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Some Emigrants to Virginia
Second Edition, Enlarged
Memoranda in Regard to Several Hundred Emigrants to Virginia During the Colonial Period Whose parentage
is Shown or Former Residence Indicated by Authentic Records
Compiled by W. G. Stanard
Publ. by The Bell Book and Stationery Co., Richmond, Virginia 1915
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


Some Emigrants to Virginia
continued -

OLDIS, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1668, &c.), Isle of Wight county; brother of Valentine Oldis, citizen and apothecary, of London.
     W. M., VII, 226
OLIVER, WILLIAM (d. 1686), Middlesex county; of the Isle of Ely near Cambridge.
     Ch. Ch., Middlesex, Parish Register.
OPIE, THOMAS, JR. (d. 1702), Northumberland county; "of Bristol"  (Epitaph)
     W. M., XI, 129
OSWALD, HENRY, formerly chirugeon, of Kirkaldie, Scotland (b. 1694, d. 1726), Essex county; in his will refers to his lands and houses in Scotland, particularly "the house where Provost Henry Oswald lived."  He was son of Thomas Oswald, formerly "prefectus" (provost?) of Kirkaldie.
     Essex Records.  Richmond Critic, August 23, 1890.
OVERTON, MRS. ELIZABETH, wife of William Overton (b. 1628), King William county; daughter of Ann Waters, of St. Sepulchre's London, widow (d. 1697).
     V. M., XI, 305-306
OWEN, REV. GRONOWY (1722-1770), Williamsburg and Brunswick county; (farmous Welsh poet); born at Llanfair Mathafan, Wales; son of Owen Gronowy.
W. M., IX, 152-154
OXWICK, THOMAS, "of London, living some time in Virginia" (1646); son of Francis Oxwick, of London, merchant, and his wife Susan, daughter of Thomas Corbett, D. D., of Stanway, County Essex.
     Genealogist (N. S.), XXIII, 122
PACY, GEORGE (in Virginia 1623), "of London, grocer." 
     V. M., XIX, 134
PAGE, JOHN (1627-1692), York county; son of Francis Page, gent., of Bedfont, Middlesex.
     Page Family (1893), 9-40
PAINE, ROBERT  (d. 1717), Richmond county; made bequest to the poor of St. Sepulchre's parish, London, and to his wife's brother, Henry Williamson, in London.
     W. M., XVII, 180
PARKE, REV. HENRY (in Virginia 1653, &c.), Accomac county; in 1653 owned a tract of land in Accomac in partnership with George Parke, of Doncaster, merchant.
PARKE, MRS. REBECCA, wife of Daniel Parke, of York county (d. 1672), daughter of George Evelyn and granddaughter of Robert Evelyn, of Long Ditton, Surrey.
     V. M., IX, 173; XIV, 174, 175
PARKER, GEORGE (in Virginia before 1673); son of James Parker, and grnadson of William Parker, Archdeacon of Cornwall, who lived at Trangoe, in the parish of Wartegin, Cornwall
     V. M., V, 442-444; XIX, 191, 192
PARKER, JAMES (in Virginia 1687, &c.), New Kent county; of Southwell, Nottinghamshire.
     Ch. Ch., Middlesex, Parish Register.
PARKER, PHILIP (in Virginia 1656, &c.), Northampton county; brother of Thomas Parker, citizen and draper, of London.
     Northampton Records
PARKER, DR. RICHARD (in Virginia before 1673); brother of George Parker, preceding.
     V. M., V, 443
PARKER, ROBERT (d. 1673), Northampton county; was of Bosham, Sussex, at time of death; bequeathed in will his land at Bosham and Meadhurst; sold or leased about 1656 land called Coper's (or Soper's) Hall; states in will that his father and grandfather was buried in the Church of St. Lawrence, Southampton.
     V. M., XVII, 65-67
PARKER, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1765, &c., d. 1798), Spotsylvania county; in 1773 "Wm. Parker, gent, and his son Alexander Parker, Jr.," gave power of attorney to Hugh Houston to take action in regard to certain property in St. Michael's parish, Bristol.
     "Spotsylvania Records" (N. Y., 1905), p. 308
PAWLETT, THOMAS (1578-1644), Charles City county; son of Chidiock Pawlett, and grandson of William Pawlett, 1st Marquis of Winchester.  Thomas Pawlett in his will mentions his brother Chidiockkk Pawlett, and leaves most of this estate to his brother, Sir. John Pawlett, who, in 1665, was of Winchester.
     W. M., IV, 151-153. 
     Brown's Genesis, II, 962.
     Collins' Perrage.
PAYNE, NICHOLAS (in Virginia 1687, &c.), Middlesex county; of London.
     Ch. Ch. MIddlesex, Parish Register.
PEACHEY, SAMUEL (d. 1712), Richmond county; son of Robert Peachey and Anne (Hogskin) his wife, of Milden Hall, Suffolk.
     W. M., III, 111-113
PEALE, MALACHY (in Virginia 1674, &c.), Westmoreland county; in 1673 was of Exeter, Devon.
     Westmoreland Records.
PEGDEN, JOHN (d. in Virginia 1623), James City; "of London, gent."
     V. M., XIX, 133
PERCY, GEORGE (1580-1632), 8th son of Henry, 8th Earl of Northumberland.
     Brown's Genesis, II, 964.
PERIN, JOHN (in Virginia 1686, &c.), Middlesex county; of Sussex.
     Ch. Ch., Middlesex, Parish Register.
PERRY, PETER (in Virginia 1685, &c.), York county; brother of Micajah Perry, merchant, of St. Catherine Cree, London. 
     W. M., XVII, 265
PERRY, ROBERT (in Virginia 1652, &c.); son of Mrs. Flizabeth Perry, and nephew of Robert Perry, of Bristol, clerk.
     V. M., XI, 363
PETER, JOHN (d. 1763), Surry county; son of Thomas Peter, and brother of Alexander Peter, of Glasgow, Scotland.
PETER, WALTER, (in Virginia 1763, &c.); brother of John Peter, preceding.
     Surry Records.
PETTUS, THEODORE (in Virginia 1823); "of Norwich, gent."
     V. M., XIX, 133
PEYTON, ROBERT (1640-1694), Gloucester county; son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Yelverton) Peyton, of Rougham, Norfolk, and grandson of Sir Edward Peyton, Bart., of Isleham, Cambridgeshire.
     Hayden's Virginia Genealogies, 461-468
PEYTON, VALENTINE (1627 - 1665), Westmoreland county; brother of Henry Peyton, preceding.
     Hayden, 480-488
PHILLIPS, JOHN (in Virginia 1704, &c.); uncle of Robert Phillips of Bristol, mariner.
    V. M., XIII, 308
PIGHTLING, PHILIP (d. 1701), Princess Anne county; in will styled "of Horsted, son of John Pightling, gent.," and refers to the "great Bible" given him by his godfather, Col. Phiip Harbord.
Princess Anne County Records.
PIGOT, JOHN (in Virginia 1654, &c.), Lower Norfolk county; formerly citizen and merchant tailor, of London.
     N. E. H. & G. Reg., Vol. 47, p. 20
PITT, ROBERT, (d. 1714), Northampton county; bequeathed his rights in tenements, premises, &c., under the will of his mother, Mrs. Mary Pitt of Bristol.
     Northampton Records.
PLACE, ROWLAND (1642-1713), of Dimsdale, Yorkshire, Esq.
     W. M., XV, 49
PLATT, RANDOL, or RANDOLPH (d. about 1719), New Kent and Prince George counties; son of William Platt, of the parish of Prescott, town of Whiston, Lancashire.
     Prince George Records
PLEASANTS, JOHN (16145-1649), Henrico county; son of John Pleasants, of Norwich, worstead weaver.
     V. M., XVII, 320
PLOWDEN, SIR EDMUND (in Virginia 1641, &c., d. 1659), Elizabeth City and Northampton counties; son of Francis Plowden, of Plowden, Shropshire.  He was in America 1641-48 for the purpose of establishing his colony on the Delaware, but was most of the time in Virginia.
     Northampton Colony Records.
     N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, XL, 87, &c.
POINDEXTER, (POINGDESTRE), GEORGE, York county, 1660, &c.; son of Thomas Poingdestre (b. 1581), Seigneur of the fief es Poingdestre, Island of Jersey.
     V. M., XIX, 215-218   
PONSONBY, JOHN (in Virginia 1772, &c.), Dinwiddie county; son of John Ponsonby of Whitehaven.
     V. M., XXIII, 203
POOLE, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1623); "of Preston in Andernesse in Lankeshire."
     V. M., XIX, 132
POPE, RICHARD (in Virginia 1690, &c.), Isle of Wight county; brother of John Pope, of the parish of Dawlish, mariner.
     Isle of Wight Records.
POPELEY, RICHARD (in Virginia 1627, &c.), James City county; born in 1608 in the parish of Wolley, Yorkshire.
     W. M., III, 169.
PORTEUS, EDWARD, (d. 1700), Gloucester county; refers in will to his father's estate in Newbottle, Scotland.
     V. M., XIII, 310, 311
POULTER, THOMAS (in Virginia 1661, &c.); son of John Poulter, of Hitchen, Hertfordshire.
     W. G., 67, 68
POVALL, ROBERT (1650-1728), Henrico county; formerly of St. Martin's in the Fields, London.
     Povall Bible Record.
POWELL, THOMAS (in Virginia 1695, &c.), Middlesex county; in 1695 styled "Thomas Powell the younger late of the City of Hereford."
     Middlesex Record.
POWELL, PYTHOGORAS (in Virginia 1686 &c.), Middlesex county; of Catesby, Northampton.
     Ch. Ch., Middlesex, Parish Register.
POWER, DR. HENRY (d. 1692), York county; son of John Power, Spanish merchant, and his wife ___, daughter of Mr. Jennings, of Kendal, grandson of William Power, and great grandson of Francis Power, of Mossington, Yorkshire.
     W. M., I. 210-211; VII, 129
PRIEST, JOHN (in Virginia 1623), "of Langport in Somersetshire, tayler."
     V. M., XIX, 134
PROCTOR, JOHN (in Virginia 1624, &c.); brother of Thomas Procter, citizen of London, who in hi swill desires to be buried in "great Allhallows," London, and bequeaths lands at Dunmow and Muche Wakeringe, Essex.
     V. M., I, 417-418
PUTNAM, THOMAS (d. 1659); son of William Putnam, of Chessam.
     V. M., XIV, 305.

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