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Some Emigrants to Virginia
Second Edition, Enlarged
Memoranda in Regard to Several Hundred Emigrants to Virginia During the Colonial Period Whose parentage
is Shown or Former Residence Indicated by Authentic Records
Compiled by W. G. Stanard
Publ. by The Bell Book and Stationery Co., Richmond, Virginia 1915
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


Some Emigrants to Virginia
continued -

GARLICK, SAMUEL (d. 1772), King and Queen county.  His mother, at the date of his will, was Mrs. Hannah Garlick, of Bristol
     W. M., XVI, 101
GERRARD, THOMAS (d. 1673), Westmoreland county; emigrated from England to Marylanad; but removed to Virginia, where he died.  In his will he gives to his son Justinian his right to any land in England.  Justinian Gerrard was M. P. for Westmoreland 1668, but removed to Maryland, where he died.
In his will, dated 1682, he bequeathed lands in Lancashire.
     Westmoreland County Records.  Maryland Calendar of Wills, II, 40.  Hayden's Virginia Genealogies, 490.
GILL, ALEXANDER (in Virginia 1623), Mulberry Island; "of Maldon in Bedfordshire."
     V. M., XIX, 133, 134.
GLASSELL, JOHN (1734-1806), Fredericksburg; son of Robert Glassell, of Torthorwald, Dumfrieshire, Scotland.
     Hayden, 4.
GLASSELL, ANDREW (1738-1827), Culpeper county; brother of John Glassell, preceding.
     Hayden 5.
GODDARD, ANTHONY (in Virginia 1663, d. 1663); formerly of Suringden, Wiltshire.
     Maryland Calendar of Wills, I, 24.
GODSELL, JOHN (d. 1678), Lancaster county.  His daughter lived at Charleville, Ireland.
     Lancaster Records.
GOODE, JOHN (in Virginia 1678, &c.); brother of Rev. Marmaduke Goode, of Ufton, Berkshire.
     W. G., 26.
GOODRICH, THOMAS (d. 1703), Essex county; son of Joseph Goodrich; his "uncle on the mother's side and next of kin," was Sir Abstroupus Danby, of Masham, Yorkshire.
     V. M., XX. 93, 94
GOOKIN, DANIEL, (in Virginia 1621, &c.); of "Mary's Mount," near Newport News; formerly of Cargoline, Cork, Ireland; son of John Gookin, of Ripple Court, Kent.
     V. M., VI, 71.
GORDON, GEORGE (d. 1786), Westmoreland county; bequeathed lands at Sheepbridge, Clogheramer, Lisduff, Carmern and Daryoghly, all in County Down, Ireland.
     Westmoreland Records.
GORDON, JAMES (1714-1768), Lancaster county; son of James Gordon, gent., "of Sheepbridge and Lisduff, in the Lordship of Newry, County Down, Ireland."
     W. M. XXII, 11.  Hayden, 248
GORDON, JOHN (in Virginia 1738, &c.), Middlesex county; brother of James Gordon, preceding.
     W. M. XXII, 11.  Hayden, 251, 252.
GORDON, REV. JOHN (d. about 1705), James City county; son of Patrick Gordon, Regent of King's College, Aberdeen.
     Hayden, 617, 618
GORDON, SAMUEL (1717-1771), Petersburg; son of David Gordon, Esq., of Craig, in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, Scotland.
     W. M., VI, 22.
GORSUCH, REV. JOHN (d. about 1657),  Lancaster county; formerly Rector of Walkholme, Hertfordshire; married Ann, daughter of Sir William Lovelace of Kent, and sister of Richard Lovelace, the poet.
     V. M., III, 83.
GOSNOLD, ANTHONY (in Virginia 1615, &c.); grandson of Robert Gosnold, Esq., of Earleshall, Suffolk.
     V. M., XIV, 87
GOSNOLD, THOMAS (in Virginia 1702, &c.); son of Rebecca Gosnold, widow, of St. Martin's in the Fields, London, and nephew of David Ramage.
     N. E. H. & G. Reg., Vol. 57, p. 95 (New England Historical & Genealogy)
GOWTON, JOHN (in Virginia 1623); "of Harfield in Surrey, gent."
     V. M., XIX, 133.
GRAHAM, JOHN (1711-1787), Prince William county; son of John Graham, Esq., of Wackinston, Perthshire, Scotland, and his wife Margaret, daughter of John Graham, Esq., of Killearn.
     Hayden, 162.
GRAY, JOHN (1769- ), Caroline county; son of William Gray (d. 1777), of Garlcraig, Scotland.
     V. M., XI, 210
GRAYSON, THOMAS (living in Virginia 1754, &c.), Spotsylvania county, in 1753; was "late of Deal in Kent, Eng,. " though son of John Grayson, of Lancaster county, Va.
     "Spotsylvania Records,"  p. 193.
GREENHOW, JOHN (1724-1787), Williamsburg; born at Staunton, near Kendal, Westmoreland; son of Robert and Ann (Dodgson) Greenhos, of High House, Staunton, near Kendal.
     Va. Hist. Col., VI, 77.  W. M., XVII, 273, 274.
GRENDON, THOMAS (d. 1685), Charles City county; grandson of Thomas Grendon, citizen and draper, of London (who d. 1678).
     W. G., 429.  V. J., XIV, 207.
GRIFFIN, LADY CHRISTINA (d. 1807), Williamsburg; wife of Judge Cyrus Griffin, and daughter of John Stuart, 6th Earl of Traquair.
     . m., i, 256, 467
GRIFFIN, SAMUEL (d. 1703), Northumberland county; brother of David Griffin, citizen and tallow-chandler, of Bassinghall street, London.  Samuel Griffin also owned property in Gloucestershire.
     Va. Hist. Col., XI, 71.
GROVE, JOHN, in Surry county 1668-69, &c.; in 1656 "of Bristol, merchant."  He died in 1673.
     Surry County Records.
GRYMES, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1694, &c.); son of Sir Thomas Grymes, of Peckham.
     Richmond Critic, October 12, 1889.
GWYN, DAVID (d. 1704), Richmond county; had a sister Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Benjamin Gwyn, of Bristol, and a brother Edward Gwyn, clerk, in Wales.  Left to his sister Mary all of his real estate in Wales lying in and bout Harford West.
     W. M., XVII, 83.
HACKE, DR. GEORGE (in Virginia 1663, &c.); Northampton county; born in Cologne in the Palatinate.
     V. M., V, 256, &c.
HACKER, JOHN (in Virginia 16153, &c.); son of John Hacker, of Stepney, Middlesex, and nephew of Thomas Hacker, of Penzance, Cornwall.
     W. G., 878.
HALLAM, ROBERT (160201637), Charles City county; brother of William Hallam, of Burnham, Essex.
W. M., VIII, 243, 244.
HALLOWS, JOHN (in Virginia 1655, &c.), Westmoreland county, "late of Rochdale, in the county of Lancaster"; born about 1615.  In 1832 his heir, Samuel Hallows, Esq., lived at Ashwick, Lancashire.  He was a descendant of Samuel Hallows, of England, elder brother of John Hallows.
     Westmoreland Records.  Barton's Colonial Reports, II, B, 26.
HAMOR, RALPH, JR. (d. 1626); son of Ralph Hamor, citizen and merchant-tailor, of London.
     W. G., 1000, 1012.  V. M., I, 86
HAMOR, THOMAS (in Virginia 1622, &c.); brother of Ralph Hamor, Jr., preceding.
     W. G., 1000, 1012.  V. M., I, 86
HAMPTON, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1627, &c.); brother of Lawrence Hampton, of London, tailor.
     W. G., 876
HANDFORD, TOBIAS (d. 1677), Gloucester county; son of Hugh Handford, of London.   John Handford, of Ludlow, Esq., by his will, dated 1669, left his manor of Shobden, Herefordshire, and other estates, in case of the death of his son John without issue, to the above Tobias Handford, of Virginia, with a farther reversion to Walter Handford, of Wallashall, Worcestershire.
     V. M., XIII, 199-200.
HARECOURT, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1674, &c.), Lower Norfolk county; was dead in 1695, and his daughters and co-heiresses were Hannah, wife of William Hill, of Rockingham, Kent, and the wife of Henry Foster, of London.
     Lower Norfolk Records
HARMAR, CHARLES (d. about 1644), Northampton county; brother of Dr. John Harmar, Greek Professor at Oxford.
     V. M., III, 274.
HARMAR, JOHN (in Virginia 1652, &c.); son of Dr. John Harmar, "Greek Reader in the University of Oxford."
     V. M., III, 274.
HARRIS, JOHN (d. 1719), Northumberland county; son of Joseph Harris, and nephew of William Harris, of Haynie, in the parish of Stowford, Devon; mentions in his will (1718) a legacy from his uncle, then in the hands of Christopher Harris, Esq., of Padstow, Devon.
     Northumberland Records.
HARRISON, BURR (in Virginia 1665, &c.), Stafford county; "boptized in the parish of St. Margaret's, Westminster, 28th December, 1637; son of Cuthbert Harrison."
Hayden, 512.
HARRISON, GEORGE (d. 1624); brother of Sir. John Harrison,  of Aldcliffe Hall, Lancashire.
     Brown's Genesis, II, 913, 194.
HART, JOSYAS (in Virginia 1623), "of London, haberdasher."
     V. M., XIX, 133
HARVIE, JOHN (1706-1767), Albermarle county; born at Gargrannock, Scotland.
     Va. Hist. Col., VI, 83
HARWOOD, ARTHUR (d. 1642), formerly of the parish of St. Peter ad Vincula, London.
     Mathews' Probate Acts.
HASSETT, SAMUEL (in Virginia before 1669), Isle of Wight county; brother of John Hassett, of Bristol, goldsmith.
     V. M., VII, 227.
HAWKER, EDWARD (in Virginia 1657, &c.); brother of George Hawker, combmaker, of London.
     V. M., XIII, 307.
HAWLEY, JEROME (in Virginia 1638, &c.); brother of James Hawley, of Brentwood, Middlesex.
     Neill's Virginia Carolorum, 142.
HAY, Alias GRAY, John (d. 1709), Middlesex county; son of Dr. Gray, of Kendal and Whitehaven.
     V. U., II, 45.
HAY, WILLIAM (1748-1825), Williamsburg; son of James Hay, and Helena Rankin his wife, of Kilsyth, Sterlingshire, Scotland.
     W. M., XV, 85
HAY, PETER (in Virginia 1768, &c.), Southampton county; brother of William Hayb, preceding.
     W. M., XV, 85
HAYNES, HERBERT (d. 1737), Gloucester county; at time of death of St. Peter's, Cornhill, London.  In will (1737) speaks of his rents in and about London.  Son of Thomas Haynes, of Gloucester county, Va.
     V. M., XV, 427
HAYNES, THOMAS (d. 1679), Northumberland county; by will gave his brother, William Haynes, all his estate in houses, &c., in England, "which may be known by my father's will."
     Northumberland Records.
HAYWARD, SAMUEL (in Virginia 1687, &c.), Westmoreland county; son of Nicholas Hayward, grocer, of London.
     W. M., XI, 169, 170.
HAZLEWOOD, GEORGE (in Virginia 1683, &c.), Middlesex county; son of John Hazlewood, of the parish of White Chapel, London.  In 1693 his mother is referred to as "Madam Elizabeth Hazlewood at her house in Chamber street, Goodman's Fields, London."
     Middlesex Records.
HENDERSON, ALEXANDER (d. 1815), came to Prince William county, Va., 1756; son of Rev. Richard Henderson, A. M., of Glasgow University, forty-eight years minister of Blantyre parish, Scotland, and his wife Janet Cleland.
Richmond Critic, June 9, 1889.
HENDERSON, JAMES (1708-1804), Augusta county; son of William Henderson, gent., of Fifeshire, Scotland, who married, on Feb. 7, 1705, Margaret Bruce.
"Descendants of Lt. John Henderson."
HERBERT, JOHN (1658-1704), Prince George county; son of John Herbert, apothecary, and grandson of Richard Herbert, citizen and grocer, of London.
     W. M., V, 230, 240; VIII, 147, 148.
HEYMAN, PETER (D. 1700), Elizabeth City county; grandson of Sir Peter Heyman, of Summerfield, in Kent.
     V. M., XI, 158, 159

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