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District of Columbia

Marriage Licenses
of the District of Columbia
Alexandria County, District of Columbia
Listed Alphabetically by Bride & Groom

Wade, Geo. Williams, Sarah by James Muir 1801 Jan. 13
Wade, Robt. Smallwood, Elizabeth by James Muir 1811 Jan. 17
Waldon, Thos. Stentsman, Kitty by James Muir 1803 Oct. 27
Walker, Eliz. Birch, Isaac by Rev. James Muir 1815 Sep. 8
Walker, James Wilson, Elizabeth by James Muir 1810 Jul. 31
Walker, James Wise, Kitty by James Muir 1813 Nov. 12
Walker, Levin Williams, Margaret by James Muir 1806 Jan. 30
Walker, Sarah Morris, L. by James Muir 1812 Sep. 22
Walkoner?, I. P. Rowe, Elizabeth by O. Norris 1820 Nov. 15
Wallace, Richard Griffith, Sarah by James Muir 1816 Jun. 26
Wallace, Richd. Bellinger, Peggy by James Muir 1801 Jan. 15
Wallace, Thos. Glanders, Tobitha by Wm. Walters 1804 Jan. 14
Wallack, Richd. Simms,* by I. Robbins 1813 Mch. 2
Wannall, Thos. Roberts, Mary by I. M. Hanson 1816 Jun. 24
Wanshier, Martin Margt. Charles,? by James Muir 1807 Jun. 20
Ward, Eliza Stuart, Robt. by Rev. Jas. Muir 1801 Sep. 17
Ward, Elizabeth Rudd, Rich'd. A. by I. Robbins 1821 Jul. 26
Ward, John Glover, Chanty by I. Robbins 1819 Feb. 25
Ward, Jonathan Beadle, Sarah by A. Griffith 1818 Jan. 15
Ward, Nancy Shields, John by I. Robbins 1811 Aug. 12
Ward, Thos. Young, Ann by I. Robbins 1809 Dec. 20
Washington, John Craescroft, Harriet by O. Norris 1819 Mch. 10
Washington, Sarah W. Minow, P. H. by O. Norris 1816 May 9
Washington, W. H. Craecroft, R. W. by James Muir 1814 Jul. 21
Waterhouse, E. B. Cartwright, Alice by S. H. Cone 1818 Aug. 23
Watkins, Robt. Tale, Elizabeth by James Muir 1809 Sep. 14
Watkins, Thos. Williams, Mary by James Muir 1812 Dec. 12
Watles, Chloe Nelson, Thomas by Wm. Walters 1803 Dec. 27
Watson, Ann Parker, Sam'l. by S. H. Cone 1820 Sep. 18
Watson, Ann Smith, Robt. by Rev. Jas. Muir 1801 Feb. 19
Watson, Jane Emerson, Harrison by Elias Harrison 1820 Jan. 6
Watson, Sarah Beacroft, Domini by Isaac Robbins 1811 Dec. 20
Watson, Wm. Uchler, Elziabeth by James Muir 1806 Nov. 20
Wattles, Ann Camron, Jno. Morton by Rev. James Muir 1802 Jun.5
Waugh, A. P. Atwell, Rachel by I. Robbins 1821 Sep. 29
Waugh, Sally (colored) Bell, George by W. H. Wilmer 1820 Aug. 17
Way, Frederick Shortil, Elizabeth by Seely Burns 1806 Nov. 27
Way, Margaret Earle, Samuel by Isaac Robbins 1813 Jan. 4
Way, Salome Lewis, Wm. by James Muir 1806 Dec. 18
Webster, A. S. Gonsolve, Samuel by Rev. James Muir 1811 Feb. 14
Webster, Adam L. Hand (or Hanna?), Sarah H. by James Muir 1810 Nov. 3
Webster, John B. Latham, Sarah by W. H. Wilmer 1817 Jun. 22
Weeds, Precilla Gray, James by Rev. James Muir 1801 Sep. 12
Wegley, Nellie Anderson, James by Rev. James Muir 1802 Sep. 2
Wells, Wm. Sawkins, Sarah by I. Robbins 1811 May 21
Welsh, Alice Jones, Catesly by Rev. James Muir 1808 May 17
Welsh, Mary Smith, Isaac by Jas. Muir 1806 Feb. 26
Wescott, Mary A. Knouler, John by James Muir 1815 Oct. 12
West, Desdemona Pembroke, Thos. by W. H. Wilmer 1816 Aug. 15
West, Eliz'th. Rounsaville, And. by I. Robbins 1808 Jan. 9
West, Francis Jackson, Clara by Wm. H. Wilmer 1816 Dec. 23
Weston, Sarah McCobb, John by James Muir 1802 May 13
Whaley, James Gooding, Harriet by James Muir 1812 Feb. 16
Wheat, Wm. Figgins, Molly by Wm. Moffitt 1804 Jun. 7
Wheeler, Maria Rozier, Francis by J. W. Fairclaugh 1822 Apr. 16
Wheeler, Saml. Parsons, Sarah by Wm. Walters 1803 Dec. 19
Wheeler, Saml. Winbefield, Winefred by James Muir 1805 Aug. 16
Wheeler, Saml. Summers, Jane by I. Robbins 1817 Jul. 24
Wheeler, Thos.  Lucas, Cath. by I. M. Hanson 1816 Sep. 16
White, Ellen Caden, James by J. W. Fairclaugh 1820 May 18
White, James C. Bluffield, Elizabeth by James Muir 1816 Feb. 8
White, Raison Coles Faith by Wm. H. Wilmer 1815 Nov. 30
White, Saml. B. Hutchison, Ann by I. M. Hanson 1815 Nov. 4
Whiting, Tobias Yeaton, Louisa T. by O. Norris 1821 Dec. 3
Whitmore, May Jones, David by Isaac Robbins 1816 Jul. 23
Whittington, Louisa Quinn, Wm. by I. Robbins 1823 Apr. 9
Whittle, Thos Buckland, Mary by Wm. H. Wilmer 1816 Dec. 5
Wigart, Andrew Davis, Sally by James Muir 1807 Oct. 29
Wilbur, John Perry, Sarah  by James Muir 1816 Jul. 9
Wilcox, Anthony Lacodie, Phebe by I. Robbins 1811 Apr. 23
Wileny?, Ephraim Hessen, Phillis by James Muir 1802 Jul. 22
Wiley, Ann Ball, Allen by Rev. James Muir 1801 Dec. 31
Wiley, Hugh G. Wright, Mary by I. M. Hanson 1816 Feb. 6
Wiliams, John Baggott, Elizabeth by Wm. Moffitt 1804 Jan. 21
Wilkes, Barbary Diffendeffer, John by J. M. Hanson 1816 Jan. 7
Wilkins, Ann Williams, Thos. by I. W. Fairclaugh 1818 Aug. 23
Williams, Ann Tutton, John by James Muir 1803 Sep. 4
Williams, Catherine Emberson, R. D. by Isaac Robbins 1815 Nov. 14
Williams, Elanor Slummer, Danl. by I. Robbins 1810 Apr. 28
Williams, Henry Boyer, Elizabeth by James Muir 1806 Oct. 30
Williams, Hiram O. Simme, Matilda by O. Norris 1820 Dec. 21
Williams, Jane Gibson, Thedore by Isaac Robbins 1816 Sep. 25
Williams, Margaret Walker, Levin by James Muir 1806 Jan. 30
Williams, Mary Griffith, David by Wm. Moffitt 1804 Jan. 28
Williams, Mary Watkins, Thos. by James Muir 1812 Dec. 12
Williams, Nancy Travis, Robt. by W. Wilmer 1820 Aug. 23
Williams, Pusley Robinson, Nelly by James Muir 1803 Dec. 15
Williams, Sarah Parsons, Walter by James Muir 1811 Aug. 27
Williams, Sarah Wade, Geo. by James Muir 1801 Jan. 13
Williams, Sarah S. Gibbs, John h. by Rev. James Muir 1817 Nov. 5
Williams, Sophia Carpenter, Randall by Rev. J. M. Hemson 1816 May 28
Williams, Sophia Thompson, R. by I. Robbins 1811 Jan. 5
Williams, Thos. Wilkins, Ann by I. W. Fairclaugh 1818 Aug. 23
Willice, Nancy Hawkins, Benj. by James Muir 1801 Jan. 28
Wills, John Thomas, Alsey by James Muir 1816 Mch. 12
Wills, Mary A. Tyler, Henry by I. Robbins 1817 Dec. 5
Wilson, Elizabeth Walker, James by James Muir 1810 Jul. 31
Wilson, James Fletcher, Alia by I. Robbins 1811 May 29
Wilson, Oliver Human, Mary by James Muir 1810 Mch. 29
Wilson, Richard Coffer, F. B. B. by I. Robbins 1812 Apr. 18
Wilson, Thos. Cowice, Mary by. O. Norris 1815 May 6
Wilson, Wm. Mills, Ann by I. Wells 1819 Apr. 2
Wilson, Wm. Glover, Cath. by O. Norris 1820 Apr. 16
Wilson, Wm., Jr. Carson, Ann by James Muir 1806 Aug. 19
Wily, Lucy Mansfield, H. by Joshua Wells 1819 Oct. 31
Winbefield, Winefred Wheeler, Saml. by James Muir 1805 Aug. 16
Windsor, Susan Noland, John by James Muir 1808 Sep. 8
Wingarty, Wm. Kinley, Rachail by James Muir 1801 May 1
Winson, R. N. Shepheard, Sarah A. H. by I. Robbins 1809 Dec. 10
Winson, Wm. Snell, Susanna by James Muir 1802 Mch. 11
Winter, Gabriel Peyton, Sarah A. by W. H. Wilmer 1818 Mch. 17
Wise, Geo. Green, Margaret by James Muir 1816 Apr. 10
Wise, Joseph Frye, Elizabeth by James Muir 1804 Jul. 20
Wise, Kitty Walker, James by James Muir 1813 Nov. 12
Wise, N. S. McKenney, Jane C. by James Muir 1808 Oct. 13
Wolfe, Thos. Patton, Mary A. by. O. Norris 1816 May 14
Wood, Eleason Haden, Garret by James Muir 1803 Apr. 7
Wood, Fanny Harris, Anthony by O. Norris 1816 Oct. 31
Wood, Jno. Fig, Elizabeth by James Muir 1801 Dec. 5
Wood, John Myers, Elizabeth by I. Robbins 1810 Mch. 21
Wood, John Baggott, Mary by O. Norris 1819 Jan. 5
Wood, Louise Teynell, Major by James Muir 1806 Jun. 12
Wood, Lucey McCate, Edw'd. by I. Robbins 1813 Apr. 22
Wood, Mary Hunter, Rob't. by A. Griffith 1818 Mch. 3
Wood, Richd. Baggott, Cath. by James Muir 1810 May 3
Wood, Susanna Ambercrombie, Robert by Joshua Wells 1820 Jan. 25
Wood, Wm. Bond, Susan K. by W. H. Wilmer 1818 Oct. 22
Wood, Wm. McFee, Maria by W. H. Wilmer 1819 Dec. 21
Wood, Wm. W. Dixon, Eleanor by James Muir 1801 Feb. 19
Woodrow, Mary Martin, Wm. by James Muir 1805 Oct. 17
Woodward, Joseph Oliver, Cath. by I. M. Hanson 1816 Nov. 10
Woper, Elizabeth Hooverman, Martin by James Muir 1803 Oct. 8
Workman, Catherine DeVaughn, John by J. M. Hanson 1816 May 8
Worthington, Isaac Rease, Cath. by O. Norris 1821 Jan. 27
Wright, Geo. Copper, Charlotte by Wm. H. Wilmer 1815 Nov. 9
Wright, Mary Wiley, Hugh G. by I. M. Hanson 1816 Feb. 6
Wright, Sally Davis, John by W. H. Wilmer 1816 Mar. 21
Wright, Wm. Conner, Elizabeth by James Muir 1803 Apr. 3
Wroe, Eliza Alexander, Aos by Rev. James Muir 1805 Jan. 10
Wylie, Lyttleton Deakins, Margaret by James Muir 1803 Jun. 30




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