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Fifteen Hundred Biographies
with over
A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of the Lives and Achievements of American Women During the Nineteenth Century
Edited by Frances E. Willard and Mary A Livermore
assisted by a corps of able contributors..
Volume 1
Mast. Crowell & Kirkpatrick
New Your       Chicago      Springfield, Ohio

Abbatt, Agnes Dean, Miss 1
Abbott, Elizabeth Robinson, Mrs. 2
Abbott, Emma 2
Acheson, Sarah C., Mrs. 3
Ackermann, Jessie A., Miss 4
Adams, Abigail, Mrs. 5
Adams, Florence Adelaide Fowle, Mrs. 5
Adams, Hannah, Miss 6
Adams, Jane Kelley, Mrs. 7
Adams, Louise Catherine, Mrs. 7
Adams, Mary Matthews, Mrs. 8
Addison, Grace 9
Adkinson, Mary Osburn, Mrs. 8
Adsit, Nancy H., Mrs. 8
Agassiz, Elizabeth Cabot, Mrs. 10
Ahrens, Mary A., Mrs. 10
Aikens, Amanda L., Mrs. 10
Albani, Emma, Mme. 11
Albright, Eliza Downing, Mrs. 12
Alcott, Louisa May, Miss 12
Alcott, May, Miss - see Nieriker, Mme. May Alcott 13
Alden, Gillmore Emily, Miss  13
Alden, Isabella Macdonald, Mrs. 13
Alden, Lucy Morris Chaffee, Mrs. 14
Aldrich, Anne Reeve, Miss 15
Aldrich, Flora L., Mrs. 15
Aldrich, Josephine Cables, Mrs. 16
Aldrich, Julia Carter, Mrs. 16
Aldrich, Mary Jane, Mrs. 18
Aldrich, Susanna Valentine, Miss 18
Alexander, Jane Grace, Miss 19
Allen, Elizabeth Akers, Mrs. 19
Allen, Esther Lavilla, Mrs. 19
Allen, Esther Saville, Mrs. 19
Allen, Mary Wood, Mrs. 20
Allen, Viola 17
Allerton, Ellen Palmer, Mrs. 21
Allyn, Eunice Eloisae Gibbs, Mrs. 21
Alrich, Emma B., Mrs. 22
Ames, Eleanor M., Mrs. 22
Ames, Fanny B., Mrs. 22
Ames, Julia A., Miss 23
Ames, Lucia True, Miss 23
Ames, Mary Clemmer, see Hudson, Mary, Clemmer, Mrs. 24
Amies, Oliver Pond, Mrs. 24
Amory, Estelle Mendell, Mrs. 24
Anderson, Mary, Mme. Navarro 24
Andrews, Alice A., Miss 26
Andrews, Eliza Frances, Miss 26
Andrews, Judith Walker, Mrs. 27
Andrews, Marie Louise, Mrs. 28
Andrews, Mary Garard, Mrs. 28
Angelini, Arabella, Mme. 29
Anthony, Susan B., Miss 30
Archibald, edith Jessie, Miss 31
Arey, Harriett Ellen Grannis, Mrs. 33
Armbruster, Sara Dary, Mrs. 33
Armstrong, Ruth Alice, Mrs. 33
Armstrong, Sarah B., Miss 34
Arnold, Harriet Pritchard, Mrs.  33
Atwood, Ethel, Miss 34
Austin, Harriet Bunker, Mrs. 35
Austin, Helen Vickroy, Mrs. 35
Austin, Jane Goodwin, Mrs. 36
Avann, Ella H. Brockway, Mrs. 36
Avery, Catharine Hitchcock Tilden, Mrs. 37
Avery, Rachel Foster, Mrs. 37
Avery, Rosa Miller, Mrs. 38
Ayer, Harriet Hubbard, Mrs. 40
Babcock, Elnora Monroe 40
Babcock, Emma Whitcomb, Mrs. 41
Babcock, Helen Louise B., Mrs. 41
Baer, Libbie C. Riley, Mrs. 41
Bagg, Clara B., Miss 42
Baggett, Alice, Mrs. 42
Bagley, Blanche Pentecost, Mrs. 42
Bailey, Ann, Mrs. 43
Bailey, Anna Warner, Mrs. 43
Bailey, Ellene Alice, Miss 43
Bailey, Hannah J., Mrs. 44
Bailey, Lepha Eliza, Mrs. 45
Bailey, Sara Lord, Mrs. 45
Bainbridge, Rolande 32
Baker, Charlotte Johnson, Mrs. 46
Baker, Harriette Newell Woods, Mrs. 46
Baker, Ida Wikoff, Miss 46
Baker, Joanna, Miss 46
Baker, Julie Wetherill, Mrs. 48
Baker, Louise S., Miss 48
Baldwin, Esther E., Mrs. 48
Ball, Isabel Worrell, Mrs. 50
Ball, Martha Violet, Miss 50
Ballard, Mary Canfield, Miss 50
Ballou, Ella Maria, Miss 51
Bancker, Mary E. C., Miss 51
Banks, Mary Ross, Mrs. 52
Banta, Melissa Elizabeth Riddle, Mrs. 52
Barber, Mary Augstinne, Mrs. 53
Barbot, Blanche Hermine, Mme. 53
Barnes, Annie Maria, Miss 54
Barnes, Catharine Weed, Miss  54
Barnes, Frances Julia, Mrs. 55
Barnes, Mary Sheldon, Mrs. 56
Barney, Susan Hammond, Mrs. 56
Barr, Amelia E., Mrs. 56
Barrow, Frances Elizabeth, Mrs. 57
Barry, Flora Elizabeth, Mrs. 57
Barry, Susan E., Mrs. 58
Bartlett, Alice Eloise, Mrs. 59
Bartlett, Caroline Julia, Miss 59
Bartlett, Maud Whitehead, Mrs. 60
Barton, Clara, Miss 60
Bascom, Emma Curtiss, Mrs. 62
Bateham, Josephine Penfield Cushman, Mrs. 62
Bateman, Isabel 62
Bateman, Kate 62
Bates, Charlotte Fiske, Miss - see Roge, Charlotte, Mrs. 63
Bates, Clara Doty, Mrs. 63
Bates, Katharine Lee, Miss 63
Bates, Margaret Holmes, Mrs. 64
Battey, Emily Verdery, Mrs. 64
Baxter, Annie White, Mrs. 64
Baxter, Marion Babcock, Mrs. 65
Baylor, Frances Courtenay, Miss 66
Beach, H. H. A., Mrs. 66
Beasley, Marie Wilson, Mrs. 67
Beaumont, Betty Bentley, Mrs. 68
Beck, Leonora, Miss 68
Beckwith, Emma, Mrs. 69
Bedford, Lou Singletary, Mrs. 69
Beecher, Catherine Esther, Miss 69
Behan, Bessie, Miss 70
Behr, Carrie 32
Belcher, Cynthia Holmes, Mrs. 72
Bell, Caroline Horton, Mrs. 72
Bell, Orelia Key, Miss 73
Bellamy, Emily Whitfield Croom, Mrs. 73
Benedict, Emma Lee, Miss 73
Benham, Ida Whipple, Mrs. 75
Benjamin, Anna Smeed, Mrs. 74
Bennett, Adelaide George, Mrs. 75
Bennett, Alice, Mrs. 75
Bennett, Ella May, Mrs. 76
Benton, Louisa Dow, Mrs. 77
Berg, Lillie, Miss 77
Bergen, Cornelia M., Mrs. 78
Bergen, Helen Corinne, Miss 78
Berry, Adaline Hohf, Mrs. 79
Berry, Martia L. Davis, Mrs. 79
Bert, Mabel 80
Best, Eva, Mrs. 80
Bethune, Louise, Mrs. 80
Beuchamp, Mary Elizabeth, Miss 67
Bickerdyke, Mrs. A., Mrs. 81
Bierce, Sarah Elizabeth, Mrs. 82
Bigelow, Belle G., Mrs. 82
Bigelow, Ella Augusta, Mrs. 83
Bigelow, Lettie S., Miss 83
Biggart, Mabelle, Miss 84
Bingham, Amelia 39
Bingham, Jennie M., Miss 85
Birkholz, Eugenie S., Mrs. 85
Bishop, Anna 86
Bishop, Emily Mulkin, Mrs. 86
Bishop, Mary Agnes Dalrymple, Mrs. 86
Bisland, Elizabeth, Mrs. 86
Bittenbender, Ada M., Mrs. 87
Black, Fannie De Grasse, Mrs. 88
Black, Mary Fleming, Mrs. 88
Black, Sarah Hearst, Mrs. 89
Blackall, Emily Lucas, Mrs. 89
Blackwell, Alice Stone, Miss 90
Blackwell, Antoinette Brown, Mrs. 90
Blackwell, Elizabeth, Miss 91
Blackwell, Emily, Miss 92
Blackwell, Sarah Ellen, Miss 93
Blair, Ellen A. Dayton, Mrs. 93
Blake, Alice R. Jordan, Mrs. 94
Blake, Euphenia Vale, Mrs. 96
Blake, Lillie Devereux, Mrs. 96
Blake, Mary Elizabeth, Mrs. 97
Blanchard, Helen Augusta, Miss 97
Blavatsky, Helene Petrovna, Mme. 97
Block, Adele 17
Bloede, Gertrude, Miss 98
Blondner, Aline Reese, Mrs. 98
Bloomer, Amelia, Mrs. 99
Blye, Birdie, Miss 100
Bodley, Rachel L. 100
bohan, Elizabeth Baker, Mrs. 101
Bolton, Sarah Knowles, Mrs. 101
Bolton, Sarah T., Mrs. 102
Bonaparte, Elizabeth Patterson, Mme. 103
Bond, Elizabeth Powell, Mrs. 104
Bones, Marietta M., Mrs. 104
Bonham, Mildred A., Mrs. 105
Booth, Agnes, Mrs. 106
Booth, Emma Scarr, Mrs. 106
Booth, Mary Louise, Miss 106
Botta, Anne Charlotte Lynch, Mrs. 108
Boucicault, Louise Thorndyke 121
Boughton, Caroline Greenbank, Mrs. 108
Bourne, Emma, Mrs. 108
Bouton, Emily St. John, Miss 109
Bowers, D. P., Mrs. 109
Bowles, Ada Chastina, Mrs. 110
Boyd, Kate Parker, MRs. 111
Boyd, Louise Esther Vickroy 111
Brace, Maria Porter, Miss 112
Braden, Anna Madge, Mrs. 112
Bradford, Mary Carroll Craig, Mrs. 113
Bradley, Amy Morris, Miss 113
Bradley, Ann Weaver, Mrs. 114
Bradwell, Myra, Mrs. 115
Braeunlich, Sophia, Mrs. 115
Brainard, Kate J., Mrs. 116
Braman, Ella Frances, Mrs. 116
Braumuller, Luetta Elmina 117
Breed, Alice Ives, Mrs. 118
Brewster, Cora Belle, Miss 118
Brewster, Flora A., Miss 119
Bridgman, Laura Dewey, Miss 119
Briggs, Mary Blatchley, Mrs. 120
Brinkerhoff, Clara M., Mme. 120
Brinkman, Mary A., Mrs. 122
Brinton, Emma Southwick, Mrs. 122
Brisbane, Margaret Hunt, Mrs. 123
Bristol, Augusta Cooper, Mrs. 123
Brooks, Ida Joe, Miss 124
Brooks, M. Sears, Mrs. 124
Brotherton, Alice Williams, Mrs. 124
Brown, Charlotte Emerson, Mrs. 125
Brown, Corinne Stubbs, Mrs. 126
Brown, Emma Elizabeth, Miss 126
Brown, Harriet A., Mrs. 127
Brown, M. Belle, Miss 128
Brown, Martha McClellan, Mrs. 127
Brown, Olympia 128
Browne, Mary Frank, Mrs. 131
Brownell, Helen M. Davis, Mrs. 132
Brownscombe, Jennie, Miss 132
Bryan, Mary Edwards, Mrs. 133
Buck, Henriette, Mme. 133
Buck, Mary K., Mrs. 134
Bucknor, Helen Lewis, Mrs. 134
Buell, Caroline Brown, Mrs. 134
Bull, Sarah C. Thorpe, Mrs. 135
Bullock, Helen Louise, Mrs. 135
Bumstead, Eudora Stone, Mrs. 136
Burlingame, Emeline S., Mrs. 136
Burnett, Cynthia S. 137
Burnett, Frances Hodgson, Mrs. 138
Burnham, Bertha H., Miss 138
Burnham, Clara Louise, Mrs. 139
Burns, Nellie Marie, Mrs. 139
Burnz, Eliza B., Mrs. 140
Burroughs, Marie 49
Burt, Mary Towne, Mrs. 141
Bush, Jennie Burchfield, Mrs. 141
Bushnell, Kate, Miss 141
Butin, Mary Ryerson, Mrs. 142
Butler, Clementina, Miss 142
Butler, Frances Kemble, Mrs. 143
Butterfield, Mellona Moulton, Miss 143
Byington, Elia Goode, Mrs. 143
Cabell, Mary Virginia Ellet, Mrs. 144
Cady, Helena Maxwell, Mrs. 145
Cameron, Elizabeth, Mrs. 145
Campbell, Eugenia Stelle, Mrs. 145
Carl, Bessie 95
Cleveland, Bessie 49
Craddock, Nannie 71
Crane, Charlotte 39
Crane, Edith 129
Davenport, Fanny 9
Devo, Mlle. 95
Dexter, Lida 71




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