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This part of my website is for occasional data I find while looking for data for the United States.
I will not dedicate my time making this area a great place to do your research, however I will put data on here if I accidentally find some.
To start with, I will be putting data on for Nova Scotia and some for England.
Maybe you will get lucky and find something good.

Yours truly,
Sharon Wick
yer faithful webmaster.

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     It's really hard to find a full map of the world without it being very large.  Even the map below is not large enough as some of the words are not very legible.  I will continue to search for a better one.
Funny thing, I didn't realize that Russia is so huge and the U. S. is so small.  You know what they say... Big things come in small packages.  :-)    It makes you wonder how so many people from the other large and small countries wanting to come to the United States can fit in this small country.  There are, however, lots of people from the U. S. going to other countries, as well.
     When you compare U.S. with those larger countries and some of the smaller countries, you will find that there is a lot of area that is not populated.  The U.S. is getting fuller and fuller.  Maybe some day those immigrants will want to go home so that they can have a 'back yard'.   Yes, the larger cities in the U.S. are filled with apartment buildings and cement.  I, myself, prefer a smaller town with room for my pets to run around in the yard.
     Hopefully with all the uprisings going on in the countries in the mideast, etc., they will finally get rulers (presidents) that will care about their people more than themselves and expand the living areas by piping in water to the more remote areas so that they can grow food and raise animals for food.  That is what the Americans did when we first settled our land.  America was nothing but forest land when it was discovered.  There were no roads, gas or water lines, no houses, no businesses no nothing except, of course, fertile lands and lots of wildlife to kill for food.   Yes, that was the part that made our country so inviting. 
     In the beginning, the U. S. Government took a lot of 'fine tuning'.  We had several wars of uprisings to get the government the way it needed to be so that the 'Land of the Free' could actually be the 'Land of the Free'    We lost a lot of good men in the war along with the families that got caught in the 'crossfire'.  We had to realize that in order for our families and descendants to be FREE, that some innocent people had to die.  Not on purpose but if they were in the way of the enemy, they died.  Neither the North or the South killed their own people on purpose but if people from the opposite sides were in the crossfire, well........... sometimes they died.
     I am proud to say that I am from the North and live in Ohio.  As Ohio was very prominent in helping abolish slavery.  (along with other northern states)  What is not widely known is that the slaves were sent over to the U.S. 'for sale' by their own people in Africa.  The southerners took advantage of it, which was not good.  The northerners fought against it and won. (The Civil War) There are No More Slaves in our country!
     My own family came from Europe (mother's side) and Mexico (father's side).
     I am researching the surnames (at this time) of Montgomery, Love, Murray, Grinnel (Grindol, Grindall, Grindle, etc), Shook, Justice, McPheron (McFerrin, McFarren, etc.) Earp, Hernandez, Valadez, and Becerra.
And..... That's all I have to say about that (for now)                           ~ Sharon

P.S.  If any of this offends anyone, please let me know as I am not a 'writer' and I just tried to explain things as I, myself, understand them.  If anyone can write it better, please feel free to do so.    Thanks, SW