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Date: Nov. 22, 1828
ABELL, BENNETT, age 36, died in St. Mary's Co., Md. 9 Oct.  He leaves a wife and 5 small children.
Date: Feb. 27, 1828
ADAMS, JOHN, and MISS MARY CATHERINE HELLEN, daughter of the late Walter HELLEN, were married 25 Feb. by Rev. Mr. HAWLEY.
Date Oct. 9, 1828
ADDISON, Dr. Edmund B. and Miss Eliza BOWIE, daughter of the late William BOWIE, were married 6 Oct. at Faireview, Prince George's Co., Md., by Rev. Mr. TYNG
Date: Aug. 8, 1828
ADDISON, Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Anthony ADDISON, died in Georgetown 31  July, aged 68.
Date: Feb. 16, 1828
AMBLER, John Jaquelin and Elizabeth BARBOUR, daughter of Hon. P. P. BARBOUR, all of Va., were married 15 Feb. in this city by Rev. M. HAWLEY.
Date: July 15, 1828
AMES, Mr., died 25 June after a boat which he was on at Ft. Point Cove sank.
Date: Nov. 8, 1828
ANDREWS, Miss Jane M., died 7 Nov. at the residence of her brother, Col. Christopher ANDREWS.
Date: Oct. 23, 1828
ANDREWS, T. P., of the U. S. Army, and Emily R. SNODEN, daughter of the late Richard SNOWDEN, of Maryland, were married 21 Oct. in Anne Arundel Co., Md. by Rev. Henry V. JOHNS.
Date: Sept. 3, 1828
ANGLE, John and Miss Mary JONES, all of Georgetown, were married in Georgetown 2 Sept. by Rev. Mr. WILSON.
Date: Jan. 9, 1828
ANNIN, Roberdeau, and Miss Helen C. McCORMICK, both of this city, were married 3 Jan. by Rev. Mr. POST.
Date: Mar. 24, 1828
ANSART, Mrs. Martha Lavinia, wife of Capt. Felix ANSART, U. S. Army, died 14 Mar. at Ft. Constitution, N. H.
Date: Dec. 13, 1828
BABCOCK, Henry, of Lexington, Ky., died at Winchester 25 Nov. by the accidental discharge of a cannon fired while a salute was being given in honor of Gen. JACKSON's election.  He was a carriage maker by trade, born in Northampton, Mass., but for several years was a resident of Lexington.  He leaves a widow and several children.
Date: July 12, 1828
BAILEY, Lt. Richard, aged 82, died in Berlin, Vt., 14 June.  AT the time of the battle of Bunker Hill, he lived in the town of Haverhill, Mass.  Receiving the news of the battle, while in the field with his plough, he immediately turned out his team, took his gun and cartouch box which had been previously filled with cartridges, and his knap sack, which had also been supplied with provisions, and without stopping to change his clothes, or even get the dirt out of his shoes, to use his own language, marched to the American army, where he remained about 3 months before he returned to his family.
Date: Sept. 10, 1828
BAILEY, Gen. Theodorus, postmaster of N. Y., died.  He was a native of Dutchess Co., which he represented in Congress for some years.
Date: Nov. 25, 1828
BALCH, Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Rev. Dr. Stephen B. BALCH, died 24 Nov. in Georgetown.  They had been married scarcely 3 weeks.
Date: Nov. 6, 1828
BALCH, Rev. Dr. Stephen B., of Georgetown, and Mrs. Elizabeth KING, of this city were married 5 Nov. by the Rev. Dr. LAURIE.
Date: June 9, 1828
BALDWIN, Don John, M. D., of Mexico, formerly of Pittsburg, and Miss Isabella D. McLEOD, of New Orleans, were married on board the steamboat Liberator, of Point Chicot, Arkansas Territory, 4 April by R. LATTING.
Date: Apr. 18, 1828
BARCLAY De TOLLY, Field Marshal, renowned in the late wars between France and Russia, died recently in Russia.  The Emperor has enobled his children.
Date: Feb. 22, 1828
BARCROFT, Titus, aged 31 years, died 21 Feb.
Date: Nov. 25, 1828
BARNES, Richard, Atty. at Law, and Miss Mary J. ROBERTSON, only daughter of James ROBERTSON, late of Charles Co., Md., were married at Cedar Hill, Charles Co., Md., by Rev. Mr. PROUT.
Date: Sept. 8, 1828
BARNS, George and Miss Mary HUNTER, both of this city, were married 4 Sept. by Rev. Mr. LUCAS.
Date: Nov. 15, 1828
BARNUM, Elias, son-in-law of David McILVAIN, was drowned 2 Nov. at Harpersfield, a mile south of Charlotte River.
Date: Sept. 10, 1828
BARRY, Richard, and Miss Eliza TOWNSEND, daughter of Samuel TOWNSEND, all of this city, were married 7 Sept. by Rev. Mr. DEIGLE.
Date: Nov. 25, 1828
BARTLETT, Elijah, was murdered recently in Clarke Co., Ark.
Date: Dec. 27, 1828
BARTON, David, Atty. at law and Miss Frances L. JONES, daughter of William S. JONES, were married 18 Dec. at Vaucluse, Frederic Co., Va.
Date: Feb. 12, 1828
BATES, Hon. John Woodson, Judge of the Circuit Ct. of the 2d Judicial Circuit of the Territory of Arkansas, and Mrs. PALMER, widow of the late Dr. PALMER, and daughter of Maj. Benjamin MOORE, of Crawford Co., all formerly of Va., were married in Crawford Co., Ark., 12 Dec. 1827 by Rev. Mr. LARRIMORE.
Date: July 1, 1828
BEALL, Mrs. Elizabeth WAUGH, relict of Major Lloyd BEALL, an officer of the Revolution, and the late war, eldest daughter of Thomas JONES, deceased, one of the Associate Judges of Maryland, died at Georgetown, D. C., 27 June, aged 65.
Date: Nov. 5, 1828
BEANES, Dr. William, aged 80, died at Upper Marlborough, Md., 12 Oct.
Date: Apr. 1, 1828
BECKWITH, Nelson and Miss Teresa FORD, all of St. Mary's Co., Md., were married 9 Mar. by Rev. Mr. Monnelly.
Date: Mar. 24, 1828
BELT, Capt. Humphrey, aged 56 died 13 Mar. at Benvenue, Prince George's Co., Md.
Date: Apr. 29, 1828
BELT, Truman and Miss Elizabeth Ann ROSS, were married at Bladensburg, Md., 16 Apr. by Rev. Mr. DRANE.
Date: Nov. 11, 1828
BENSON, Cephas W., and Miss Harriet T. WALL, eldest daughter of the late Thomas WALL, all of Prince George's Co., Md., were married 6 Nov. by the Rev. Mr. GIBSON.
Date: Mar. 29, 1828
BERKELY, Princess,1 formerly well known as Lady CRAVEN, and afterwards as the Margravine of Anspach, died in Naples 13 Jan.  She was much celebrated in American, during the Revolution, for the ardent part she took in the American cause, and her wit and verses were copied into a few American papers then published - particularly such as ridiculed the Ministers of the day, and the folly of sending playwrights and poets, such as Burgoyne, and Lord Carlisle, to fight or cajole the Yankees into submission.
Date: Sept. 23, 1828
BERRIEN, Mrs. Eliza, wife of Hon. John MacPherson BERRIEN, of Georgia, died 25 Aug. at Greenville, S. C.
Date: Nov. 1, 1828
BERRY, Charles M. of Prince George's Co., Md., died 29 Oct. aged 31.
Date: Apr. 17, 1828
BERRY, William, died 11 Apr. in Prince George's Co., Md., aged 33 yrs.
Date: July 7, 1828
BIRNIE, C., Atty. at law, and Miss Harriet A. WORTHINGTON, daughter of William WORTHINGTON, of this city, were married at Fredericktown, Md., 24 June by Rev. Mr. JOHNS.
Date Oct. 30, 1828
BISPHAM, Joseph, Jr. and Susan Ridgeway TUCKER, daughter of the Hon. Ebenezer TUCKER, were married 22 Oct. at Tuckerton, N. J., by Rev. Mr. MOOREHOUSE.
Date: Nov. 29, 1828
BLACKFORD, Edward D., late of N. Y. died in New Orleans 13 Oct.
Date: Nov. 1, 1828
BLACKLEDGE, William, died at Spring Hill, Lenoir Co., N. C., 19 Oct.  For several years he represented Newbern Dist. in the U. S. Congress, and for many years he was a member of the Council of the State of North Carolina.
Date: Mar. 25, 1828
BLAIR, James, aged 93 years, died 20 Mar. in Blair's Valley, Md.  He was one among the first settlers in that part of Washington Co., and bore a part in the many skirmishes with the Indians.
Date: Oct. 30, 1828
BLAKE, Dr. John B., of this city, and Miss Josephine Lavinia TUCKER, daughter Josephine Lavinia TUCKER, daughter of Hon. Ebnezer TUCKER, were married 22 Oct. at Tuckerton, N. J., by Rev. Mr. MAYNE.
Date: Dec. 1, 1828
BLONDIN, George H. and Miss Harriot MUDD, were married in Georgetown 27 Nov. by Rev. Mr. WILSON.
Date: Sept. 13, 1828
BLOUNT, Major John Gray, of Tarborough, N. C. died in Raleigh, N. C., 4 Sept.  During the late war, Major BLOUNT was an active officer of the 10th Regiment of Infantry.
Date: July 18, 1828
BLOXTON, Mrs. Mary, aged 60, formerly of the Washington Theatre, for the last 9 years attached to the New Orleans and Nashville Theatres, died at Natchez 8 June.
Date: Aug. 14, 1828
BONFILS, Lucinda, infant daughter of S. F. BONFILS, died recently at Boston.
Date: Oct. 2, 1828
BOOTES, Samuel M. and Miss Elizabeth SMITH, all of Georgetown, were married at that place 30 Sept. by Rev. Mr. GRAY.
Date: Feb. 8, 1828
BOOTH, Hon. James, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, of the State of Delaware, died at his residence in Newcastle, Del.  3 Feb.
Date: Nov. 6, 1828
BORDLEY, Mathias, aged 71, died 26 Oct. at Wye Island, Eastern Shore of Maryland.  He had attained a taste for classical literature at Eaton College.
Date: May 26, 1828
BOWIE, Charles, of Prine George's Co., Md., and Miss Eliza COMBS, daughter of the late Joseph COMBS, of Prince George's Co., were married 15 May by Rev. Geo. L. Machenheimer.
Date: May 24, 1828
BOWIE, G. W. of Prince George's Co., Md., and Miss Mary RAPINE, of this city, were married 22 May by Rev. Dr. BALCH.
Date: July 18, 1828
BRADLEY, Phineas Jones, second son of Dr. Phineas BRADLEY, died 17 July near this city, aged 24.
Date: Dec. 24, 1828
BRADWAY, Charles, was killed 15 Dec. at Coventry, after a fall from a bridge.  He was 50 years of age.
Date: July 3, 1828
BRASHEARS, John W., aged 56 years, died 29 June at Centreville, Prince George's Co., Md.  He was formerly a resident of Washington.  He was interred on the plantation of John Soper.
Date: Apr. 18, 1828
BRISCOE, Samuel G. W., aged 17 years, son of the late Col. Gerrard BRISCOE, died in Charles Co., Md., 2 Apr.
Date: Mar. 25, 1828
BRITT, Col. William, died in Hertford Co., N. C., a short time since. (BTITT?)
Date: Dec. 31, 1828
BRONAUGH, Robert, of Stafford Co., Va. and Mary Ann KENDALL, of Montgomery Co., Md., were married near Colesville, Md., by Rev. John CULPEPER.
Date: Aug. 26, 1828
BROOK, Samuel, for many years, principal clerk in the office of the Treasurer of the United States, died 17 Aug. aged 78.
Date: Mar. 25. 1828
BROOKS, Francis, aged 57 years died 23 Mar.
Date: Mar. 24, 1828
BROOKS, Ward Chipman, son of P. C. BROOKS, of Boston, died at Baltimore, 19 Mar., aged 24 years.
Date: Oct. 8, 1828
BROWN, Edmund F., of New York, and Miss Isabella OWEN, of this city, were married 5 Oct. by Rev. O. B. BROWN.
Date: Mar. 29, 1828
BROWN, Miss Mary Ann, died in Georgetown 2 Mar.
Date: Sept. 12, 1828
BROWN, Miss Mary C., daughter of Daniel BROWN, died 11 Sept., aged 27 years.
Date: Dec. 22, 1828
BROWN, Mary C., daughter of Mrs. Mary Brown, of this city, died 21 Dec., aged 7 years.
Date: Dec. 2, 1828
BROWN, Capt. Thomas, U. S. NAvy, died 28 Nov. in Philadelphia.
Date: Oct. 21, 1828
BRUCE, Mrs. Henrietta, aged between 60 and 70, died 6 Oct. at Cherry Hill, Charles Co., Md.
Date: Feb. 27, 1828
BUCKNER, R. B. of St. Bernards, and Miss Louisa Hipkins BERRYMAN, youngest daughter of Newton BERRYMAN, of this city, were married 26 Feb. by Rev. Mr. Matthews.
Date: Jan. 26, 1828
BUCKNER, Thomas H., of Virginia, and Miss Elizabeth Ann Eden Thomas, only daughter of the late Zachariah THOMAS of Charles Co., Md., were married 10 Jan. by Rev. Charles MANN.
Date: Apr. 18, 1828
BURKE, James, of Washington, and Miss Sarah SHIELDS, of New York, were married 17 Apr. by Rev. Mr. Shriber.
Date: May 26, 1828
BURKE, James, printer, aged 26 years, late of Baltimore, died in this city 24 May.
Date: Apr. 7, 1828
BURKE, John, for many years one of the bookkeepers of the Treasury Dept. died 6 Apr.
Date: Feb. 4, 1828
BURNSIDE, Thomas E., died 22 Jan. on the West side of the Chatahoochie, in the neighborhood of Ft. Mitchell, after being shot in a duel between himself and Geo. W. CRAWFORD.
Date: May 1, 1828
BURR, Joseph, aged 54, a bachelor, died in Manchester, Vt.  He left a large fortune, which he bequeathed to various churches and societies.
Date: Feb. 8, 1828
BUTLER, Capt. David and Miss Laura L. BEALL, daughter of Dr. John H. Beall, all of this city, were married 7 Feb. by Rev. Mr. ALLEN.
Date: Dec. 6, 1828
BYINGTON, Samuel L. and Miss Elizabeth A. BURY, both of this city were married 4 Dec. by Rev. Mr. McCORMICK.
Date: Sept. 15, 1828
CAHILLY, Charles John, died 4 Aug. at Pittsburg from noxious gas while digging a pit.
Date: June 3, 1828
CAIN, George L. of Wilson Co., Tenn., and Miss Martha M. BURCH, daughter of Catp. Benjamin Burch of this city, were married 29 May by Rev. Mr. LUCAS.
Date: Sept. 6, 1828
CALLENDER, Thomas, aged 74, died 20 Aug. in Smithville, N. C.  He was in many engagements during the Revolution.
Date: Aug. 28, 1828
CAMPBELL, Rev. Alexander, of Bethany, Editor of the "Christian Baptist", and Miss Selina H. BAKEWELL, of Wellsburg, Brook Co., Va., were married at Wellsburg 31 July 31.
Date: Dec. 6, 1828
CAMPBELL, David J., Atty. at law, died in Chestertown, Md., 17 Nov., aged 27.  He was a member-elect of the Legislature of Maryland.
Date: Aug. 19, 1828
CAMPBELL, Duncan G., an eminent Atty. of George, died in Washington, Wilkes Co., Ga., 4 Aug.
Date: Aug. 19, 1828
CAMPBELL, Duncan G., an eminent Atty. of Georgia, died in Washington, Wilkes Co., Ga., 4 Aug.
Date: Nov. 29, 1828
CAMPBELL, James, of Lexington, Rockingham Co., Va., and Miss Malvina Allen WILSON, youngest daughter of the late James WILSON, were married at Alexandria 25 Nov. by Rev. Mr. HARRISON.
Date: July 1, 1828
CAMPBELL, John, aged 63 years, formerly and for many years a Representative in Congress from Charles Co., Md., died in Charles Co., Md., 23 June at the residence of his son-in-law, Col. Daniel JENIFER.
Date: May 13, 1828
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Roberta, consort of Rev. J. N. CAMPBELL, one of the pastors of the Presbyterian Church in Georgetown, died 1 May at the residence of her father, Robert BOLLING, in Petersburg, Va.
Date: Aug. 15, 1828
CARDELL, William S., late of New York, died 10 Aug. in Lancaster, Pa.  He was the author of several school books.
Date: July 22, 1828
CARNEY, Thomas, a colored man, aged 74 died near Denton, Md., 30 June. AT the commencement of the Revolution, he enlisted as a soldier under Gen. Peter ADAMS, and soon afterwards was marched to the North, and was in the Battle of Germantown.  In this action the Maryland Troops bore a conspicuous part, but the Americans were compelled to yield to a superior force.  Soon after this, Washington retired to Valley Forge, and took up his winter quarters.  When the Maryland and Delaware lines were ordered to the South, Thomas marched with his brave Regiment.  At the battle of Guilford Court House he bore a conspicuous part, and bayoneted seven of the enemy when the Maryland Troops came to the charge.  At Camden, Hobkick's Hill, and Ninety-Six, he bore his part.  At Ninety-Six, he captain (the late Major General BENSON) received a dangerous wound.  Thomas took him on his shoulders to the surgeon, and after laying him at the surgeon's feet, fainted from fatigue and heat.
Date: Sept. 24, 1828
CAROTHERS, Cordelia Virginia, daughter of John and Anne Maria CAROTHERS, died in the city 19 Sept. aged 3 years, 7 months.
Date: Apr. 4, 1828
CARR, Benjamin, aged 76 years, died in Prince George's Co., Md., 26 Mar.
Date: Oct. 9, 1828
CARR, S. J., of S. C., and Miss Mary E. Polk DAVIDGE, eldest daughter of Mrs. Rebecca DAVIDGE, of Baltimore, were married at Baltimore, 30 Sep. by Rev. Dr. Reis.
Date: Sept. 11, 1828
CARRICO, Mrs. Mary, wife of James CARRICO, died 10 Sept.
Date: Jan. 7, 1828
CARROLL, William Thomas, clerk of the Supreme Court of the U. S., and Miss Sally SPRIGG, only daughter of Samuel SPRIGG, late Governor of Maryland, were married 14 Oct. at Northampton, Prince George's Co., Md., by Rev. Mr. TYNG. (18 Dec. 1827.)
Date: May 31, 1828
CARSON, Peter, sailing master in the U. S. Navy, died 27 May in Philadelphia aged 38 years.
Date: June 12, 1828
CASSIN, Capt. James, a clerk in the Navy Dept., died 11 June in Georgetown.
Date: Apr. 22, 1828
CHARLTON, John K. M., formerly one of the Editors of the Augusta Chronicle, and recently Editor of the Washington News, died at Washington, Wilkes Co., Ga., 5 Apr.
Date: May 14, 1828
CHASE, Jeremiah Townly, aged 77 years, for a long time Chief Judge of the General Court, and more recently of the Court of Appeals of Maryland, died 10 May at Annapolis, Md.
Date: June 26, 1828
CHASE, Hon. Samuel, Representative in Congress from New York, and Miss Mary Frances WHETCROFF, were married 24 June in this city by Rev. Mr. HAWLEY.
Date: Jan. 7, 1828
CHEW, Nathaniel, Sr., aged 80 years died at his residence on West River 22 Dec. 1827
Date: Feb. 20, 1828
CLAGETT, William D., and Miss Mary Ann BOWIE, All of Prince George's Co., Md., were married 5 Feb. by Rev. Mr. DOUGHERTY.
Date: Dec. 27, 1828
CLAGETT, Dr. William H., of Piscataway, Md., and Miss Elizabeth Hanson HARDESTY, daughter of the late John S. HARDESTY, of Charles Co., Md., were married 16 Dec. at Belle Air, Prince George's Co., Md., by Rev. Mr. McHENHEIMER.
Date: June 18, 1828
CLAPP, Captain Rowland, aged 48 years, formerly of Massachusetts, died 17 June.
Date: Nov. 19, 1828
CLAYTON, Anthony, aged 14, of New Mills, near Manchester, was strangled to death accidently
Date: Feb. 19, 1828
CLINTON, DeWitt, late Governor of the State of New York, died.
Date: Oct. 7, 1828
COE, Col. Jonas H., a native of New Jersey, and Donna Trinidad BELARCE, only daughter of Don Juan Damon BALARCE, Minister of War and Foreign Relations, were married in Buenos Ayres, 7 July at the Government palace, the residence of his Excellency, the Governor.
Date: Apr. 7, 1828
COLEMAN, Edmond William, of Montgomery Co., Md., and Miss Caroline WILSON, of Georgetown, D. C., were married 2 Apr. by Rev. John Brackenridge.
Date: Sept. 30, 1828
COLLINS, Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Joseph S. COLLINS, died in Georgetown 25 Sept., age 45.  Her husband was a local minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  She leaves him and 7 children.
Date: Dec. 6, 1828
CONNELL, Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John CONNELL, of this city, died 3 Dec., aged 15 years.
Date: June 18, 1828
CONNELLY, Mary, died in Baltimore after falling into the fire.
Date: Dec. 30, 1828
CONRAD, David Holmes, Atty. at law of Martinsburg, Va., and Miss Nancy CARR, daughter of Hon. Dabney CARR, were married 17 Dec. at Richmond, Va., by Bishop MOORE.
Date: Sept. 1, 1828
CONTEE, James, son of Edmund H. and Eleanor CONTEE, died 28 Aug. at Bromont, Charles Co., MD., aged 3.
Date: Sept. 29, 1828
COOLIDGE, Samuel Judson, aged 26, a native of this city, but for the last ten years a resident of Georgia, died 11 Sept. at Columbus, Ga.
Date: May 23, 1828
COOK, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth, consort Lt. John A. COOK, U. S. Navy, died 21 May, aged 25 yeras.
Date: Aug. 25, 1828
COOK, John, chaplain in the U. S. Navy, died 20 Aug. in New York.
Date: Oct. 30, 1828
COOK, John, and Miss Sarah LANG, were married 25 Oct. by Rev. Dr. LAURIE.
Date: Dec. 19, 1828
COOK, Lt. John A., of U. S. Navy, and Miss Francis OWNER, daughter of James OWNER, all of this city, were married 16 Dec. by Rev. Ethan ALLEN.
Date: May 29, 1828
COOLEY, Hon. James, of the Stae of Ohio, and charge d'affairs of the U. S. in Peru, died 24 Feb. at Lima.
Date: Aug. 11, 1828
COOLIDGE, Thomas B., of Boston, Mass., and Miss Susan E. GOLDSBOROUGH, eldest daughter of Hon. Robert H. GOLDSBOROUGH, were married 31 July at Myrtle Grove, Talbot Co., Md., by Rev. Mr. BAYNE.
Date: Apr. 11, 1828
COOLY, Asariah, and Miss Susan TAYLOR, both of Alexandria, were married at that place 6 Apr. by Rev. Mr. CORNELIUS.
Date: Oct. 8, 1828
COSTIGAN, James, and Miss Caroline B. TIPPET, both of this city, were married 2 Oct. by Rev. Dr. DEAGLE.
Date: Jan. 3, 1828
COSTIGAN, Joseph, and Miss Martha EDELIN, all of this city, were married 1 Jan. by Rev. Mr. MATTHEWS.
Date: Aug. 25, 1828
COTTENDEN, Robert, Secretary of Arkansas and Acting Governor of that Territory, was killed in a recontre some days ago with Gen. RECTOR, of Mo.
Date: Sept. 15, 1828
COVER, Daniel, for several years a resident of this city, died 13 Sept.
Date: July 16, 1828
CRAVEN, Miss Isabella, died 14 July aged 50.
Date: May 29, 1828
CRISWOLD, Rev. George, of Alexandria, D. C., and Miss Eliza COOMBE, daughter of Griffith COOMBE, of this city, were married in this city 27 May by Rev. Mr. TYNG.
Date: Feb. 15, 1828
CROSS, Martha, infant daughter of Maj. T. CROSS, died 14 Feb., aged 19 mos.
Date: June 4, 1828
CULPEPER, Hon. John, of North Carolina, and Mrs. Abigail LANSDALE, of Montgomery Co., Md., were married 27 May by Rev. Mr. CHALMERS.
Date: Mar. 21, 1828
CUMMINS, James, of Baltimore, and Miss Mary Ann THOMAS, of Alexandria, were married 16 Mar. by Rev. Mr. SKINNER.
Date: Aug. 21, 1828
DADE, Mrs. Elizabeth B., died 17 Aug. in Alexandria aged 70 years.
Date: Jan. 4, 1828
DADE, Capt. Francis L., U. S. Army, and Miss Amanda Malvina MIDDLETON, eldest daughter of Isaac S. Middleton, of Pensacola, were married at Pensacola 6 Dec., 1827, by Rev. Mr. HARDY.
Date: Apr. 29, 1828
DANDRIDGE, Julius B., formerly cashier of the U. S. Bank at Richmond, died in Richmond, Va., 24 Apr., aged 58 years.
Date: May 12, 1828
DAVIDSON, William H., of Martinsburg, Va., an Miss Letitia H. KING, of Charles County, Md., were married in this city by Rev. Mr. MATTHEWS.
Date: Dec. 18, 1828
DAVIS, Dr. Charles W., of this city, and Miss Julia A. JACKSON, of Fairfax, Va., were married 7 December at Fairfax Co., Va., by Rev. R. H. NEALE.
Date: Feb. 11, 1828
DAVIS, George A., and Miss Sarah J. SHEPPARD, eldest daughter of Ludowick SHEPPARD, both of this city, were married 5 Feb. by Rev. C. A. DAVIS, of Annapolis, Md.
Date: May 5, 1828
DAVIS, Mrs. Mary, aged 66 years, wife of John DAVIS, died 4 May.
Date: July 19, 1828
DAVIS, Dr. Thomas J., died 11 July in Montgomery Co., Md., aged 23.
Date: Jan. 24, 1828
DAY, Baldwin, of Fauquier Co., Va., and Lucretia GUTHRIE, youngest daughter of the late Capt. John GUTHRIE, of Alexandria, were married in Alexandria 20 Jan. by Rev. Mr. JACKSON.
Date: Feb. 4, 1828
DEHOET, Chevalier Caravadossy, Major of Cavalry, Consul General of his Sardinian Majesty to the U. S., and Miss Marie Antoinette Hersilie D'AVRAINVILLE, eldest daughter of the Chevalier D'Avrainville, of Martinico, were marriedin Philadelphia, 30 Jan. by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Conwell.
Date: May 16, 1828
DEMENT, Richard and Miss Sarah ASHBARY, both of this district were married at Pleasant Hill Vineyard 13 May by Rev. Mr. McCORMICK
Date: Dec. 22, 1828
DEXTER, Benjamin, aged 24 years, son of Timothy DEXTER, was killed in Rhode Island 13 Dec. by the cave in of earth.
Date: Oct. 7, 1828
DIX, John, and Miss Alithea BARRON, all of this city, were married 5 Oct. by Rev. Mr. MATTHEWS.
Date: May 9, 1828
DONOHO, Patrick, aged 22 years, died in this city 8 May.
Date: Dec. 20, 1828
DOUGHERTY, Joseph, stabbed himself to death in New York, 17 Dec.
Date: Nov. 11, 1828
DOUGLASS, James, of the firm of J. & A. DOUGLASS, of Alexandria, Va., died 18 Oct., aged 33.
Date: Sept. 25, 1828
DOWELL, Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Francis S. DOWELL, died at Nottingham, Prince George's Co., Md., 22 Aug., aged 20.
Date: Aug. 1, 1828
DUCKWORTH, George, Jr., died 31 July, aged 28.  He leaves a wife and one child.
Date: May 14, 1828
DUNCAN, Hon. Joseph, of Illinois, and Miss Elizabeth Caldwell SMITH, of New York, were married 13 May in this city by Rev. Mr. POST.
Date: June 20, 1828
DUNCANSON, J. A. M., and Miss Eliza L. CHESTER, all of this city, were married 17 June by Rev. Mr. HAWLEY.
Date: Dec. 24, 1828
DUNDOR, Jacob, died in Heidelberg Township, Pa., 12 Dec. after a limb of a tree fell on him.
Date: Sept. 15, 1828
DUNLOP, Mr. driver of the Erie State, was killed 31 Aug. about 4 miles North of Pittsburg, after falling out of his coach.
Date: June 27, 1828
DUNN, John Oswald, Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives, and Miss Augusta M. STANSBURY, daughter of Arthur J. STANSBURY, all of this city, were married 26 June by Rev. Mr. POST.
Date: Sept. 17, 1828
DUNNING, Mrs. Mary, wife of John DUNNING, of this city, died 16 Sept., aged 39.
Date: Dec. 4, 1828
DUPONT, Mrs. consort E. J. DUPONT, died at the Brandywine Power Works, 27 Nov.
Date: Oct. 18, 1828
DUVALL, Miss Sarah P., age 20, died 4 Sept. near Nottingham, Prince George's Co., Md.
Date: Jan. 31, 1828
DYER, John Jourdan, eldest son of Thomas B. DYER, of this city, died 29 Jan., aged 24 years.
Date: May 7, 1828
EASTON, David, Jr., only son of David EASTON, died in Havana, at the residence of the American Consul, 18 Apr., aged 24 years.  He was buried with military honors in the ground appropriated to his countrymen.
Date: Feb. 13, 1828
ECKFORD, John H., aged 22 years, son of Henry ECKFORD, died a few days ago in New York.  He was interred in the family burying ground at Hempstead, L. I.
Date: Mar. 19, 1828
ELKLIN, Allen N., of Kentucky, and Miss Margaret P. HALLEY, daughter of Henry J. HALLEY, of Fairfax Co., Va., were married 18 Mar. in this city by the Rev. O. B. BROWN.
Date: Dec. 27, 1828
ELLIOTT, Lynde, and Miss Emma CLARK, both of this city, were married 25 Dec. by Rev. Mr. DANFORTH.
Date: Dec. 26, 1828
ELLIS, Samuel B., aged 52, died in this city 22 Dec.  He was a native of Leeds, England, and leaves a wife and 3 children.  He was interred in the burial ground of Christ Church.
Date: Sept. 22, 1828
ENGLISH, George Bethune, a native of Boston, died in this city 20 Sept., aged 39.  He was several years in the Marine Corps as an officer, and afterwards entered the service of the Pasha of Egypt, and accompanied an expedition under Ibraham to upper Egypt.  He published an account of this and was also the author of several works on controversial theology.
Date: June 12, 1828
ESCAVAILLE, Joseph, proprietor of the Exchange Reading Rooms and Editor of the Baltimore Price Current, died at Baltimore 10 June, aged 43 years.
Date: Aug. 29, 1828
ESTE, Mary Ann Elizabeth, infant daughter of John ESTE, died 26 Aug., aged 6 months, 7 days.
Date: Jan. 12, 1828
EVANS, Dr. Thomas, and Miss Dorothy Ann CHALMERS, daughter of Rev. John CHALMERS, all of this city, were married 10 Jan. by Rev. Mr. RYLAND.
Date: Apr. 11, 1828
FAIRFAX, Albert, of Fairfax, Va., and Caroline Eliza SNOWDEN, daughter of the late Richard SNOWDEN, of Prince SNOWDEN, of Prince George's Co., Md., were married at Pleasant Prospect, the residence of John CONTEE, 8 Apr. by Rev. Mr. LYNG.
Date: Jan. 17, 1828
FELL, Frederick Shick, proprietor of the Savannah Republican, and Miss Mary C. SHICK, were married in Savannah.
Date: Sept. 1, 1828
FELTUS, Rev. Henry J., D. D., Rector of St. Stephen's Church, died in New York, 24 Aug., aged 58.
Date: Feb. 11, 1828
FENWICK, Mrs. Jane, consort of Thomas FENWICK, aged about 45 years, died 4 Feb. at her residence in Charles Co., Md.
Date: June 21, 1828
FERGUSON, Capt. Benjamin, proprietor of the Norfolk and Baltimore steamboat and packet line, died in Baltimore 15 June.  He was the first to establish a regular line of packets between Norfolk and Baltimore.
Date: Nov. 20, 1828
FERRIS, Dr. Thomas E., aged 28, died 9 Nov. in Essex Co., Va.  He was a graduate of the University of Dublin, Ireland, having graduated about 6 years since.  He was interred at Port Royal, Caroline Co., Va., next to a parent.
Date: July 23, 1828
FEW, Col. William, aged 81 years, died 16 July at Fishkill, N. Y., the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. CHRYSTIE.  Born in Maryland, in 1748, he was an inhabitant of Georgia when the Revolution commenced.  In 1776 he was elected a member of the Convention which formed the first Constitution of that State.  He was afterwards a member of the Legislature and Executive Council.  But the dangers of the times soon called him to the field, Georgia, invaded by the British on the sea border and by their savage allies on the Western frontier, was preserved by the unsubdued spirit of a few militia.  Amongst these, William FEW, who was soon raised to the rank of Lt. Col., distinguished himself by his bravery and activity in several auctions with the British and Indians.  Augusta having been recovered and the savages repulsed, he was, in the year 1780, appointed a delegate to Congress, where he continued until the peace of 1783.  He was reappointed in 1786 and in 1787 was chosen a member of the convention which formed the constitution of the United States.  Mr. Few was a Senator of the United States for Georgia from 1789 to 1793, and having married in the city of New York, moved there, where he spent 30 years.  He represented the city several years in the Legislature of the State till he was appointed by Mr. JEFFERSON, Commissioner of Loans.
Date: July 21, 1828
FISH, Mrs. Mary, aged 121 years, died a few days ago in Dorchester Co., Md.  She was born in 1707 on a passage from Africa to this country.
Date: Oct. 29, 1828
FITZHUGH, Dr. George, died 20 Oct. in King George Co., Va., aged 47.
Date: Apr. 26, 1828
FITZHUGH, George W., of Brentsville and Miss Sarah S. B. HENRY, of Safford Co., Va., were married 17 Apr. by Rev. J. E. WEEMS.
Date: Feb. 7, 1828
FITZHUGH, John Thornton, of King George Co., Va., and Miss Rachel D. McCOBB, of Alexandria, D. C., were married 5 February by Rev. Mr. JACKSON.
Date: Apr. 4, 1828
FLYNN, Thomas, Manager of the Chatham Theatre, and Miss Matilda TWIBILL, of the same theatre, were married at New York 30 Mar.
Date: Dec. 11, 1828
FOLLANSBEE, Mrs. Eliza, died in this city 6 Dec., aged 30.
Date: Aug. 11, 1828
FOOTE, Hon. Charles A., Attorney at law, and late member of Congress, died at Delhi, N. Y., 1 Aug.
Date: Oct. 9, 1828
FORREST, Richard, aged 61, died in this city 7 Oct.  He was an early settler in the city and for the last 20 years had been attached to the State Dept.  He will be buried in Upper Marlboro, Md.
Date: Feb. 4, 1828
FOWKE, Thomas H. R., and Miss Lydia Ann KENNEDY, daughter of the late Daniel KENNEDY, all of Charles Co., Md., were married 24 Jan. at Sandy Point by Rev. Mr. PROUT.
Date: Sept. 27, 1828
FOWLER, Samuel Monroe Parsons, died 26 Sept. at the residence of his mother near the Navy Yard.
Date: Oct. 6, 1828
FRENCH, Mrs. Anna Rosetta, wife of William FRENCH, died 5 Oct., aged. 36.
Date: Jan. 31, 1828
FRICK, Mrs. Mary, wife of Dr. Jacob FRICK, one of the Editors of the American Sentinel, died 26 Jan. in Philadelphia.
Date: May 16, 1828
GANNON, Lt. Peter, of the Militia of the District of Columbia, died at Tenleytown, near this city, 12 May, aged 25 yers.
Date: Aug. 25, 1828
GANO, Stephen, Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Providence, R. I., died at that place in 18 Aug.  He had been pastor there for 30 years.
Date: Nov. 11, 1828
GARDINER, Hannah, daughter of John GARDINER, died 11 Nov., aged 7.
Date: Dec. 10, 1828
GARDINER, Sarah Ann, youngest daughter of John GARDINER, died 7 Dec., aged 3 years.
Date: Jan. 17, 1828
GARDINER, William, and Miss Lucy A. JOHNSON, all of this city, were married 6 Jan. by Rev. Mr. BAKER.
Date: Feb. 27, 1828
GARDNER, Henry, aged 93 years, 5 months, 20 days, died in Charleston, S. C., 10 Feb.  He was born at North Kingston, R. I., 20 July 1734.  He was from early life a mariner, and at the commencement of the Revolution, he shouldered his musket, but as soon as vessels of war were commissioned, he entered on board some of the first.  Being in France at the time Paul JONES took command of the Bon Homme Richard, he entered on board as sailing master and bore a conspicuous pat in the memorable engagement with the Serapis, after which he was in various actions and served as sailmaker on board the frigate Alice, under the command of the late Capt. BARRY, until the peace in 1783.  Upon the commencement of the late war, although at the age of 78, he immediately entered as sailmaker, on board one of the vessels of the U. S., and served until the peace.
Date: Mar. 13, 1828
GEDDES, Gen. John, died in Charleston 5 Mar.  He has filled such offices as Speaker of the House of Representatives and Governor of the State of South Carolina.
Date: Aug. 25, 1828
GELSTON, David, formerly collector of the Port of New York, died in that city 21 Aug., aged 85
Date: May 3, 1828
GEORGE, Miss B., aged 18 years, was found murdered 8 Apr. in Lancaster Co., Va.
Date: Sept. 1, 1828
GEORGE, Rev. Enoch, one of the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church, died in Staunton, Va., 23 Aug. aged 60.
Date: Sept. 18, 1828
GIBBS, John H. and Miss Elizabeth Ann SEDWICK, all of this city, were married 16 Sept. by the Rev. Mr. DAVIS.
Date: Sept. 19, 1828
GIBSON, W., of Kent Island, and Miss Catharine CARTER, second daughter of J. CARTER, of George town, D. C., were married in this city 18 Sept. by Rev. Mr. RYLAND.
Date: Aug. 18, 1828
GIFFORD, William A., son of Benjamin GIFFORD, was drowned near New York, 12 Aug., aged about 10 years.
Date: Aug. 26, 1828
GILDAST, Horatio Nelson, youngest son of Capt. Francis GILDAST, deceased, of Ashly, Wilkinson Co., Miss., died 23 July at the residence of the mother, Mrs. Sophia GILDAST, aged 27 years.  He leaves a wife and one daughter.
Date: Apr. 10, 1828
GLASSEL, Maj. James M., of U. S. Army, and Miss Eudora SWARTWOUT, daughter of the late Gen. SWARTWOUT, of New York, were married at St. Augustine, Fla., 24 Mar. by Rev. Mr. SNOWDEN.
Date: Sept. 9, 1828
GOODRICH, David, d. 22 Aug. at Glastenbury, Ct.
Date: May 5, 1828
GORDON, James L. son of John GORDON, of this vicinity, died 4 May.
Date: July 15, 1828
GOULD, John, aged 9, died after being trampled by a bull at Plum Island
Date: Feb. 25, 1828
GRACY, George, aged 56 years, step-father of Mrs. Nancy LYON, d. 5 Feb. at Eddyville, Ky.
Date: Nov. 11, 1828
GRAHAM, David, aged 69, died 28 Sept. at Perth.
Date: July 9, 1828
GRAHAM, James D., U. S. Army, and Charlotte MEADE, second daughter of the late R. W. MEADE, were married 6 July by Rev. Mr. JOHNS.
Date: Feb. 2, 1828
GRATTON, Miss Mary P., sister of Mrs. GILMER, of Georgia, died 25 Jan. at her father's residence in Rockingham, Co., Va.
Date: June 5, 1828
GRAVES, John, aged 68 years, died 26 May in the county of Madison, Va.  He was a Revolutionary Soldier.  He joined the ranks in defence of his country and was one of the captors of Cornwallis in the memorable battle of Yorktown.
Date: Nov. 13, 1828
GRAYSON, John B., U. S. Army, and Miss Caroline SEARLE, daughter of the late Sir Francis SEARLE, were married 10 Nov. by Rev. Mr. JAMES.
Date: Oct. 14, 1828
GRIER, 1st Lt. James, of the 5th Infantry, died at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 22 Aug.
Date: Sept. 25, 1828
GRIVVIN, Lt. Allen, U. S. Navy, a native of Maryland, died 18 Sept.  He was in the service more than 16 years and met the enemy several times during the late war.
Date: July 15, 1828
GROSS, Joseph, died 25 June after a boat which he was on a Ft. Poitn Cove, Me., sank.
Date: June 27, 1828
GWINN, Lt. Water of the Engineers Corps., and Miss Elizabeth BRUCE, daughter of Upton BRUCE, were married in Baltimore 24 June by Rev. Dr. WYATT.
Date: June 4, 1828
HALE, Edward J., Editor of the Observer, and Miss Sarah Jane WALKER, eldest daughter of Carlton Walker, of New Hanover Co., N. C. were married 24 May in Fayetteville, N. C., by Rev. Mr. Wiley.
Date: Aug. 16, 1828
HALL, Thomas H., Register of Wills for Ann Arundel Co., Md., died 11 Aug. at Annapolis, Md.
Date: Apr. 10, 1828
HALL, Thoams W., died 5 Apr. at his residence at Anne Arundel Co., Md.  He had filled such positions as a Representative of the country, as a member of the Executive Council, etc.  His name has been for some time before the public as one of the candidates of that district for elector of President and Vice President of the United States at the ensuing election.
Date: March 21, 1828
HARKNESS, John C., and Miss Margaret SMITH, all of this city, were married 18 Mar. by Rev. John Davis.
Date: March 4, 1828
HARPER, Samuel B., and Elizabeth MAGRUDER, daughter of the late Francis MAGRUDER, all of Prince George's Co., Md., were married at Poplar Grove, Prince George's Co., Md., 26 Feb. by Rev. Mr. CLAXTON.
Date: Nov. 14, 1828
HEINECKE, Samuel, and Miss Joanna R. HINES, daughter of Jacob HINES, all of this city, were married 13 Nov. by Rev. John Davis.
Date: Oct. 16, 1828
HENLEY, Capt. Robert, of the U. S. Navy, and commandant of the Charleston station, died 6 Oct. at Sullivan's Island, Charleston, S. C.
Date: HEPBURN, David and Miss Ann OLIVE, all of this city, were married 3 July by Rev. Dr. LAURIE.
Date: Jan. 30, 1828
HICKEY, Mark, aged about 55 yrs., died 29 Jan.
Date: Aug. 15, 1828
HIGDEN, Thomas, and Miss Susan OSBORNE, were married in this city 14 Aug. by Rev. Mr. Lucas
Date: Dec. 1 & 3, 1828
HIGGINSON, Hon. Stephen, died at Boston 22 Nov., aged 85.  He was born at Salem in 1743 and was the sole surviving male descendant of the past generation of Rev. Francis HIGGINSON, one of the most eminent of the Pilgrim clergy.  He was sent to the Revolutionary Congress in 1778 and took an active interest in the public concerns.
Date: Feb. 4, 1828
HOFFMAN, Martin, died 30 Jan. in N. Y.
Date: Nov. 4, 1828
HOFFMAN, William, late a merchant of Russell Square, London, died 2 Nov. in Balto
Date: Apr. 4, 1828
HOHENLOHE-LANGENBOURG, Prince, and Princes FEODORE, daughter of the Duchess of Kent, by a former marriage, were married in London.
Date: Jan. 21, 1828
HOLCOMBE, Hon. George, member of the House of Representatives for the State of New Jersey, died at his residence in Allentown, Monmouth Co., N. J., 14 Jan.
Date: Sept. 14, 1828
HOLMEAD, Anthon, aged 63, died 10 Sept. He was a member of the Episcopal Church.
Date: Dec. 9, 1828
HOLT, Merrit, committed suicide in New Haven, Ct., 24 Nov.  He leaves a wife and 3 children.
Date: July 12, 1828
HOLTZMANN, Elie, of Georgetown, died 9 July after falling from a window.
Date: May 15, 1828
HOANS, Thomas, aged 7 mos., youngest son of Benjamin HOMANS, died 14 May in Georgetown.
Date: Feb. 21, 1828
HOPE, Charles, aged about 60 years, died in this city 20 Feb.
Date: May 17, 1828
HOWARD, Dr. William, of Baltimore, and Miss Rebecca A. Key, daughter of the late Philip Barton KEY, were married in Georgetown 14 May by Rev. Mr. GRAY.
Date: Jan. 28, 1828
HOWE, Hon. Samuel, of Northhampton, one of the four Judges of the Common Pleas Bench in Massachusetts, died lately in Boston.
Date: Mar. 28, 1828
HUMMING-BIRD, General, a Choctaw Chief, died 23 Dec. 1827, at his residence near the Choctaw agency, aged 75.  He command sixty Choctaw warriors in the year 1794 on a campaign against the Shawnee and Delaware Indians, under the command of Gen. Wayne in the late war against the Creeks and British.  This noted warrior received a commission and silver medal from Gen. Washington, which were interred in the coffin with his remains.
Date: Sept. 24, 1828
HUNTINGTON, Rev. Elijah, aged 65, a native of Mansfield, Conn., died at Braintree, Vt., 24 June.  He served as a soldier during the last 3 years of the Revolutionary War.
Date:  Nov. 10, 1828
HURST, Sgt. Henry, U. S. Army, and Mrs. Grace CONINX, of this city, were married 5 Nov. by Rev. John DAVIS.
Date: Mar. 27, 1828
HUTTON, Benjamin, late of Philadelphia, died in this city 23 Mar., aged 48 years.
Date: Oct. 16, 1828
ITURBIDE, Miss Joanna, died at Georgetown, 2 Oct., aged 16.
Date: Apr. 4, 1828
JACKSON, Andrew McDowell, and Miss Susan Jane TUCKER, daughter of the late John TUCKER of Bermuda, were married 1 Apr. by Rev. Mr. JOHNS.
Date: Oct. 16, 1828
JAMES, William and Miss Mary W. WASHINGTON, all of this place, were married 14 Oct. by Rev. Mr. JOHNS.
Date: June 5, 1828
JARDELLA, Mrs. Cammilla, a native of Florence, Italy, aged 40 years, died 4 June.  For the last 22 years she had been a resident of this city.  She leaves a husband and 13 children.
Date: JAUDON, Frances Orne, aged 2 yrs., 10 mos., second daughter of Samuel JAUDON, Cashier of the U. S. Branch Bank at New Orleans, La., died on board the ship Missouri, from New Orleans, 25 June.  She was interred in Philadelphia.
Date: Dec. 19, 1828
JENKINS, Leoline F., son of William V. JENKINS, of Baltimore, died 18 Dec. in this city.  He was interred in the Catholic Burying Ground in Georgetown.
Date: Dec. 19, 1828
JOHNSON, Hon. Peter, Judge of the General Court of Virginia, and Miss Nancy BERNARD, were married in Richmond, Va., 13 Dec. by Bishop Moore.
Date: Nov. 22, 1828
JOHNSON, Miss Sarah, aged 17, died 13 Nov. near Leonardtown, Md.
Date:  Feb. 29, 1828
JOHNSON, Miss Theresa, aged 19 years, died in this city 22 Feb.
Date: Nov. 14, 1828
JONE, Burrell, was murdered in St. Francis Co., Ark.
Date: Apr. 11, 1828
JONES, John G., aged 84 yrs., long a resident of Georgetown, D. C., died 10 Apr.
Date: Jan. 8, 1828
 JONES, Meriweather, third son of Col. Roger JONES, died 6 Jan.
Date: Jan. 28, 1828
KEECH, John E., of Prince George's Co., Md., and Miss Amanda LANGLEY, only daughter of H. Langley, of this city were married 22 Jan.by Rev. Wm. MATHEWS.
Date: Sept. 15, 1828
KELLER, Adam, died 14 Aug. in Colombiana Co., Ohio, from carbonin acid gas from a well.
Date: Dec. 18, 1828
KELLER, Jonas P., of this city, and Miss Sarah Ann GIBBS, of Prince George's Co., Md., were married 16 Dec. by Rev. Mr. McCORMICK.
Date: Sept. 1, 1828
KENNEDY, Mary Elizabeth, only child of James A. KENNEDY, died 31 Aug., aged 2 yrs., 41 days.
Date: July 19, 1828
KENT, Hon. Joseph, Governor of Maryland, and Miss Alice Lee Contee, only daughter of the late Rev. B. Contee, were married 8 July at Bromont, Charles Co., Md., by Rev. Mr. MAN.
Date: Sept. 22, 1828
KETCHUM, Major D., of the 6th Regt. U. S. Infantry, died at Jefferson Barracks, Mobile, 31 Aug.  He was in the campaigns of 1813 and 1814 on the Niagara frontier, and was conspicuous in Scott's Brigade.
Date: Dec. 6, 1828
KEY, Philip, and Miss Mary Brent SEWALL, youngest daughter of the late Robert SEWALL, were married at Poplar Hill, Prince George's Co., Md., by Rev. Mr. MUDD.
Date: July 8, 1828
KING, James and Miss Mary CATON, all of this city, were married 29 June by Rev. Mr. SHRIBER.
Date: Dec. 11, 1828
KINGMAN, Elial and Miss Cordelia Ball EWELL, daughter of Dr. James EWELL, all of this city, were married 9 December by Rev. Mr. McCORMICK.
Date: Sept. 12, 1828
KIRBY, Mrs. Eleanor, relict of the late John B. KIRBY, died 31 Aug.
Date: Feb. 20, 1828
KIRBY, John B., and Mrs. Eleanor MOORE, both of Washington, were married 19 Feb. by Rev. Mr. RYLAND.
Date: Oct. 16, 1828
KISSAM, Dr. Benjamin P., Surgeon in the U. S. Navy, and for several years a practitioner in the city of New York, died in Portsmouth, N. H.  He arrived at Portsmouth about six weeks ago on orders of the Navy Dept., as surgeon of that station.
Date: Apr. 14, 1828
KNIGHT, Peter, aged 82 years, for the last 20 years a messenger in the Treasury Department, died 10 Apr.
Date: Aug. 13, 1828
KNOTT, James, and Miss Ann Maria HURDLE, all of this city, were married 5 Aug. by Rev. Mr. LUCAS.
Date: July 12, 1828
KNOWLES, William B., only son of William KNOWLES, of this city, died 11 July, aged 33.  He leaves a wife.
Date: Feb. 25, 1828
KNOX, Sergeant Charles, of the Marine Corps, died in this city 23 Feb.  He was a citizen of Philadelphia, but for many years served in the rank of Sergeant and Clerk to the commandant of the corps.
Date: Oct. 10, 1828
KRAFFT, George, and Miss Hannah Browere, daughter of Frederick Browere, all of this city, were married 7 Oct. by Rev. Mr. HAWLEY.
Date: Oct. 13, 1828
LABILLE, Louis, J. C., formerly of Alexandria, died 10 Oct. at Port Tobacco, Charles Co., Md.


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