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District of Columbia

Marriage Licenses
of the District of Columbia
Alexandria County, District of Columbia

Ramsey, Ann M. Blacklock, Robert S. by Rev. James Muir 1816 Apr. 16
Ramsey, Eliz, G. Blacklock, N. F. by Rev. James Muir 1810 Dec. 9
Randall, Sarah Simpson, Harrison by I. Robbins 1816 May 23
Randall, Theopilus Clifford, Ann by I. Robbins 1816 Feb. 22
Ransom, Pattey Morgan, Wm. by Wm. H. Wilmer 1815 May 4
Ratcliffe, Ann Koon, Richard by I. Robbins 1817 Dec. 7
Rawlings, Jno. T. Brooke, John by James Muir 1811 Jan. 17
Rease, Cath. Worthington, Isaac by O. Norris 1821 Jan. 27
Reed, Cath. Stewart, Wm. B. by James Muir 1815 May 2
Reed, Ellis Crudy, Betsy by I. M. Hanson 1817 Dec. 10
Reed, Frank Johnston, Polley by Sam'l. Cornliss 1827 Jun. 7
Reed, Sanford Patton, Ann F. by I. Robbins 1816 Jun. 20
Reed, Thomas Sexton, Mary by I. Robbins 1809 Jun. 1
Reed, Wm. Hutchison, Cath. by I. Robbins 1804 Oct. 24
Reiley, Mary Turner, John by James Muir 1811 Jul. 25
Rengtter, Sally Fearson, William by O. Norris 1819 Aug. 15
Resler, Eve Gath, James by Wm. Moffitt 1804 Apr. 28
Rexter, Ludesell, Jr. Sutton, Rachel by Jacob Linkin 1829 Jul. 8
Reynolds, Eliza Daerr, Conrad by Rev. James Robbins 1814 Jun. 18
Reynolds, John Simpson, Eliz'th by James Muir 1803 Sep. 24
Reynolds, John Lee, MarySexton, Mary by James Muir 1809 Sep. 28
Reynolds, Marth A. Boyer, John by Isaac Robbins 1812 Nov. 9
Reynolds, Mary McLead, Peter by Wm. Moffit 1803 May 24
Reynolds, Rebecca Higdon, John by I. M. Hanson 1816 Feb. 21
Reynolds, Wm. McAllister, Margaret by E. Harrison 1821 Feb. 15
Reynolds, Wm. C. Veitch, Phebe by Jacob Linkin 1831 Dec. 28
Rhodes, Susan Bartle, Samuel by Rev. James Muir 1814 Mar. 24
Rice, Geo. Conner, Hannah O. by I. Robbins 1812 Jan. 2
Rice, John Norris, Delina by Rev. Dr. O'Brien 1808 Dec. 11
Richards, Ann English, James by W. H. Wilmer 1820 Jun. 8
Richards, John Carlin, Rebecca by I. M. Hanson 1815 Sep. 20
Richards, Kittey McFarlin, Geo. by James Muir 1802 Jan. 24
Richards, Mary Richardson, Judson by James Muir 1811 Jul. 18
Richardson, Judson Richards, Mary by James Muir 1811 Jul. 18
Richardson, Wm. McCartey, Marg't. by Wm. Jackson 1830 Jul. 29
Richler, John Etsea, Mary by James Muir 1802 May 23
Ricks, Geo. Johnston, Ellenor by I. M. Hanson 1816 Jun. 22
Riggs, Elashia Laurence, Alice by W. H. Wilmer 1812 Sep. 17
Riggs, Romulus Lanson, Mary by Francis Barclay 1810 May 29
Riley, Wm. Kent, Tobina by Jas. Muir 1803 Dec. 10
Risinger, Salley Gates, Thomas by J. M. Hanson 1816 Jul. 15
Ritchie, Wm. May, Ann M. by Wm. Jackson 1828 Feb. 19
Rixter, Eliza Columbus, Chas by J. W. Fairclaugh 1820 Nov. 2
Roach, John Drany, Monica by James Muir 1801 May 14
Robbins, Isaac Howell, T. M. D. by James Muir 1803 Sep. 3
Robert, Bridget Jackson, Wm. by Isaac Robbins 1815 Jun. 7
Roberts, Mary Wannall, Thos. by I. M. Hanson 1816 Jun. 24
Robey, Joseph Simpson, Marg't. by E. Harrison 1822 Aug. 15
Robinson, Edward Kennor, Jane H. by W. H. Wilmer 1817 Jan. 28
Robinson, Matthew Boa, Marg't. by Jas. Griffin 1799 Apr. 16
Robinson, Nelly Williams, Pusley by James Muir 1803 Dec. 15
Robinson, Polley Sherwood, D. by James Muir 1815 Jun. 4
Rock, Rich'd. Speniungle?, Marg't. by James Muir 1812 Dec. 10
Rockford, Bartholomew Carne, Jane by Francis Neale 1815 Feb. 4
Rodgers, Jane Hamerley, Francis by I. M. Hanson 1816 Nov. 22
Rodgers, Jane Hamerly, Francis by I. M. Hanson 1816 Nov. 22
Rogers, Wm. Allison, Eliz'th by I. Robbins 1818 Oct. 15
Rose, Henry B. Dunbar, Ann R. by E. Harrison 1825 Nov. 3
Rose, Henry S. Shaw, Jane by E. Harrison 1826 Ded. 26
Ross, Cath. Harris, Wm. by S. H. Cone 1820 Aug. 2
Ross, John Handy, Louisa by Chas. Bowlilng 1815 Aug. 15
Ross, Sam'l. Hamilton, Sarah by I. Robbins 1816 Mch. 9
Rotch, Geo. McBride, Susan by Sam'l. Cornliss 1829 Feb. 9
Rotch, John Rotch, Melinda by I. W. Fairclaugh 1819 May 21
Rotch, Melinda Rotch, John by I. W. Fairclaugh 1819 May 21
Rounsaville, And. West, Eliz'th. by I. Robbins 1808 Jan. 9
Rowansaville, Eliz. Howard, Peter N. by S. H. Cone 1818 Aug. 25
Rowe, Elizabeth Walkoner?, I. P. by O. Norris 1820 Nov. 15
Rozier, Francis Wheeler, Maria by J. W. Fairclaugh 1822 Apr. 16
Rudd, Rich'd. A. Ward, Elizabeth by I. Robbins 1821 Jul. 26
Rundles, David Gould, Eliza by W. Andrews 1824 Mch. 24
Russell, Rhodey Hollowood, Chas. by James Muir 1813 Oct. 20
Russell, Sarah A. Crosby, Lewis by Rev. James Muir 1809 May 17
Russell, Wm. Clarke, Rhody by James Muir 1809 May 15
Rustick, Thos. R. Pierce, Eliza by Hamilton Jefferson 1803 Jun. 4
Rustin, John Butler, Eliza by W. Wilmer 1819 Mch. 4
Ryan, Ann Entwisle, Isaac by Jas. Muir 1806 Jan. 13
Rye, Ispse Askins, Jane V. by I. Robbins 1828 Feb. 30




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