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Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Vol. 60 - No. 3  - Pg. 38
Dated: First Month 17th, 1903
     BATTIN. - At Selma, Ohio, Eleventh month 25, 1902, to Orlando T. and Esther M. Battin, a son, who is named Edward Matthews Battin.
     MULLER. -
At Easton, Maryland, First month 2, 1903, to Joseph and Lizzi Willson Muller, a son who is named  Joseph Willson.
In West Chester, Pa., on Fifth month 9, 1902, to Frank P. and Sarah S. Patton, a daughter, who is named Lydia S. Patton.
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Pg. 11
Dated: 1st month 3, 1920
     BLOOM - On the Eleventh month 24th, at Hoquiam, Washington, to Matthew E. and Laura A. Boram Bloom, a daughter, named Rebecca Mary.
- On Eleventh month 20th, to Edward Newlin and Mildred Ellen Brown, a son, who has been named Charles Morell.  Members of Wrightstown, Pa., Monthly Meeting.
     CRONK - To Nathaniel E. and Frances L. Cronk, of 77 Spring St., Ossining, N. Y., on Twelfth month 26th, a son, who is named Ellwood Francis Cronk.
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Pg. 27
Dated: 1st month 10, 1920
     JANNEY - On Sixth month 11th, 1919, to L. Lamar and Esther B. Janney, a son, named Lewis Lamar Janney.  Member of Goose Creek Monthly Meeting.
     NICHOLS - On the Tenth month, 26th, 1919, to Edward E. and Sarah L. Nichols, of Purcellville, Va., a son, named Edward Enoch Nichols, Jr.  A member of Goose Creek Monthly Meeting.
     WILKINSON - In Denver, Colo., on Twelfth month 29, 1919, to Anne Walton and William C. Wilkinson, a daughter, named Gertrude Anne.
To Howard C. and Ellen M. Wollaston of New Garden, Pa., on Twelfth month 11, 1919, a son, named J. Paul Wollaston.
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Pg. 43
Dated: 1st month 17, 1920
Van WICKLE.—On First month 11th, at Asbury Park, N. J., to Charles E. -and Mary Shotwell Pennoyer Van Wickle, a son, who has been named John Shotwell Van Wickle. Member of Shrewsbury and Plainfield Half-Year's Meeting.
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Pg. 90
Dated: Second month 7, 1920
     PUSEY .—On First month 19th, to J. Norman and Alice Hogeland Pusey, of Avondale, Pa., a daughter, named Jean Alice Pusey.
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Pg. 186
Dated: Third month 20, 1920
SCOTT.—On First month 6th, to Austin Allan and Wally Scott, of Brooklyn, N. Y., a son, named Austin Allan Scott, Jr.
     WEBSTER.—On Second month 23rd, to Howard S. and Vinetta Webster, a son, who has been named Frederick Richard.  Members of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting.
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Pg. 107 & 108
Dated: Fourth month 3, 1920
RICHARDSON.—At Langhorne, Bucks County, Pa., on Third month 20th, to Joshua and Marian Osmond Richardson, a son, named Vernon Malchom Richardson.
     SPENCER. — In Huntington, Indiana, on the 14th of Second month, to W. Paul and Gertrude E. Spencer, a son, named W. Paul Spencer. Jr., a great-grandson of Elizabeth H. Coale, of Holder, Illinois.
     TUFTS.—On Second month 20th, at Rutherford, New Jersey, to Anna Lea and Irving Elting Tufts, a daughter, named Miriam
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Vol. 77 No. 15 - Pg. 234
Dated: Fourth month 10, 1920
     MOORE—On Third month 20th, to Joseph H. and Fredrica C. Moore, of. Mount Hamilton, California, a daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Moore.
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Vol. 77 No. 16 - Pg. 250
Dated: Fourth month 17, 1920
MARBLE.—On Fourth month 8th, to Henry C. and Alice Ingram Marble, of Boston, Mass., a daughter, Joan Marble.
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Vol. 77 No. 18 - Pg. 281
Dated: Fifth month 1, 1920
     HITCHNER - On Eleventh month 25th, 1919, to Howard C. and Martha Reeves Hitchner, of Woodstown, New Jersey, a daughter, named Margaret Tyler.
     PARK - On Fourth month 7th, to George R. and Athalie Evans Park, a daughter, named Mary Louise Park.
    WILSON - On Sixth month 15th, 1919, to G. Walter and Beulah A. Tyler Wilson, a son, named B. Ridgway Wilson.
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Pg. 299
Dated: Fifth month 8, 1920
Buzby.—On Fourth month 3rd, to Maxwell and Anna Buzby, of Woodstown, N. J., a daughter, named Edith Buzby, a member of Pilesgrove Monthly Meeting. Finlaw.—-On Fifth month 14, 1919, to Harry B. and Ethel Borton Finlaw, of Woodstown, N. J., a daughter, named Dorothy Borton Finlaw, a member of Pilesgrove Monthly Meeting, N. J. Way.—To Darlington H. and Ina A. Way, Port Matilda, Pa., a son, named Elwood Archie.
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Pg. 331
Dated: Fifth month 22, 1920
Roberts.—At Moorestown, N. J., on Fifth month 7th, to Lydia L. and Byron T. Roberts, a son, named Malcolm Howard Roberts. Spackman.—On May fourteenth, to Elizabeth Worth and George Donald Spackman, a son, named Horace Beale Spackman, II.
Source:  Friends' Intelligencer - Pg. 396
Dated: Sixth month 19, 1920
     WOLF - Born to Andrew J. and Edna Wilson Wolf, a daughter, named Eleanor Anne, June 5th, 1920.







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