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District of Columbia

Marriage Licenses
of the District of Columbia
Alexandria County, District of Columbia
Listed Alphabetically by Bride & Groom

Dade, Chas. Stuart Adams, Jane by Rev. James Muir 1809 May 23
Dade, Francis Shepheard, Harriet by Rev. James Muir 1811 Dec. 12
Dade, Langhorn Scoot, Eliza by W. H. Wilmer 1816 Jul. 18
Daerr, Conrad Reynolds, Eliza by Rev. James Robbins 1814 Jun. 18
Dailey, Ann Hannon, Walter W. by O. Norris 1816 Dec. 19
Dais, Rebecca Korn, Jos. by James Muir 1808 Aug. 17
Daniel, Dalton Emmet, Margaret by Rev. James Muir 1801 Jun. 11
Darington, Cath. Overman, Jno. A. by James Muir 1808 Jan. 31
Darley, Thos. Kidwell, Chloe by Rev. James Robbins 1807 Feb. 19
Darnall, John Taylor, Rhody by Rev. James Muir 1810 Aug. 16
Darnell, Henry Grayson, Lotty by Rev. James Robbins 1815 May 17
Darnes, Dalia Stewart, Wm. by S. H. Cone 1820 Jul. 30
Darnes, Margt. Broadwater, Wm. E. by Rev. James Muir 1816 Nov. 22
Darnes, Nancey Allison, John by Isaac Robbins 1815 Dec. 26
Dates, Ann Harrinder, Andrew by Wm. H. Wilmer 1820 Jul. 31
Daughterty, Eliza Plummer, Chas. P. by S. H. Cone 1817 ___
Dauson, Phelomon Ord, Nancy by O. Norris 1818 Sep. 19
Davey, Davey Bowling, Betsey by Rev. James Muir 1806 Aug. 21
Davey, Thomas Glanville, Mary by Willis Andrews 1820 Nov. 1
Davis, Ann Berry, James Rev. James Muir 1811 Mar. 14
Davis, Basil H. Hunter, Eliza by Rev. James Muir 1807 Jul. 10
Davis, Benj. Turner, Mary by Wm. H. Wilmer 1812 Sep. 24
Davis, Cornelius Stanton, Maria by I. Robbins 1813 Dec. 20
Davis, Cornelius Kitely, Susan by I. Robbins 1819 Aug. 31
Davis, Daniel Grimes, Nancy by Rev. James Muir 1802 May 10
Davis, Delilah Banes, Thomas by Rev. James Muir 1815 Nov. 21
Davis, Elizabeth Simpson, Wm. by I. Robbins 1816 Jan. 8
Davis, John Taylor, Sarah By Wm. Wlaters 1803 Jun. 18
Davis, John Wright, Sally by W. H. Wilmer 1816 Mar. 21
Davis, John Kittley, Matilda by O. Norris 1818 Jun. 20
Davis, John Troop, Elizabeth by Isaac Robbins 1820 Jul. 11
Davis, Marey Adams, Leonard by Rev. James Muir 1802 Mar. 4
Davis, Mary Lyles, Hermy by James Muir 1805 Oct. 31
Davis, Mary A. Lyles, James by Isaac Robbins 1811 Jun. 1
Davis, Mathy Thompson, John by James Muir 1802 Aug. 25
Davis, Nancey Graves, Caleb by Isaac Robbins 1811 May 28
Davis, Nancy Landers, H. W. by Rev. W. H. Muir 1801 Apr. 12
Davis, Sally Wigart, Andrew by James Muir 1807 Oct. 29
Davis, Sarah Harper, John by James Muir 1805 Jun. 5
Davis, Sarah Frazier, George by Wm. H. Wilmer 1814 Apr. 17
Davy, Eliz. Anderson, Nimrod by Isaac Robbins 1808 Dec. 17
Day, Amelia Poston, F. E. by James Muir 1816 Oct. 7
Day, Hornlior Dennington, Martha by Rev. James Muir 1815 May 18
Deakins, Margaret Wylie, Lyttleton by James Muir 1803 Jun. 30
Dean, Mary E. Smith, Thos. by James Muir 1818 Nov. 26
Deaneale, Ann Stewart, Chas. T. by O. Norris 1820 Apr. 27
Debby, Dewaun Harley, Enoch by James Muir 1804 Feb. 26
Decraft, F. C. Scott, Harriot by Rev. James Muir 1812 Feb. 13
Deeble, Edward McClish, Margaret by Rev. James Muir 1816 Jun. 11
Deeply, Barthlow Crevall, Mary by W. H. Wilmer 1817 Sep. 2
Deffey, George H. Fortney, Rosina by O. Norris 1819 May 8
Dehmison, Cath. Lamert, George by Isaac Robbins 1811 Oct. 30
Delesty, Michael Coone, Mary by Rev. James Muir 1804 Apr. 1
Delphy, Matilda - to Delphy, ETAO Smith, Madison by I. M. Hanson ___
Demint, Richard Shumon, Violetta by W. H. Wilmer 1814 Nov. 17
Dennington, Martha Day, Hornlior by Rev. James Muir 1815 May 18
Densbar, Peter Cracroft, Ann R. by Oliver Norris 1816 Jun. 27
DeVaughn Cady, Nancy by W. H. Wilmer 1816 Mar. 21
DeVaughn, John Churchman, Mary by W. H. Wilmer 1815 Jun. 29
DeVaughn, John Workman, Catherine by J. M. Hanson 1816 May 8
Deveraux, Elizabeth Sciverman, Jno. by Rev. Jas. Muir 1801 Aug. 15
DeWitt, Aaron Mark, Eliza by Rev. James Muir 1814 Jul. 11
Dick, Davis Posey, Ann by Rev. James Muir 1810 Sep. 10
Dick, Joseph Pipsiea, Catherine by A. Griffith 1817 Jul. 3
Diffendeffer, John Wilkes, Barbary by J. M. Hanson 1816 Jan. 7
Dixon, Eleanor Wood, Wm. W. by James Muir 1801 Feb. 19
Dixon, John Jerro, Mary by Rev. James Muir 1805 Apr. 10
Dixon, Mary Manney, H. by W. Wilmer 1819 Jul. 15
Dobeny, Wm. Jefferson, Nancey by I. Robbins 1817 Jun. 25
Don, Milly Julias, Jones by W. H. Wilmer 1816 Jan. 5
Donaldson, Ann Allam, Wm. by Samuel Adams, Jr. 1803 Mar. 20
Donaldson, Catherine Colone, Vincent by Rev. Isaac Robbins 1810 Mar. 17
Donaldson, Thos. Gregory, Matilda by W. Andrews 1819 Oct. 2
Dondall, Colen Stokely, Margaret by Rev. James Muir 1804 Apr. 23
Dorset, Feilder McKea, Ann A. by W. H. Wilmer 1817 Jun. 19
Dorsey, Eliza King, Benj. by James Muir 1806 Jun. 12
Dorsey, Mary Kinzey, Enos by Wm. Moffett 1804 Apr. 4
Dorsey, Winifred Harris, Joseph by James Muir 1801 Dec. 17
Dougherty, Arthur Smith, Rebecca by Rev. James Muir 1801 Jun. 27
Dougherty, Dane Sumers, Jane H. by J. W. Fairclaugh 1818 Dec. 15
Douglass, Eliza Pascoe, Fred'k. by Elias Harrison 1830 Apr. 10
Douglass, Jacob Guthe, Mary by W. H. Wilmer 1816 Dec. 31
Douglass, James Kincaid, Eliza by Rev. James Muir 1812 Nov. 17
Douglass, John Vowell, Eliza C. K. by W. Andrews 1819 Mar. 16
Dove, Athy Lovelace, Nace by James Muir 1814 Jan. 6
Dove, Sarah Bernard, John by Isaac Robbins 1807 May 30
Downey, Elizabeth Covert, John by Rev. James Muir 1807 Aug. 23
Downs, Ignatius Chuse, Eliza _____ 1818 Sep. 19
Drany, Monica Roach, John by James Muir 1801 May 14
Drew, Chas. Huble, Polly by Rev. James Muir 1804 Dec. 9
Drewey, Mary Swan, Thos. by I. W. Fairclaugh 1819 Dec. 28
Drez, Adam Frederickson, Eva by W. H. Wilmer 1820 Apr. 13
Drinan, Thos. Taylor, Mary by Rev. James Muir 1808 Feb. 10
Drown, John Higdon, Salley by Rev. James Robbins 1805 Dec. 30
Drown, Thos. Goods, Ebby by Rev. James Robbins 1806 Nov. 29
Dudley, Cloamo Ewash, Horatio by Rev. James Muir 1803 Jan. 6
Duff, Sarah Pelter, James by I. Robbins 1808 May 19
Duffey, Elizabeth McCauley, Wm. by O. Norris 1819 Jun. 15
Duffey, John Kinsell, Mary by Rev. James Muir 1808 Sep. 14
Dunbar, Ann R. Rose, Henry B. by E. Harrison 1825 Nov. 3
Duncan, Chas. Snowden, Allevin? by Rev. James Robbins 1808 Jun. 2
Duncin, Robert Bennett, Hannah by Rev. James Muir 1801 Dec. 17
Dundas, Mancey M. Kune, Newton by James Muir 1811 May 23
Dundas, Sophia M. Puyton, I. West by James Muir 1811 Jan. 26
Dunington, Sarah Francis, Matthew by Jas. Muir 1804 Jun. 10
Dunlap, Mary Adam, John by Rev. James Muir 1816 Feb. 22
Dunn, James Cayton, Penelope by Rev. James Muir 1810 Oct. 21
Dunn, Martha Keating, Edw. by James Griffin 1801 Jan. 28
Dutchy, Celia Hale, Wash. by Isaac Robbins 1813 Feb. 13
Duty, Rebecca Hurdle, Jesse by O. Norris 1816 Feb. 22
Dye, Reuben Turner, Elizabeth by Rev. James Muir 1804 Jul. 17
Dyer, Deborah Dyer, Walter by J. M. Hanson 1815 Jun. 21
Dyer, Francis Hunter, Margaret by Rev. James Muir 1813 Mar. 18
Dyer, Walter Dyer, Deborah by J. M. Hanson 1815 Jun. 21
Dykes, Andrew Seebs, Ann by Oliver Norris 1816 Oct. 31
Dyson, Hannay Busford, John A. by Rev. James Muir 1804 Feb. 23




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