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1787 - 1794

The following list of America sailors buried at Port au Prince, St. Domingo, was abstracted from the Parish Registers of Port au Prince, now in the Archives de la France d'outremer et me Oudinot, Paris.
     There were not many Americans in St. Domingo prior to 1790, but in the first year of the French Revolution, contacts between the United States and the French Carribbean islands, seem to have been more frequent.
     The spelling has, in many instances, been given a French tone or twist.
Note the young age of some of the soldiers.

14 Feb. Francis Woodville, 13
16 Feb., James Buckman, 28, Capt. of the Ranger, from Salem
31 Aug., Nathan Tryon, 18, born in Middletown, sailor
12 Sept., Stephen Tetecomb, 21, from Newbury Port, sailor on the Lamery Capt. Lunt.
24 Sept., John Whyte, 15, from Gloucester, Va., novice on the Brick la Defaillance, Capt. Orr.
6 Oct., Isaac Gray, 19 years old, of Baltimore, on the "goelette" Nancy  Capt. Robt. Rops.
12 Oct., Pierre Bernaut, captain of the Betsy, from Philadelphia, died at the house of M. Robert, a surgeon at Belair.
20 Oct., Mr. Billings, 47, captain of the Friendship.
27 Oct., Joseph Noel, 18, born at Naubre (sic), New England
12 Nov., Nick, Richard, 22, from Marbalaide near Boston.
27 Nov., John Mecam, 35, from London, sailor on the Polly from Newbury, Capt. Wright.
23 Dec., Hiler Taft, from Mendon, Machamset (Mass?)
23 Dec., John Porter, 35, American, a merchant in Port au Prince.
22 Jan., Joseph Bons, second captain on the brigantine Nancy.
25 Jan., Sage, 18, a sailor on the Nancy, Capt. McLane.
1 Feb., Abisah Soule, on the brigantine Pallas, from Boston, Capt. Iswell Wildis.
12 Feb., Wlean Megairller, 27, on the Peggy, Capt. Boqueley
8 Mar. John Hotten
10 Apl., James Fosom, a Canadian on the General Wolff, Capt. David Kepen.
10 Apl., Louis Oliver, 25, a sailor on the brig the Unity, from New London, Capt. Griffen.
29 May, John Spinca, 30, a sailor on the Rebecca, from New Orleans (sic), Capt. Jos. Puith.
7 June, William Goldsmith, on the Favorite, Capt. Laids.
8 July, James Clead Laud, 15 a sailor on the brig. Sally, Capt. Maroiseau, Capt. Jos. Puith.
12 July, George Colman, a sailor on the brig Baltimore, Capt. Johns.
25 July, Joseph Bosseron, 24, from Baltimore, on the Hope, Capt. LaTouche.
1 Aug., Samuel Alkans, a sailor on the Pellegrin, Capt. Robertson.
8 Aug., Charles Snale, 28, from Norfolk, 2nd captain on the Two Sisters, Capt. Bevet.
6 Sept., William Parate, 28, from Baltimore.
18 Sept., Thomas Ens, 22, a sailor from Virginia, on the Maria, Capt. Lecart.
22 Sept., Alain Kelvet, 20, fromNoulanon, New England, a sailor on the brig Merry.
9 Nov., Joseph Normand, 22, on the Agnes d'Ydontour, Capt. Sylvan Howitt.
26 Nov., Robert Ellas, 28, a sailor on the Ann Mary, Capt. Bottelain
12 Jan., John Tapin, 24, fromNewbury Port, a sailor on the Columbia, Capt. Stephen Holland
13 Jan., Daniel Runy, 25, a sailor on the brigantine Sale (Sally), from New York.
15 Jan. Hisbert Thomas Rey, 45, a sailor on the Eliza, from Salem, Capt. Webb.
8 Feb. Nicholas Need, 25, a sailor on the Industry, Capt. Bally
10 Feb., Francis Boardman, 42, on the Rambler, from Salem
12 Feb., George Dean, 24, from Salem, a sailor on the Eliza, Capt. Jos. Hosmez.
19 Feb., Jeremie Marshman, 23, from Alifax (sic)
11 Mar., John Fibenzen, 14, from Boston
29 Mar., Benjamin Barber, 50, a sailor from New London.
12 Apl., John Boss, 23, captain of the Nancy, born in Roddelam, Rhode Island.
18 Apl., Gilles Willand, 28, from Boston, a sailor on the Nancy , Capt. Hussey.
11 Apl. William Coffer, a sailor on the Prudent, Capt. Cachay.
1 May, Joseph Crawford, a sailor on he Betsey, from Philadelphia, Capt. Wm. Clark.
12 May, John Snow, 12, ships boy, from Philadelphia, on the Betsey, Capt. John Arle.
4 Oct., Thomas Lemoine, 36, as captain of the Aurora, from Boston.
28 Oct., Robert Ingiasson, 22, from Portland, a sailor on the William, Capt. Codman.
9 Dec., Samuel Stabord, 19, from Portland.
18 May, Isaac Curtis, 25, a sailor on the Aurora, Capt. Bonard Smith from Biddleford.
26 Aug. John Narbach, 30, from Lancaster, Mass., working on an American ship.
2 Oct., Oerenier Pittmain, 31, from No. Caorlina, a sailor on the Betsey.
13 Oct., John Gilbert, 22, born Newhaven, sailor on the Betsey, Capt. Wm. Welk, 30.
28 Nov., James Donaldson, 21, born Boston, a sailor on the Samson, from Baltimore, Capt. Joshua Barney, 36.
28 Nov., Edmund Giller, 31, from Beverley, cooper on the Joshua, Capt. Ebenezer Giles.
1 Dec., Thomas Foster, 33, from Ipswich, Mass., traveling on the Ruby, from Gloucester, Capt. Wm. Dolliver.
2 Aug., Guine, an American sailor
6 Oct., John Sears, from Annapolis, a sailor on the Ursule, Capt. Langley.
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