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from The First 131 Wills of Jefferson County, Kentucky
(Then Virginia)
Sept. 1783 to June, 1813

Abbreviations and explanations:
"a", with numerals, means acres;
"dau" means daughter;
"sis" means sister;
"bro" means brother;
"mar" means married
The first date is that of the making of the will, the second that of the probating.
The family or surname, is omitted when the same is that of the testator, but any mention of heirs, etc., or property not in Jefferson County is given - otherwise all properties and persons were in the said county. 
Residents of Louisville are so given, if given in the will.
Kentucky was originally part of the Fincastle County, Virginia.  In 1790 the area was Kentucky County, Va., and shortly afterwards as Kentucky Territory it had three counties, Jefferson (Louisville, C. H.), Lincoln and Fayette

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(Source: National Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. VI - Publ. 1917 & Early Kentucky Settlers: The Records of Jefferson County, Kentucky - 2nd source is pretty much the same as the first source)

1.  ABBOT, Richard; (No dates given)  
wife, Elizabeth
sons, John and Gabriel, bound out,
2 daus to live with their mother.
2.  ANDERS, Valentine; Aug. 30, 1803 Oct. 3, 1803
Wife, Catherine
sis & bros., Mary Elizabeth, Esther, Jacob Frederick, John, Geo. Nicholas, Susanna, Catherine
Peter Brunner bound to me by his father, Jos.;
Wit: Elias Malott, Adam Hoke
3.  APPLEGATE, Thomas Dec. 25, 1806 - Oct. 8, 1808
Children, or those mentioned as heirs to share equally his property;  Samuel, Hezekiah, Benjamin, Tunis, Elijah, Elisha, Joanna, Elizabeth Baldwin
4.  ASKEW, James Feb. 15, 1805 - Dec. 7, 1807
All given to beloved friend, Jos. Collett, "With whom I live.
5. ASTURGUS, James (Also wrongly indexed as Jas. A. Sturgus. July 14, 1792 - Nov. 5, 1904
Wife, Margaret;
sons, John and Jas., living;
Margaret Asturgus, dau. of Peter Asturgus, decease son,
mentions children of Morail?, deceased son.
Wit: Alex Steele, Ben and Thos. Johnston
6. BAIRD, Mary Sep. 28, 1798 - Oct. 19, 1801
To her son Samuel, money due her by sons John and Thomas; balance to her children Robert, Joseph and Martha, wife of Daniel McClure;
certain personal gifts to Esther, daughter of her son Thomas;
to son Thomas, money of bond in settlement by Patrict Hartford
Executors: None named
Witnesses: William and George McClure.
(B1, p113)
7. BATE, Susanna Nov. 6, 1806 - Mar. 2, 1807;
dau Ann Lock (wife of John D.), gr. dau Elizabeth Lock; sons John and Jas. S., daus Philippi Llwellen, gr daus Mariah, Eliza & Susanna Ann Llwellen; dau Catherine Wager; gr chil, chil of son Jas., Catherine Robinson Bate, Jas. Bate, Robert Throckmorton Bate.
8. BEARD, Charles May 20, 1802 - Oct. 4, 1802;
Bro, youngest, Thos, eldest bro, John; sis Rachel Moore, Mary Beard, John Moore, bro-in-law.
9. BEARD, Sarah, of Somerset Co., Md. Oct. 13, 1796 - Oct. 4, 1802
sons, John, 100 lbs., Chas., one negro.  Thos. money;
daus Rachel Moore & Mary Beard,
youngest child, Chas, Mary, Thos.
10. BERGEN, Peter,   Probated Oct. 17, 1803
ill at house of Richard Edwards; noncupative (oral) Facts given to Rachel Hall; all to Wm. son of Richard Edwards;
11. BLANKENBECKER, Jacob (oral) Jan. 2, 1801 Jan. 19, 1801
Nuncupative will.
Mentions son Samuel, infants and wife;
youngest son not of age.
Signed by John Samuel Mow (Man) and William Goose (Written in German)
Proved by oaths of William Goose and Rev. John Samuel Mow (Man?)
(B1, p102)
Also recorded in Will Book No. 1, p. 111)
12. BLACKFORD, Zephaniah, May 20, 1782 Apr. 1784
Conductor of military stores of Interior Dept., now a resident at Ft. Nelson; father was John;
To brother Reuben, ex of will gives surveying instruments & clothes; rights to property in East Jersey to brothers and sisters there;
To Reuben claim against Virginia, 600 acres up Big Kanawha River and two town lots which he bought of Capt. Geo. R. Clark at the mouth of Big Kanawha, and two lots at Clarksville, Ft. Jefferson; to Baptist Society $200.00 for sending Gospel to Illinois country;
to Hannah Ruth, daughter of brother Reuben, "Blackford Manor" on "Varbache" (Wabash) River, 1440 acres two league above Ft. Vincennes, which was entered in the names of Levi, William, Oliver, George, Joseph, Reuben, Moses, Isaac and Henry Blackford, also 500 apple trees from "my nursery" at Fish Creek;
to Phebe, second daughter of Brother Reuben, when eighteen, 360 "arpents" or acres opposite Vincennes, 40 acres bought of John Cardinne, and 500 apple trees;
to Elizabeth, third daughter of Reuben, when eighteen, land bought of Randle White; one lot of my father John Blackford, 500 apple trees;
to friend Yates Conwell, as token of friendship, 700 apple trees.
Executor: Brother, Reuben Blackford
Witnesses: Buckner Pittman, Wm. Pritchett, Geo. Shepard.
(B1, p3.)
also to bro., Reuben, all claims against Va. & 600a up Big Kanawha Riv. & 2 town lots bought of Capt. Geo. R. Clark, at mouth of Big Kana. & 2 lots at Clarksville, & 2 lots to Clarksville, Ft. Jefferson; $200 to Baptist Society for sending Gospel to Ill. country; Hannah Ruth, dau of bro Reuben, Blackford Manor on Varbache Riv. 1440a 2 leagues above Ft. Vincennes, entered in names of Levi, Wm., Oliver, Geo., Jos., Reuben, Moses, Isaac, Henry Blackford; also 500 apple trees to Hannah R., from my nursery at Fish Ck. Phebe, 2d dau of bro. Reuben, land op. town of Vincennes (360a)  Also apple trees, when 18; land bought of Randle White, trees, etc., when 18; to Yeats Conwell, my friend, as token of friendship, 700 apple trees.
13. BOSTWICK, Truman, of Louisville Dec. 22, 1811 - Jan. 13, 1812
son Solomon, when 21, to have land.
Wife, Catherine, and small children mentioned.
Wit: Edw. Taylor, Thos. Stewart, Wm. Dougherty
14.  BRANHAM, Daniel May 15, 1810 - May 11, 1812
wife, Nancy;
chil: Patsey, Richard, Elijah, Julius, Betsey;
bro: Richard; Richard Bohannan, mentioned as Grandpa of Julius; George Bohannan, mentioned as Uncle of Richard, the son.
Exec's: Isaac Howe, Thos. Sturgeon, Geo. Bohannan.
15. BRECKENRIDGE, Alexander May 16, 1797 - June, 1801
wife, Jany;
To brother Robert one third of 3000 acres of land for "my services in last War." "On northwest of the Ohio, between the Miami and Scioto rivers, located by brother Robert,"
two-thirds to my sons James, Robert and Henry Brown Breckenridge;
to sons, also 1000 acres on the Ohio opposite the mouth of Saline.
Executors: Wife and brother Robert Breckenridge
Witnesses: None given. 
Will proved by oaths of Ga. I. Johnston, James Meriwether, Saml. Wells and Worden Pope
(B1, p110)
16. BRENDLINGER, Coonrod; Apr. 56, 1806 - Aug. 14, 1809
wife, Anna Mary; all property, real & person. to wife;
John Bates, exec.
17. BRINLY, Jacob Dec. 17, 1809 Jan. 8, 1810
wife Catherine
4 sons, Jacob, John, Reuben, Thomas,
dau, Eve;
, dau of my wife;
exec. Haley Buckner, John Potts
18. BRASHEARS, William Sept. 26, 1789 Nov. 3, 1789;
"Much advanced in age and in bad health";
Mentions children, Samuel Mason, Mary Ann, & Elizabeth Brashears; Samuel to keep other two children until of age;
to Samuel land bought of Nicholas Brashears;
other children already had received sufficient "for their parts."
Executor: Son, Samuel Mason Bearshears
Wit:  Anthony Phelps, Joshua Wheeler, Jos. Brashears, Edwin Phelps.
(B1, p13)
19.  BRYAN, Joseph Nov. 20, 1804 Mar. 4, 1805
chil. Samuel, Joseph, John (youngest), Martha Boon, Rebecca Boon, Mary Howard, Susannah Hinde, Aylie Howard, Phebe Forbes, Charity Davis, Elenor Adams;
grandchil. Aylie Adams, Noah Adams, Jacob Adams, Wilat(?) Adams.
20. CATLETT, Robert, late of County of Frederick (oral) Noncupative will Dec. 8, 1783 (living Dec. 5th, 1783); of County of Frederick, Va. Probated Apr. 1784
wished his estate to go to his brother Charles; Certain property at Col. Wm. Pope's in Jefferson, and wearing apparel at John Read's in Lincoln.
Signed: Mer'th Price, Wm. Pope, Will Oldham
(B1, p2.)
21. CHRISTIAN, John of Fayette Co. Aug __, 1800 Apr. 9, 1801
Gives slaves their freedom.
Instructs Alex. Bullitt to have a handsome monument erected over graves of "my father and mother";
to each of his sisters, ten guineas with which to buy a locket in memory of him;
Aunt Anne Fleming of Virginia and cousin Leonard Fleming are in debt to him;
to Sam Brown, a horse;
brother-in-law is Mr. Dickerson, and sister Mrs. Elizabeth Dickerson;
mentions Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Breckinridge;
refers to "other Sisters."
Executors: Alexander Bullitt, Dr. Walter Warfield, John Pope.
Witnesses: Mary Howard, Mary Parker
(B1, p103)
22.  CHRISTIAN, William; Mar. 13, 1786 May, 1786
"Now at Kentucky." "Having given to Alexander Scott Bullitt, and my daughter  Priscilla" her share of estate, he bequeath to her a pair stone shoe-buckles and two gold rings;
to wife Anne, 500a on Bear Grass Creek, "including improvement whereon I now live and to be laid off by a line running from the Oxmoor land to Mr. Bullitt's, parallel with the Dutch Station and Breckinridge's line which joins me," also slaves; to daughter Sarah Winston Christian 600 acres adjoining; to Edmond Taylor, Bullitt, Fleming, and daughter Elizabeth 1000 acres, out of 3000 acres, on Elkhorn which adjoins Bryan's Station and Robt. Johnston, and in Mercer County 400 acres to be sold by executor; to daughters Anne and Dorothea 1000 acres at mouth of Kentucky, on Ohio River; to son John, "Saltsburg" and other lands; for seven years the rents of John's lands to be used to educate the single children; to "my mother," slaves; a good horse and saddle to each of married children; to daughters Sarah Winston Christian, Betsey, Annie and Dorthea, slaves.  Land in Mercer County was bought from Daniel Trigg.
Executors: Alexander Scott Bullitt, James M. Cowles, John Brown.
Witnesses: Will proved by oaths of John May, Isaac Hite and Frederick Edwards.
(B1, p6.)
23.  CHURCHILL, Armistead, July 29, 1795 Jan. 5, 1796
Mentions grandson John Downing, son of his daughter Elizabeth who in 1780 married John Downing, son of his daughter Elizabeth who in 1780 married John Downing;
to son John land between Linn's Pond and Fishing Pond, and half of the land "I now hold" in Mason County;
to son Henry 1000 acres in Fayette County on waters of Elkhorn and Cedar Creek;
to son Armistead 100 acres in Fayette County on waters of Elkhorn and Cedar Creek;
to daughter Mary Churchill when she marries, certain negroes;
to son Samuel, under age, "land I live on," after death of his mother;
to son William half of lands held in Mason County opposite the Little Miami;
to wife Elizabeth "land whereon I now live," household furniture, etc.
Besides land, each son and daughter, as well as wife, were left certain slaves by name.
Executor: Wife Elizabeth, sons John, Henry Churchill
Witnesses: Samuel Oldham, James and Sally Blackwell, James Blackwell
(B1, p67.)
24.  CLARK, Andrew Jan. 7, 1797 June 6, 1797
To Richard Taylor and his family, my estate.
Executor: None
Wit.: Richard Harris, Henry Coleman
(B1, p75)
25. CLARK, John Jul. 24, 1799 Oct. 1, 1799;
Includes Codicil dated July 26, 1799.
To son Jonathan all real estate and personal now in his possession;
to son William and grandsons John and Benjamin O'Fallon, to be equally divided, 3000 acres "which I clam under an entry on Treasury Warrant" 7926 made in surveyors office of Fayette County, March 29, 1783, surveyed and patented in his name.
To son Edmond, 1000 acres on waters of East Fork of the Miami River, claimed under entry of military warrant No. 307, made in office of Surveyor for Continental Line, August 16, 1787, also 1000 acres claimed under said warrant No. 307, made in Surveyors office, Aug. 17, 1787, these entries made in the name of son John Clark, deceased and "my son Jonathan Clark the heir at law hath relinquished in my favor his rights thereto" also money and negroes.
To son George Rogers Clark certain negroes.
To son-in-law Owen Gwathmey, estate both real and personal now in his possession, also 1000 acres on waters of Pady's Creek in Logan County, being land deeded by son Jonathan Oct. 24, 1796.
To sons-in-law William Croghan and Richard C. Anderson certain negroes.
To son-in-law Charles M. Thurston 400 acres in Shelby County on waters of Clear Creek, being settlement part of tract of 1400 acres, also negroes.
To son William the tract of land  "whereon I now live," together with appurtenances and certain negroes, also the whole of "my lands in Elionise grant," deeded to me by son George Rogers Clark; William to pay debts; and
to grandsons, John and Benjamin O'Fallon when they become of age, 100 and 50 pounds, respectively, also certain negroes.
Executors: Sons Jonathan, George Rogers and William Clark, sons-in-law Richard C. Anderson, William Croghan and Charles M. Thruston, and friend Benjamin Sebastian.
Witnesses: John Hughes, Robert K. Moore, Marston G. Clark.
Witnesses to Codicil: Sam Gwathmy, Jno. Hughes
(B1, p86.)
(The will of John Clark is published in Conquest of the Country Northwest of the River Ohio, 1778-1783, and Life of Gen. George Rogers Clark, by William Hayden English, Vol. 1, pp. 46-51.)
CLARK, William Nov. 11, 1791 Dec. 6, 1791
Late of Clarksville.
Bonds payable to William Croghan and Richard Morris to be discharged.
To brother Marston Green Clark land in Jefferson County on Beargrass;
to brother Benjamin Wilson Clark and sister Lucy Pool 933 acres in the lands given by Virginia to officers etc. of Virginia State Line, being part of his claim for military services performed in last war; to brothers Jonathan and Everard Clark 1000 acres on Russel's Creek, including noted burning spring; also
to brothers and sisters land in Illinois grants Nos. 31, 24, 96, 160;
to Marston Green Clark certain lots in Clarksville for the term of three years from "the date of my decease"; and if either of brothers or sisters comes to this country to live within the space of three years "after my decease," then he or she shall have lots and houses, if neither of them comes lots and houses remain the property of Marston Green Clark; also to him negro man for seven years, at expiration of which time said negro man for seven years, at expiration of which time said negro shall be liberated. 
To friend and relative Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson, watch.
Remainder of estate, 500 acres land, Illinois grant No. 272, of which 200 acres in said grant is at the forks of Silver Cr., remainder of military warrant 733i-2/3 acres, surveyors instruments, etc. to be disposed of in settlement of estate. 
Mentions bond he owes Richard Morris.
Executors: "My trusty friends" Richard Clough Anderson, William Croghan, Richard Terrell.
Witnesses: John Clark, Geo. R. Clark, James O'Fallon.
(B1, p36)
(The will of William Clark the surveyor- son of Benjamin Clark and first cousin of General William Clark, of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and his brother General George Rogers Clark- is published in Conquest of the Country Northwest of the River Ohio, 1778-1783, and Life of Gen. George Rogers Clark, by William Hayden English, Vol. 2, pp. 829-832.)
26.  CECIL, Thomas (oral) in Louisville; Feb. 7, 1807;  
mentions wife Nancy.
Wit.: Wm. Lampton, Wm. Dougherty
27.  CORNELIUS, William; Nov. 21, 1800 Jan. 19, 1801
wife Catherine;
to son Daniel, but if Daniel dies, all property to John, Philip & Geo. Hawks
Exec.: Thos. & Wm. Johnston
Wit.: Jas. Carmaicle, Samuel Reaugh, Philip Smith.
(B1, p101)
28. COVERTON, Priscilla (Covington in Index), all spelling poor; Dec. 4, 1811 Dec. 9, 1811
son Philip, granddau. Priscilla, dau. of Philip, is given spoons, if she comes to Ky. to live; son Abel, dau. Matilda
Wit.: Fred & Jos. T. Edwards, John Whips.
29.  COWAN, John no date (prob. Sept. 7, 1807)  
wife Mary; chil. Elizabeth, Margaret, John, Wm. and James.
30. CRAWFORD, David, of Amherst Co., Va.; Dec. 14, 1801 - Codicil Mar. 14, 1802 Sept. 20, 1802
sons, David Reuben, Nathan, former tow land on Harrods Creek, Nathan land in Shelby Co. where he now lives; dau. Sally Cocke, 80 lbs. money; dau. Elizabeth Davis & Nancy Jones, money; son Chas., land which I bought of Richard Taliafero, adj. Elias Wells; sons Nelson & Wm., land in Amherst Co., adj. Buffalo Ridge, granted me in 1789; wife, part of land where I now live, which I bought of Robert. Johnston and Wm. Haynes; son John, special gift to Nathan "for him not receiving assistance in settling out in life in a remote and distant country"; son John given one-half of all lands in Ky., surveyed by him;
execs.: Chas. Taliafero, Daniel Warwick.
Wit.: Wm. and John Pryor
31. CUMMINS, William (sick), Sept.., 1795 Dec. 6, 1796, Feb., 1797
Wife's name given as both Mary and Margery;
After fourteen years, plantation and land on Patton's Creek to be sold and proceeds to sons and wife Mary.
To daughter, Maryann 20 pounds money;
to sons David, William and John his farm;
sons Henry and Moses to have six months schooling;
to daughter Jeany a horse;
to son Ebenezer an education.
Executors: Wife Mary, and son David Cummins.
Witnesses: Robert McIntire, Jos. Shaw and Geo. Pomeroy.
(B1, p71.)






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