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1800 - 1850

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A-1 Will of MICHAEL ELLETT Dtd: 1756 Oct. 5 Proved: 1756 Dec. 10
  Sole heir: Wm. Phillips, no relationship stated
"A saddle & 4 shillings to be demanded of Joseph Bugg
7 shillings, etc to be demanded of David Phillips
1 pound 10 shillings to be demanded of James Lindsey
3 shillings 4 pence to be demanded of Samuel Mains."
Executor: Wm. Phillips
Witnesses: Wm. Offill, James Hopkins, Wm. Hopkins

A-2 Will of CHARLES FOSHEE Dtd: 1757 Nov. 23 Proved: 1757 Dec.
  see A-62 for same will.
Wife: Susanna
Sons: William and Charles Foshee, et land
After wife's death - everything else to be divided among "my children"
Executors: Joseph Foshee, and wife Susannah
Witnesses: Wm (x) Marsh, Elmore or Elmon (x) George

A-3 Will of JONATHAN FINCHER dtd: 1757 Mar. 20 proved: 1757 May
  Wife: name not stated, ten shillings
Sons: "eldest son" name not stated, but called Joshua in codicil. Jonathan, Richard, Joseph, Benjamin (he is to be bound to Joseph Mattox)
Daughters: Mary, Hannah
No Executors named.
Witnesses: Benj. Cate, Charles Jonas, Margaret (x) Whitehead.

A-5 Will of DUNCAN BOHANNON Dtd: 1760  
  Wife: Susanna
Sons: John, Benjamin, Richard
Daus: Frankey Boyd, Mary Bohannon
Granddaughter: Betty Bohannon
Son: Benjamin "one survey of land at the mouth of Second creek of New Hope joining land formerly John Rhodes" ..."
Executors:  Sons, Benjamin and Richard, and John Brantley.
Witnesses: Hannah Brantley, Jos. Fuller, Jos. Brantley

A-7 Will of JOSHUA HADLEY Dtd: 1760 Sep. 20 Proved: 1760 Nov.
  Wife: Patience
Sons: Joseph, Joshua, Thomas, Simon, Benjamin gets "land on James River in Virginia"
daus: Ruth Marshel, Mary Piggott, Sarah Ford, Hanna, Deborah, Katherine? or Katherner?
Executors: wife Patience, son Joshua
Witnesses: Simon Di____, Wm. Holmes, Francis Dorset

A-9 Will of AARON VAN HOOK Dtd: 1760 May 10 Proved 1760 Aug.
  Wife: Katherine
Sons: Lawrence, David
Executors: Wife, and sons Lawrence and David
Witnesses: Lidia Van Hook, Bridget Van Hook, Thos. Morgan.

A-11 Will of MARY ANN CURRIE Dtd: 1759 Sep. 20 Proved 1759 Nov.
  Sons: John, James
Daus: Margaret, Mary
Executors: sons John and James
Witnesses: Edward Nash

A-12 Will of HENRY MAYNOR Dtd: 1760 Mar. 3 Proved 1760 Mar.
  "loving wife:, (name not stated)
Daus: Rachel, Mary, Elizabeth, Susanna, Betty
Executors: friends Anthony Champess, and John Marshal
Witnesses: Charles Davis, John Pike, William Marshall

A-13 Will of JAMES ALSTON Dtd: 1760 Feb. 28 Proved 1760 May 2
  Wife: Christian
Sons: John, James
Daus: Mary, Charity, Sarah
Brother: Joseph John Alston
"... that Warham Glenn make my son John a deed for land where Warham Glenn and Ann Downs lived.." he mentions "John Woods line" ..." Josiah Sumner to pay"
"son John land on Neuse River and 2 lots in Newbern...land in Chowan Co. on Bird's Creek where my father lived ... son James land in Halifax and Granville counties"
Executors: sons John and James
Witnesses: Warham Glenn, James Alston, James Boyd, Thos. Hines

A-17 Will of MARY SHEPHEARD, Widow Dtd: 1761 May 5 Proved 1761 Aug.
  Son: Jacob Slater
Daughters: Mary Whitehead, Mary Dennis
Granddaughter: Mary Dennis
"to Isaac Dennis .. to children of John Dennis & John Slater"
Executors: John Dennis, John Slater
Witnesses: Isaac Jackson, Samuel Maury, Samuel Jackson

A-16 Will of RICHARD BRACEWELL, BRASWELL or BRANWELL. Dtd: 1761 Aug. Proved 1761 Aug.
  Wife: Joyce
Daus: Mary, Tabitha
Sons: Valentine Jacob, Richard William
He devises land on S. side of Haw River bought of H. Mackneel.
Executors: wife, "loving friend Hector Mackneel, brother Henry."
Witnesses: Thomas Tucker, Henry Bracewell, John Records

A-19 Will of THOMAS BERRY Dtd: 1761 Apr. 10 Proved 1761 May
  Wife: Elizabeth
Son-in-law: James Morrow
Sons: James, Thomas, Benjamin
Daus: Elizabeth, Margaret Morrow, Nancy
Grandchildren: William & Jane Berry children of Wm. Berry dec'd.
No executor named.  Witnesses: Paul Harmon, Wm. McMath.

A-23 Will of JOHN BOOKER Dtd: 1761 Aug. 18 Proved 1761 Nov.
  Wife: Patience
Dau: Patience
Son: James
No executor named.
Witnesses: Wm. Brevard, Susannah Brown, Mary Richards.

A-25 Will of ADAM MASON Dtd: 1763 Aug. 4 Proved 1763 Nov.
  Sons: Anthony, Francis, Tobias, Jacob
Daughters: Elizabeth, Anne Phillipina
Executors: Sons, Tobias and Jacob
Witnesses: Francis Nash, Ralph McNair, Phillip Jackson

A-27 Will of JOHN BONNEY Dtd: 1761 Apr. 10 Proved 1761 May
  "loving wife", (name not stated)
Sons: Richard, Simon, Daniel, John, William
Executors: wife, "with help of my son John".
Witness: William Clark

A-27 Will of JAMES COLLINS Dtd: 1762 Dec. 4 Proved 1763 May
  Wife: Elizabeth (writing not clear)
Sons: James (oldest), John
No executor named. 
Witness: Elizabeth ____?

A-27 Will of JOHN COLLINS. Dtd: 1762 Nov. 4 Proved 1762 Nov.
  Brother: "all mother left me to go to my brother William Collins"
Sister: Catherine
Executor: brother-in-law Enos Ellmore
Witnesses: Lawrence Thompson, Thos. Thompson, Enos Ellmore.

A-29 Will of TIMOTHY TERRELL Dtd: 1763 Feb. 1 Proved 1763 Feb.
  Wife (mentioned, name not stated)
Sons: Solomon, Micajah, Nimrod (under age), Simon (minor), Daniel, Richard, Aron, Moses (under age)
Daus: Jemima, Ruth, Millie, Mary, Betty, Cuzziah
Executors: wife, and John Pills?
Witnesses: Abraham Teague, Jos. McLester, Moses Teague.

A-31 Will of WILLIAM BROWN Dtd: 18 Feb. 1764 Proved 1764 May
  Heirs, relationship not stated:
Margaret Ray, Wm. Brown McClintock, Janette and David Alsoms
No Executor named
Witnesses: Geo. Johnston, John Kornegay, Thos. Holygam?

A-34 Will of JOEL BROOKS Dtd: 1764 Aug. 26 Proved 1764 Sept.
  Wife: Mary
Son: John
Executor: brother James
Witnesses: Wm. Brown, Charles Stout, Joseph Kyes.
This will was very hard to read, but the Court Minutes give the names of the witnesses in the probate of the will.  This BROOKS family is given in the BROOKS genealogy by Mrs. Ida Brooks Kellam.

A-36 Will of WILLIAM (X) LOUNG (LONG) Dtd: 1764 Apr. 6 Proved 1764 May
  Wife: Catrin
Sons: "oldest son George", & "youngest son" (name not stated)
Executors: Charles Johnson, David Craig.
Witnesses: Mary Mitchell, John Craig
The handwriting of the Clerk is extremely hard to read, it looks beautiful, but the elaborate capital letters are much like one another.  OLDS has this name as SAWNEY, and I read it as YOUNG, but the Court Minutes prove that LONG is correct.

A-37 Will of DANIEL NORRIS Dtd: 1760 May 27 Proved 1765 Aug.
  Wife: Matthews
Son-in-law: Thomas Beale
No relationship stated to: Evan Jones, Elizabeth Hart.
Executors: Wife, Mathew, and son-in-law Thomas Beale.
Witnesses: John Thompson, Peter Bornal, Mary Jones.

A-39 Will of HUGH LAUGHLIN Dtd: 1765 Feb. 24 Proved 1765 Feb. 26
  Wife: Mary
Brother: William Laughlin
Daus: Elizabeth Mary Rebecca Charrity Joannah Susanna
Testator owns a Mill.
No Witnesses
No Executors
Proved 1765 Feb. 26 by the oath of John Laughlin

A-45 Will of JOHN (X) THOMAS Dated 1765 Apr. 24 Proved 1765 May
  Wife: Elizabeth
Daughter: Mary
Sons: eldest son John James
he says "my three children"
No Executor named
Witnesses: Henry Ledbetter John (x) Hamlett Ann (x) Hamlett

A-42 Will of JAMES ROONEY (or Roney), of St. Matthews Parrish, Orange Co., N.C. Dtd: 1765 Aug. 2 Proved 1765 Nov. 2, Tuesday
  Sons: Benjamin, Thomas
Daus: Elizabeth, Ann.  He says "my four children."
Sole Executor: John Sample
Witnesses: James McCArley, Mary Sample, John Bul_____

A-44 Will of ANDREW CALDWELL Dtd: 1765 March 26 Proved 1766 May 2, Tuesday
  Wife: Jennet
Sons: Samuel, William
Daus: Mary, Elizabeth     "my four children"
Executors: wife Jennett, and James Freeland
Witnesses: Alex'r Mebane, Jno. Sample, A____ Sanford

A-45 Will of CHARLES (X) SINKLER Dtd: 1766 June 5 Proved: 1766 Aug. 2, Tues.
  Wife: Ann
Dau: Catherine
Son: Charles
"All my children, being seven in number".
Executors: Wife and "well beloved friend John Buchanon of Augusta Co., Va." to settle affairs in Augusta Co., Va., and wife and "my trustee friend Amoss Evans to settle affairs in this province."  (His land in Augusta Co., Va. was on South Fork of Hototin River, called Indian River.)
Witnesses: Joseph McLester, Amoss Evans, James Harvey

A-48 Will of THOMAS MELER or MILES or MILLS Dtd: 1766 Mar. 14 Proved: '66 May 2nd, Tues.
  Wife: Hannah
Sons: Aquilla, Moses, Abraham, John, Thomas, Peter, Jacob
Daus: Hannah Slade, Pottiet
No Executor named.
Witnesses: Lewis Bartow, Isaac (x) Robuck, Joseph Peterson

A-49 Will of HUGH (x) SINON Dtd: 1766 June 1 Proved: 1766 Nov.
  He seems to be a bachelor, no relationships to heirs given.
Thomas Lindsey, Jr. 525 acres on Pine Hill Creek
William Welsh, 125 acres, same locatoin
"Thomas Lindsey, Sr. and his wife Ruth should have my slave Sarah".
William Lindsey
, son of James Lindsey, Daniel McCavoy, OWen Dowd(?), Samuel Stuart.
"If my brothers or brothers-in-law come in from IReland" they are to receive some property.
Executors: "my friends Samuel Stuart, William Lindsey"
Witnesses: Michael (x) Wufner (?), Thomas Lindsey, Sr.

A-52 Will of WILLIAM ASTEN Dtd: 1766 Nov. 16 Proved 1767 Feb.
  Wife: Mary
Sons-in-law: Peter Downey, Archibald McLeroy
Grandsons: William Asten Downey, Thoams Stinky (?) McLeroy, William McBride.
Executors: wife, and Archibald McLeroy and George Finley
Witnesses: David Fulton, Andrew Dark, Henry Cowden.

A-53 Will of WILLIAM COX Dtd: 1767 Jan. 20 Proved 1767 Feb. 2nd, Tues
  Sons: Harmon Cox, land on east side of Deep River
William Cox, land on west side of Deep River
John Cox, land lying on the Mill creek adjoining Wm. McFarson's
Solomon Cox, land "on Little Brush Creek where Benjamin William's formerly lived"|
Thomas Cox gets the mill.  He says "my five sons".
Daus: "Rebecca Dixon in Pennsylvania, 4 shillings"
"Mary Lindley wife of James Lindley"
"Martha Terrell
wife to William Terrell"
"Marjory Nicholas
wife to Isaac Nicholas"
"Catherine Hunt
wife to Elizor Hunt"
Executors: "My trustee and well beloved son and cousin, William Cox and Isaac Cox."
Witnesses: John Cox, William Moffitt (?), John Allen.

A-56 Will of JOHN (X) FIELDS Dtd: 1766 Nov. 16 Proved 1767 Feb.
  Wife: (name not stated)
Son: John one-half of estate
Son: Roger other half of estate
Abeneasar Starnes and Ann Starnes his wife and Roger Murphy "Should have the care of the child" - the oldest to live with the Starnes - the younger to live with Roger Murphy, Sr.
If Murphy Sr. should die, he is to live with Roger Murphy, Jr.
Witnesses: William Ward, James Morgan, Roger Murphy, Jr., Rachel (x) Fields.

A-57 Will of ISAAC HOLDING Dtd: 1767 Jan. 13 Proved: 1767 Feb.
  Wife: Sarah
Father: Thomas Holding
"well beloved brother John Douglass..."
"loving brother Thomas Holding..."
"beloved brother John Kelly..."
Sons: Thomas Holding, Isaac Holding
If sons die without issue land goes to Margaret Douglas, daughter of John Douglas, Ann Holderness daughter of John Holderness, Fanny Wood daughter of John Wood, John Holderness son of Thoams Holderness, Sr., and Thomas Kelly son of John Kelly.
Executors: John Douglas and Sarah Holding
Witnesses: John McVinchey, Benjamin Fincher, Richard Fincher.

A-59 Will of JOSEPH AKIN Dtd: 1766 Jan. 4 Proved Feb. 1767
  Sons: Thomas, Joseph Akin
Daus: Mary Akin, Suillah?, Sarah, "my three daughters"
"Joseph Ostin - 370 acres of land lying on the head of Sandy River in Hallyfax Co. in Va. which he bought of me.
"George Jefferson - 600 acres on Lick Fork of Moore's Creek in Orange County, N. C. which he bought of me."
Executor: "Thomas Asgah living in Hallyfax County in Va."
Witnesses: Alex (x) Montgomery, John (x) Luis, Sam Barton

A-62 Will of CHARLES FOSHEE Dtd: 1767 Nov. 23 Proved: 1769 2nd time
  Wife: Susannan
"Wife: Susannah
"... my two sons William Foshee and Charles Foshee get land
After wife's death everything else is to be sold and "divided among all my children."
Executors: Susannah Foshee, Joseph Foshee
Witnesses: William (x) Marsh, Elmon or Elmore George
Note by R. H. S. Evidently there were two copies of this will.  Neither copy was ever signed.  Susannah proved the will in Dec. 1767, and qualified as Executrix.  Joseph Foshe proved the will again in Feb. 1759, and renounced his right as Executor.  He began a suit against Susannah died in 1761, and Joseph Foshee was appointed Administrator of her estate and of Charles'.  She seems to have been Charles' second wife, as Joseph Foshee was appointed Guardian to the orphan daughter of Charles and Christian Foshee.  There are several items about these two estates in the Orange County Court Minutes.  I have abstracted and published these Court Minutes for the years 1752 through 1766 -- see page 5

A-60 Will of ALEXANDER STUART or STEWART Dtd: 1764 Aug. 18 Proved 1767 Feb.
  Wife: Elizabeth
Eldest son: Robert, under age
Youngest son: John, under age
Daughter: Abigal Stuart
Executors: William Piggott, Jeremiah Piggott
Witnesses: John Pike, Samuel Pike

A-65 Will of SAMUEL (X) LEHMAN Dtd: 1766 Oct. 18 Proved 1767 May
  Wife: Priscilla
Son: Gorabebel? Lehman
Executrix: wife, Priscilla
Witnesses: Wm. (x) Barker, Lewis (x) Barker, Chris. Woodward

A-64 Will of ADAM ROGER Dtd: ___ Proved: 1767 May
  Wife, (her name not stated), is pregnant..."child that my wife is with now..."
Daughter: Mary
"brother John's children, William and John..."
"Guardian over this my estate brother Hugh Roger and Robert Rea."
Executors:  brother Hugh Roger and Irabel or Isabel Roger.
Witnesses: John Patton, Elinore Rogers
(Proved by John Patton and Eleanor Rogers)

A-66 Will of THOMAS CATE Dtd: 1765 Nov. 5 Proved 1767 May
  Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Richard "plantation whereon I now live"
Daughter: Sarah "daughters" mentioned
granddaughter Ann "daughter of my son Thomas ..."
Executors" sons Thomas and Joseph
Witnesses: William Smith, Elizabeth (x) Cate

A-67 Will of JOSEPH WADE Dtd: 1757 Jan. 3 Proved 1767 Aug.
  Wife: Sarah
Sons: John, James
Daus: Mary Strawther, Susannah Hart, Elizabeth Talley, Lucy Powell, Sarah Fountain
Grandson: Joseph Strawther
Executors: "son Joseph Wade, and my son-in-law Joseph Powel".
Witnesses: William Bradford (GRIMES says this is Burford), Samuel Burton.

A-68 Will of DAVID HALLIBURTON Dtd: 1767 Jan. 3 Proved 1767 Aug.
  Wife, (name not stated), is pregnant
Sons: Thomas, David, John, William, all under 21 years.
"son Charles which is now a cripple" to be educated.
Executors: wife, and George Moore
Witnesses: John (x) Adams, Thomas (x) Beach (?), Susannah Adams.

A-70 Will of WALTER (X) THEDFORD Dtd: 1767 August 13 Proved: 1767 Nov.
  Wife: Rebecca
Dau: Deborah
Son-in-law: William Williams
Executors: wife Rebecca, and eldest son Josias
Witnesses: Abigal Bracken, John Baker

A-72 Wife of WILLIAM BASKETT Dtd: 1767 July 17 Proved: 1767 Nov.
  Wife: Ruth Baskett
"my three daughters Mary, Elizabeth and Ruth, as they marry or arrive to the age of twenty years.
Sons: Thomas, William.
Executors: "trusty and beloved friends William White and John Baskett"
Witnesses: Jane (x) Dael (?), Dianah (x) Collingsworth.

A-74 William of SOLOMON DEBOW Dtd: 1767 Sep. 1 Proved 1767 Nov.
  Wife: Hannah
Sons: John, tract of land lying on Winn's Creek.
Frederick land on Cain Creek and land on Hyco Creek.
Benjamin (now under 21)
Daus: Hannah, Jane (unmarried)
"daughters Ann, Mary Sarah and Elizabeth to have reasonable schooling" etc.
Executors: wife Hannah and son John Debow
Witnesses: John Pearson, Rachel (x) Gold, L?. V. Hook.

A-76 Will of MICHAEL HOLT Dtd: 1765 Jun. 31 Proved 1767 Nov.
  Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Peter
"my children" (name and number not stated)
Executors: "my dear son Michael Holt, Junior, and Nicholas Holt, Junior."
Witnesses: John Butler, William Carlisle.

A-77 Will of WILLIAM (X) SERJAT, SENIOR Dtd: 1768 Feb. 11 Proved 1768 April
  Wife: Sarah
Son-in-law: Joseph Gold
Sons: Joseph, Thomas, James, Stephen
Dau: Elizabeth "100 acres which I purchased of Thos. Bailey".
Executors: Sons Stephen Bryant and Joseph Gold"
Witnesses: John Lea, Sarah Serjant

A-79 Will of FREDERICK (X) NALL Dtd: 1768 Mar. 7 Proved: 1768 April
  Wife: Martelenor Nall
Sons: Sarah
Son-in-law: Joseph Gold
Dau: Elizabeth "100 acres which I purchased of Thos. Bailey"
Executors: Sons Stephen Bryant and Joseph Gold"
Witnesses: John Lea, Sarah Serjant

A-79 Will of FREDERICK (X) NALL Dtd: 1768 Mar. 7 Proved: 1768 April
  Wife: Martelenor Nall
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: John Watson, John Campbell, Peter Wolf, ___?Bavin

A-80 Will of CHARLES (X) MURROW Dtd: 1767 Dec. 16 Proved: 1768 Apr.
  Cousin: Robert Barnhill, one half of estate
"well beloved brother Adam Murrow" other half of estate if he comes to America.
Executor: cousin Robert Barnhill
Witnesses: James Humphill, Thomas Humphill, John Hood (?)

A-81 Will of ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY Dtd: 1767 July 27 Proved: 1768 April
  Wife: (name not stated)
Son: Alexander Montgomery
Son-in-law: Robert Barnett in Amhurst Co., Va. "my plantation that lyeth in Rockfish settlement".
Son: William Montgomery 5 shillings
"rest of my children namely John, Elizabeth, and my daughters Ann and Mary ... one shilling sterling"
Sole Executrix: "well beloved wife"
Witnesses: William Robinson, Charles Crawford, Wm. Maxwell







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