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Date: Nov. 6, 1832
PANCOAST, Joseph Rezin, age 3 yrs. 11 mos., 21 dys., sec. s. David & Mary PANCOAST, d. in this city 3 Nov. 1832.
Date: May 21, 1832
PARKER, Thomas and Miss Caroline YOUNG, dau. Ezekiel YOUNG, alll of this city, were m. 17 May 1832, in this city by the Rev. Mr. HILT.
Date: Jun. 21, 1832
PATTEN, Thomas H., of Brownsville, Pa., and Lydia E. TAYLOR, of this city, were m. 19 June 1832, by the Rev. Mr. ROBB.
Date: Apr. 3, 1832
PATTERSON, Charles W., age 33, d. in this city 31 Mar. 1832
Date: Feb. 15, 1832
PATTERSON, Mrs. Euphemia, age 38, widow the late Wm. Patterson, one of the judges of the supreme court of the U.S., d. in New Bronswick, NJ
Date: Dec. 1, 1832
PATTERSON, James B. d. 27 Nov. 1832, in N. Y. after being run over by a horse
Date: Nov. 28, 1832
PATTERSON, John B., of Georgetown, D. C., and Eliza McCENEY, dau. the late Joseph McCENEY, of Anne Arundel Co., were m. in Anne Arundel Co., Md., 22 Nov. 182, by the Rev. Mr. Humphreys.
Date: Nov. 8, 1832
PATTERSON, Mary Edgar, eld. dau. Edgar PATTERSON, d. in Georgetown, 6 Nov. 1832
Date: May 17, 1832
PATTON, Mrs. Ann GORDON, age 59, w. the late Robt. PATTON, of Fredericksburg, Va., and only dau. the Revolutionary patriot, Gen MERCER, d. 12 May 1832.
Date: Apr. 6, 1832
PATTON, Hugh Philip, infant s. John M. PATTON, Rep. in Cong., from Va., d. at Fredericksburg, Va., 2 Apr. 1832.
Date: Aug. 9, 1832
PEACOCK, Richard, age 82, d. 3 Aug. 1832, at Fredericksburg, Va., the place of his birth.  He was a soldier of the Revolution and bore a Lts. commission in the N. Y. State Line.
Date: July, 24, 1832
PEARSON, RICHMOND, atty. at law, of Rowan Co., N.C., and Margaret M. WILLIAMS, daughter of Col. John WILLIAMS, of Knoxville, Tenn., were m. in the vicinity of Knoxville, Tenn., 12 Jul. 1832.
Date: May 26, 1832
PECK, Col. William, age 77, an officer of the Revolution, d. in Providence.  Upon the adoption of the Constitution of the U. S. by R. I., in the year 1790, he was appointed by Pres. WASHINGTON, Marshal of the Dist.
Date: Sept. 26, 1832
PEERS, Ann, d. in Leesburg, Va., 16 Sept. 1832.
Date: Jan. 16, 1832
PENDLETON, James M., M.D., age 36, d. at N. Y., 11 Jan. 1832
Date: Oct. 9, 1832
PERKINS, Mrs. Rebecca, w. Jeremiah PERKINS, painter, d. in this city 6 Oct. 1832.
Date: May 16, 1832
PERRY, Nathaniel H., purser of the U. S. Navy, and bro. the late Com. PERRY, d. at N. Y., 8 May 1832.
Date: Jan. 21, 1832
PETER, Elizabeth, age 11 mos., dau. James PETER, d. at Poolsville, Md., 14 Jan. 1832.
Date: Oct. 8, 1832
PETER, Elizabeth, of Jefferson Co., formerly of Georgetown, d. 25 Sept. 1832.
Date: Oct. 8, 1832
PETER, Thomas B., agre 22, s. Major John PETER, of this county, d.
Date: Apr. 26, 1832
PETERS, John, age 100 yrs., 5 mos. 23 dys., d. in Phila., 3 Apr. 1832.  He was born in Portugal, near Lisbon, and emigrated to this country shortly after the earthquake in 1755.  At the commencement of the Revolution, he was found among the patriots and assisted in throwing the tea into the river at Boston.  He afterwards entered the army of the U. S. and was at the battles of Lexington and Bunker's Hill, kin which he was wounded and lost one finger.  He was also engaged in the battles of Monmouth, Princeton and assisted in cantering the Hessians at Trenton.  He was engaged in the capture of Burgoyne and Cornwallis, and fought under WASHINGTON & LAFAYETTE at Valley Forge, where he was again wounded and was discharged after serving during the whole war.  He has since lived in Phila.
Date: Feb. 29, 1832
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth P., age 52, w. Dr. Gabriel N. PHILLIPS, and dau. Col. Michael PAYNE, formerly of Edenton, N. C., Marshal of the State, d. 13 Feb., at Philipsburgh, N. Y.
Date: Dec. 3, 1832
PHILLIPS, Molesworth, at Lt. Col. of Marines in the British Navy, d.  He accompanied Capt. COOK in his expedition, at the time a Lt.  Upon his return to Eng. he married a dau. of Dr. BARNEY.
Date: Feb. 17, 1832
PIERCY, Mrs. Sarah G., d. 12 Feb. 1832, at Norfolk, Va.
Date: Jul. 9, 1832
PINKHAM, A. B., of the U. S. Navy, and Lydia H. DAVIS, dau. the late Capt. Samuel DAVIS, were m. in Portsmouth a few days ago by the Rev. Mr. WINGFIELD.
Date: Jan. 10, 1832
PLOWDEN, Mrs. Henrietta, age 38, w. Wm. H. PLOWDEN, of St. Mary's Co., Md., and dau. Col. James FENWICK, of Pomonkey, Charles Co., d. 4 Jan. 1832, at her husband's residence at Bushwood.  She leaves a husband and children.
Date: Aug. 27, 1832
PLOWDEN, William H., d 12 Aug. 1832, at Bushwood, St. Mary's Co., Md.  He leaves 3 child.
Date: May 17, 1832
POINDEXTER, George, U. S. Senator from Miss., and Ann HEWES, dau. Samuel HEWES, of Boston, were m. 15 May 1832, by the Rev. Dr. HAWLEY.
Date: Mar. 16, 1832
POINDEXTER, John G., of Goochland Co., Va., and Mary Eliza Poindexter, 2nd dau. the late Carter B. POINDEXTER, of Norfolk, Va., were m. 26 Jan. 1832 at Ashwood Place, Miss.
Date: Apr. 14, 1832
POLK, Lucius J., of Tenn., and Mary A. Eastin, a member of the President's family, were m. 10 Apr. 1832, at the mansion of the President by the Rev. Mr. HAWLEY.
Date:  Mar. 3, 1832
POLK, William T. G., and Miss Elizabeth G. WOOLFORD, eld. dau. Dr. John WOOLFORD, were m. in Somerset Co., Md., 22 Feb. 1832, by the Rev. Mr. LAIRD.
Date: Mar. 9, 1832
PORTER, John, age 31, ed. of the Md. Free Press, d. in Rockville, Md., 7 Mar., 1832.
Date: Oct. 25, 1832
PORTER, Mrs. Sarah, relict Thos. PORTER, formerly of Alexandria, and dau. the late Col. Wm. RAMSAY, of the Revolutionary army, d. 23 Oct. 1832.
Date: Sept. 24, 1832
POWERS, John M., d. 23 Sept. 1832, age 29.
Date: Dec. 11, 1832
PROUT, Jonathan, of this city, and Anna Lowndes GANTT, dau. the late Thomas T. GANTT, were m. 9 Dec. 1832, at Brook Grove, P. G. Co., Md., by the Rev. Mr. MACKENHEIMER.
Date: Jun. 18, 1832
PROUDY, J., was drowned at Boston 12 June 1832.
Date: Jan. 24, 1832
PRUDHOMME, Rasalie, eld. dau. Chas. PRUDHOMME, of Mobile, Ala., d. at Domopolis, Ala., 29 Dec. 1832, after her clothes caught fire.
Date: Feb. 9, 1832
RANDALL, Fanny W., age 2 yrs. 9 mos., twin dau. Henry RANDALL, d. in this city 7 Feb. 1832.
Date: Oct. 27, 1832
RANDALL, V. W., atty. at law, d. in Hagerstown 21 Oct. 1832.
Date: Dec. 4, 1832
RANDOLPH, Mrs. Elizabeth H., relict the late Col. Robert RANDOLPH of Eastern View, Fauquire Co., Va., d. 26 Nov. 1832, age 69.
Date: Mar. 1, 1832
RANDOLPH, Peter, Judge of the U. S. Dist. Court, d. lately at Wilkinson Co., Miss.
Date: Sept. 26, 1832
RAWLINGS, Mrs. Margaret Ann, consort Dr. Edward G. RAWLINGS, and dau. Felix GRUNDY, d. 8 Sept. 1832, in Jefferson Co., Va.  She leaves a husband and 3 small child.
Date: Aug. 27, 1832
RAWLINSON, Charles, age 25, formerly ed. of the American, published in New Orleans, d. in New Orleans.
Date: Sept. 17, 1832
REDMON, John, receiver of public moneys, for the Lawrence Land Dist., and Clk. of the Circuit Court of Independence Co., Ark., d. at Batesville, Ark., 23 July 1832, age about 30.
Date: Jun. 28, 1832
REED, Isaac Shelby, of Miss., and Ann Laura GREEN, dau. Gen Duff GREEN, were m. in this city 26 June 1832, by the Rev. O. B. BROWN.
Date: Aug. 25, 1832
REEDER, John W., and Catharine ELVANS, dau. Richard ELVANS, all of this city, were m. 23 Aug. 1832, by the Rev. John ROBB.
Date: Jan. 18, 1832
REEDER, Nathaniel, age 65, d. in Cincinnati, Ohio, 28 Dec. 1831
Date: May 7, 1832
REILLY, George and Catharine Annn GREEN, both of Balto., were m. 4 May 1832, by the Rev. Mr. MATTHEWS.
Date: Sept. 26, 1832
REINTZEL, Mrs. Anne, relict of the late Daniel REINTZEL, of this town, d. in P. G. Co., Md., 19 Sept. 1832.

Date: Aug. 20, 1832
REINTZEL, Henry, M. D., and Mary E. NICHOLLS, dau. W. S. NICHOLLS, were m. at Christ Church, Georgetown, D. C., 16 Aug. 1832, by the Rev. C. COLTON.

Date: Jun. 9, 1832
RHEA, John, of Tenn., age 79, a member of Cong, d. 27 May 1832.
Date: Sept. 26, 1832
RICHARD, Rev. Gabriel, Pastor St. Ann Catholic Church, d. at Detroit, age 63.  He was a native of France, and was educated at Paris.  He resided in Detroit for 34 yrs. and rep. the Terr. of Mich. as delegate in Cong. for 2 yrs.
Date: Jan. 11, 1832
RIPLEY, Dorothea, d. 23 Dec. 1831 at Mecklenburg Co., Va.  She was born in Whitby, Eng., in 1767.  Her parents were Methodists, her father one of Wesley's preachers.
Date: Nov. 28, 1832
RITCHIE, Francis S. Affordby, age 6 yrs., 11 mos., 17 dys. eld. dau. the late Lt. John T. RITCHIE, of the U. S. Navy, d. in Georgetown 22 Nov., 1832.
Date: Apr. 7, 1832
Robert the Hermit, age 3 score and ten, d. 1 Apr. 1832, at Seekonk, R. I. at his hermitage.
Date: Sept. 12, 1832
ROBERTS, Dr. Edmund W., and Miss Caroline ROSS, dau. the late Andrew ROSS, of Georgetown, were m. at Harrisburg, Pa., 30 Aug. 1832.
Date:  Oct. 17, 1832
ROBERTS, Richard, was shot 11 Sept. 1832, at Ala.  He was very old.
Date: Jun. 1, 1832
ROBERTS, Richard, Jr., was shot 11 May, 1832, at Huntsville, Ala.
Date: July 11, 1832
ROBINSON, Dr. Alexander, and Rosa E. WIRT, dau. Wm. WIRT, were m. at Balto., 5 July, 1832, by the Rev. Mr. NEVINS.
Date:  Sept. 19, 1832
RODBIRD, Absalom, Sr., age 74, d. 17 Sept. 1832.  He was a native of Eng., but resident of this city 15 yrs.
Date: Dec. 3, 1832
RODGERS, Gen., Thomas J., of Pa., formerly a Rep. in Cong., from that state, d. 30 Nov. 1832, age 51.  He was bred a printer and for a number of yrs. published a political paper.
Date: Sept. 26, 1832
ROGERS, Edwin, only s. Thomas ROGERS, kof Pr. Wm. Co., Va., and Ann ELGIN, 3rd dau. Walter ELGIN, of Londoun Co., Va., were m. 18 Sept. 1832, by the Rev. Wm. WICKES.
Date: Jul. 11, 1832
ROSE, Benjaminn F., and Rebecca GIDEON, young dau. Jacob GIDEON, Jr., both of this city, were m. 7 July 1832, by the Rev. Mr. FURLONG.
Date: Jun. 13, 1832
ROSS, Mrs. Eliza, age 27, formerly of Alexandria, d. in this city 5 June, 1832.  She was interred in Alexandria.
Date: Apr. 4, 1832
RUMPFF, Ann Eliza, age 4, child of Henry RUMPFF, d. 1 Apr. 1832.
Date: 21 Apr. 1832
RUMPFF, John Henry, age 2 yrs. 17 dys. s. Henry RUMPFF, d. 31 Mar. 1832.
Date: Mar. 6, 1832
RUSSELL, Jonathan, age 61, one of the American Commissioners at Ghent, afterwards Minister to Sweden, Member of Cong., etc., d. at Milton, Mass., 16 Feb. 1832.
Date: Nov. 24, 1832
RUSSELL, Martha Ann, age 51, d. near Newport, Charles Co., Md., 28 Oct. 1832.
Date:  Mar. 27, 1832
RUTTER, Josiah S. C., and Mary POLLARD, all of Alexandria, were m. 22 Mar., 1832, by the Rev. Samuel CORNELIUS.
Date: Dec. 20, 1832
SANDS, Robert C., d. at N. Y., 16 Dec., 1832, age 34.  He was the s. of Comfort Sands, the only survivor of the convention of 1777 in N. Y. State for the formation of the State Constitution  He was educated at Columbia and graduated in 1815.  He was the author of many pubs.
Date: Jan. 5, 1832
SAYRE, Edwin, was shot at Liberty, Bedford Co., Va., 30 Dec. 1831.
Date: Oct. 29, 1832
SCOTT, Mrs. Ann, w. John C. SCOTT, formerly of Va., d. 16 Oct., 1832, near Chillicothe, Ohio.
Date: Dec. 15, 1832
SCOTT, John, printer, age about 49, d. at Columbus, Ohio,  5 Dec. 1832.  He was a native of Ireland, but came to this country at an early age with his parents.  He began printing in Wilmington, Del., thereafter moved to Phila., and at the close of the late war, emigrated to Ohio..
Date: Apr. 9, 1832
SCOTT, Richard M., of Bush Hill, and Lucinda FITZHUGH, eld. dau. Mordecai Coook FITZHUGH, were m. 5 Apr. 1832, at Fountainbleau, Fairfax Co., Va., by the Rev. Mr. MANN.
SCOTT, Thomas A., of this city, and Ann E. GRAHAM, dau. the late


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