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Source: Philadelphia Inquirer - Page 1
Dated: Friday, Aug. 1, 1862
Correspondence of Philadelphia Inquirer.
     FREDERICK CITY, Maryland, July 3d, 1862.
     Herewith find a list of the Pennsylvania soldier who were inmates of the United States Hospital at this place on the 18th inst.   Since that date two have died, as marked on the lst, and a few have rejoined their regiments.  The hospital here is in good order and the patients nearly all convalescent.
     The whole number of patients here, at this date, 918.  About 190 of them are from Pennsylvania.
John W. Herbert Co. C, 109th, Philadelphia
John Norcot, Co. A, 109th Philadelphia
Edward Potts, Co. K, 109th, Philadelphia
John K. Stoner, Co. D, 109th, Philadelphia
John Seyfort, Co. C, 109th, Philadelphia
Edward Chortolon, Co. E, 109th, Philadelphia
William Lake, Company B, 109th, Philadelphia
Richard Larue, Co. G, 109th, Philadelphia
Ferdinand Jardello, Co. G, 109th, Philadelphia
James Bllissey, Co. K, 109th, Philadelphia
Emanuel Rosenberry, Co. G, 109th, Philadelphia
Thomas G. Corkran, Co. D, 109th, Philadelphia
James Campbell, Co. G, 109th, Philadelphia
Jesse H. Patterson, Co. G, 109th, Philadelphia
Wm. A. Williams, Co. G, 109th, Philadelphia
Charles Gilman, Co. B, 109th, Philadelphia
William Osbeck, Co. H, 109th, Philadelphia
John W. Smith, Co. G, 109th, Philadelphia
George Cloak, Co. D, 109th, Philadelphia
George W. Quiley, Co. , 109th, Philadelphia
Patrick Shine, Co. D, 109th, Philadelphia
Samuel E. Condel, Co. A, 109th, Philadelphia
Henry Nuffl, Co. F, 109th, Philadelphia
Thomas M. Keag, Co. H, 109th, Philadelphia
Sergeant J. Latour, Co. G, 109th, Philadelphia
John Lenny, Co. F, 109th, Philadelphia
Andrew J. Cogan, Co. H, 109th, Philadelphia
Joseph Raugh, Co. C, 109th, Crawford county
Charles R. oores, Co. C, 109th
David Sankey, Co. D, 109th, Lawrence county
John H. Brown, Co. I, 109th, Lawrence county
John H. Brooke, Co. B, 109th, Delaware county
Daniel Paul, Co. A, 109th, Reading
Frederick Goldbeck, Co. A, 109th, Reading
John Comerford, Co. I, 109th, Pittsburg
Joseph F. Arnold, 109th
James Rice, Co. I, 109th, Allegheny county
Samuel West, Co. A, 109th, Carbon county
Alford B. Crosedale, Co. A 109th
Henry Kayer, Co. I, 27th, Philadelphia
Charles Stahl, Co. D, 27th, Philadelphia
John Steuber, Co. E, 27th, Philadelphia
John Wilman, Co. D, 27th, Philadelphia
Daniel Fisher, Co. C, 27th, Philadelphia
Anthony Froelilnger, Co. D, 27th, Philadelphia
Charles Schmalloswith, Co. C, 27th, Philadelphia
Jhn F. Deakjen, Co. C, 27th, Philadelphia
John Metzker, Co. C, 27th, Philadelphia
Albert Syfert, Musician, 27th
Otto Smith, Co. H, 27th, Philadelphia
John Watchter, Co. D, 74th, Pittsburg
Martin Grumbeck, Co. D, 74th, Pittsburg
Philip Cober, Co. K, 74th, Pittsburg
Herman, Getel, Co. F, 74th, Pittsburg
Conrad Reamer, Co. B, 74th, Pittsburg
William Conrad, Co. E, 74th, Allegheny
Ralph M. Young, Co. B, 111th, Warren county
Samuel Sturges, Co. B, 111th, Warren county
David C. Harrison, Co. A, 111th, Warren county
George W. Huey, Co. B, 111th, Warren county
Jonathan Walters, Co. K, 111th, Crawford county
Washington Ferry, Co. K, 111th, Crawford county
Wm. H. H. Clark, Co. G,  111th, Crawford county
George N. Fay, Co. G,  111th, Crawford county
Lewis D. Geer, Co. E,  111th, Crawford county
Sergt. J. W. Baker Co. A,  111th, Crawford county
George Robison, Co. A,  111th, Crawford county
Alex. McFarren, Co. G,  111th, Crawford county
W. H. Chapin, Co. F,  111th, Crawford county
G. S. King, Co. E,  111th, Crawford county
John King, Co. E,  111th, Crawford county
John W. Cook, Co. B,  111th, Crawford county
William W. Walling, Co. A,  111th, Crawford county
D. J. Hammond, Co. G,  111th, Crawford county
Jacob Eighmey, Co. H,  111th, Crawford county
William Corry, Co. G,  111th, Crawford county
John Coburn, Co. K,  111th, Crawford county
Schelon Manhand, Co. D, 111th, Warren county
Ther__ ____ Co. _, _______ county
Roderick Fisk, Co. C, 111th, Warren county
H. E. Richmond, Co. K, 111th, Mercer county
B. F. Colvin, Co. K, 111th, Mercer county
William Cooper, Co. I, 111th, Mercer county
William Calwell, Co. K, 111th, Mercer county
Thos. McCracken, Co. K, 111th, Mercer county
Hugh Bromley, Co. K, 111th, Erie county
Andrew Kunkle, Co. C, 111th, Erie county
John O'Connel, Co. C, 111th, Erie county
A. Wheeler, Co. C, 111th, Erie county
Silas J. Daniels, Co. B, 111th, Venango county
Thomas Woodale, Co. C, 111th, Erie county
Francis Joseph Co. K, 74th, Philadelphia
Charles Mehler_en, Co. A, 74th, Philadelphia
Adam G_leden, Co. E, 74th, Pittsburg
Sebastian Phankuck, Co. F, 74th, Pittsburg
Jacob Hoover, Co. A, 74th, Philadelphia
Frederick Vonderon, Co. A, 74th, Philadelphia
John H. Wagner, Co. D, 74th, Allegheny
Benedict Fontaine, Co. A, 74th Pittsburg.
Francis Weidenbenner, Co. D, 74th, Elk county
Benjamin Ireland, First Pennsylvania Rifle Bucktails, Tioga County
Charles Ferat, Philadelphia
Alford Dickason, Co. B, 3d, Delaware county
Albert Coulter, Co. F, 28th
David Hart, Co. F, 28th
Sergeant John Simonson, Co. I, 28th
David Rambo, Co. M, 28th, Philadelphia
Jesse Clare, Co. B, 28th, Westmoreland county
William Taylor, Co. B, 28th, typhoid fever, July 19
Cyrus Ackerman, Co. B, 28th, Westmoreland co.
Samuel Kunkle, Co. E, 28th, Lehigh
Henry Shadel, Co. D, 28th, Philadelphia
Joseph Corrigan, Co. D, 28th, Philadelphia
William Hammer Co. D, 28th, Philadelphia
Dennis Murphy, Co. C, 28th, Philadelphia
Sergeant G. A. Koeble, Co. C, 28th, Philadelphia
Wash. Brown, Co. O, 28th, Huntingdon county
Albert N. Ensel, Co. H, 28th, Pittsburg
Joseph Son, Co. A, 28th, Luzerne county
John Smith, Co. B, 28th, Westmoreland county
Benjamin Brien, Co. G, 28th, Sullivan county
Charles Jones, Co. H, 28th, Pittsburg
Thomas W. Ash, Co. A, 28th, Chester county
Thomas Conn, Co. F, 29th, Philadelphia
James Bradbury, Co. A, 29th, Philadelphia
Samuel Kay, Co. A, 29th, Philadelphia
Walter Shuttes, Co. K, 29th, Philadelphia
Alfred Yeager, Co. F, 29th, Philadelphia
Charles P. Conner, 29th, Philadelphia
Henry Shevers, Co. F, 73d, Philadelphia
Frederick Gilk, 73d, Philadelphia
James F. Lloyd, Co. F, 73d, Philadelphia
James Kenny, Co. H, 73d, Philadelphia
James McMahon, Co. F, 73d, Philadelphia
Thomas Devim, Co. H, 73d, Philadelphia
Philip Newkomet, Co. H, 73d, Philadelphia
William Coolagan, Co. E, 73d, Philadelphia
Charles Tusten, Co. F, 73d, Philadelphia
Charles Pollard, Co. E, 73d, Philadelphia
Thomas J. Manson, Co. E, 73d, Philadelphia
Augustus Hartman, Co. I, 73d, Philadelphia
Daniel Eagan, Co. F, 73d, Philadelphia
Griffith O'Kelly, Co. I, 73d, Philadelphia
John McKnight, Co. E, 73d, Philadelphia, died
Martin Ziegler, 73d, Philadelphia
Charles Wohlgemet, 73d, Philadelphia
William Rifford, Co. B, 73d, Philadelphia
Frederick Wathler, Co. , 73d, Philadelphia
Timothy Mahoney, Co. I, 73d, Philadelphia
John Riley, Co. K, 73d, Lancaster county
Henry Greendwalt, Co. G, 73d, Lancaster county
James Barnes, Co. K, 73d, Lancaster county
Benjamin Vandever, Co. K, 73d, Chester county
Joseph Elderbrand, Co. D, 84th, Columbia county
Patrick Lestor, Co. F, 69th, Philadelphia
Jacob Hantz, Co. C, 75th, Philadelphia
Philip Diel, Co. A, 75th, Philadelphia
Lewis Staterer, Co. B, 75th, Philadelphia
George Stork, Co. G, 75th, Philadelphia
Gottlieb Doebler, Co. B, 75th, Philadelphia
Eronemus Mite, Co. F, 75th, Philadelphia
Ludwik Smith Co. B, 75th, Philadelphia
Martin Libherr?, Co. A, 75th, Philadelphia
Lewis Ott, Co. B, 75th, Philadelphia
George Reigart, Co. H, 75th, Philadelphia
Jacob Morris, Co. B, 75th, Philadelphia
John Staal, Co. H, 75th, Philadelphia
Charles Goodman, Co. F, 75th, Schuylkill county
John Buchler, Co. A, 75th, Schuylkill county
William Riegle Co. D, 40th Dauphin county
Francis Baronsky, Co. K, 4_th, Northumberland co.
George A. Post, Co. H, 46th Potter county
James Ryan, Co. H, 46th, Potter county, nurse.
John Cole, Somerset county
Hugh Cole, Somerset county
Vanransaleer Kenyon, 46th, Potter county, nurse
Nicholas Curren, Co. K, 46th, Schuylkill county
Francis Daugherty, Co. B, 46th, Allegheny co.
John Leo, Co. C, 46th, Philadelphia
J. Johnson, Co. I, 46th, Luzerne county
Henry M. Munson, Co. G, 46th, Potter county
David Lowry, Co. H, 46th, Potter county
John T. Carlin, Co. A, 46th, Mifflin county
Washington B. Coder, 12th U. S., Huntingdon co.
James Smith, teamster, Adams county
W. J. McMillan, Knap's Battery, Philadelphia
John Erehman, Sherman's Battery, Philadelphia
James T. Bigelow, Washington county
James C. Ecker, Pittsburg
Joseph Walton, Pittsburg
Henry Burns, Pittsburg


Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Page 5
Dated: Monday, July 25, 1892
List of the Unfortunates Killed in the York Farm Mine Explosion
     Pottsville, Pa., July 2. - The list of victims of Saturday's explosion of gas at York farm colliery has increased to fifteen dead and one momentarily expected to breathe his last.  Thus not one of the men working in the vicinity of of where the explosion occurred will be able to tell the tale of disaster except Llewellyn, the man who first notice the presence of gas and the usual running of coal, and who, by strictly complying with colliery rules, had gone to inform the fire boss of these unusual indications and thus was absent from the vicinity of the explosion.  His story is that he and his "butty," Christian Hornicker, whose body still lies buried in the mine, had fired a shot with a battery in breast No. 1 of the second lift and immediately there was a strong rush of gas and run of coal.  This gas rushed up the airway connecting the first and second lifts and was ignited, it is supposed, by one of the safety lamps that was either upset and broken and faulty and the terrible explosion followed, whereby the men working in the immediate vicinity were affected as above mentioned and the gangways filled with fallen rock, coal and timber, covering up the bodies of some of the men.  All the bodies have been recovered except Harrison and Hornicker, and it is expected they will be brought to the surface before morning. 
The complete list of the victims follows, all of whom are now dead but one:
     GEORGE KRISE of Middle Creek, twenty-one years, single, laborer.
     WILLIAM JONES, Minersville, seventeen years, single, door boy.
     WILLIAM M. WEYMAN, Minersville, thirty-one years, wife and several children, miner.
     ANTHONY PUTLAVITCH, Pottsville, thirty, wife and one child, laborer.
     HERMAN WERNER, St. Clair, forty-five, wife and large family, miner.
     THOMAS JONES, Minersville, thirty-five, wife and four children, miner.
     ANTHONY STOCK, Yorkville, sixteen, single, laborer.
     HENRY MADARA, Pottsville, thirty-one, wife and five children, miner.
     EDWARD CURRAN, Mount Laffee, thirty-five, wife and two children, miner.
     THOMAS F. LANDERS, Pottsville, twenty-seven, wife and one child, laborer.
     ROBERT W. ALLOTT, Pottsville, forty-two, wife and eight children, miner.
     C. D. ALLOTT, Pottsville, seventeen, single, laborer.
     JAMES HARTZELL, Llewellyn, thirty-seven, wife and one child, mine carpenter.
     JOHN HARRISON, Wadesville, thirty, wife and three children, fire boss.
     CHRISTIAN HORNICKER, thirty-six, St. Clair, miner, wife and three children.
     GEORGE STOCK, Yorkville, twenty-two, recently married, still living.
     Of the above Henry Madara, Thomas Landers, Robert and Charles Allott and Edward Curran, who were still living when taken from the mine, died since last evening.




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