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Source: Oregonian
Dated:  Oct. 20, 1873
Page 3  -
     Hon. John H. Mitchell, United States Senator, left on his last steamer for Washington.
     Mr. Eugene Shelby has been tendered the position of Route Agent for Wells, Fargo & Co. on the Oregon & California Railroad.
     Mr. Malarkey, who was stricken down about three weeks ago with a severe attack of the inflammatory rheumatism, is still confined to his room.
     W. W. Thayer, City Attorney of East Portland, started for Roseburg a few days since on professional business.  He will be absent for about two weeks.
     Mr. Archibald Blair, for some time connected with the O. & C. R. R. and the Portland, Dalles and Salt Lake Railroad Companies in the capacity of a surveyor, is now Chief Engineer of the San Joaquin & Tulare Narrow Grange Railroad.
     Mr. Edgar Brown, son of B. F. Brown Esq., of Salem, who has been Wells, Fargo & Co.'s route agent on the Oregon and California Railroad for some time, took his departure on Saturday for San Francisco to accept a situation in the Western Union Telegraph office in that city.
Source: Oregonian - Oregon
Dated: Mar. 12, 1912
George WICK Caught Trying to Pass Bogus Paper on Company.
     Caught attempting to cash a forged check by presenting it in payment of a small account owned by his father, at the Eastern Outfitting Company's store, George WICKMAN, aged 13, was arrested last evening by Detectives LITHERLAND and Van ORN.
     The bill that he offered to pay was $5, and he presented a check for $32, purported to be made in favor of himself by his sister-in-law, Mrs. Grace A. WICKMAN.  Becomeing suspicious, the store managers detained WICKMAN while they communicated with the police.  After his arrest it developed that by a similar method he had obtained $9.40 from C. E. STEALBERG, a grocer.  At that time he presented a check for $12 in settlement of an account for $2.60, also owed by his father, WICKMAN confessed to both forgeries last night.
     His father, I. A. WICKMAN, who lives at 756 East Ninth street North, told the detectives that his son was incorrigible.  He said he had previously assisted his son after he had committed a number of similar offenses and had attempted to reform him, but his efforts proved unavailing and he was now not disposed to help him further.
Source:  Oregonian (Portland, OR) Page: 22
Dated: Sept. 3, 1925

Kitty Williams, deportee, whose return led to the arrest of Portland policeman on charge of aiding her to re-enter this country.

WILLIAM L. MILLER FACES SERIOUS CHARGE - Officer Accused of Aiding Woman to Return Unlawfully to United States.
     William L. Miller, a member of the Portland police bureau for the past 15 years and recently working from the Albina station, was arrested yesterday by government Kitty Williams, deported to France by the local immigration officers from her upon her arrival and to have brought her back to this city, from which point she continued on to Butte.  She will be tried for violation of several sections of ht immigration law, and Miller under the charge of aiding the entry of an alien who was barred from the United States. 
     The cases i the federal court will be prosecuted by Joseph O. Stearns, Jr., assistant district attorney.
     Although no action was taken at police headquarters yesterday subsequent to Patrolman Miller's arrest by federal authorities, he will in all probability be suspended from the Portland police force today, according to acting Chief of Police Moore.  "If the charges against Miller are true," he stated, "I see no other course open but to dismiss him."
     Patrolman Miller has been on the local police force for 15 years, Acting Chief Moore stated.  He has maintained a good record during that time, and the present trouble is the first in which he has been involved while on the force.




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