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District of Columbia

Marriage Licenses
of the District of Columbia
Alexandria County, District of Columbia
Listed Alphabetically by Bride & Groom

Haden, Garret Wood, Eleason by James Muir 1803 Apr. 7
Haines, John Gilbert, Isabella by Wiles Andrews 1820 Oct. 4
Halbright, Joseph Campbell, Mary by Wm. Moffatt 1804 Jan. 19
Hale, Wash. Dutchy, Celia by Isaac Robbins 1813 Feb. 13
Hall, E. B. Laurie, James by I. Robbins 1815 Apr. 4
Hall, Wm. Graham, Penelope by James Muir 1813 Oct. 22
Halley, Jane Fitzhugh, Wm. H. by Wm. H. Wilmer 1815 Nov. 9
Halls, George Ferguson, Bertha by Isaac Robbins 1813 Jun. 15
Hamerley, Francis Rodgers, Jane by I. M. Hanson 1816 Nov. 22
Hamerly, Francis Rodgers, Jane by I. M. Hanson 1816 Nov. 22
Hamilton, David Going, Ann by James Muir 1801 Sep. __
Hamilton, Jane Carson, Samuel by Rev. James Muir 1806 Nov. 28
Hamilton, Lucy Cain, John by J. M. Hemson 1817 Nov. 15
Hamilton, Sarah Ross, Sam'l. by I. Robbins 1816 Mch. 9
Hamis, (Harnis?) Piles, Lewis by James Muir 1803 Apr. 21
Hammond, Jane Owen, Jas. H. by I. Robbins 1811 Aug. 14
Hancock, Jno. B. Hull, Mary by I. M. Hanson 1816 Sep. 4
Hand (or Hanna?), Sarah H. Webster, Adam L. by James Muir 1810 Nov. 3
Handless, Moses Grant, Nancy by Wm. H. Wilmer 1815 Nov. 16
Handy, Louisa Ross, John by Chas. Bowlilng 1815 Aug. 15
Hannon, Walter W. Dailey, Ann by O. Norris 1816 Dec. 19
Hannon, Wm. H. Hodgkins, Mary by James Muir 1813 Dec. 30
Hanson, Mark Townsend, Cath. by J. Robbins 1818 May 20
Harding, Lettie Joachem, H. C. by Rev. James Muir 1810 Nov. 22
Hardon, Eliz Hoden, Joseph by James Muir 1808 Jul. 10
Harley, Enoch Debby, Dewaun by James Muir 1804 Feb. 26
Harper, John Davis, Sarah by James Muir 1805 Jun. 5
Harper, Mary D. Swift, Wm. R. by James Muir 1815 Aug. 1
Harper, Nancey Andrews, Wells by Rev. James Muir 1819 Sep. 14
Harper, Sarah Long, Seth by James Muir 1806 Oct. 9
Harrinder, Andrew Dates, Ann by Wm. H. Wilmer 1820 Jul. 31
Harris, Anthony Wood, Fanny by O. Norris 1816 Oct. 31
Harris, Elizabeth Carlin, George W. by Rev. Isaac Robbins 1810 Apr. 20
Harris, James Longden, Luey by James Muir 1813 Nov. 4
Harris, Joseph Dorsey, Winifred by James Muir 1801 Dec. 17
Harris, Wm. Ross, Cath. by S. H. Cone 1820 Aug. 2
Harrison, Elias Veitch, Elizabeth by James Muir 1820 May 15
Harrison, Geo. Snyder, Polly by James Muir 1814 Oct. 13
Harrison, Jno. D. Carlin, Eliz by I. M. Hanson 1815 Dec. 30
Harrison, John Pricilla, Robey by J. Wells 1819 May 10
Harrower, Hynaman McDonald, Elz by James Muir 1815 Oct. 24
Hartley, George Pepper, Sarah by James Muir 1802 Jun. 13
Hartley, Litilia Linter, Wm. by James Muir 1804 Jun. 5
Hartlow, John Feilding, Ann by J. Wells 1819 Jun. 3
Hartshorn, Wm. Shove, Susannah by James Muir 1803 Jun. 30
Harvey, John Emmerson, Amelia by Isaac Robbins 1819 Jun. 20
Hawkins, Benj. Willice, Nancy by James Muir 1801 Jan. 28
Hawley, Wm., Rev. Potts, Wilhemina D. by O. Norris 1818 Aug. 25
Hawny, Elizabeth Frignett, John by Isaac Robbins 1815 Aug. 9
Hawood, Salley May, John by Francis Barclay 1811 Jan. 3
Haye, Jane Francis, Jno. G. by Jas. Muir 1807 May 10
Hayes, Sarah Church, Gilbert by Rev. James Muir 1807 Mar. 12
Head, Benjamin Simrick, Anna by James Muir 1806 July 6
Head, Lewis Heason, Sarah by Isaac Robbins 1806 Dec. 5
Heason, Sarah Head, Lewis by Isaac Robbins 1806 Dec. 5
Heath, Charles Kent, Malinda by James Muir 1801 Dec. 24
Hebb, Sally Gilbert, Capt. by Wm. H. Wilmer 1816 Jul. 31
Heineman, Sinoh McIntire, Chas. by James Muir 1808 Dec. 27
Helm, Francis T. McKenny, Sarah B. by James Muir 1816 Sep. 16
Henderson, Cath. Jacobs, Thos., Jr. by Isaac Robbins 1809 Aug. 17
Henderson, Sarah Caddis, Davis by Ol Norris 1820 Jul. 5
Henet, Philip Yost, Rebecca by James Muir 1811 Dec. 19
Hessen, Phillis Wileny?, Ephraim by James Muir 1802 Jul. 22
Hibbs, Joseph Allison, Nancy Robbins, Isaac 1819 Feb. 2
Hickey, Anna D. Boss, Abraham by W. H. Wilmer 1816 Oct. 15
Hickey, Rebecca Green, Thos. B. by Isaac Robbins 1809 Apr. 24
Hickman, Mary Cram, Samuel by Rev. James Muir 1812 Jan. 1
Hicks, Nehemain Bayne, Elizabeth by W. Wilmer 1819 Sep. 23
Higdon, John Reynolds, Rebecca by I. M. Hanson 1816 Feb. 21
Higdon, Maria Shackelford, John by F. Wills 1819 Jul. 1
Higdon, Salley Drown, John by Rev. James Robbins 1805 Dec. 30
Hiliard, Joseph Lutz, Sophia by Isaac Robbins 1810 Aug. 13
Hill, David Humphreys, Mary A. by J. Wells 1819 Oct. 19
Hill, Eliza I. Quillett, Joseph by C. A. Davis 1833 Aug. 19
Hill, Godardus Logan, Rachel by Isaac Robbins 1809 Dec. 19
Hill, John B. Underwood, Mary by James Muir 1807 Nov. 26
Hill, Laurence Perry, Jane by James Muir 1810 Mar. 29
Hill, Mary Foxwood, Daniel by Jas. Muir 1811 Jul. 25
Hill, Mary Parker, John by James Muir 1805 Oct. 27
Hillman, Lucy Phillips, John by A. Griffith 1817 Oct. 11
Hilrickle, Cath. Menetue, John by James Muir 1807 Apr. 9
Hilton, Mary Thomas, Wm. by James Muir 1815 Apr. 25
Hiscot, Jane Quest, Jno. W. by Wm. Jackson 1828 Apr. 25
Hith, James McMahon, Isabella by James Muir 1802 Jul. 22
Hocking, John Lomax, Ellen by O. Norris 1819 Jan. 26
Hoden, Joseph Hardon, Eliz by James Muir 1808 Jul. 10
Hodgekins, Susan Kingston, Thomas by James Muir 1816 Jan. 12
Hodgkins, James Susana, Armstrong by Isaac Robbins 1810 Jul. 14
Hodgkins, Mary Hannon, Wm. H. by James Muir 1813 Dec. 30
Hodgkins, Rob't. Taylor, Clara by A. Griffith 1817 Sep. 10
Hodgskin, Marg't Johnston, John by Rev. James Muir 1807 Mch. 8
Hoit, Rhuben Flanagan, Cleary by James Muir 1810 Aug. 19
Hollowood, Chas. Russell, Rhodey by James Muir 1813 Oct. 20
Hollowood, Rhoda Burch, Hugh by Rev. James Muir 1817 Jan. 2
Hoof, Powell Kenner, Eliz. by Wm. H. Wilmer 1816 Mch. 5
Hooper, Rachail Summers, Thos. by Rev. Jas. Muir 1802 Sep. 2
Hooverman, Martin Woper, Elizabeth by James Muir 1803 Oct. 8
Hopewell, Julia Corwell, Stephen by Rev. Isaac Robbins 1806 Jan. 26
Hopkins, Wm. Brooks, Mary by Wm. H. Wilmer 1814 Nov. 29
Howard, Elizabeth Langdon, Jno. A. by James Muir 1816 Nov. 12
Howard, Elizabeth Miller, Rob't. by James Muir 1815 Oct. 5
Howard, Jane Ausburn, Demis by Isaac Robbins 1818 Nov. 12
Howard, John Maddox, Ann by O. Norris 1820 Jun. 9
Howard, Mary Kennard, Joseph by I. M. Hanson 1817 Nov. 5
Howard, Peter N. Rowansaville, Eliz. by S. H. Cone 1818 Aug. 25
Howell, Charles Phenix, Ann by James Muir 1801 Sep. 23
Howell, Rich'd Sleigh, Susan by W. H. Wilmer 1817 Aug. 18
Howell, S. M. Masselitte, V. by Wm. H. Wilmer 1818 Oct. 27
Howell, T. M. D. Robbins, Isaac by James Muir 1803 Sep. 3
Huble, Polly Drew, Chas. by Rev. James Muir 1804 Dec. 9
Hucom, Esther H. Green, James by Rev. James Muir 1815 Oct. 16
Huffman, Peter Mason, Aninta by Wm. Moffatt 1804 Apr. 13
Hugh, Isaac Bowie, Marie by James Muir 1819 Apr. 29
Hughes, Thomas Egling, Amelia by James Muir 1802 May 15
Huguely, Elishaba Bradley, Harrison by Rev. James Muir 1816 Apr. 23
Hull, James Lyles, Marg't. by Isaac Robbins 1819 May 19
Hull, Mary Hancock, Jno. B. by I. M. Hanson 1816 Sep. 4
Hulls, Nancy Loving, John A. by James Muir 1815 May 20
Human, Mary Wilson, Oliver by James Muir 1810 Mch. 29
Humphreys, Mary A. Hill, David by J. Wells 1819 Oct. 19
Hunter, Alexander Chapman, Louis A. A. by Wm. H. Wilmer 1815 Feb. 2
Hunter, Cath. Bailey, Carr, Jr. by Rev. James Muir 1807 Apr. 19
Hunter, Eliza Davis, Basil H. by Rev. James Muir 1807 Jul. 10
Hunter, Hannah Muce, Elliot by Wm. H. Wilmer 1814 Feb. 10
Hunter, Margaret Dyer, Francis by Rev. James Muir 1813 Mar. 18
Hunter, Mary W. Marbury, Leonard by James Muir 1816 Aug. 20
Hunter, Robert Hurley, Eunice by Isaac Robbins 1801 Apr. 10
Hunter, Robert Bryan, Eliza by A. Griffith 1817 Aug. 21
Hunter, Rob't. Wood, Mary by A. Griffith 1818 Mch. 3
Huntington, Wm. Smitherman, Eliz by James Muir 1806 Dec. 25
Hurdle, Jesse Duty, Rebecca by O. Norris 1816 Feb. 22
Hurley, Eunice Hunter, Robert by Isaac Robbins 1801 Apr. 10
Hutchison, Ann White, Saml. B. by I. M. Hanson 1815 Nov. 4
Hutchison, Cath. Reed, Wm. by I. Robbins 1804 Oct. 24
Hyneman, Margaret Nicholson, Henry by James Muir 1814 Jun. 14




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