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Parish Register
Christ Church, Middlesex County, Va.
from 1653 to 1812,
Published by
The National Society of the Colonial Dames of
America in the State of Virginia
Wm. Ellis Jones, Steam Book and Job Printer


     The section in Virginia comprised within the present county of Middlesex, was at first included in Lancaster county and parish.  Some time before 1666 that parish was divided into two portions, separated by the Rappahanhock river, and the new parishes were named Lancaster and Pyanketank.  In 1666 they were reunited under the name of Lancaster, but a few years later again was separated and acquired the organization which they retained through the Colonial period, as Christ Church, Lancaster, and Christ Church, Middlesex.  The register of the latter is printed in this book.
     The vestry-book of Christ Church, Middlesex, beginning in 1663 and ending in 1767, which is now preserved at the 'Episcopal Theological Seminary, Alexander county, Va., shows that a Mr. Morris was minister from 1663 to 1666.  He was succeeded in 1668 by Rev. John Shepherd, who at the time of his death in 1683, is described by his vestry as "our late worthy minister."  In November of that year Major-General Robert Smith, one of the vestry, who had been commissioned to procure a minister, returned from England, bringing with him Rev. Duell Pead.  This clergyman served the parish acceptably for seven years and then returned to England, where, it is believed, he became rector of Newland, St. Lawrence, Essex.  Rev. Mathew Lidford, Mr. Pead's successor in 1692, only lived about a year, and was in turn followed by Rev. Samuel Gray, a most unworthy minister, who was tried for his life, for causing the death of one of his slaves by a severe whipping.  This, it is presumed, caused his resignation or expulsion, as in 1699 the minister was Rev. Robert Yates, who continued until 1703 or 1704, when he returned to England in ill health.  He appears to have been esteemed by his vestry, who continued his salary for some time in hope of his return.  In 1704 he was succeeded by his son Bartholomew Yates, B. A., Brasenose College, Oxford, 1698, who continued to be the much loved and trusted incumbent, until his death on July 26, 1734.  He was also a visitor and professor of William and Mary College.  A tomb erected by his parishioners at Christ Church, bears tetimony to the high regard in which he was held.  Rev. John Klug succeeded to Mr. Yates in 1767, and, it is believed, continued until his death in 1795.  He is represented to have been a pious and efficient minister.
     The church now standing in the parish was built in 1712, and succeeded one, on the same spont, which was ordered to be built in 1666.
     Bishop Meade says of the parish: "This being an early settlement, lying on one of hte finest rivers in Virginia, and near the bay, we might expect to find here many of the ancestors of some of the most respectable families of Virginia.  As the vestrymen were chosen from the leading citizens of each parish, we shall give, in the order in which they appear on the vestry-book for more than a hundred years, a full list of all who served the parish in that capacity.  Those who have any acquaintance with the Virginia families, and with many who have dispersed themselves throughout the West and South, will readily trace great numbers to the parish of which we are treating.  For the sake of brevity, we shall only mention the surnames.  Corgin, Perrott, Chewning, Potter, Vause, Weeks, Willis, Cock, Curtis, Smith, Dudley, Thacker, Skipwith, Beverley, Wrmeley, Jones, Miller, Scarborough, Woodley, 5th; Corbin, 3; Smith, 4th; Brymes, 2d; Stanard, wd; Reid, Carter, 2d; Elliott, Miles, Montague, Grymes, 3; Nelson, Smith,4th."
    The register here printed, was, together with the vestry-book, among those collected by Bishop Meade, and deposited in the Episcopal Theological Seminary, where it now is.  The Virginia Society of Colonial Dames is indebted to the trustees of the Seminary for permission to bring the register to Richmond for the purpose of copying.
     The copy here printed was made by one of the Virginia Dames, Mrs. Sally Nelson Robins, of Richmond, and compared with the original, and verified by Messrs. Edward W. James and William G. Stanard.



Novembr: the 19th. 1663.     

     At a Vestry held for the parish of Lancaster at the House of Mr. Henry Corgin & c.
     Whereas it doth apeare that there is an Act of Assembly Injoyning all Parishes to keep a perfect Register of all Christenings, Burialls and marriages, as by the said act will more at large appeare, In obedience whereunto we the Vestry of Lancaster parish being the Major part of us now mett together Doe hereby Authorize and appoint Mr Henry Corgin to keepe a true Register of Every thing Required by the Said Act for this Ensuing year and it is further agreed that Every Vestry man shall take the Charge of the said Register for a whole yeare, if a Clerk be not provided in the Interim.


Register of Christ Church Parish

1671 &c. CHRISTENINGS &c 9
The Age of Severall Negroes of Mr Richd Perrott 11
July 22th 1673 Doodis Minor's Negros Entred 11
Mr. Reeves three negros were Entered July 6th 1672 11
An accot of Christenings and ages of Children for the yeare 1680 &c. 15
An Accompt of Christenings & Ages of Children For the Yeare 1681 16
Christenings ffor hte Year 1681 - &c. 17
An Accompt of Christenings ffor the Yeare 1682
MARRIAGES. 1681 19
BURIALLS - 1678 21
1681 WEDDINGS OR MARRIAGES &c  1683 22
CHRISTENINGS 1682 &c. 24
CHRISTENINGS - 1683 & 1684 25
CHRISTENINGS - 1684 &c. 26
CHRISTENINGS - 1685 &c. 27
BURIALLS - 1686 29
CHRISTENINGS - 1685  1686 & 1687 30
1686 CHRISTENED &c 32
1686 MARRIED 33
BURIALS - 1687 - VIZt 37
CHRISTENINGS - 1688 &c 38
BURIALSS - 1688 39
CHRISTENINGS - 1689 & 1690 40
CHRISTENINGS - 1693 & 1694 42
CHRISTENINGS - 1694 & 1695 43
CHRISTENINGS - 1695 &c 44
From another book.
Registry of Marriages Commencing May 19th 1795.
Marriages Commencing January 1st, 1796. 302
Births & Christenings for the Year of our Lord, 1770. 305


     Madam ffrances Wormeley the wife of Collo Christopr Wormeley Esqr, Departed this Life on the 25th of May 1685 & was buried at home.  In theire Garden the next Day following being 26th of May 1685.
     Mrs Martha Boodle Departed this Life 10th and was buried 12th July 1685.
     Thomas Allen (Smith of this County) Departed this Life 10th of Augt 1685 being the same Day whereon he was Married to Lucy Blake & Dyed before night and was buried ye next day following.
     Mr John Batcheldor Departed this Life 4th Xemb & was Buried at home the 7th Xemb 1685.
     Anthony Barlow Departed this Life 12th Xemb. and was buried at home ye 15th Xemb. 1685.
     Matthew Bentley Departed this Life 8th of January & was buried 11th of January 1685.
     Mrs. Agatha Robinson wife of Mr. Christopr Robinson Departed this Life 25th of January 1685/6 & was buried 27th January 1685/6
     John Dawd, Cooper & Servant to Major Robert Bevereley Departed this Life 17th of Septemb 1686.
     Thomas Beverely the Sone of Major Robert Beverelly and Madam Katherine his Wife Departed this Life 20th of September 1686 and was buried at the Lower chapll In the Ile 22th September 1686.
     Rachell Dewd the Wife of Richard Dewd Departed this Life ye 29th of July 1681, and was buried in the Church Yard of our Lower Chpall ye 30th July 1681.
     Elizabeth Poticarie Servt Tho Dudley died ye po Sept & was buried 2th 1681.
     William Allen Departed this Life 4th of Septemb 1681 & was buried in ye Lower Chapll Church yard ye next day following being 5th 9br 1681.
     William Watson Departed this Life 6th Xemb. & was buried in the Church yard of the great Church 8th of Xemb - 1681.
     Henry Stalker Departed this Life 12th Xemb. 1681 & was buried next day.
     Robert Stephens Departed this Life 21th of Jan'y 1681 & buried 23th following.
     Henry Chichley Kt. & his Majts Deputy Governor of Virginia Departed this Life on Munday morning Early being 5th of ffebuary 1682/3 & was Buried in Christ church Chancell Middlesex County neare the Comunion Table 9th of ffebuary 1682/3 following &c.

[Pg. 8]

     John Hunten Dyed at Major Beverley's & was buried there 23th day of febr. 1682/3
     Mr. John Sheppard, Minister of this parish Departed this Life 30th of June 1683 about 5 or 6 of ye Clock afternoone & was buried in ye Great Church at ye head of ye Ile on ye Second day of July following &c.
     Elizabeth Stamper ye Wife of Jno. Stamper departd this life 29th Aprill 1683.
     Thomas Williams ye husband of Bridgt departd this Life 20th Xemb 1683 and was buried in ye Great Churchyard 23th Xemb. 1683.
     John Smith Servant to Collo Chr Wormeley Esqr Departed this Life 10th March & was buried the 11th of March 1683/4.
     Capt Henry Creyke Departed this Life po June & buried at home 6th June 1684.
     Amie Orphan Departed this Life 26th June & was buried ye po July 1684.
     John Slanter Departed this Life ye 18th & was buried 19th of August  1684.
     William Young Departed this Life 26th & was buried 28th of Sept. at Ed. Dockey.
     Mrs. Mary Bentley
the wife of Mr. Matthew Bentley Departed this Life ye 27th of Septemb. & was buried 29th of Septemb. 1684.
     Mr. Humphrey Jones Departed this Life 16th & was buried 20th of Octob. 1684.
     Margaret Ashton Departed this Life 24th & was Buried 28th of March 1684.
     The Honerable Lady Madam Katherine Wormeley Wife to the Honble Ralph Wormley Esqr Departed this Life 17th of May 1685 & was buried in the Chancell of the Great Church betweene ye Honble ***** Chickley & ***


     Mary Daughter of John and Mary Batcheldor baptz Sept. 12th 1653.
     Sarah Daught of Jno. and Mary Batcheldor born
     Rebecca Daughter of Jno. & Mary Batcheldr was borne Octor 2th 1658.
     William Sone of Jno. & Mary Batcheldr was Born July 22th 1667 of a Munday betweene one and two of Clock.
     Thomas Sone of Richard & Marg Williams Baptz Sept 22th 1670.
     Sarah Daughter of Jno. & Jane Watts was Baptz Octobr 30th 1670.
     Sarah Daughter of James & Mary Hopkins baptz October 30th 1670.
     Ann Daughter of Richd and Anne Robinson baptz Novr 20th 1670.
     William Sone of Wm and Eliza Wood was baptz July 17th 1670.
     Sarah Williams was Baptized the 5th of March 1670.
     Alice the Daughter of Tho. and Margt Weatherby baptz March 20th 1670.
     Clemt the Sone of Mary Sanders was Christened the 16th of Aprll 1671.
     Aliza Daughter of Daniell & Mary Banbry was Christ" Aprll 16th 1671.

[Pg. 9]

     William the Sone frances Porter and Lucy the Daughter of John and Jone Blake was Christened the 7th of May 1671.
the Daughter of Tho. and Eliz" Conaway Christnd May 20th
the Daught of Jno. and Jone Blake was born Sept. 13th 1658.
Daughter of the above said was born Aprill 8th 1660.
     George t
he sone of the ab. sd. the 8th of March, 1661.
Daughter of the ab. sd. borne 11th January 1663.
Daughter of ye ab. sd. was born 19th Sept. 1664.
     Jone the Datr
of the ab. sd. was born 10th of No" 1664.
     Lucy the Dr
of the ab. sd. was Christnd the 7th of May 16**.
Being the age of seven Children of John and Jone Blake above said &c.


Jone the Daughter of Thomas and Grace Shoare and Amey the Daughter of Ralph and Margt Smith were baptz Augt 20th 1671.
the Some of William and Presilla Watson born feb 23th 1669.
the son of John and Barbara Allin Christnd Sept 10th 1671.
Daughter of Richard and Margt Williams Christnd Octobr 22th 1671.
Daughter of David and Joane Allinson Christnd Octobr 29th 1671.
Bryan the son of Bryan and Hannah Harkins born feb 20th 1663.
the sone of ye afores'd Bryan & Hannah Harkins was born August the 25th 1666.
William t
he sone of Wm. and Presilla Watson was born Janr 17th 1671.
ye Daughter of Jno. Sutton & Eliza Ellis Christnd Decembr 25th 1671.
Daughter of frances and Erasmus Withers Chrd March 17th 1671.
the sone of Edward Michaell Christened April 28th 1672.
the son of Thomas Williams and Bridgt Catt May 19th 1672.


Richard Rumiger Servant to Mr. Robert Chowning Drowned in his Creek Decembr the 12th 1660.
Daughter of Tho. and Mary Tugwell Dyed & was buried November the 22th 1660.
John Wilch
dyed and was Buried 30th 1660.
Thomas Butterfield M. Boswel's
Servant Dyed Decembr 5th 1660.
Arthur M. Vaus
man Dyed Jan' 1st 1660/1.
William Owen
Servt to Henry Corbin Dyed July 13th 1661.
Matthew Booker
Servant to Mr Jno. Vause was drowned May 26th 1661.
James Poynter
Serv't to Mr Perrott Dyed Augst 28th 1661.
William Green
Servant to Mr Perrott Dyed Augst 25th 1661.
Richard Travars
Servant to Mr Perrott Dyed Augst 30th 1661.
Rich'd Woodcock
Servant to Mr Boswell Dyed Octobr 10th 1661.
Alice Ripinge
Servant to Mr. Boswell Dyed July 20th 1661.

[Pg. 10]

     Mr Shereefes Servant to Mr Corgin Dyed Octobr 11th 1661.
     John Gibbor
Servant to Mr. Corgin Dyed Decembbr 2th 1661
     John Ballard Servant to Mr. Christor Withnell Dyed ffebr 20th 1661.
     John Thomas Servant to Mr. Thacker, Dyed March 5th, 1662.
     Hugh Williams Servant to Mr. Curtis Dyed July    th
     Dorcas Stamper the wife of John Stamper Dyed July 16th 1667
     John Smyth Husband to Margt Smyth Dyed Decembr 16th 1669
     Capt. Wormley's Wife's Son Aylmer Dyed the 16th and was Buried the 18th of January In the Chancell near the South end of ye Communion Table 1669.
     Mary wife to Tho. Reenes and her Sone were Buried in ye Alley Novembr 27th (neare her Pew) 1669.
     William Hill was Buried in the Church Yard ffebruary 12th 1669.
     Edward Thompson was Buried in the Entering into ye Chancell May 21th 167_.


     Lettice Corbin the Daughter of Henry Corbin Esqr was born and Christened the 25th Day of ____ 1657.
     Alice Corbin Daughter of Henry Corbin Esqr was borne halfe an houre after five o'clock in the evening Feby 14th 1660.
     Robert Chowning Sone of Robert and Jone Chowning was Christened ffebruary 23th 1660.  Born 4th of May 1659.
     Mary Willis Daughter of Tho. and Mary Willis Christened ffebr 23th 1660.
     Thomas Willis Sone of Tho. and Mary Willis was born Sept. 8th 1660.
     Ellianor Willis Daughter of Tho. & Mary Willis  borne Aprill 18th 1655.
     Richard Willis Sone of Tho. and Mary Willis borne Novembr 24th 1658.
     John Willis Sone of Tho. and Mary Willis borne Novembr 24th 1658.
     Elizabeth Daughter of Tho. and Maragt Williams Christd Aprll 4th 1661.
     Katherine Daughter of Abraham and Millicent Weekes christened the 15th of December 166_.
     Winifrid Corbin daughter of Henry and Alice Corbin was borne the 3d Day of Novembr at 12 a Clock at night, and Christnd the 12th of Aprill 1662.
     George the Sone of Jno. and ffrances Hazlewood borne 25th 16661.
     Diana Vause Daughter of Jno. and Ann Vause Christened Aprill 9th 1662.
     Henry the sone of Henry and Eltonhead Thacker was borne the 9th Day of August 1663.
     Ann Daughter of Henry and Alice Corbin was borne ffebr 9th and was Christened the 29th of the same Month 1664.
     Henry Son of Henry and Alice Corbin ffebr 12th At one a Clock in the Morning and was Christened on Easter Tuesday March 22th, 1667.
     Mary the Daughter of Andrew and Sarah Williamson was Borne the ffirst Day of Novembr about 3 a Clock in the After Noone 1669.
     Ann Daughter of David and Jone Allinson was borne March 12th 1665.

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      The age of 3 children of William Y Elton head Stanard:
     Eltonhead Stanard
was borne 2th of Septembr 1678.
     Sarah Yates by marriage Sarah Stanard was borne 12th of July 1680.
     William Stanard was borne 15th of ffebruary 1682.
     Ann the Illegitimate Daughter of George Anderton by Sarah was baptized p. Mr. Pead 7th of March 1683/4
     Walter the Illegimate Son of Walter Lewis by Jane Burk baptized p. Mr. Pead 6th of Aprill 1684.
     The age of 4 children of Alexandr & Mary Murrey:
     Ann Murrey
was borne the 12th of Aprill 1673.
     Mary Murrey was borne the 22th of Novemb. 1674.
     Rebecca Murrey was born the 28th of Octbr 1676
     Francis the sone of ffrancis & Eliza Dodson born 15th of July 1684.
     Ann Smith Daughter of Anthony Smith & Ann his wife borne the 10 day of July, and baptized 11th of August 1678.
     Elizabeth Lee Daughter of Tho. and Eliza Lee baptized 11th of Augst. 1678.
      John Atwood Sone of James and Mary Atwood was borne the 14th of July 1678, and was baptised 22th of Sept 1678.
      Thomas Jones Sone of Tho. & Mary Jones baptz 33th of Novemb. 1678.
     Richard Daniell sone of William & Jochebed Daniell was borne Sept. 30th 1678.
     John Lee Sone of Major Richard Lee and Madn Lettice Lee his wife was baptized 3th of Xember 1678.
     George Davis the Sone of George & Susanna Davis baptz 22th Xemb 1678.
     Sarah Clay Daughter of George and Sarah Clay borne 4th Xemb and was baptized 2th of ffebruary 1678.
     Margret Askew Daughter of Richd and Eliza Askew baptx 2th Janry 1678.
     Christopher Sutton Son of Jno and Eliza Sutton borne ffebry 27th 1678.
     Mary Hill Daughter of Tho. & Ann Hill was borne the 14th of ffebruary and baptized the 6 of Aprill 1678.
     Dianah Young the Daughter of William and Johanr Young borne the 19th of ffebruary 1678 and was baptised 6th of Aprill 1678.
     Richard Allen the Sone of Richd and Ann Allen borne 17th Janry 1678 and Baptized 13th of Aprill 1679.
     Gerrat Minor the Sone of Doodis and Eliza Minor was Baptized 13th of Aprill 1679.
     Eliabeth Mins the Daughter of Thomas and Ann Mins borne the 29th of March, and baptized 11th May 1679.
     Mary Colless the Daughter of Ambr's and Elizabeth Colless was borne the 25th of Aprill and baptized 18th of May 1679.
     John Burk the Sone of Jno & Jane Burk borne 16th of Augst 1678 and baptized 18th of May 1679.
     Elizabeth Tuydey Daughter of Eliz. Tudey borne March 24th 1678 baptz Apr 20th 1679.
     Elizabeth Norman Daughter of Henry & Ann Norman borne 29th May 1679 and baptized 15th June Ditto yeare.

[Pg. 15]

     Jane Burnet Daughter of Wm. & Loretta Burnet borne 14th May baptz 15th June 1679.
     Susanna Gess Daughter of William and Eliza Guess borne 7th Apr Baptz 13th July 1679.
     Robena Hughs Daughter of Jno & Eliza Hughes borne 30th July baptz 31th August 1679.
     Sarah the Daughter of Peter & Ellinor Brunwell was baptized 2th 
     Sarah the Daughter of Peter & Ellinor Brunwell was baptized 2th of November 1679.
     Joseph Micham Sone of John & Micall Micham borne 17th Octobr baptz 23th Novr 1679.
     John & Elizabeth Patre the Sone and Daughter of Matthew & Eliza Patre baptz 7th Xmb. 1679.
     Ann Thomas Daughter of Robert and Ancoretta Thomas baptized 21th Xemb. 1679.
     Margaret the Daughter of Andrew and Sarah Williamson borne 16th of August 1679 and baptized 25th Xemb. 1679.
     Robert Smith Sone of Tho. & Eliz. Smith baptz 18 Janry 1679.
     Thomas Stacey Sone of Tho. & Eliza Stacey baptz ffebr 18th 1679.
     Mary Daughter of Wm & Eliza Wood baptz 22th feb 1679.
     Katherine Wormeley Daughter of Capt. Ralph Wormeley Esq was Baptz 4th March 1679.
     Winifrid Seager Daughter of Randolph & Mary Seager baptz Mar 14th 1679.
     Elizabeth Basket Dautr Jno. & Eliza Basket baptz 14th March 1679.
     Jno. Charles Richman Son of Tho. and Eliza Richman borne 30th Janr 1679.
     Winifrid Nichols Dar of Henry & Alice Nichols baptz 14 feb.

An accot of Christenings and ages of Children for the yeare 1680 &c.
     Elizabeth Weatherston the Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Weatherstone was baptised at the Lower Chappell p Mr Sheppard the 28th of March.
     Mary Slanter
the Daughter of John and Sarah Slanter was borne 4th of March 1679, and baptized 28th of March 1680.
     Dorothy Long
the Wife of Daniel Long aged    yeares was Baptized at the Upper Chappell p. Mr Shepard 4th of Aprill, the above yeare.
     Ann Petty
the Daughter of Maxamilian and Christian Petty was borne the 25th of March and was Baptized at home p. Mr Sheppard 11th of Aprill.
     Elizabeth Jones
the Daughter of Thomas and Mary Jones was baptz 2th of May.
     Mary Slanter t
he Daughter of Anthony and Dorothy Slanter was baptz 25th Ap".
     Joseph Humphrys
the Sone of John and Ann Humphrys baptz 9th of May.
     Johannah Bristow
the Daughter of Jno and Michall Bristow baptz 9th May.
     Ann Mason
the Daughter of Josiah and Eliza Mason Baptized 30th of May.
     James Williams
the Sone of John and Mary Williams baptized 6th of June.

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