Eternity how long."

     St. John's Catholic church at Forest Glen, is a successor to the one known as " Nancy Carroll " chapel, where the Rock Creek Mission was established many years ago.  This chapel was built by Anne Carroll, sister of Bishop Carroll, and wife of Robert Brent.  The inscription on the memorial erected to her, heads the list.

To the Memory of
Mrs Ann Brent relict of Robert Brent Esq
of Stafford Co. Va.
Daughter of Daniel Carroll Esq.
She was born on the 13th July A. D. 1733
Departed this life Nov. 1804
In the 72nd year of her age
This stone is placed over her grave
by her surviving children,
In testimony of their ardent and devout attachment
which they cherished for so good and examplary a mother,
as a tribute of their profound respect
to the virtue and piety
which adorned her life and character.
Requiescat in pace.

[Page 175]
     Catherine Digges, Relict of George Digges, of Warburton and daughter of Robert and Ann Brent, born in Stafford Co. Va. Died at Washington City, District of Columbia.
     I. H. S. Sacred to the Memory of Mrs Eleanor Carroll, Relict of Daniel Carroll Esq. She died on the third day of February in the year 1796, Aged 92.

     On the arms of a cross standing near Madam Carroll's tomb is the following:

     Miss Priscilla Neale
, Died Jan. 21 1858 (1853 ?). Edward, 1839.
     Harriet Brent, Relict of Robert Young Brent, Oct. 10 1863, In the 64th year of her age.
     In Memoriam. Robert Young Brent died . . . 1855, In the 67th year of his age.
     Sarah Hayes and Caroline, daughters of above, died after 1850.
     Harriet, a child, Clementina, Emily and Julia Brent seem to have a stone in common.  "Even in death they were not
     William Cottinger Brent, died Sept. 15 1850, In the 36th year of his age.
     Sacred. To the Memory of William Brent, Born at Aquia, Stafford County, Virginia; Died In Washington, D. C, Dec. 15 1848, Aged 75 years.
And Elizabeth Brent, Relict of William Brent, born in Charles Co., Md., died In Washington, D. C., March 29th 1855, Aged 63 years. R. I. P.
     I. H. S. To the Memory of Martin O'Connor, who was born in the year A. D. 1750, and died in the year A. D. 1829.  Also Sarah O'Connor, who was born in the year A. D. 1785 (1745 ?) and died in the year A. D. 1814.
     Mary Ann Fenwick, born March 8, 1779 [1799?]; Died in 1848 (1845?).
     Sacred to the Memory of John O'Connor, A. D. 1832, Aged 33.

     "Christian pray for his Soul, Who while he Look'd with joy And hope around Him, was suddenly Attacked and overcome by Man's Common leveller Death."
     Mary Fenwick, 1787-1805; Annie Fenwick, 1793-1833; Teresa Fenwick, 1791-1820; James Fenwick, 1795-1830; John Fenwick, 1797-1862; Philip Fenwick, Dec. 12th 1789-1863.
     Sacred to the Memory of John Fenwick, 1750-1820.  His wife Mary Thompson Fenwick, 1762-1837.
     Sacred to the Memory of Wm W. Diggs, born 1790; died Jan 17th 1830.
     In Memory of Sarah Sweaney, who departed this life Jan 6th 1831; aged 80 years.

[Page 176]
     In Memory of Mary Whelan, who departed this life Dec 27th 1830, in the 60th year of her age.
     In Memory of Julian Whelan, who departed this life June 25th 1832, aged 35 years.
     Sacred to the Memory of George R. Carroll, who departed this life in 1858, aged 45 years.
     Sacred to the Memory of G. D. Carroll, M. D., Died 1844, aged 56 years.
     Sacred to the Memory of Ann Carroll, Born April 27th 1777; died July 29th
     Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth Digges Carroll, born Aug 4th 1752; died Jan. 27th 1843.
     Sacred to the Memory of Daniel Carroll, Died June 19th 1790. R. I. P.
     Bridget Connelly Died Dec 4th 1829 aged 52 years.

     Those of a later date are:
     Charles Edward Brent, 1886. Ann Maria, Relict of Dr. Ray Livingston, 1863.  Theodore Mosher and his wife Mary, daughter of Robert Young Brent, 1878 and 1892; their infant son John CarrollHenry Goodfellow  "Major and Judge Advocate U. S. A.," 1885.  John Fenwick, 1862. Philip Fenwick, 1863, at the age of 74. Norah, wife of Wm. W. Diggs, 1863, at the age of 72. Robert Brown, 1870, at the age of 86.

     On a farm in the Laytonsville district are these two graves :
     N. Griffith, died Aug 5th 1803, in the 32nd year of his age.
     Charles G. Ridgely, Departed this life 1st of April 1825, in the 63rd year of his age.

     Near Brookeville, Olney district, on a farm owned by Joseph Janney, are the graves of Richard Green and wife,
     Richard Green (Major) died July 30th 1818, Aged 76 years, 8 mo.
     Sarah, his wife, died March 21st 1815, Aged 77 years.
     The above is said to be the second wife of Richard Green, and the sister of Mr. Joshua Howard.
     General Anderson who fought in the year of 1812 is also supposed to be buried on this farm.  Capt. Richard Anderson of the 4th Maryland regiment, who rendered distinguished service at the battle of Cowpens in the Revolutionary war, may probably be the same.
     On Walter Mobley's farm, about one mile from Rockville:

[Page 177]
     General Jeremiah Crabb Died 19th February 1800, in the 40th year of his age.  Also in Memory of Elizabeth Ridgely Griffith, His Wife, Born August 10th 1764; died in 1828, aged 64 years.
     Thomas Worthington Howard died July 29th 1818.  His Wife Elizabeth Ridgely, Daughter of Gen. Jeremiah Crabb, died Nov. 8th 1821.

     The old graveyard which is very near the house, is almost filled with the graves of Jeremiah Crabbs' family, the place having been owned by his descendants until a few years ago.  His daughter, Sarah Griffith, is buried there.
     On a farm owned by the late Washington Chicester (Olney district), are several inscriptions:

     Richard Johns, son of Thomas and Sarah Johns, born Oct. 15, 1775;
died April 5, 1836.
     Washington Bowie, son of Allen and Ruth Bowie, born 12 August 1776; died 12 April 1826, Aged 49 years and 8 months.
     Margaret Crab Bowie, wife of Washington Bowie, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Johns, born 19 May 1773, died 22 July 1840.
     Sarah Holliday Bowie, daughter of Washington and Margaret Bowie, born 28th Feb. 1811 ; died Augt. 1824.
     Washington Bowie, son of Washington and Margaret Bowie, born April 20, 1805; died June 14 1844, Aged 39 years 1 month and 16 days.
     Margaret Dallas Bowie, daughter of Washington and Margaret Bowie, born 9th Deer. 1803; died 1st Jany 1851.
     Mary Bowie Chichester, born July 2 1802; died July 31st 1872.
     Thomas Johns Bowie, Son of Washington and Margaret Crab Bowie, born Oct 21st, 1800; died July 26th, 1850, Age 49 years, 9 months and 5 days.
     Catherine Worthington, wife of Thomas J. Bowie, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Bowie Davis, born June 26, 1803; died June 21, 1898.
     Ellen Ruth Bowie, daughter of Thomas and Catherine Bowie, born Jan 11th 1838; died March 31st 1848, Aged 10 years, 2 months and 20 days.
     Sarah Holliday Bowie, Daughter of Thomas and C. W. Bowie, born 22 Dec 1835; died 10th Augt. 1838, Aged 2 years, 9 months and 18 days.

     On the Dorsey farm are the following stones erected by Mr. J. M. Dermott of Frederick City, Md.:

     Joshua Dorsey, Born March 15th 1768; Died July 12th 1843.
     Henrietta Dorsey, Born March 28th 1770; Died Sept 5th 1848.

[Page 178]
     At the Ridge farm, Zadoc Magruder's old place, are the graves of two Magruders:
     Robert Pottinger Magruder was born March 23rd 1769 and died Aug 10th 1822, Aged 53 years.
Useful in life, lamented in death, an affectionate husband, a kind friend, a pious christian, who delighted in doing good.
Elizabeth Perry Magruder, Consort of Robert Pottinger Magruder, was born Oct. 13th 1770, and died April 17th 1835 [1833 ?].  She was useful in life and happy in death, through faith in Jesus Christ.

     At Mt. Airy farm of the Ashton tract, Samuel Richardson and his wife are buried:

     Here lies the Body of Mariam Richardson, who departed this life on the 21st day of November 1767, In the 57 year of her Age.
     Remember man as thou Passeth by,
     As thou art now, so once was I.
     As I am now, so thou shalt be
     So prepare to follow me.

     " Greenwood," the Davis place, is about thirty-four miles from Laurel.  The family cemetery on one corner of the lawn is inclosed by a stone wall.  The monument was erected by Allen Bowie Davis and inscribed with the names of those who have passed away.  On one side are five names:

     Ephraim Davis, Died Aug 13th, 1769; Aged 33 years.
     Elizabeth Howard (his wife) Died Jan 4, 1793; Aged 48 years.
     Thomas Davis, son of Ephraim and Elizabeth, Died Feb. 8, 1833; Aged 65 years.
     Elizabeth, his wife (dau. of Allen and Ruth Bowie), Died Nov 23 1840; Aged 69 years.
     Dr. Thos. Johns Davis, son of Thos. and Elizabeth Davis, Died July 11, 1828; Aged 23 years.

     On the second side are:

     Rebecca Comfort, wife of Allen Bowie Davis and daughter of Thos. B. and Milcah (Goodwin) Dorsey, Died July 8, 1836; Aged 27 years.
     Thomas, the beloved son of Allen Bowie and Hester Ann Wilkins Davis, Died Feb 3, 1849; Aged 8 years.

[Page 179]

     Allen Bowie, a lovely infant, son of Allen Bowie and Hester Ann Davis, Died Sept 20, 1859; Aged 9 months.

     On the third side, are commemorated those who have died since 1875:

     Allen Bowie Davis, Hester Ann Davis, William Wilkins Davis, Esther Wilkins Davis.

     The late Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bowie Davis died, respectively, on April 17, 1889, and October 9, 1888.  All the early inscriptions, if there ever were any, have disappeared.  Stones bearing the following were erected by the late Allen Bowie Davis to his grandparents:

     In Memory of Thomas Davis, born December the 10th 1768, and died February 8th 1833, Aged 64 years.
     In Memory of Elizabeth Davis, Relict of Thomas Davis, born September the 11th 1772, and died November 23rd 1840, Aged 68 years.

     Besides the inscriptions on the family monument, the memory of Thos. Johns Davis, M. D., is perpetuated on a stone covering his grave and bearing the following verse:

     Thus fade the fragile buds of earth;
     Thus fade the lovely and the brave,
     Come here ye thoughtless sons of mirth,
     And pause a while o'er virtues grave.

     Two other graves are:

     In memory of Mrs Achsah Goldsborough, relict of Dr. Richard Goldsborough of Cambridge, Maryland, who departed this life on the 7th day of Sept 1835, aged 67 years.
     Sacred to the memory of John Bowie, M. D., Who died the 17th of February 1825, Aged 55 years.

     In the Laytonsville district, the following inscriptions are

     Zadoc M. Cooke, Born March 30th 1831; Died Sept 20th 1849, Aged 18 years.
     To the Memory of Rachel Dorsey, Wife of Harry W. Dorsey, who was born March 25th 1767; Died January 24th 1844.
     "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."
     In Memory of Zadoc M. Cooke, born July 1st 1801; Died August 29th [22nd ?], 1830, Aged 29 years.

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     Other inscriptions here are:
Sacred to the memory of Henry Howard of Jno., who departed this life Feb 12th 1834, Aged 60 years.
To the Memory of Mrs Marion Nourse, wife of Rev. C. H. Nourse, and second daughter of Wm Robertson Esq., who died Nov. 11, 1847, Aged 24 years and 8 months.
Sacred to the Memory of Wm Robertson, who departed this life 20th day of Feb. 1852, Aged 67 years.
Sacred to the Memory of Nathan Dickerson, Died April 20th 1860, Aged 79 years, 7 months, 10 d.
In Memory of Margaret Dickerson, consort of Nathan Dickerson, born May 9th 1778; died December 22nd 1854.  A devoted Wife, Mother and Friend.

     On a farm, belonging of late years to Wm. Griffith and before the Revolution to the Hempstone family, is the old graveyard.  William Hempstone, a soldier of the Revolution, known as Major Hempstone, is buried here, but there is no stone to mark the spot. Two stones are:

     In Memory of William Hempstone, Born March 30th 1793; Died July 29th 1825, Aged 32 years, 3 months, 29 days.
In Memory of Mary, a daughter of William and Ann V. Hempstone, Born March 13th 1823; Died June 24th 1827, aged 4 years, 3 m. 11 da.

     At David Trundle's, near Barnesville district, Dickerson Station, is an old family burying ground.  Among the stones are the following:

     John Trundle, born March 6th 1753; died March 25, 1810.
Also Ruth, wife of John Trundle.
     John L. Trundle
, born Jan 4th 1776; died Aug 24th 1836.
In Memory of Mary, wife of John L. Trundle, who was born July 15th 1776; died Sept 7th 1831.
In Memory of David Trundle, who was born June 21st 1773; died March 1846, aged 72 years, 8 months and 15 days.
In Memory of Drusilla, wife of David Trundle, Born Nov 22nd 1775; Died Sept 23rd 1855, Aged 79 years, 10 mo. and 1 day.
     Charlotte Trundle
, Consort of Alfred Belt, was born Feb 6th 1787, died
April 13th 1824.
In Memory of Alfred Belt, born Feb 14th 1788, died July 1st 1872, Aged
84 years, 4 mo. 17 days.

[Page 182]
     In Memory of Otho Trundle, who was born Feb 14th 1780, died Jan 27th 1823.
     Elizabeth Burnes, wife of Otho Trundle, was born Dec 27th 1784; died Aug 17th 1824.
     William Trundle was born Dec 1st 1804; died April 3rd 1838.
     Frances N. Hempstone was born Feb 17th 1805, died Aug 25th 1840.
     Lieutenant William Hempstone Trundle was born Oct 9th 1827; was killed during the Civil War, March 28th 1864.
     In Memory of Benjamin Shreve, born March 15th, 1804; died Sept 25th, 1861.
     In Memory of Mary Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Shreve, born March 26th 1811; died Oct 23rd 1855.
     The Shreves or Shrieves, descendants of the Trundles, still live on this farm.
     At the home of Beall Gaither is a cemetery in which repose many of the Gaither family.  Some inscriptions here are :
     In Memory of Daniel Gaither, Departed this life Sept 16th 1818, In the 53rd year of his age.
     In Memory of Henrietta, wife of Daniel Gaither, Departed this life April 1854, Aged 85 years.
     Jane Gaither Departed this life Sept 19th 1844, Aged 64 years.
     In Memory of Juliet (Gaither), wife of Rushrod Gartrell, who departed this life April 10th 1863, in the 56th year of her age.
     Deborah (Gaither), Wife of John F. E. Magruder, Died 1864, born Aug 1st 1815.
     "Blessed are they that die in the Lord."
     In Memory of Greenberry Gaither, Born April 16th 1820; Died Sept 24th 1848.
     Perry Gaither, Died 1854. Henrietta, wife of Perry, Died 1859. Samuel Gaither, Died 1860.

     At the home of Henry Chew Gaither, deceased, three miles from " Greenwood," said to be over 125 years old, are the
     Sacred to the memory of Henry Chew Gaither, son of Wm. and Elizabeth
     Howard Gaither, was born Jan 25th A. D. 1778, Departed this life Feb 12,
A. D. 1845.
     Sacred to the memory of Eliza, Wife of Henry Chew Gaither, and daughter of William Worthington, was born March 20th A. D. 1793. Died suddenly at West Point, June 19th A. D. 1850, Aged 58 years.

[Page 183]
     Sacred to the memory of Gen. William Lingan Gaither, only child of Henry Crew and Eliza Gaither, was born Feb 21, A. D. 1813; Died at Berkeley Springs, on the 2nd of Aug, A. D. 1858, Aged 45 years, 5 months and 11 days.
     In memory of Ephraim Gaither, Born April 24th, 1780; Died May 2nd, 1857.
     In memory of Sarah Elizabeth Gaither, Born April 19th 1799; Died March 27th 1872.

     She was the daughter of Dr. R. and A. Goldsborough, and relict of Ephraim Gaither, half-brother of Thomas Davis.

     " Clean Drinking " was granted to John Coats or Courts in 1699, for 700 acres.  Later it was bought by Walter C.
, who established there a mill, and left his epitaph cut in the stone as follows:

     Here lies the body and bones
     Of old Walter C. Jones.
     By his not thinking,
     He lost "Clean Drinking";
    And by his shallow pate,
     He lost his vast estate.

     Here lies the body and bones Of old Walter C. Jones.  By his not thinking, He lost "Clean Drinking"; And by his shallow pate, He lost his vast estate.



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