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A Biographical Dictionary of Notable Living Persons of African Descent in America
1941 - TO - 1944,
(Sixth Edition)

Thomas Yenser, Editor and Publisher
2317 Newkirk Avenue       Brooklyn, New York

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     WHO'S WHO IN COLORED AMERICA sets forth biographical data concerning prominent persons of African descent who were living at the time of compilation and whose position or record of achievement makes them of general interest.  An exception will be made of persons who died since the last edition.  They will be included once more to show the completion of that Life Story.  One line will be placed at the bottom of their sketch showing the date of death.  A Memoriam Page in the front of the book will show who they are.
     It is our aim to publish these editions every two years.  The First Edition was published in 1927.  The Second (1928-1929); The Third (1930-1931-1932).  The Fourth (1933-1937).  The Fifth Edition (1938-1939-1940).  And this Sixth Edition.
     Eligibility has been based on achievement, due latitude being allowed those persons whose efforts show promise of future accomplishment or who, by reason of establishing a precedent in some particular work, make it arbitrary that a record be made of the fact.
     It is doubtless true that the fitness of every name included will not be apparent to every user of this book.  The artist, the possesssor of literary tastes, the scientist, etc., may miss names of their certain professions.  It is a fact that we use every endeavor to get this information to make the book useful in the highest degree.  An invitation is extended for the suggestions of new names.
     Realizing that a record like WHO'S WHO IN COLORED AMERICA would not be representative without the inclusion of some of the many persons who are achieving success, but are unknown, the Publisher personally traveled for many months, visiting many states, cities and towns, and interviewed many persons.  From among these were selected outstanding characters whose sketches are herein included.
     Criticism may be passed on the fact that more of the careers refer specifically to professional persons.  This is answered by the statement that professional persons, having had the opportunity of interracial contact, realize the value of a record of this kind as a means to a better understanding between peoples, and are, therefore, not so reticent, when approached, as many others have shown themselves to be.  
     Reasons should be advanced for some of the omissions from this edition of sketches which were included in former editions.  It is because repeated requests for revision and verification was not forthcoming, and present addresses could not be ascertained.
     The sketches have been edited from an impartial point of view.  No particular group, denominated, political, or otherwise, has in any influenced the policy under which the work has been compiled.  Not a single sketch has been paid for.  No

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person has or can secure inclusion of a sketch of his life-career by the payment of money.
     The length of the sketch does not necessarily indicate a person's position in national or local affairs.  The life history of one may, by reason of his varied interests in religious, fraternal, political or civic activities, take up more space in the book, than another representing a few outstanding achievements.
     A number of photographic reproductions have been made part of this work.  The inclusion of the photograph was optional with the subject of the sketch.
     WHO'S WHO IN COLORED AMERICA is intended to be a reference book, and should be in every Public Library, Public School, State Capitol Library, College, Newspaper Office, the offices of professional and business persons, and in private homes.  It is a source of exact information for the teacher and student for its historical value, as it contains the Life Stories of persons who are worthy of inclusion in standard histories, Bank and Insurance Company Presidents, Educators, Presidents, Deans and officials of Universities, Colleges and Institutions, conducted directly or indirectly by and for members of the Colored Race; members of the medical profession; attorneys-at-law, and outstanding persons in political life; successful merchants; artists, and authors, editorial writers; the clergy; executive secretaries of organizations and persons engaged in social work.
     This volume is offered to persons of the Colored Race, that they may have for themselves and their children a historical record for racial self-respect and inspiration.  It is offered to the people of the United States as an authentic and dependable statement of fact.










Acad. - Academy, Academic
Adv. - Advertising
A. E. F. - American Expeditionary Forces
Agri. - Agriculture
Agril. - Agricultural
Ala. - Alabama
Am. - American
Am. Med. Assn. - American Medical Association
A.M.E. - African Methodist Episcopal
A. M. E. Z. - African Methodist Episcopal Zion
Anat. - Anatomical
Anthrop. - Anthropological
Antiq. - Antiquarian
Apptd. - Appointed
Archaeol. - Archaeological
Archti. - Architectural
Ark. - Arkansas
Assn. - Association
Asso. - Associate, Associated
Asst. - Assistant
Actron. - Astronomical
Astrophys. - Astrophysical
Atty. - Attorney
Auth. - Author
Ave. - Avenue

b. - Born
B. A. (also A. B.) - Bachelor of Arts
B. Agr. - Bachelor of Agriculture
Bapt. - Baptist
Bd. - Board
B. D. - Bachelor of Divinity
B. F. A. - Bachelor of Fine Arts
Biog. - Biographical
Biol. - Biological
B. L. (or Litt.B) - Bachelor of Letters
Bldg. - Building
B.L.S. - Bachelor of Library Science
B. Pd. (or Pd. B.) - Bachelor of Pedagogy
B.S. also S.B. or Sc.B.) - Bachelor of Science
Bus. - Business
B.W.I. - British West Indies

Cal. - California
Capt. - Captain
c/o - Care of
C.E. - Civil Engineer
Ch. - Church
Chem. - Chemical
Chem. E - Chemical Engineer
Chirurg. - Chirurgical
Chmn. - Chairman
Clin. - Clinical
C.M. - Master in Surgery
C.M.E. - Colored Methodist Episcopal
Co. - Company, County
Col. - College
Colo. - Colorado
Com. or Comm. - Committee, Commission
Congi - Congregationalist.
Contr. - Contributor
Conn. - Connecticut
Corp. - Corporation
C.P.A. - Certified Public Accountant

d. - Daughter
D.C. - District of Columbia
D.C.L. - Doctor of Civil Law
D.D. - Doctor of Divinity
D.D.S. - Doctor of Dental Surgery
Dem. - Democrat
Dept. - Department
Dermatol. - Dermatological
Dir. - Director
Dist. - District
D.Litt. (also L. H. D.) - Doctor of Literature
D.Eco. - Doctor of Economics
Dr. - Doctor

E. - East
Eccles. - Ecclesiastical
Ed. - Editor
Educ. - Education
E.E. - Electrical Engineer
Entomol. - Entomological
Ethnol. - Ethnological
Evan. - Evangelical

F. & A.M. - Free and Accepted Order of Masons
Fla. - Florida
Frat. - Fraternity

Ga. - Georgia
G.A.R. - Grand Army of the Republic
Geneal. - Genealogical
Geod. - Geodetic
Geog. - Geographical, geographic
Geol. - Geological.
Gov. - Governor.
Govt. - Government
G.U.O. of O. F. - Odd Fellows

Hon. - Honorary, Honorable, Honorably.
Hort. - Horticultural
Hosp. - Hospital

I.B.P.O.E. of W. - Independent Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World
I. O. St. Luke - Independent Order of St. Luke
Ill. - Illinois
Inc. - Incorporated
Ind. - Industrial, Indiana
Ins. - Insurance
Int. - Intermediate
Insp. - Inspector
Inst. - Institute
Instru. - Instruction
Instr. - Instructor
Ia. - Iowa

J.D. or J. S. D. - Doctor of Jurisprudence
Jour. - Journal
Jud. - Judicial

K. of P. - Knights of Pythias
K.T. - Knights Templar
Ky. - Kentucky

La. - Louisiana
Lab. - Laboratory
Lang. - Language
L.I. - Long Island
Lit. - Literary, Literature
Litt. B. (or B. L.) - Bachelor of Letters
Litt. D. - Doctor of Letters
LL.B. - Bachelor of Laws
LL.D. - Doctor of Laws
LL.M. (or M.L.) - Master of Laws

m. - Married
M.A. (or A.M.) - Master of Arts
Maj. - Major

Mass. - Massachusetts
Math. - Mathematics
M.B. - Bachelor of Medicine
M.Cp. - Master of Chiropody
Md. - Maryland
M.D. - Doctor of Medicine
M.E. - Methodist Episcopal
Med. - Medical
Med.R.C. - Medical Reserve Corps
Mem. - Member
Meth. - Methodist
Metrol. Meteorological
Mgr. - Manager
Mich. - Michigan
Minn. - Minnesota
Miss. - Mississippi
M.L. (or LL.M.) - Master of Laws
M.Litt - Master of Literature.
Mlle. - Mademoiselle (Miss)
Mme. - Madame.
Mo. - Missouri.
M.P. - Methodist Protestant
M.Pd. - Master of Pedagogy
M.R.C. - Medical Reserve Corps.
M.S. (or M.Sc.) - Master of Science
Mt. - Mount.
Mus.B. - Bachelor of Music.
Mus.D. (or Mus. Doc.) - Doctor of Music

N. - North.
Nat. - National
Nat. Med. Assn. - National Medical Association
N. A. A. C. P. - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
N.C. - North Carolina
N.E. - Northeast
N.G. - National Guard
N.J. - New Jersey
N.Y. - New York
Nor. - Normal

Obstet. - Obstetrical
O.E.S. - Order of Eastern Star.
Okla. - Oklahoma
Opthal. - Opthalmological
Ornithol. - Ornithological.
Otol. - Otological

Path. - Pathological
Pd.D. - Doctor of Pedagogy
Pd.M. - Master of Pedagogy
P.E. - Protestant Episcopal
Penn. - Pennsylvania
Pharm. - Pharmaceutical
Pharm. D. - Doctor of Pharmacy.
Pharm.M. - Master of Pharmacy.
Ph.B. - Bachelor of Philosophy.
Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy
Ph.G. - Graduate in Pharmacy.
Philol. - Philological
Philos. - Philosophical
Phys. - Physician, Physical
Phys. - Physician, Physical.
Phys. and Surgs. - Physicians and Surgeons.
Physiol. - Physiological.
Pl. - Place
P.O. - Post-office
Pol. - Politics
Poly. - Polytechnic.
Prep. - Preparatory.
Pres. - President.
Presbyn - Presbyterian.
Pron. - Principal.
Prof. - Professor, Professional.
Progr. - Proprietor.
Pros. Atty. - Prosecuting Attorney
Psychiat. - Psychiatrically
Psychol. - Psychological
Pub. - Public, Publisher, Publishing, Published.
Publ. - Publication

Rd. - Road
Relig - Religion
R.F.D. - Rural Free Delivery
Rep. - Republican
Rev. - Reverend, Review
Rhinol - Rholological
R.I. - Rhode Island
Ry. - Railway
Rentgenol - Rontgenological
R.R. - Railroad

s. - son
S. - South
S.A. - South America
S.B. (also E.S. or SeB.) - Bachelor of Science
S.C. - South Carolina
Sch. - School
Sci. - Science, Scientific
Sec. - Secretary
Sem. - Seminary
Sec. - Society
Sociol. - Sociological
S.S. - Sunday School
St. - Saint, Street.
Sta. - Station.
Statis. - Statistical.
S.T.B. - Bachelor of Sacred Theology
S.T.D. - Doctor of Sacred Theology
S.T.L. - Licentiate on Sacred Theology
Supt. - Superintendent
Surg. - Surgical, Surgeon

Tech. - Technical, Technology.
Technol. - Technological.
Tenn. - Tennessee
Th. D. - Doctor of Theology
Theol. - Theological.
Th. M. - Master of Theology
Topog. - Topographical
Tr. - Training
Treas. - Treasurer

U.E.F. - United Brotherhood of Friendship.
Univ. - University
Urol. - Urological
U.S. - United States.
U.S.A. - United States Army
U.N.I.A. - Universal Negro Improvement Association

Va. - Virginia
Vet. - Veteran, Veterinary
Vice-Pres. - Vice-President
Vs. - Versus

W. - West
W.Va. - West Virginia

Y.M.C.A. - Young Men's Christian Association
Y.W.C.A. - Young Women's Christian Association.








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