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Some Emigrants to Virginia
Second Edition, Enlarged
Memoranda in Regard to Several Hundred Emigrants to Virginia During the Colonial Period Whose parentage
is Shown or Former Residence Indicated by Authentic Records
Compiled by W. G. Stanard
Publ. by The Bell Book and Stationery Co., Richmond, Virginia 1915
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


Some Emigrants to Virginia
continued -

EARLE, GEORGE (in Virginia 1637, &c.), Lower Norfolk county; son of George Earle, of Eastratford, Nottinghamshire, draper.
     N. E. H. & G. Reb., Vol. 55, pp. 339, 340
EELES, NATHANIEL (inVirginia 1618, &c.); son of Nathaniel Eeles, of Harpendon, Hertfordshire.   
ELLIOTT, THOMAS (d. 1686), Middlesex county; of Chipping Ongar, Essex.
     Ch. Ch., Middlesex, Paris Register
EMAN, JOHN (in Virginia 1623), "of London, goldsmith." 
     V. M., XIX, 133
EVELYN, GEORGE (1593-    ), in Virginia 1649, &c., James City county; son of Robert Evelyn, and grandson of George Evelyn, of Long Ditton, Surrey.
     Scull's "Evelyns in America,"  1-45.
     V. M., IX, 172
EVELYN, MOUNTJOY (in Virginia about 1650 &c.) Northampton county; son of George Evelyn (preceding), and grandson of Robert Evelyn, of Long Ditton and Godstone, Surrey.
     Scull's "Evelyns in America," 47-59, 66.
FABIAN, SYMON, (in Virginia 1668 &c.), lived on York River; son of Edmond Fabian, of St. Andrew's, Holborn, Middlesex, citizen and merchant tailor.
     V. M., XV, 300.
FAIRFAX, FERDINANDO (1636-1664), in Virginia 1659, &c.; a Virginia merchant of London; son of Col. Charles Fairfax, of Menston, Yorkshire, and grandson of Thomas, first Baron Fairfax of Cameron.
     Herald and Genealogist, VI, 401
     V. M., VII, 73
FAIRFAX, WILIALM (1691-1757), Fairfax county; son of Henry Fairfax, of Towlston, Yorkshire, and grandson of Henry 4th Lord Fairfax.  (W. F.'s son Bryan succeeded to the title)
    V. M., IV, 102, &c.
     "The Thomas Book,"" 308, 309
FARLEY, THOMAS (in Virginia 1623, &c.), James City county; "of Worcester in Worcestershire, gent."
     V. M., XIX, 131, 132.
FARNEFOLD, REV. JOHN (in Virginia 1672-1702), Northumberland county; son of Sir Thomas Farnefold, of Gatwickes in Stayning, Sussex.
     W. M., XVII, 245
FARNEFOLD, MRS. MARY, Northumberland county; wife of Rev. John Farnefold, and daughter of George Brookes, of London, merchant.
     W. M., XVII, 245
FARRINGTON, RICHARD (in Virginia 1677, &c.), Lancaster county; brother to John Farrington, of London, merchant.
     Lancaster Records
FAUNTLEROY, MOORE (     -1663), Rappahannock county; son of John Fauntleroy (d. 1644), of Crondall,l Hampshire.
     Wallace's Virginia Hist. Mag., July, 1891.
FEILD, MRS. MARGARET (dead in 1772); wife of Dr. John Feild, Prince George County, and daughter of John Shaw (dead in 1772), merchant, of Edinburgh.
     Prince George Records.
FELGATE, WILLIAM (d. 1660), York county; was in 1649 "of the City of London, skinner."
     V. M., II, 181, 182.
FELL, HENRY (b. 1600, d. in Virginia 1623); "of Christ-church in Oxford, student."   (B. A. Christ Church, 1620, "of London, gent." - Foster.)
     V. M., XIX, 132, 133.
FIELDING, AMBROSE (d. 1675), Northumberland county; brother of Edward and Richard Fielding, merchants, of Bristol, and of Dr. Robert Fielding, of Gloucester.
     V. M., XI, 453-456;  XII, 99-101
FILLBRIGGE, JOHN (in Virginia 1638, &c.); brother of Robert Fillbrigge, citizen and scrivenor, of London.
     V. M., XII, 174.
FILMER, HENRY (in Virginia 1642, &c.), James City and Warwick counties; son of Sir Edward Filmer, of East Sutton, Kent, and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Argall, and sister of Samuel Argall, Governor of Virginia.
     V. M., XV, 181, 182
     Berry's Kentish Genealogies.
FINCH, HENRY (in Virginia 1630, &c.); son of Sir Henry Finch, and brother of Sir John Finch, Speaker of the House of Commons, 1628-19.
     V. M., VII, 384;  XVII, 10.
FITZGEFFREY, GEORGE (in Virginia 1623), "of Howton Conquest in Bedfordshire, gent."
     V. M., XIX, 133.
FITZGEFFREY, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1623), James City county; "of Staple Inn, gent."
     V. M., XIX, 132, 133
FITZHUGH, WILLIAM (1651-1701), Stafford county; son of Henry Fitzhugh, of the town of Bedford.
     V. M., I, 412, 415; II, 277-278
FLEET, HENRY (1600-1661), Lancaster county; son of William Fleet, gent., of Chartham, Kent, and his wife Deborah, daughter of Charles Scott, of Scottshall, Kent.
     V. M., II, 71; V. 253, &c.
FLEETWOOD, EDWARD, gent. (d. 1609), went to Virginia 1609; son of Sir William Fleetwood, Recorder of London, and brother of Sir William Fleetwood, of Great Missendon, Buck.
     V. M., XIII, 405.
FLEMING, DANIEL (d. 1754), Louisa county; in his will he names his wife, then with him in Virginia, and children he had left in Lancashire.
     Louisa County Records.
FLETCHER, GEORGE (in Virginia 1652, &c.), Northumberland county; brother of James Fletcher, gent., Eltham, Kent.  In 1647 George Flecher, gent., of Eltham, Kent.  In 1647 George Fletcher was "of London, merchant."
     Northampton Records.
     Hening, I, 374.
FLOURNOY, JACOB (1663 -     ), Williamsburg; son of Jacques Flourney, of Geneva, Switzerland, and uncle of John James Flourney, of Virginia.
     V. M., II, 85-87
FLOURNEY, JOHN JAMES (in Virginia 1717, &c.); son of Rev. Jaques Flournoy, of Geneva, Switzerland.
     V. M., II, 83-84
FONTAINE, JAMES (in Virginia 1717, &c.); son of Rev. James Fontaine, who was born at Jenouelle, France, and grandson of James Fontaine, pastor of Vaux and Royan.
     Huguenot Emigration, 120, 121.
FONTAINE, REV. FRANCIS (1691-1749), York county; brother of Rev. James Fontaine, preceding.
     Huguenot Emigration, 122
FONTAINE, REV. PETER (1692-1757) Henrico and Charles City counties; brother of Rev. James Fontaine, preceding.
     Huguenot Emigration, 122
FOOTE, RICHARD (1632-1689, &c.), Stafford county; born at Cardenham, in the county of Cornwall; son of John Foote, gent.
     V. M., VII, 73
FORBY, BENJAMIN (in Virginia 1660, &c.), Princess Ann County; son of Felix Forby, of Norwich, hosier, who owned freeholds in Worstead and North Walsham, Norfolk.
     V. M., XII, 398
FORSE, JAMES (1706-1754), Northampton county; late of Devon.
     W. M., XVI, 105
FOUNTAINE, ROBERT (d. 1714), Princess Anne county.  In will bequeaths "six messuages at Abingdon in Barkshire in Great Britain bequeathed to me in the will of my uncle,  John Fountaine, and three messuages due me after the death of my Aunt Margaret Fountaine.
     Princess Anne County Records
FOWKE, GERRARD (d. 1669), Westmoreland county; son of Robert Fowke, of Gunston Hall, Staffordshire.
     Hayden, 154-145, 744.
FOWKE, THOMAS (d. 1663), James City and Westmoreland counties; brother of Gerrard Fowke, preceding.
     Hayden, 155
FOXHALL, JOHN (d. 1704), Westmoreland county; left real and personal estate at Bromingham (Birmingham), Warwickshire
     V. M., XV, 301
FREEMAN, HENRY, SR. (d. shortly before 1687), York county; formerly a mercer of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.
     W. M., II, 165, 165
FRY, JOSHUA (1700-1754), Essex county; son of Joseph Fry "pleb.," of Crekerne, Somerset.

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