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Some Emigrants to Virginia
Second Edition, Enlarged
Memoranda in Regard to Several Hundred Emigrants to Virginia During the Colonial Period Whose parentage
is Shown or Former Residence Indicated by Authentic Records
Compiled by W. G. Stanard
Publ. by The Bell Book and Stationery Co., Richmond, Virginia 1915
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


Some Emigrants to Virginia
continued -

CABELL, DR. WILLIAM (1700-1744), Goochland and Amherst counties; son of Nicholas Cabell, of Frome, Somerset.
     Cabells and Their Kin, 19-21, 63, &c.
CADE, HENRY (in Virginia 1662, &c.); son of Walter Cade, who was nephew of Andrew Cade, Esq., of East Bechworth, Surrey (who died in 1662).
     V. M., XII, 71
CAIRON, REV. JEAN (d. 1716), Henrico county; formerly minister of Carjarc, France.
     Huguenot Emigration, 74.
CALTHORPE, CHRISTOPHER (d. 1662), York county; son of Christopher Calthorppe, Esq., of Blakeney, and brother of James Calthorpe, Esq., of East Barsham, Suffolk.
     W. M., II, 106-112-166-164.
CALVERT, WILLIAM (d. 1666), York county; had a brother, George Calvert, living near Newark, Nottinghamshire, and another brother, Fulke.
     York County Records.
CAMM, REV. JOHN  (1718-1779), York count; son of Thomas Camm, of Hornsea, Yorkshire.
     W. M., IV, 61
CAMPBELL, REV. ARCHIBALD (in Virginia 1754, &c), Westmoreland county; son of Archibald Campbell, of Kirnan, Argyleshire, Scotland, and his wife Anna Stewart, of Ascog.
     Rd. Standard, April 12, and May 3, 1879.
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER (1710-1801), Falmouth; brother of Rev. Archibald Campbell, preceding.  He returned to Scotland, and was father of Thomas Campbell, the post.
     Rd. Standard, April 12, and May 3, 1879.
CAMPFIELD, FRANCIS (in Virginia 1662, &c.), Gloucester county; citizen and grocer, of London.
     V. M., VI, 307
CARPENTER, NATHANIEL, King and Queen county, 1766, &c.; "A Devonshire gentleman," brother of Coryndon Carpenter, Esq., of Launceston, Cornwall.
     Wallace's Virginia Historical Magazine - note to "Fauntleroy Family."
CARTER, EDWARD (d. 1682), of Nansemond county, Va.; returned to England, and at time of death was "of Edmonton county, Middlesex, Esq."; bequeathed lands in Edmonton and in Chalfont St. Peter's county Bucks; to be buried in St. Dunston's in the East, London, near his former wife, Amie Carter.
Waters' Gleanings.
CARY, JOHN (b. 1644, living in Surry county, Va., 1669, &c., but of London in 1700); son of Thomas Cary, of Bristol.
     N. E. H. & G. Reg.
CARY, MILES (1620-1667), Warwick county; son of John and Alice (Hobson) Cary, of Bristol.
     Goode's "Virginia Cousins," 281-282
CARY, OSWALD (in Virginia 1690, &c.), Middlesex county; son of James Cary, merchant, of London.
     W. M., IX, 45.
CARY, WARREN, (in Virginia 1711, &c), Richmond county; brother of Richard Cary, of Bristol.
     Richmond County Records.
CATLETT, JOHN (d. 1670), Sittingbourne Parish, Rappahannock county.  His son, John Catlett, gave power of attorney to sell lands at Sittingbourne and Radwlesham (?), Kent, which had been left him by his father.
     V. M., III, 62, 63.
CAWSON, JONAS (in Norfolk county, Va., about 1702, &c.); went to school in the town of Lancaster in 1692.  His father lived a short distance from that town.
     Norfolk County Records.
CAWTHORNE, RICHARD (in Virginia 1681, &c.), Rappahannock county; son of Richard Cawthorne, citizen and merchant-tailor, of London, whose wife, in 1681, was Anne, formerly widow of Thomas Abrahall, citizen and skinner, of London.
     Middlesex Records.
CHAMBERLAYNE, THOMAS (in Virginia 1675 &c.), Henrico and Charles City counties; son of Col. Edmund Chamberlayne, of Maugersbury, Gloucestershire.
     Visitation of Gloucestershire, 1682-3.
CHAMBERLAYNE, WILLIAM (1699 or 1700-1736), New Kent county; "Descended of an Ancient and Worthy Family in the County of Hereford" (epitaph).
     Beau Monde, March 31, 1894.
CHANDLER, DANIEL (in Virginia 1650, &c.); son of Edward Chandler, of Ware, Hertfordshire, draper.
     V. M., XIII, 309
CHAPMAN, RICHARD (in Virginia 1740, &c.), King William county; from Lincolnshire.
     W. M., VI, 60
CHEESMAN, JOHN (d. 1665), Elizabeth City and York counties; at the time of his death "of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, gent." ; left property at Braban (Brabourne?), Kent, and at Southall, Eling, Old Bradford and New Bradford.
     V. M., XIV, 86
CHESLEY, PHILIP (d. 1674), York county; a native of Welford, Gloucestershire.
     W. M., I, 86
     V. M., XIII, 63
CHEYNEY, HENRY (in Virginia 1623), "of York, merchant."
     V. M., XIX, 133.
CHICHESTER, RICHARD (1657-1734), Lancaster county; born at Silverton, Devon, March 5, 1647; came to Virginia 1702; son of John Chichester of Widworthy (will 1661), whose great-great-grandfather, John Chichester of Widworthy, was a son of John Chichester of Raleigh.
     Copies of wills, parish registers, &c., in possession of Mr. A. M. Chichester.
     Hayden's Virginia Genealogies, 93, &c.
CHICHLEY, SIR HENRY (1615-1683), Middlesex county; son of Sir Thomas Chichley, of Wimpole, Cambridgeshire.
     V. M., April, 1909
CHURCHILL, WILLIAM (1650-1711), Middlesex county; born at North Aston, Oxfordshire.
     Keith's Ancestry of Benj. Harrison
     W. M., VII, 186.
CLAIBORNE, WILLIAM (1587-1677), New Kent county, &c.: son of Edmund and Grace (Bellingham) Claiborne, of Kellerby, Yorkshire, and Cleborne Hall, Westmoreland.
     V. M., I, 313
CLACK, REV. JAMES (d. 1723), Gloucester county; born in the parish of Marden, Wiltshire; son of William and Mary Clack.
     W. M., III, 32.
CLARKE, CHARLES, (d. 1785), Cumberland and Powhatan counties; in Virginia 1745.  Stated to have been a native of Surrey.  In his will, dated 1763, he makes provision in case "the estate in England in the hands of my mother's sister, Mrs. Charity Kent, widow of Daniel Kent merchant, formerly of Bell Court, Common Street, London," should be recovered.
     Powhatan Records.
CLARKE, JOHN (d. shortly before 1644), York county; son of Sir John Clarke, of Wrotham, Kent.
     W. M., I, 84, 85; XII, 36-37
CLARKE THOMAS (d. 1670), York county; son of Edward Clarke, of Thriploe, near Foulsmere, Cambridgeshire.
     V. M., XII, 178
CLAY, FRANCIS. In the "prerogative Court of Mansfield"  (a probate court now extinct, with the records at Nottingham), is the bond, dated March 3, 1691, of Daniel Clay, "late of Chickahomene in Virginia."  The inventory is filed with the bond and states that Francis Clay was the son of Richard Clay, deceased.  The bond was given before William Clay, steward of the manor of Mansfield, who seals with his arms.  A Francis Clay, gentleman, lived in Northumberland county, Va.; was a J. P. for that county 1659, &c., and in a desposition made in 1661, when he was aged thirty-four, says he came to Virginia in 1649.
     N. E. H. & G. Reg., Vol. 37, p. 202.
     Northumberland County Records.
CLAYTON, JOHN (1665-1737), Gloucester county; son of Sir John Clayton, of London, and of Parsons Green, Fulham.
     Wallace's Virginia Historical Magazine.
CLIFT, WOMBWELL (d. 1737), Hanover county; "of a good family in Yorkshire."
     Virginia Gazette, January 10, 1737.
CLIFTON, JAMES (in Virginia 1669, &c.), Stafford county; son of Thomas Clifton, Esq., of Westby and Clifton, Lancashire.
     Burke's Commoners (1835), II, 57, Md. Archives.
     Stafford County Records.
     V. M., XXII, 424, &c.;  XXIII, 316, &c.
COCKE, MRS. ELIZABETH (in Virginia 1713, &c.), Williamsburg; wife of Dr. William Cocke, and sister of Mark Catesby, the English naturalist.
     V. M., V,  189, 190; ix, 128
COCKE, DR. WILLIAM (1672-1720), Williamsburg; "born of respectable parents at Sudbury in Suffolk." (Epitaph.)
     Va. Hist. Col., VI, 84, 85.
CODD, ST. LEGER (d. 1708), Northumberland county; bequeathed lands at Wateringbury, Lenham, and Wetchlin (?), Kent.  He was son of William Codd, Esq., of Pelicans, Kent, who married, in 1632, Mary, daughter of Sir Warham St. Leger, of Ulcombe, Kent.
     V. M., X, 374; XXIII, 382.
COGGAN, MRS. FRANCIS (d. 1677), Charles City county; wife of John Coggan, and daughter of Gregory Bland (B. 1587), of St. Gregories, London.
     familiae Minorum Gentium.
     N. E. H. & G. Reg., Vol. 47, p. 365
COKE, JOHN (1704-1767), Williamsburg; son of Richard Coke (d. 1790), and grandson of Richard Cole, of Trusley, Derbyshire.
     Coke's "Coke of Trusley."
     W. M., VII, 127, 128
COLCLOUGH, GEORGE (in Virginia 1658, &c.), Northumberland county; brother of Thomas Colclough, merchant, of London.
     W. M., XVII, 60
COLLIER, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1670, &c.), York and New Kent counties; formerly "citizen and weaver, of London."
     W. M., VIII, 256
COLE, WILLIAM (b. 1597, in Virginia 1618-29, &c.), Nutmeg Quarter; son of Humfrie Cole, of Tilllingham, Essex, clerk.
     V. M., XIX, 189, 190.
COLTMAN, HENRY (in Virginia 1622, &c.); son of Ann Coltman, of London, widow.
     W. G., 141.
COLVILLE, JOHN (d. 1756), Fairfax county; late of Newcastle on Tyne; made bequests to his brother Thomas Colville, with reversion to the Earl of Tankerville, and states that the Earl was the son of his (J. C.'s) father's brother's daughter.
     Fairfax County Records.
COLLINS, ROBERT (in Virginia 1623); "of London, haberdasher."
     V. M., XIX, 133.
COMRIE, MRS. MARGARET (d. January 9, 1739); wife of Dr. William Comrie, of Hanover county; niece of Mr. Thomas Parratt,  one of the Masters  in Chancery (in England), and sister to Mr. Josias Baintone, on e of the Six Clerks of that office.
     Virginia Gazette, January 15, 1739.
CONWAY, EDWIN (d. 1675), Northampton and Lancaster counties; "of Worcestershire."
     Hayden's Virginia Genealogies, 225-229
CONSTANBLE, ROBERT (in Virginia 1623), James City; "of North Allerton in Yorkshire, gent."
     V. M., XIX, 133.
COOKE, TRAVERS (d. 1769), Stafford county; states in his will that there is a large balance due him from his uncle, Thomas Cooke, of Youghall, of the Kingdom of Ireland, on account of the rents and profits of his estate there.
     Stafford Records.
     (The will of Thomas Cooke, of Youghall, County Cort, gent., was proved in Dublin in 1750; that of John Cooke, of Youghal, Esq., proved in Dublin in 1713, and also a copy of the will of John Cooke, of Overwharton parish, Stafford county, Va., the father of Travers Cooke, was proved in December, 1735.)
COOPER, SAMPSON (d. 1659), Northumberland county; Alderman of Rippon, Yorkshire.
     W. M., XIII, 28.
CORBIN, HENRY (1629-1675), Middlesex county; third son of Thomas Corbin, Esq., of Hall End, Warwickshire.
     "Lee of Virginia," 83.
     Corbin Pedigree.
     V. M., XVII, 401.
COSENS, JOHN (d. 1674), Northumberland county; came to Virginia from Cudredge (Goodrich?) in the parish of Bishops Walton, Southampton, where he owned land.
     Lancaster Records.
COTTON, WILLIAM, mariner, (in Virginia 1659, &c.); son of William Cotton, who owned a house at Bedminster near Bristol.
     W. M., V, 124.
COTTON, REV. WILLIAM (d. 1646), Northampton county.  His mother Joane lived at Bunbury, Cheshire.
     V. M., IV, 406.
     W. M., V., 124.
CRABBE, JOHN (in Virginia 1623), "of Bolton in the Moore, Lancashire."
     V. M., XIX, 132
CRAWLEY, THOMAS (in Virginia 1659), &c.), old Rappahannock county; son of Robert and Margaret Crawley, and baptized in the parish of St. Margaret's, Bristol, August 27, 1637.
     Rappahannock Records.
CRISPE, THOMAS (in Virginia 1621-25), Elizabeth City; "of the countie of Kent in England, gent."
     V. M, XXIII, 1.
CROMPTON, THOMAS (in Virginia 1623), "of Bolton in the Moore, Lankashire."
     V. M., XIX, 132
CRAIK, DR. JAMES (1730-1784), Alexandria; son of William Craik, of Arbigland, near Dumfries, Scotland.  (The father of John Paul Jones was a gardener at Arbigland.)
     Hayden, 341.
CREFFIELD, EDWARD, JR. (d. 1694).  Gloucester county; son of Edward Creffield, of Chapel, Essex.
     V. M., XIX, 289
CREYK, HENRY (1637-1684), Middlesex county; son of Gregory Creyk, of Marton, Yorkshire, and his wife Ursula, daughter of Sir John Legard.
familiae Minorum Gentium, III, 950-952.
     Genealogist (N. S., XXIII, 42).
     Middlesex Records.
CROUGH, RICHARD (b. about 1586, in Virginia 1623), James City county, "of Howton (Houghton) Bedfordshire, carpenter."
     V. M., XIX, 133, 134
CULPEPER, ALEXANDER (in Virginia 1672, &c.)  In 1672 Governor Berkeley applied to the English Government for the appointment of his wife's brother, Alexander Culpeper, to the office of surveyor general of Virginia.  He stated that Captin Culpeper was a person who had lived a number of years in Virginia, and whose father had lost his estate, liberty, and life in the King's service.
     V. M., I, 83.
CURLE, THOMAS (1640-1700), Elizabeth City county; born in the parish of St. Michael, Lewis, Sussex.
     W. M., IX, 125
CUSTIS, EDMOND (in Virginia 1690, &c.), Northampton county; son of Francis Custis, of Baltimore, Ireland.
     Northampton Records.
CUSTIS, JOHN (in Virginia 1640, &c.), Northampton county; son of John Custis, of Rotterdam, Holland, formerly of Gloucestershire, England.
     V. M., VIII, 394.
CUSTIS, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1640, &c.), Northampton; brother of John Custis, preceding.
     V. M., VIII, 394.
DADE, FRANCIS (d. 1663), Stafford county, 1654, &c.; sixth son of William Dade, Esq., of Tannington, Suffolk, and his wife Mary, daughter of Henry Wingfield, Esq., of Crofield, Suffolk.  When Francis Dade came to Virginia he called himself for several years Major John Smith.  The reason is unknown; but it was evidently nothing which prevented him from visiting England later, as he was returning from a visit to England when he died at sea in 1663.
     Genealogical Memoranda Relating to the Family of Dade of Suffolk. 
     Pedigrees from the Visitation of Kent, 1663-68, pp. 97, 98.
     Hayden's Virginia Genealogies, 731, &c.
     W. M., VIII, 205;
     V. M., XX, 210, &c., 323, &c.
DANIEL, THOMAS (in Virginia 1676, &c.); son of Ann Jones, widow, of St. Clements Danes, Middlesex.
     W. G., 27
DAVISON, CHRISTOPHER (d. before 1624), James City county; son of William Davison, of Middlesex, Secretary of State to Queen Elizabeth.
W. M., X, 169
DAWSON, OWEN  (in Virginia 1623), "of St. Martins in the Fields, joiner."
     V. M., XIX, 132
DAWSON, MRS. ANNE (in Virginia 1744, &c.); wife of Benjamin Dawson, of Virginia, and sister of Francis Brooks, of Plaistow, Essex, gent.
     V. M., XVI, 65.
DAWSON, REV. THOMAS (d. 1761), Williamsburg; son of William Dawson, "pleb." of Aspatria, Cumberland.
     W. M., II, 209.
     Foster's Oxford Matriculations.
DAWSON, REV. MUSGRAVE (1723 -       _, Caroline county; brother of Thomas Dawson, preceding.
     W. M., II, 52.
DAWSON, REV. WILLIAM (d. 1752), Williamsburg; brother of Thomas Dawson, preceding.
     W. M., II, 51
DAVIS, JOHN (d. 1686), Middlesex county; of Bristol.
     Ch. Ch., Middlesex, Parish Register
DAVY, JOHN (in Virginia 1648, &c.); son of Simon Davy, and nephew of John Davy, gent., of Maidstone, Kent.
     W. G., 1299.
DAY, JAMES (d. 1700), Isle of Wight county; owned two freehold tenements in Broadstreet in or near Augustine Fryers in the parish of St. Peter the Poor, London.
     W. M., VII, 251
DAYNES, WILLIAM (1617-       ), in Virginia (Lower Norfolk county) 1655; in 1679-80, of Bristol, merchant.  In 1709 Sir William Daynes, of Bristol, made deeds of Norfolk county - though later than this a William Daynes, who died in Norfolk county.
     Lower Norfolk and Norfolk Records.
DEANS, JAMES (d. 1762), Chesterfield county; left 200 to the Infirmary of Aberdeen.
     Chestesrfield Records.
DE GRAFFENREIDT, CHRISTOPHER, JR.  (in Virginia 1722, &c.), Williamsburg and Prince George County; son of Baron Christopher De. Graffenreidt, and Regina (Tscharner) his wife, of Berne, Switzerland.
     W. M., XV, 61
DELALUA, SOLOMON (d. 1703), Henrico county; late of Rochelle, France.
DENNETT, WILLIAM  (in Virginia 1641, &c.); fishmonger, of London.
     N. E. H. & G. Reg., Vol. 61, p. 199
DERICK, HENRY (d. 1677), late of the parish of St. Stephen's, Bristol.
     V. M., XVI, 197, 198
DEWALL, EDWARD (d. 1640), Warwicksqueake county; son of George Dewall, gent, of Reading, BErkshire.  E. D., in his will, styles himself servant of Symon Cornocke, of Warwicksqueake, Va., and leaves his master an inn, called the Rose, in Reading, which had been left him by his father.
     V. M., XIII, 204
DEWS, RICHARD, (d. 1686), Middlesex county; of Yorkshire.
     Ch. Ch., Middlesex, Parish Register.
DIGGES, EDWARD (1621-1676), York county; son of Sir Dudley Digges, of Chilham Castle, Kent; M. P. and Master of the Rolls, and his wife Mary, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Thomas Kempe of Olantigh, Kent.
     W. M., I, 87, 140, 141.
     Meade, I, 244.
     V. M., X, 378; XIV, 305.
DINWIDDIE, JOHN (d. 1726), King George county; son of Robert Dinwiddie, merchant of Glasgow, and brother of Robert Dinwiddie, Governor of Virginia.
     Dinwiddie Papers, I, XXI-XXIII.
     King George Records.
DIXON, JOHN (in Virginia 1729-51, d. 1758), King and Queen county; at time of death was "of Bristol, Esquire," owned houses and land at Lateridge in the parish of Iron Acton, Glaucestershire.
     V. M., July, 1911.
DOGGETT, REV. BENJAMIN (d. 1682), Lancaster county; had a brother Richard Doggett, of Ipswich, merchant.
     Lancaster Records.
DONNALLY, JAMES (came to Virginia 1761, alive 1768), Greenbrier county; refers in a deposition to persons he had known at Belligay, Donigal, Ireland.
     Abstracts of Records of Augusta County, II, 12, 13.
DONNE, GEORGE (in Virginia 1637, &c.); baptized May 9, 1605, at Camberwell, Surrey; son of Dr. John Donne.
Neill's Virginia Carolorum.
DORMER, SIR FLEETWOOD (in Virginia 1649, &c.); formerly of Arle Court, Gloucestershire; son of Sir Fleetwood Dormer, of Lee Grange and Purton, Bucks (who d. 1639)
     Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetage.
     V. M., XIII, 406.
DOUGLAS, JAMES (1724-     ), Prince William county; son of James Campbell Douglas, of Mains, Scotland, and brother of Margaret (d. 1774), who married Archibald, Duke of Douglas.
     Hayden, 691.
     V. M., XXII, 273, &c., 418
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM (d. 1783), Loudoun county; son of Hugh Douglass, of Garalland or Garallan, parish of Old Cumnock, Scotland.
     V. M., 336
DOWNE, JANE (in Virginia 1653, &c.); niece of Nicholas Downe, of London, Esq.  (She was probably a daughter of George Downe, or Downes, of Elizabeth City county, 1632, &c.)
     V. M., XXII, 26
DOWNES, JOHN (in Virginia 1623), "of London, grocer."
     V. M., XIX, 133
DOWTHWAITE, WILLIAM (d. 1659), York county; brother of Nicholas Dowthwaite, of Cliffords Inn, gent.
     York County Records.
DOYLEY, REV. COPE (d. 1713), Williamsburg; son of Charles Doyley, gent, of Southrup, Gloucestershire.`
     V. M., XII, 300, 301.
DUNCANSON, ROBERT (d. _____), Fredericksburg; brother of Thos. Duncanson, surgeon, of Forres, county of Murray, North Britain (alive 1764).
     "Spotsylvania Records," p. 266.
DUNLOP, WILLIAM (1707-1739), Prince William county; son of Alexander Dunlop, Greek Professor in the University of Glasgow.
     W. M., XV, 279
DYER, JOHN (in Virginia 1623), "of London, carpenter."
     V. M., XIX, 134.

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