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Kept by Rev. John Miller, of Abington Township,
Luzerne Co., PA
1802 - 1856

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Source:  Proceedings and Collections of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society,
for the year 1901.
Vol. VII.
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Pages 178 thru 200

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Cahoon, Edward, of Abington Thompson, Lydia, of Abington 1841 Dec. 2
Callendar, Sarah, of Abington Landan, Isaac, of Providence  
Callender, Nathan, of Abington Callender, Nathan, of Abington 1810 Jan. 18
Callender, Nathan, of Abington Callender, Nathan, of Abington 1810 Jan. 18
Callender, Rhoda, of Blakely Kenyon, Burr, of Blakely 1836 Oct. 17
Callender, Samuel, of Abington Landan, Elizabeth, of Providence  
Callender, Stephen, of Blakely Hall, Lepha, of Abington 1832 Mar. 4
Callender, Stephen, of Greenfield Hall, Lucy, of Greenfield 1816 Jun. 6
Cameron, Angus, of Dundaff Snyder, Sabina, of Greenfield 1831 Apr. 14
Campbell, I. H., of Campbellville, Sullivan Co. Osterhout, Junia A., of Abington 1855 Aug. 28
Capwell, Abel, of Abington Chase, Eliza, of Abington 1831 Nov. 20
Capwell, Daniel H., of Nicholson Wilson, Polly, of Pittston 1818 Feb. 22
Capwell, Eliza, of Abington Gardner, Alvinzy, of Abington 1824 Jul. 6
Capwell, Elizabeth, of Nicholson Rice, Monmouth, of Nicholson 1836 May 12
Capwell, Eunice, of Abingdon Wall, Sheldon, of Abingdon  
Capwell, George, of Abington Gardner, Mary, of Abington  
Capwell, Hannah, of Nicholson Reynolds, James, of Nicholson 1832 Jun. 24
Capwell, Jeremiah, of Abington Wilson, Betsey, of Pittston 1824 Oct. 3
Capwell, Minerva, of Nicholson Browning, Orin, of Benton 1840 Oct. 22
Capwell, Stephen, of Abington Seamans, Sevilla, of Abington 1829 Feb. 12
Capwell, Susanna, of Nicholson Reynolds, Robert, of Nicholson 1814 Jul. 26
Capwell, Tryphena, of Abington Tillinghast, Stephen, of Abington 1842 Nov. 9
Card, Nathan, of Nicholson Chambers, Servantus, of Nicholson 1832 Oct. 25
Carey, John, of Wilkes-Barre Williams, Louis, of Wilkes-Barre 1810 Oct. 21
Carey, Lydia, of Tunkhannock Mead, ,Ezekiel, of Abington 1841 Dec. 30
Carey, Polly, of Providence Griffin, David, of Providence 1818 Sep. 17
Carey, Sally Ann, of Tuscarora Johnson, George R., of Tuscarora, Bradford Co. 1843 Nov. 13
Carman, Harriet, of Newton Stephens, Joseph, of Providence 1854 Dec. 18
Carpenter, Amelana, of Abington Ostrander, James, of Tunkhannock 1814 Dec. 8
Carpenter, Horace, of Abington Reynolds, Eliza, of Nicholson 1832 Dec. 6
Carpenter, Rola, of Abington Wescott, Laura, of Abington 1827 Aug. 30
Carpenter, Stephen, of Abington Peterson, Susanna, of Abington 1814 Feb. 17
Carpenter, Thomas, of Nicholson Carpenter, Thomas, of Nicholson 1818 Jun. 16
Carpenter, Thomas, of Nicholson Carpenter, Thomas, of Nicholson 1818 Jun. 16
Carpenter, Wheaton, of Abington Dickinson, Mary, of Pittston 1810 May 25
Carpenter, William, Jr., of Nicholson Howell, Sarah, of Nicholson 1827 Apr. 19
Carter, Catharine, of Abington Mott, Samuel, of Abington 1823 Aug. 12
Case, James, of Providence Slocum, Martha Jane, of Providence 1843 Sep. 19
Case, Julia, of Abington Rozelle, Ebenezer, of Newton 1852 May 30
Chambers, Frances, of Dundaff Decker, I. J. Hosbrook, of Carbondale 1833 Sep. 26
Chambers, Servantus, of Nicholson Card, Nathan, of Nicholson 1832 Oct. 25
Chambers, Thomas, of Ridgefield, Conn Wright, Lucy, of Abington 1823 Apr. 27
Champlain, James P., of Abington Glaze, Rebecca, of Abington 1851 Mar. 2
Champlain, Willis H., of Newton Glaze, Mary, of Abington 1851 Nov. 5
Champlin, Sarah, of Abington Reynolds, Arnold, of Carbondale 1845 Apr. 4
Chapman, Henry, of Carbondale Hubbard, Elizabeth, of Abington 1848 Jul. 1
Chase, Abigal, of Abington Gardner, P. R., of Clinton 1851 Feb. 20
Chase, Elisha, of Abington Phillips, Wealthy, of Abington 1840 Oct. 8 
Chase, Eliza, of Abington Capwell, Abel, of Abington 1831 Nov. 20
Chase, Joseph, of Abington Phillips, Mahala, of Abington 1832 Nov. 11
Clark, Aurora, of Abington Wright, Wheaton, of Abington 1833 Feb. 21
Clark, Charlotte, of Abington Birdsall, H., of Honesdale 1846 Nov. 19
Clark, George, of Abington Rice, Huldah, of Abington 1824 Feb. 22
Clark, Ira, of Greenfield Leonard, Polly Ann, of Greenfield 1844 Feb. 22
Clark, Jeremiah, of Abington Hall, Sophia, of Abington  
Clark, John, of Abington Reynolds, Sarah, of Abington 1814 Oct. 6
Clark, Polly, of Abington Reynolds, Stephen, of Abington 1817 Dec. 7
Clark, Ruth, of Abington Purdy, Hervey, of Abington 1825 Feb. 27th
Clark, Samuel, of Abington Stone, Rebecca, of Abington 1816 Feb. 8
Clark, Sarah, of Abington Nichols, Hiram, Doctor, of Abington 1835 Feb. 12
Clark, Silas, of Abington Tripp, Sally, of Pittston 1810 Nov. 22
Clark, Waity, of Abington Griffin, Philip, of Providence 1832 Oct. 25
Clow, Parmelia, of Abington Gardner, Alfred, of Abington 1838 Dec. 9
Cobb, Harriet, of Greenfield Harberger, George, of Providence 1817 Oct. 12
Cobb, Ira J., of Carbondale Stephens, Elizabeth, of Blakely 1852 Aug. 22
Cole, Peter, of Abington Stone, Polly, of Abington 1829 Jun. 21
Cole, Phebe, of Newton Litts, Ira, of Newton 1850 Jan. 29
Collum, Phebe A., of Newton Ayres, Lewis B., of Newton 1854 Jul. 6
Colvin, Almira, of Abington Gardner, William, of Abington 1830 May 30
Colvin, Anson G., of Abington Gorman, Mercy, of Benton 1842 Mar. 24
Colvin, Artless, of Abington Sherer, J. W., of Archbald 1849 Sep. 22
Colvin, Cyrus, of Abington Dean, Mariah, of Abington 1836 Nov. 24
Colvin, Prudy, of Abington Stone, Samuel, of Abington  
Colvin, Rebecca, of Abington Gardner, Asel, of Abington 1828 Jan. 3
Colvin, Sally Ann, of Abington Reynolds, Daniel, of Nicholson 1831 Jul. 31
Colvin, Williams, of Abington Rice, Polly, of Abington 1839 Jan. 3
Compton, Mark, of Falls Von Camp, Sarah, of Falls 1842 Oct. 15
Comstock, Lovisa, of Exeter Mott, Jonathan, Jr., of Abington 1823 Dec. 25
Conners, John, of Wilkes-Barre Mattison, Rosilla, of Abington 1823 Mar. 31
Coon, John, of Newton Cosner, Rosanna, of Newton 1853 Aug. 16
Cooper, Betsey, of Abington Jordan, Henry, of Abington 1818 Jul. 17
Cooper, H. S., Doctor, of Newton Green, Irene M., of Abington 1846 Nov. 15
Corban, Eliza, of Greenfield Wetherby, C., of Greenfield 1834 Jul. 13
Corey, Abbia F., of Abington Spencer, Calvin A., of Providence 1854 Jul. 16
Corse, Solon, of New Milford Kennedy, Cynthia E., of Abington 1856 Jun. 7
Cosner, Rosanna, of Newton Coon, John, of Newton 1853 Aug. 16
Cotrell, Angeline, of Providence Hendrick, James, of Honesdale 1843 Sep. 13
Cure, John, of Nicholson June, Cynthia, of Abington 1834 May 1
Cure, Mary Ann, of Nicholson Dann, Philip, of Abington 1823 Apr. 20
Cure, William, of Nicholson Maddock, Mary, of Nicholson 1827 Apr. 11
Currin, Margaret, of Falls Bawlding, Henry D., of Exeter 1839 Dec. 19





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