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District of Columbia

Marriage Licenses
of the District of Columbia
Alexandria County, District of Columbia
Listed Alphabetically by Bride & Groom

Padgett, Joseph Jefferson, Mary A. by Jacob Larkin 1830 Jan. 10
Padgett, Mary Chaney, John by W. H. Wilmer 1814 Mar. 14
Padgett, Sarah Padgett, Wm. by E. Harrison 1822 Aug. 20
Padgett, Wm. Padgett, Sarah by E. Harrison 1822 Aug. 20
Page, Ann Clagett, Wm. W. by W. H. Wilmer 1815 Jun. 15
Page, Martha E. Upton, Chas. H. (First in U.) 1836 May 15
Pallock, Geo Sleaapshire, Eliz by I. Robbins 1804 Sep. 3
Parker, Geo. Church, Sarah by James Muir 1813 Ded. 15
Parker, Jesse Green, Sarah by W. H. Wilmer 1817 Oct. 2
Parker, John Hill, Mary by James Muir 1805 Oct. 27
Parker, Polly Lee, Aaron by Wm. H. Wilmer 1815 May 31
Parker, Sam'l. Watson, Ann by S. H. Cone 1820 Sep. 18
Parry, Wm. H. Madden, Mary F. by James Muir 1807 Sep. 16
Parsons, John Askin, Ann M. by O. Norris 1822 Dec. 18
Parsons, Rose Vicehair, Fredk. (not listed) 1823 Sep. 18
Parsons, Sarah Blackford, Henry by Rev. James Muir 1815 May 27
Parsons, Sarah Wheeler, Saml. by Wm. Walters 1803 Dec. 19
Parsons, Thos. Baker, Sarah A. by I. Robbins 1829 Jan. 28
Parsons, Walter Williams, Sarah by James Muir 1811 Aug. 27
Parsons, Wm. Thomas, Margretta B. by I. Robbins 1815 Jul. 6
Pascoe, Fred'k. Douglass, Eliza by Elias Harrison 1830 Apr. 10
Pascoe, Jno. L. Shirley, Ann R. by Jacob Larkin 1831 Apr. 28
Patterson Simpson, Sally by S. Cornelius 1828 Mch. 25
Patterson, Catherine Green, George by Rev. James Muir 1802 Mar. 8
Patterson, James Kincaid, Joanna by Jas. Muir 1813 Jan. 20
Patterson, Jos. Kuhn, Elizabeth by James Muir 1803 May 22
Patterson, Sarah M. Patton, Enoch by James Muir 1802 Dec. 23
Patton, Ann F. Reed, Sanford by I. Robbins 1816 Jun. 20
Patton, Enoch Patterson, Sarah M. by James Muir 1802 Dec. 23
Patton, John Green, Dorews by O. Norris 1822 Jun. 17
Patton, Maria A. Mason, Geo. W. by J. W. Fairclough 1820 Feb. 8
Patton, Mary A. Wolfe, Thos. by. O. Norris 1816 May 14
Paul, Zachariah Bowling, Eliz by James Muir 1810 Jul. 21
Payne, Larkin Payne, Nancy by I. M. Hanson 1816 Oct. 12
Payne, Leonard Little, Canduce by R. Baxter 1818 Jan. 18
Payne, London Boothe, Sarah by I. M. Hanson 1815 Nov. 10
Payne, Maria Morris, Henry by Wm. H. Wilmer 1816 Dec. 1
Payne, Nancy Payne, Larkin by I. M. Hanson 1816 Oct. 12
Peake, Wm. Janney, Sarah E. by W. H. Wilmer 1819 Nov. 16
Pearson, Sarah Gross, Andrew by Rev. James Muir 1804 Jun. 5
Pelter, James Duff, Sarah by I. Robbins 1808 May 19
Pembroke, Thos. West, Desdemona by W. H. Wilmer 1816 Aug. 15
Pendall, Mary Murray, Thomas by James Muir 1803 Oct. 27
Penn, Thos. J. Evans, Henrietta by John Smith 1831 Jun. 29
Pepper, Sarah Hartley, George by James Muir 1802 Jun. 13
Perkins, Francis Smith, Ann by James Muir 1803 May 25
Pernel, Thomas Keating, Jas. R. by O. Norris 1818 Nov. 9
Perry, Alexander Silers, Henrietta by W. Andrews 1822 Sep. 4
Perry, Ann Bennett, John by Rev. James Muir 1804 Aug. 30
Perry, Ann Cartwright, Johnathan by W. Wilmer 1819 Mar. 9
Perry, Charlotte Eahle, Charles by Wells Andrews 1818 May 19
Perry, Harriet Starton, Richd. by James Muir 1811 Sep. 29
Perry, Jane Hill, Laurence by James Muir 1810 Mar. 29
Perry, Sarah  Wilbur, John by James Muir 1816 Jul. 9
Pettit, Valenia Eldridge, Levi by Jas. Muir 1807 Oct. 31
Peyton, Sarah A. Winter, Gabriel by W. H. Wilmer 1818 Mch. 17
Phenix, Ann Howell, Charles by James Muir 1801 Sep. 23
Philips, Wm. Ball, Ketusa by I. Robbins 1815 Dec. 20
Phillips, Jas. Avery, Eliza by I. Robbins 1816 Jan. 24
Phillips, John Hillman, Lucy by A. Griffith 1817 Oct. 11
Phillips, Mary E. Ogden, Hezekiah by I. Robbins 1837 Sep. 14
Phillips, Polly Crook, Thomas by A. Griffith 1818 Jun. 10
Phuse, Jane Jones, John by W. H. Wilmer 1819 Dec. 1
Pickering, Levi Norris, Sarah by I. Robbins 1812 Dec. 29
Pickering, Rebecca Morris, James by Wm. H. Wilmer 1814 Feb. 10
Pierce, Eliza Rustick, Thos. R. by Hamilton Jefferson 1803 Jun. 4
Pierce, Thos. Mandley, Eliza by James Muir 1812 Sep. 3
Piercin, T. W. McGlewin, Rose by I. W. Fairclaugh 1822 Jan. 10
Pierey, Maria Bancroft, Festus by Rev. James Muir 1820 Jun. 6
Piles, Christian Brooks, Sarah by A. Griffith 1817 May 26
Piles, Lewis Hamis, (Harnis?) by James Muir 1803 Apr. 21
Piper, Catherine Fox, James by Oliver Norris 1815 Apr. 28
Piper, James Bontz, Cath. by I. Robbins 1807 Aug. 11
Piper, Sarah A. Brown, Henry by Oliver Norris 1813 Jun. 25
Pipsiea, Catherine Dick, Joseph by A. Griffith 1817 Jul. 3
Pitchard, Stephen Bellinger, Sarah by James Muir 1813 Apr. 3
Plant, James Bowie, A. M. by Wm. H. Wilmer 1825 Sep. 1
Plumb, Jos.  Murle, Elizabeth by James Muir 1803 Aug. 1
Plumer, Sam'l. Talbot, Lucey by W. H. Wilmer 1817 Jul. 22
Plummer, Chas. P. Daughterty, Eliza by S. H. Cone 1817 ___
Pomeroy, F. D. Ganett, Nancy by James Muir 1807 Feb. 24
Pomeroy, Wm. Baggott, Jane by J. W. Fairclaugh 1829 Dec. 31
Popham, John Thompson, Mary A. by O. Norris 1818 Apr. 14
Porter, Peggy Bailiss, Robert by Rev. James Muir 1801 Feb. 12
Posey, Ann Dick, Davis by Rev. James Muir 1810 Sep. 10
Posey, Henry King, Eliza by James Muir 1812 May 25
Posey, James Lee, Cecelia by W. Fairclaugh 1822 Apr. 25
Posey, Sarah Birch, Joseph by Isaac Robbins 1818 Jun. 22
Poster, Ann L. Taylor, Wm. by A. Griffith 1818 Mch. 5
Poston, F. E. Day, Amelia by James Muir 1816 Oct. 7
Potter, Reuben Chadwell, Fanny by James Muir 1801 Feb. 12
Potts, Wilhemina D. Hawley, Wm., Rev. by O. Norris 1818 Aug. 25
Pourch, John Grimiage, Fanney by S. Cornelius 1827 Mch. 22
Powell, Alfred Far, Ann by I. Robbins 1820 Apr. 29
Powell, Edith Isaacs, Sam'l by Isacc 1810 May 19
Price, David Crook, Marg't. by I. Robbins 1810 Aug. 1
Pricilla, Robey Harrison, John by J. Wells 1819 May 10
Pring, Ann Grimes, Mary A. by O. Norris 1820 Jun. 7
Psten, John McGee, Ann by Jacob Larkin 1830 Feb. 18
Puppo, Dan'l. C. Stroman, Elizabeth by James Muir 1803 Sep. 6
Purdy, Patience Sutton, John by James Muir 1816 May 20
Purkins, Rhode Grymes, Wm. by Isaac Robbins 1811 Jul. 10
Purkins, Sally Vermell, Geo. (not listed) 1807 Jul. 11
Pursell, Martha Mills, Rob't. A. by Wm. H. Wilmer 1814 Dec. 8
Puyton, I. West Dundas, Sophia M. by James Muir 1811 Jan. 26




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