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Research Material
The Length and Breadth of Maine, Augusta, 1946 by Stanley Bearce Atwood.
     Contains basic data on the civil divisions, their prior designation, date of settlement, date when land was set off from or annexed to, etc.
Daughters of the American Revolution Miscellaneous Records. by D. A. R. -
     Typewritten.  1931 - 1966.  Each year since 1931 the Maine chapters of D. A. R. have bound one or more books containing copies of tombstone inscriptions, Bible records, military records, etc.  These very helpful; a set may be found in the State Library.
Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, Portland. 1928 - 1939 by Walter Goodwin Davis.  This was printed in five parts, but is usually found bound into one book.  This book, the result of many years of research, attempts to give genealogical data concerning every family which was established by 1699.
Privince and Court Records of Maine.  5 vols. 1928 - by Charles Thornton Libby, ed. and others.  All Maine Court Records from 1636 to 1718 are included.  As of 1967, Vol. 6 is in process of being compiled.
Maine Adjutant General Reports, 1861 - 1866. - Important for the records of Civil War units and men.  The 1866 supplement contains an alphabetical index of Maine men who served during the war.
Collections of the Maine Historical Society. Series I, 10 vols. 1831 - 1891. by Maine Historical Society.   - These are important from the historical point of view.
---Collections and Proceedings of Maine Historical Society, Series II, 10 vols. 1890 - 1899.  Mostly of historical interest.
---Documentary History of the State of Maine. Series II. 24 vols. 1869 - 1916.  Contains early history of Maine; The Trelawny Papers; Baxter Manuscripts; The Farnham Papers.
---Collections of the Maine Historical Society. Series III, 2 vols. 1904 - 1906.  Mainly of interest to historians.
Records of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. Boston. - Boston, Massachusetts - 1913.  This book contains records of Maine soldiers in the War of 1812.
---Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War. 17 vols.
    Boston, 1896 - 1908.  These books contain the records of service of Maine men.
Probate Records of Lincoln County, 1760 - 1800 Portland, 1895, by William Davis Patterson, ed. - This book includes all probate records for the period.
Bangor Historical Magazine, Portland. by Joseph W. Porter, ed. - 9 vols. 1885 - 1895.  - These magazines contain miscellaneous items, mostly concerning Bangor and its early settlers.
York Deeds by Hobart W. Richardson and others.  18 vols. - These cover the period from 1632 to 1737, and are verbatim.
Maine Wills by William M. Sargent, ed. - 8 vols. 1887.  This work has every will proved in the Province of Maine from 1640 to 1760, verbatim.  However, administrations, inventories, and other probate records are not included.  These records must be searched at Alfred, the York County seat.  The Maine Historical Society has microfilm of the York Probate records to 1860.
Sprague's Journal of Maine History by John Francis Sprague - 14 vols. Foxcroft. 1913 - 1926.  While these volumes include data from the State in general, a large percentage concern the County of Piscataquis.
Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, by Stephen Marion Watson. 9 vols. Portland. 1884 - 1898.  These volumes contain town and church records, tombstone inscriptions, claims to land in Maine after the Indian Wars by Maine exiles, etc.
A Bibliography of the State of Maine, from the Earliest Period to 1891. by Joseph Williamson - 2 vols. Portland. 1896.  This work records over 11,000 books and pamphlets written in or about Maine, or by Maine authors.
Province and Court Records of Maine, Vol. IV. - The Court Records of York County, Maine, Province of Massachusetts Bay, Nov., 1692 - January, 1710-11. Edited by Neal W. Allen, Jr., Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Union College. Portland: Maine Historical Society, 1958.  pp. lxxvii, 427. Indexes
There are many county histories.


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