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Kept by Rev. John Miller, of Abington Township,
Luzerne Co., PA
1802 - 1856

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Source:  Proceedings and Collections of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society,
for the year 1901.
Vol. VII.
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Pages 178 thru 200

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Hall, Elizabeth, of Abington Farabee, James, Jr., of Abington 1842 May 8
Hall, Elsie, Mrs., of Abington Bingham, Hezekiah, of Palmira 1809 Oct. 9
Hall, Emily, of Abington Northrup, Emanuel, of Abington 1845 May 31
Hall, Eunice, of Abington Mitchell, Jarus, of Sterling, Wayne Co. 1828 Mar. 6
Hall, H. V., of Abington Northrup, Mary, of Abington 1849 Sep. 19
Hall, Henry, of Abingdon Reynolds, Waity, of Abingdon  
Hall, Jonathan, of Abington Wall, Eunice, of Abington  
Hall, Lepha, of Abington Callender, Stephen, of Blakely 1832 Mar. 4
Hall, Lucy, of Greenfield Callender, Stephen, of Greenfield 1816 Jun. 6
Hall, Mercy, of Abington Reynolds, Daniel, of Abington  
Hall, Olive, of Abington Ross, James, of Abington 1821 Sep. 2
Hall, Sheldon, of Abington Dolph, Emeline, of Blakely 1830 Jul. 4
Hall, Sophia, of Abington Clark, Jeremiah, of Abington  
Hall, Susanna, of Abington Stone, Samuel, of Abington  
Hall, Susanna, of Abington Parker, Charles, of Abington 1831 Sep. 4
Hall, Sybil, of Abington Dean, Jeffry, of Abington  
Hallock, Mary, of Pittston Jenkins, David, of Exeter 1822 Mar. 31
Hallstead, H. L., of Abington Smith, Mary E., of Abington 1855 Nov. 1
Hallstead, Mary, of Nicholson Wilbur, Samuel, of Nicholson 1814 May 6
Hallstead, Nancy, of Abington Wall, Otis, of Abington 1838 Aug. 30
Hallstead, William, of Clifford Justin, Hannah, of Clifford 1812 Jun. 21
Harberger, George, of Providence Cobb, Harriet, of Greenfield 1817 Oct. 12
Harding, Jessie, of Eaton Miller, Nancy, Eaton 1826 May 21
Harding, Lydia, Mrs., of Deer Park, NY Phillips, John, of Abington 1816 Nov. 17
Harding, Lydia, of Exeter Millard, Henry, of Lenox 1816 May 3
Harding, Nancy, of Abington Thompson, William, Exeter 1840 Nov. 2
Harrington, Abel, of Wilkes-Barre Wescott, Cynthia Ann, of Abington 1831, Apr. 3
Harrington, Ann M., of Abington Taft, Charles, of Honesdale 1851 Apr. 26
Harrington, Susanna, Mrs., of New London Sherman, Isaac, of New London 1849 Mar. 4
Harris, Harriet, of Abington Newman, Daniel, of Tunkhannock 1826 Jan. 22
Hartley, William, of Nicholson Marcy, Jerusha, of Nicholson 1815 Aug. 24
Hartman, John, of Abington Armstrong, Betsey Jane, of Falls 1847 Oct. 3
Hartman, Mary, of Abington Brown, Henry, of Providence 1852 Jul. 18
Hartman, Sarah, of Newton Mitten, Isaiah, of Newton 1852 Jan. __
Hartshorn, William, of Oneida, NY Stone, Rachel, of Abington 1845 Dec. 23
Havens, Lewis, of Abington Parker, Augusta, of Abington 1856 Sep. 18
Hawley, Elim, of Springville Kelley, Elizabeth, of Providence 1850 Jul. 25
Hazen, Silas, both of Abington Bassett, Joanna, of Abington  
Hecock, Hannah, of Tunkhannock Babcock, Stephen V., of Falls 1840 Feb. 6
Hecock, Lydia, of Abington Gifford, Joseph C., of Abington 1825 Nov. 10
Heermans, Alvah, of Providence Slocum, of Providence 1832 Sep. 5
Heermans, Mary, of Providence Gardner, Wilbur, of Abington 1841 Oct. 4
Heermans, Polly Searles, of Providence Dean, Isaac, of Abington 1843 Dec. 11
Hendrick, James, of Honesdale Cotrell, Angeline, of Providence 1843 Sep. 13
Hewitt, Betsy, of Greenfield Williams, Uriah,of Blakely 1818 Mar. 25
Highly, Betsey, of Providence Mills, John M., of Providence 1831 Jan. 17
Hill, Wanton, of Nicholson Beaty, Polly, of Nicholson 1820 Jun. 8
Hinkley, Elmira, of Abington Baker, Ebenezer, of Abington 1853 Sep. 7
Hinkley, Sylvester, of Abington Loomis, Charlotte, of Abington 1848 Jul. 23
Hobbs, Hiram, of Abington Welch, Roxy, of Abington 1814 Jul. 4
Hobbs, Laura, of Abington Stone, Joseph, of Abington 1847 May 15
Hobbs, Lena, of Abington Johnson, L. Morrison, of Abington 1831 Jan. 1
Hobbs, Nancy, of Abington Stanton, Jonas B., of Abington 1849 Oct. 25
Holmes, Benjamin, of Clarence, NY Alworth, Huldah, of Providence 1812 Jun. 18
Hoover, Martin, of Providence Bickham, Elizabeth, of Abington 1842 Apr. 3
Hopkins, Catherine, of Abington Scott, John, of Abington 1852 May 18
Hopkins, Philip, of Newton Smith, Sarah Jane, of Newton 1855 Jul. 21
Horton, Julia, of Nicholson Western, Samuel, of Hopbottom  
House, Ann Maria, of Providence Krotzer, George, of Prividence 1830 May 4
Howe, Harlem, of Abington Davis, Mary, of Abington 1850 Sep. 22
Howe, Saly, of Sterling, Wayne Co., PA Wall, Ezra, of Abington 1820 Aug. 27
Howell, Sarah, of Nicholson Carpenter, William, Jr., of Nicholson 1827 Apr. 19
Hubbard, Elizabeth, of Abington Chapman, Henry, of Carbondale 1848 Jul. 1
Hubbard, Harriet, of Scott Wetherby, Chester, of Scott 1847 Jan. 14
Hubbard, Sarah, of Abington Bacon, Lewis W., of Archibald 1854 Feb. 12
Hull, William, of Abington Parker, Rebecca, of Abington 1834 Sep. 21
Huls, James, Jr., of Clifford Goodrich, Mary, of Salem  
Hutchins, John, of Providence Mead, Hannah, of Providence 1816 Feb. 21
Hutchins, Mary, of Providence Finch, Gardner, of Abington 1814 Nov. 6
Hyes, Desire, of Nicholson Roberts, James, of Nicholson 1831 Aug. 14





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