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Some Emigrants to Virginia
Second Edition, Enlarged
Memoranda in Regard to Several Hundred Emigrants to Virginia During the Colonial Period Whose parentage
is Shown or Former Residence Indicated by Authentic Records
Compiled by W. G. Stanard
Publ. by The Bell Book and Stationery Co., Richmond, Virginia 1915
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


Some Emigrants to Virginia
continued - \

IRBYE, WALTER  (d. 1652), Northampton county; bequeathed tenements in Hoggstrap, Lincolnshire.
     V. M., XVII, 67.
ISHAM, HENRY (1626-1676), in Henrico county 1657, &c.; son of William Isham (b. 1578, d. before 1631), and his wife Mary, daughter of William Brett, of Toddington, Bedrordshire, and grandson of Sir EusebyIsham, of Pytchley.
     V. M., IV, 123.
     Victorian History of England, Northamptonshire.
IVESON, THOMAS (in Virginia 1700, &c.), Middlesex county; son of David Iveson, citizen and joiner, of London.
     Middlesex Records.
JACKSON, REV. ANDREW (d. 1710), Lancaster county; brother of James Jackson, living in Potters' Fields near Belfast, Ireland.
     Lancaster Records.
JACKSON, CHARLES (in Virginia 1667, &c.); son of Charles Jackson, of Darrington, Yorkshire.
     Familiae Minorum Gentium, III, 1070
JACQUELIN, EDWARD (1668-1739), Jamestown; son of John and Elizabeth (Craddock) Jacquelin, of Kent.
     w. M., IV, 49, 50.
JAUNCEY, WILLIAM (d. 1697), Lancaster county; had a brother John living at "Phen in Stratford, Buckinghamshire," and a sister Mary Boteler's children living at "Pharington, in Barkshire."
     W. M., XI, 210.
JENIFER, DANIEL (in Virginia 1677, &c.), Northampton county; "brother" of John Steventon, merchant, of Creed Church Fryers, London.
     Middlesex Records.
JENINGS, EDMUND (1659-1729), York county; son of Sir Edmund Jenings, of Ripon, Yorkshire.
     V. M., XII, 307-310
JERDONE, FRANCIS (1721-1771), Louisa county; son of John Jerdone, a magistrate of Jedburgh, Scotland.
     W. M., VI, 37, 38
JERMY, WILLIAM (d. 1666), Lower Norfolk county; in 1659 was "of Kettlebaston, Suffolk, gent."
     N. E. H. & G. Reg., 1893, pp. 352, 355.  Lower Norfolk Records.
JERVIS, FRANCIS (in Virginia 1661-81); son of Wm. Jervis (d. 1661), who owned a copyhold estate of  26 a year in Old Bradford, Middlesex, England.
     Hist. MSS.  Commission, House of Lords MSS., 1689-90, p. 362
JOHNSON, LUKE (d. 1659); nephew of John Turton, of West Bromwich, County Stafford, gent.
     V. M., XI, 366.
JOHNSON, RICHARD (d. 1698), King and Queen county.  The account preserved in Virginia states that by his first marriage he had a daughter Judith, educated at a school in Lincoln, who m. Sir Hardoff Wastneys, about 1700.  Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetage states that Sir Hardoff Wastneys, Bart., m. Judith, daughter and heir of Col. Richard Johnson, of Bilsby, Lincolnshire.
     W. M., VI, 59, &c.  Burke's Ex. and Dorm. Baronetage.
JOHNSON, MRS. SUSANNA (1664-1686), New Kent county (now King and Queen); wife of Col. Richard Johnson, and daughter of William Duncombe, Esq., of Holbeach, in the county of Lincoln.
     Epitaph in King and Queen County.
JOHNSON, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1688, &c), Middlesex county; of Norwich.
     Ch. Ch., Middlesex, Parish Register.
JOHNSTON, ANDREW (1742-1785), Petersburg; "of Glasgow in Scotland."
     W. M., IV, 232
JONES, CADWALLADER, (in Virginia 1681, &c.), Stafford county; son of Richard Jones, of London, merchant (lately deceased in 1681), who, together with John Jeffries, of London, owned the manor of Ley, in the parish of Beerfereis, Devon.
     V. M., II, 31.
JONES, MRS. DOROTHY (1642- ); wife of Roger Jones, of Virginia, and daughter of John Walker, Esq.  (d. 1659), of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
     Descendants of Capt. Roger Jones, pp. 34, 49, 196.
JONES, REV. EMANUEL (1668-1739), Gloucestor county; son of John Jones, of Anglesea.
     W. M., II, 150
JONES, REV. ROWLAND (1644-1688), York county; son of Rowland Jones, of Kimbell, Bucks.
     W. M., II, 150; V, 195.  Foster's Oxford Matriculations.
JONES, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1640, &c.); born about 1614 at Ruthen, in the county of Denbigh.
     Maryland Archives.
JONES, WILLIAM (In Virginia 1623), "in London, Joyner."
     V. M., XIX, 132.
JORDON, MRS. ALICE (d. 1650), Surry county; wife of George Jordan, and daughter  of John Myles, gent, of Braunston, near Hereford.
     W. M., IV, 196; V, 6.
JOYE, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1619, &c); son of Robert Joye, and nephew of Thomas Stacie, gent., of Maidstone, Kent.
     V. M., XIII, 405

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