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FROM 1800-1846
Extracted from 1903 Virginia History


     John Gibson was born 1759, in Culpeper county, Virginia, son of Peter, where he resided until 1782.  He was reared on the plantation of his father with only the limited opportunities of the Log Cabin School House for an education, and these but for three months in the year.
     September 30, 1778, at the age of nineteen, he enlisted as a private soldier in the Culpeper county militia, or minute-men, under Capt. Francis Miller, with whom he marched from Culpeper to Orange, thence to Spottsylvania, thence to Essex county, and later to Mobinhills, below Richmond, at which place his command was stationed four weeks with troops from all parts of Virginia.  Subsequently they marched to Williamsburg, where he remained till the end of the service for which he enlisted.
     In 1779 he again enlisted for three months, as a substitute for his father, Peter, under Capt. James Smith; was at Williamsburg, Norfolk and Jamestown.  In April of that year he was honorably discharged.
     In 1781 John Gibson was drafted, on his own account, by Capt. Fisher Rice, under whom he marched from Culpeper to Louisa county.  He served until discharged, returning to his home in Culpeper.  In 1782 he removed with his parents to Albemarle county, where he married and reared a large family, living in the same neighborhood for sixty-eight years.
     In early life Mr. Gibson made a profession of religion, and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church.  In 1793 he was licensed by the Quarterly Conference of said Church as a local minister, and as such performed many marriages in the community in which he lived.  He kept a record of these marriages from 1800 to 1846.  On Aug. 3, 1846, he filed the same in the United States Pension Office with his application for a pension, from which application the foregoing facts have been taken, together with the following list of marriages:


Allen, Orville Davis, Sarah Ann 1844 Dec. 18
Ansel, Robert Boswell, Harriet 1835 May 14
Archer, James W. Roberts, Nancy 1846 May 10
Austin, Henry Dickerson, Henrietta 1830 Jan. 26
Austin, Mildred Sims, Blewford 1831 Feb. 2
Austin, Renelder Wats, Mahala K. 1830 Feb. 11
Austin, Samuel Johnson, Elizabeth 1801 Sep. 9
Bailey, Dosha Ann Harris, Lansy 1821 Aug. 9
Baker, Noah Going, Susan 1833 Sep. 19
Ballard, Mary Thompson, William 1816 Sep. 4
Ballard, Mary Ellis, Thomas 1821 Apr. 5
Ballard, Milly Gardener, Wilson 1820 Sep. 21
Ballard, Patsey Brown, Garland 1824 Sep. 23
Barnes, Elizabeth Wyant, Frederick 1838 Apr. 1
Barnett, Margaret Tyre, Garrett 1829 Aug. 11
Bateman, Caroline Shiflet, Harry 1840 Jun. 16
Bateman, Harriet Shiplett, Jackson 1840 Jun. 16
Baughker, Asa Rucker, Eliza 1842 Mar. 4
Baughker, Sarah Morriss, Garrett 1836 Apr. 17
Beadle, Elizabeth Ann Powell, Yancey 1833 Oct. 24
Beasley, Sarah Long, James 1839 May 9
Bedders, Fielding Mohler, Hannah 1824 Aug. 20
Beddows, Sophia Marshall, Wilson 1828 Jan. 6
Bingham, George Ross, Priscilla 1824 Jun. 8
Bingham, John Harshbarger, Mary 1816 Aug. 22
Bingham, Lucy Ann Dowel, Fountain 1837 Jan. 19
Bingham, Maria Estes, Elisha 1815 Aug. 24
Bingham, Milly Rife, Henry 1816 Jun. 6
Bingham, Polly Harvey, Anthony 1808 Feb. 25
Bingham, Rebecca Bingham, Wyat 1812 Jul. 23
Bingham, Rhoda Douglas, George 1810 Apr. 3
Bingham, Wyat Bingham, Rebecca 1812 Jul. 23
Blackwell, William B. Sims, Mary Elizabeth 1835 Sep. 10
Boswell, Harriet Ansel, Robert 1835 May 14
Breading Ephraim Haney, Jenny 1824 Oct. 15
Breading, Harrison Morris, Lucretia 1843 Sep. 19
Breading, James Gibbins, Rachel 1816 Apr. 9
Brian, James Freek, Elizabeth 1834 Oct. 1
Brickham, Blewford Catterson, Elizabeth 1822 Dec. 17
Brown, Amanda Brown, George S. 1830 Nov. 18
Brown, Ann Dickenson, John 1815 Jan. 17
Brown, Bernis Garrison, Patsey M. 1822 Dec. 22
Brown, Clifton Brown, Sally 1823 Jan. 30
Brown, Elizabeth Carthra, Charles 1818 Oct. 6
Brown, Garland Ballard, Patsey 1824 Sep. 23
Brown, George S. Brown, Amanda 1830 Nov. 18
Brown, Sally Brown, Clifton 1823 Jan. 30
Bruce, Louden B. Shiflett, Lina 1837 Apr. 20
Bryan, Robert Jollett, Lurania 1839 Jan. 16
Burkett, Elizabeth Martin, George 1826 May 4
Burkhead, Francis Wood, Emily 1832 Jan. 24
Burns, James Knight, Elizabeth 1818 Apr. 28
Burton, Aylett Williams, Patsey 1833 Jan. 1
Bush, Aaron Meadows, Mary 1804 Nov. 11
Carthra, Charles Brown, Elizabeth 1818 Oct. 6
Catterson, Elizabeth Brickham, Blewford 1822 Dec. 17
Catterton, Eliza Shurmond, George W. 1885? Oct. 13
Catterton, Elizabeth Lamb, Henry 1834 Jan. 2
Catterton, Michael Mills, Lucy 1826 May 22
Catterton, Sarah Maupine, Pleasant 1837 Aug. 31
Cattleton, Amanda A. Elliott, Parrott 1843 Oct. 5
Cave, Harriet Masn, Thompson 1836 Jan. 21
Cave, Hiram Shiplett, Madison 1844 Jun. 5
Chewning, Sally Roberts, Curtis 1814 Mar. 17
Coatney, John Smith, Nancy 1838 Feb.4
Coleman, William Dowel, Nancy 1818 Jun. 11
Collier, Caswell Haney, Elizabeth 1837 Apr. 27
Collier, Chapman Morris, Charlotte 1830 Jan. 26
Collier, Frances Shiflett, Solomon 1838 Oct. 18
Collier, George Shiplett, Susan 1842 Jan. 21
Collier, Martin Marshall, Fanny 1817 Jan. 30
Collier, Mary M. Shiplett, Stephen C. 1840 Oct. 28
Collier, Nancy Mallory, Elihu 1842 Nov. 15
Collins, Betsey Dunn, James 1818 Nov. 12
Collins, Frances Sullivan, Jeremiah 1824 Jan. 1
Conley, David Wyant, Catharine 1804 Mar. 10
Connel, Timothy Wyant, Nancy 1822 Mar. 7
Connell, John Morris, Tilda 1829 Aug. 6
Connell, Zachariah Morris, Drucilla 1834 Feb. 6
Cox, Malinda Whitehead, William 1830 Feb. 20
Craig, Isabella Lamb, James 1839 Apr. 14
Crawford, Obadiah Wyant, Anna 1825 Jun. 16
Crawford, Wade Morris, Elizabeth 1829 Nov. 17
Cretsall, Godfrey Wood, Sally 1824 Dec. 21
Currier, James Shiplett, Louisa 1839 Dec. 19

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