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Source: San Antonio Express - Texas
Dated: Oct. 24, 1901
-- Guy Carroll
of Corsicana is registered at the Maverick.
-- A. Harvey and wife
of Fort Worth are guests at the Bexar 
-- E. R. Bircher and wife of Denison are guests at the Bexar
-- John Welden and wife of Victoria are guests at the Mahneke
-- J. B. Moore, wife and son of Ozona are guests at the Mahneke.
-- L. J. Nebert and wife of Beaumont are guests at the Maverick
-- B. T. Killough of Carlsbad, N. M. is registered at the Elite.
-- D. C. Denmark and wife of Rancho are guests at the Southern.
-- Andy Armstrong, Jr., a ranchman of Hondo, is at the Elite.
-- B. F. Griffin and family of Staples are guests at the Maverick.
-- W. H. Cockcraft and wife of Waco are guests at the Maverick.
-- J. W. Yarborough and wife of Mahon? are guests at the Southern.
-- W. E. Upman and wife of Matchunia, Mex. are guests at the Menger.
-- Manuel Alvarez, a merchant of Mexico City, is registered at the Elite.
-- Judge C. W. Nugent, wife and son of Conroe are guests at the Mahneke
-- Wyndham Kemp and Thos. J. Beall of El Paso are registered at the Menger.
-- Mrs. H. J. Ware? and Miss May Crary of Chicago are guests at the Mahneke
-- L. E. Oltorf? of Marlin is among the arrivals at the Elite to attend the Fair.
-- A. S. Rife and wife and Miss Annie Palmer of Lytton Springs are guests at the Southern.
-- Dr. Joseph Klugsley has removed her office to her residence __ Starr street, corner of Elm.
-- Col. A. C. Jones of Beeville, one of Bee County's wealthiest and most popular citizens is in the city.
-- Hon. John Rhodes of San Angelo, is in the city renewing old acquaintances and visiting the Fair.
-- Jesse Edmonston and wife and Miss Caroline Kope of San Marcos are registered at the Menger.
-- Mrs. J. M. McKnight and Miss Sue G. Harris of Laredo, Tony Goodrich of Monterey, Mex., and J. D> Goodrich of the Sequin Daily Anchor, were in the city yesterday, guests of Mrs. C. M. Harris, 404 Sixth Street.
-- Mrs. Anna Lord of Galveston is in the city, visiting her daughter.  Mrs. M. Rice, 514 South Presa street.
-- Dr. E. W. Hall, proprietor of the Texas wonder, Hall's Great Discovery, is in the city for a few days.
-- D. Herff and Jas. Lyons, two popular young men of Atacosa county, are in the city to see the Fair.
-- William Norris, a prominent ranchman of Comstock, is here taking in the Fair, and stopping at the Elite.
-- Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Baker of Corsicana are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Roberts of Travis Park.
-- W. M. Hanson, deputy United States marshal, of Laredo, and E. Hellig of Eagle Pass are at the Mahucke.
-- Mrs. A. Senftenberg, Mrs. M. Reichman, and the Misses Senftenberg of Hallettsville visited Mrs. M. Rice yesterday.
-- Dr. H. M. Hunter has returned from a visit to the Eastern Sates and can be found at his office, 203 Alamo Plaza.
-- Mr. W. C. Justice, business manager for "A Runaway Girl," is in the city.  The Runaway Girl has a date at the Grand.
-- Mrs. James Kray and family of Le Grange are in the city, visiting Mrs. Kray's sister, Mrs. Max Rice, 514 South Presa street.
-- Mrs. C. N. Owen, Miss Augusta Horka, Miss Lucy Horka
of Mobile, Ala., and Miss Kate Shelton of Nashville, Tenn., are guests at the Bexar.
-- Mr. J. M. J. Kane, representing Al. G. Field, is in the city arranging for the appearance of that popular minstrel at the Grand Opera House.
-- F. C. Damm and wife of Durango, Mex., on their return from Europe, are stopping for a few days to attend the Fair.  They are guests at the Mahneke.
-- Mr. C. W. Cain, editor of the Bastrop Advertiser, was a visitor at the Fair yesterday.  Mr. Cain's paper is one of the oldest in Texas, having been established by his father in 1853.
-- Mrs. Rafacia M. de G. Carazos, widow of the late Hon. Pedro g. Carazos, will leave today with one of her daughters for Galveston, where she is going to make visit to the tomb of her daughter, who died a few days after the storm of September, 1900.







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