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Source:  American Repertory (St. Albans, VT)  Volume: IV  Issue: 48  Page: 3
Dated:  Oct. 6, 1825
SHARON WICK'S NOTE:  These were a little hard to read.
     Remaining in the Post-Office at St. Albans, on the 20th day of Sept. which will be transmitted to the General Post Office, unless taken out previous to the first day of January 1826.
St. Albans. Messrs. Mills & Blair,
D. Bailey,
Stephen G. Allen,
Lawrence Brainerd,
Peter Barker,
S. H. Balow,
Jonathan Atwood,
Henry Adams,
Matilda Bunnel,
Samuel Barlow,
Elbridge Bogham,
Wood Babcock,
Eliza Covill,
Revd. Phineas D_an,
Jonathan R. Danforth,
Almon Dunbar,
Diana Chappel,
Thomas M'Carrell,
Frances Cotham,
Benjamin Chambelin,
Jesse Clough,
Merwin Church,
Mr. Ferris,
John Farrar,
Lydia Fletcher,
Cynthia Goodnow,
Betsey Hayward,
Thomas Gibbs,
Patrick Gulogon,
Ivory Goins,
Silas Hathaway, 7.
William Haw Cooper, 2
Asahel Isham,
John Jackson,
Cynthia Kimball,
Asahel Langworthy, 5.
Rebeca Laws,
Samuel Marsh,
Ruth L. Niles,
Edwin Norton, 2.,
Edgecomb P-enus,
Isaiah Robinson,
Nath. Sales,
H. B. Smalley,
David Stevens,
Urial Smith,
Horace Stimson,
Thomas Stearns,
Amanda Smith,
Dennis Samson,
Almon or Hiram Gullar,
Cornelius Vanalstine,
J. A. Yanduzzer,
John B. Voodry, 3.
Sam'l. A. Watkins,
Josiah Woodworh,
Lyman Weeks,
Joseph H. B. Wood,
Swanton. John Shurtleff, Asa Stearn, James Brown.
Fairfield Richard Elwood.    
Stanbridge. Electa Capron    



     In Windsor, on the 27th ult. Mr. Luke Plumb to Miss Sarah G. Trask, daughter of Doct. N. Trask.  |
- Williston, Mr. Ephraim Griswold of Fort Ann, N. Y. to Miss Sally Walker.
Essex, N. Y.  Mr. J. K. Averill, Editor of the Essex Republican, to Miss Harriet D. Coats.
- Peacham, Stephen Crossman, Esq. aged 83, to widow Lydia Wekks, aged 70.
- Springfield, Rev. Dolphus Skinner, to Miss Gracia Walker.
Dr. Leonard Chase to Miss Eliza Walker

At the annual Communication of the Grand Encampment of this State, holden at Windsor, on teh 15th ult. the following Officers were duly elected.
M. E. Sir John H. Cotton, G. M.
E. Sir Silas Bowen, D. G. M.
E. Sir Daniel L. Potter, G. G.
E. Sir Hannibal Hodges, G. C. G.
E. & Rev. Sir Amos Drury, G. P.
E. Sir Jared W. Copeland, G. S. W.
E. Sir John M. Weeks, G. T.
E. Sir Isaac W. Hubbard, G. R.
E. Sir Asahel Parsons, G. S. B.
E. Sir James Cochran, G. S. B.
E. Sir Whitman B. Haskins, G. W.
E. Sir Abel Page, G. C. & S.
E. Sir Stilman Blanchard, G. Y.

Source: Boston Journal (Boston, MA) Vol: LXII Issue: 20370 Page: 8
Dated: Monday, July 8, 1895

     Hiram George Fancher died suddenly Sunday afternoon at his home, 238 Pleasant Street, Watertown.  He was apparently as well as ever in the afternoon, when suddenly he felt a severe pain at the base of his brain and complained to his wife.  She hastily dispatched a messenger for medical aid, and tried to soothe the pain, but in less than 20 minutes Mr. Fancher was dead.  Dr. Mead said the breaking of a blood vessel was the cause of death.  Mr. Fancher was born in Essex, N. Y., and was 46 years of age.  He was formerly a stock broker, with an office in Johnson, Vt.  He had lived for the past five years in Watertown, being yard master at the Aetna Mills, and also keeper of the mill boarding house.  He leaves a widow, two sons and a daughter, the eldest son being Assistant Superintendent of the Vermont Industrial School.  The remains will be taken to Johnson, Vt., for interment.
(Contributed by Sharon Wick)
Source: St. Albans Daily Messenger - Vermont
Dated: Nov. 23, 1898
Case of Sartwell Against Sowles and Ladd Goes to the Jury.
When court came in yesterday afternoon Albert Sowles was called and further examined.  He said that he first talked with Sartwell in Feb. 1895 about the defendant vacating the premises and again in March he told him he must leave the farm in April and Sartwell said that he should not unless he was obliged to.
     Mr. Ladd was again recalled and stated that there was no execution attached to the writ of possession.  At this point the defendant rested and the plaintiff called Lawyer Burt to the stand.  He said he knew of the arbitration between Sowles and Sartwell in the spring of 1895 and he had also heard of the ejectment of Mr. Sartwell from the farm.  I had a talk with Mr. Ladd in regard to the service of the writ of possession in favor of Sowles vs. Sartwell and I also had some talk with Mr. Sowles about the writ and told him I thought the process was invalid I talked with Sowles in the spring of 1893 about letting the farm to a Mr. Tudhope.  He told me that he had leased it to Sartwell but I don't remember as he told me for how long a term.  Sowles said he let Sartwell have the farm because he would put on some cows.
     The arguments were made this forenoon and the case will go to the jury this afternoon.
(Contributed by Sharon Wick)
Source: St. Albans Daily Messenger
Dated: Apr. 4, 1828
Miss Mabel Sartwell Entertains
     Miss Mabel Sartwell
pleasantly entertained a few friends at the home of her parents on Edward st. last evening.  The evening was passed with games and instrumental and vocal music.  Refreshments were served.
(Contributed by Sharon Wick)
Source: St. Albans Messenger (St. Albans, VT) Page: 10
Dated: Thursday, August 31, 1916

Death of John A. Ross
     John A. Ross
, of Toronto, Canada, who had been visiting his family of Fairfield st. this summer, died at 1:30 o'clock Friday morning after a 10 weeks' illness of cancer of the stomach.  Mr. Ross was born at Palmyra, Ont., Dec. 16, 1857, and was, therefore, 58 years old.  He is survived by his wife, his mother, Mrs. William G. Ross, of Toronto; a daughter, Miss Kathleen Ross of this city; two sons, F. A., of St. Albans, and J. Gordon, of New York; and two grandchildren.  A daughter, Mrs. H. McLean Dewart died two years ago.

The funeral of John A. Ross of Toronto, Canada, aged 58 years old, who died at the home of his family on Fairfield st., Friday morning at 1:30 o'clock after a ten weeks' illness of cancer of the stomach, was held Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the house, the Rev. George W. Smith rector of St. Luke's Episcopal church, officiating.  The bearers were: M. A. Common, M. Edward Barnes, Arthur A. Brooks, and J. J. Lane, and the burial was in the South Main street cemetery.  Among those people from out of town that were present were Miss C. L. Blight, of Toronto, Ont., and J. Gordon Ross, of New York.

Funeral of Mrs. Irving E. Bronson:
     The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Thompson) Bronson (wife of Irving E. Bronson, of South Main st., who died Monday night, Aug. 21, from the shock of a second operation for appendicitis, with complications, was held Thursday morning at 9 o'clock at St. Mary's church, the Rev. D. J. O'Sullivan officiating.  The bearers were Thomas W. Prior, George Stone, Norman Wright, M. Edward Barnes, James G. Finn, and Daniel Sheehan, and the burial was in the Holy Cross cemetery.  Out of town relatives and friends present included Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Smith, Mrs. J. H. Welch, Mrs. P. T. Lynch, Mrs. J. E. Burke and son, Frank E. Burke, Mrs. John Brutton and daughter, Mrs. William Sullivan, and Miss Catherine Ellsworth, fo Rutland, Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Lynch and Neil E. Lynch, of Burlington.  Miss Nellie Lynch, of Montpelier, and Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Rooney, of Montreal.
(Contributed by Sharon Wick)





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